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Topic: 4WD

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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

  4WD Systems - MSN Autos
Driver is responsible for engaging 4WD and disengaging it.
The number of vehicles offered with permanent 4WD has remained rather steady in recent years, and Land Rover remains one brand whose entire product line—from the Freelander to the Range Rover HSE—has this feature.
When the vehicle engages 4WD, it manages and transmits the power, as necessary, to both front and rear wheels or just to the wheels with the most traction.
autos.msn.com /advice/article.aspx?contentid=4022001   (1877 words)

The e·4WD system was developed with the aim of providing 4WD capability for enhanced ease of use in daily driving situations combined with environmental friendliness.
Another notable feature with respect to vehicle design and manufacturing is its excellent platform efficiency, by enabling 4WD to be achieved through minimal changes to a 2WD base vehicle.
4WD control without any time lag and traction control capabilities at both the front and rear wheels ensure that traction and the torque split to the rear wheels are optimally controlled.
www.nissan-global.com /EN/TECHNOLOGY/INTRODUCTION/E4WD   (325 words)

 Epinions.com - 4WD: Not just for offroading
Or get 4WD, which in terms of frictional surface area, is equivalent to the first solution...
With the experience of driving an SUV for about 11 years now, I try to stay in 2WD as much as possible to save gas but during wet driving conditions and snow, 4WD is a must to keep control of such an unforgiving vehicle...
For 4WD and AWD vehicles, there are diffs in the front and rear axle.
www.epinions.com /auto-review-273D-FD3FB18-39048DF7-prod6   (1448 words)

 Brisbane 4wd Hire - Australia
Brisbane 4wd Hire has a verity of Toyota 4wd Land Cruiser vehicles to choose from with options to make your offroad adventure enjoyable.
Choosing to 4wd the 'Real Australia' in one of these vehicles will ensure that your adventure is a memorable one.
Brisbane 4wd hire an appropriate location to begin your adventure as most of the popular 4wd destination are nearby.
www.fourwheeldrive.com.au /opp/4wdhs/index.html   (272 words)

 HBoss.net - Article 24 Jun 02 Four Wheel Drive
When you put the vehicle in 4WD mode, the transfer case locks the front and rear driveshafts, allowing power to be distributed evenly.
For a successful (not so damaging) turn using a part-time 4WD system, there MUST be slippage of the tires in order for the proper wheel paths to be followed.
Full-time 4WD in a system such as the Jeep Cherokee allows you to switch between modes such as 4WD-Low, Full-time 4WD and 2WD.
www.hboss.net /4runner/a23jun02.htm   (549 words)

 Rob David's 4WD Page
My first 4wd purchased in March 1976 was an EX Army SWB Series 11A (1964) which had done 48 000 miles.
The Hilux was a very good and reliable 4wd the only thing I didn't like was the suspension.I fitted Bilsteins gas shockers and after market suspension which made the ride a bit better.
It went on many hard 4wd trips in the State forests close to Melbourne and in the Victorian High Country as well as some longer trips to the Kimberley Region in Western Australia,trips to Fraser Is in Queensland,Tasmania and Kangaroo Is.
member.melbpc.org.au /~rdavid/4wd.htm   (532 words)

 Four-Wheel Drive Tire Pressure, Axle Control & Glossary - Truck Trend
A 4WD will offer more suitable traction, sometimes better ground clearance, occasionally improved ride quality derived from the larger tire sidewall, may sit higher for a superior view, and might win a "mine is bigger" driveway battle.
San Francisco streets are steep and require lots of throttle and torque converter slip to scale, but they pale in comparison to climbs in off-road conditions or the power required to turn a 100-lb tire buried in 200 lb of mud.
In vehicles derived from front drives, many are front drive normally and add rear drive as required: The amount of output transferred to the rear is often a function of strength--the Saturn VUE four-cylinder can direct 69-percent power to the rear, while the V-6 sends a maximum of 57 percent.
www.trucktrend.com /features/tech/163_0206_four_wheel_drive   (1747 words)

 What makes a 4WD a 4WD?
When a 4WD is traveling in a straight line all four wheels rotate at the same speed, but during cornering each wheel travels at a different speed due to the radius of the turn.
When a part-time 4WD (without a center differential) is in 4WD an attempts to corner on bitumen, all wheels need to rotate at different speeds, but without a centre differential they cannot.
When low range 4WD is selected, the gear ratios are approximately half that of high range, although the exact ratio varies for each vehicle manufacturer.
www.offroaders.com /info/tech-corner/reading/4wd.htm   (1215 words)

 What is the difference between full time four wheel drive, all wheel drive and automaticall wheel drive
Full time four wheel drive, also called permanent 4WD, (not to be confused with: part time 4WD) is a system that powers all four wheels at all times and can be used full time on all surfaces including pavement.
Difference to full time 4WD is that a "4-low" setting is not available in AWD cars.
Due to the lack of "low range" AWD vehicles are much less capable in off-road settings than full time 4WD vehicles, but work perfectly well on-road.
www.4x4abc.com /4WD101/difference_4WD_awd.html   (616 words)

In winter when the roads get slippery, and normal cars' progress all too often degenerates into helpless wheelspin, a 4x4 can usually keep going, thanks to four wheels rather than two providing traction on snow and ice.
In fact, having 4WD greatly reduces the likelihood of getting stuck anywhere, whether it's a wet field being used as a car park at an outdoor event, or the muddy track to an isolated house.
If for example you need to manoeuvre a horse box around in the muddy field next to where the horse trials are being held, it will be much easier with a 4x4.
www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk /features/4wd.asp   (406 words)

 4WD Training Perth WA
Our 4WD Driver Training in Perth or on your site will teach you how to get the very best from your 4WD, all about recovery equipment, what equipment you need, and how to use it.
Eureka 4WD Training Courses are packed with information, fun and could save your life.
If you have any special 4WD Training needs either Corporate or Private please contact us, we are here to help.
www.eureka4wd.com.au   (430 words)

 4WD Clubs News :: Responsible 4WDing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
If you enjoy nature whether it be bushwalking, kayaking, cycling, horse riding, camping, 4WD, fishing, abseiling, volunteering or just a picnic in some remote spot or beach then you need to sign the petition.
With the growth in popularity of 4WD Motorsport has come a miriad of event formats with various vehicle specifications and insurance issues.
On Clean Up Australia Day 2006, 26 members of the Blue Mountains 4WD Club cleaned up the Great Western Highway between Glenbrook and Blaxland, with the club marquee and lineup of vehicles making it obvious to passers-by who was doing the work.
4wdnews.com.au /cms/index.php   (1333 words)

 On-Track 4WD
These days 4WD vehicles come in all shapes and sizes to fit all types of people and their lifestyles.
It was not until a couple of years later, while working in Matamata, that he started his hunting interest in the Kaimai's which led on to his short stint in the NZ Forest Service as a hunter.
From January to mid April Malcolm also manages 4WD tours for NZ Adventures, these tours travel from Blenheim to either the Queenstown area or Greymouth on the West Coast.
www.yellow.co.nz /site/malcomlangley   (1604 words)

 Pajero Club - Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria
The Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was formed in Melbourne, Australia in June 1984.
The Club welcomes and encourages owners of all 4WD vehicles to participate.
In the weeks and months ahead, the Club is likely to be organising Trips to both farming areas and parts of the High Country to assist with bushfire recovery.
www.pajeroclub.com.au   (246 words)

 kakadu 4wd safari tours - 4x4 guided bush camping tour darwin
Kakadu 4WD Safaris is a small owner operated family company in Australia's Northern Territory, providing bush camping tours from Darwin, designed to give you more for your money.
Kakadu 4WD Adventures strives to provide an action packed 4x4 bush camping adventure and is suited to fit, energetic people, specifically the 18-35 age group.
First stop is the Kakadu 4WD Safaris headquarters to meet "Snappy" the Saltwater Crocodile.
www.kakadu4wdsafaris.com.au   (537 words)

 Fraser Island 4WD Rental Hire Options
There is also vehicle only 4WD Rental available if you have your own camping gear.
Choose from a range of 4WD vehicles to suit your needs.  Aussie Trax offers Suzuki open tops, Suzuki Jimney, Landrover, Hi Lux and Landcruiser vehicles for vehicle only rental.  Vehicles to suit 2 people, 4 people or 8 people, air conditioned with expert briefings.
Stay at one of Fraser Islands premier resorts right on the famous 75 mile beach.  Explore Fraser Island at your own pace in a four wheel drive for 2 or up to 8 people while staying in self contained resort accommodation with access to all of the resorts facilities.
www.ozmagic.homestead.com /FraserIsland4WDHire.html   (633 words)

 Direct 4WD - Welcome to Central Australia
Located in Alice Springs (Northern Territory, Australia), Direct 4WD is your one stop shop for outback four wheel drive tours and training.
Direct 4WD runs adventure tours and advanced driver training for anyone interested in four wheel drives.
Direct 4WD's competency based driver training is nationally accredited.
www.direct4wd.com.au   (324 words)

 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback vs. 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
In contrast, the Explorer, with its optional all-terrain tires, handled difficult trails with ease, provided there was adequate room to maneuver around and between trees.
On rutted, washboard pavement in 4WD, the Explorer was exceptionally sure-footed.
Leaving the Ford in 2WD caused the tail to kick outwhen the dirt became pitted, but the truck was easilycontrollable without shifting to 4WD.
www.edmunds.com /apps/vdpcontainers/do/vdp/articleId=43892/pageNumber=1?synpartner=edmunds&pageurl=www.edmunds.com/reviews/comparison/articles/43892/article.html   (2293 words)

 Buses + 4WD Hire - Bus and Coach Fleet and 4wd Vehicle Rentals
Buses + 4wd Hire / Rent a Bus is Australia's largest Mini Bus, Mini Van and Coach Rental and Hire company.
Bus + 4wd hire also offers one of Australia's largest rental fleets of 4 wheel drives and 4wd troop carriers for off road 4wd driving.
Our mini vans and mini buses are ideal for transporting family, friends or a whole sporting team in Sydney and Melbourne.
www.bus4wdhire.com.au   (135 words)

 SUBURBAN4WD ~ Everything 4WD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Comprehensive Suspension, Drivetrain, Armour and Lighting upgrade packages specifically for the Jeep Wrangler, these packages are now put together with our customers tailoring their 4WD build-up's, Suburban have now delivered these vehicles, Land cruisers, Nissan Patrols and Pathfinders, Jeep Wranglers, Pajeros, Jeep Cherokees and WJ Grand Cherokees through various dealerships.
We are a M.V.R.I.C accredited workshop and unlike many 4WD accessory houses ALL our staff are formally trade qualified and works are conducted in house.
With extensive experience with all makes and models of 4WD, at SUBURBAN we are passionate about Jeep we own them and drive them we realise owning a Jeep is often not just about 4WDing or owning a 4WD but sometimes "Its a jeep thing" and at SUBURBAN we do understand.
www.suburban4wd.com   (1927 words)

 Dubbo 4WD
Western Plains 4WD Centre formally known as Dubbo 4WD and Commercials is fully owned by Dealer Principal Howard Laughton.
Howard originally opened Dubbo 4WD and Commercials in March 1997 and with the help of the Western Plains Automotive team quickly established themselves as the one stop shop for quality pre loved Four Wheel Drive and Commercial vehicles.
We are proud to be the leading specialists in the West with regards to 4WD and Commercial vehicles.
www.dubbo4wd.com.au   (386 words)

 4 Wheel Drive 101 - a 4x4 guide by Harald Pietschmann
I will describe it in easy to understand terms for anyone interested in how 4WD works.
Drop me a line if you liked what you found here or correct me if I am wrong with my description.
For quick answers to "how does 4WD work?" or "what is the benefit of a 4x4?" please see the 4WD glossary
www.4x4abc.com /4WD101   (195 words)

 The Mammoth Web | 4WD
There are miles and miles of dirt roads open to 4WD use in the Mammoth Lakes region.
Of course, there is also lots of forest to drive through, as well.
Stay on the roads, away from snow over a few inches deep, and watch for BIG sinkholes.
www.mammothweb.com /recreation/4wd.cfm   (466 words)

 CAR . CO . NZ Four-Wheel Drives: New Zealands premier website for motoring and motorsport enthusiasts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
For the majority of 4WD users, the gap between reality and the purpose for which they were designed narrows with the launch of 'spray-on mud'.
But the only real choice is a Range Rover if you want something with real 4WD roots.
The "Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger has made good on his promise to bring a hydrogen powered Hummer to fruition.
www.car.co.nz /4wd.asp   (215 words)

 Cross Country Drivers Association :: Home of 4WD MotorSport Down Under
Halfway through October and already 21 entries have been lodged for the 2007 ARB Warn Outback Challenge — a true indication that 4wd motorsport really is growing in Australia and also that this is the world’s best four wheel drive competition.
Beginning in the hills of Tallarook 10 years ago, the Warn Winch Challenge was originally run as a trial event for Transpen Malaysia.
Hosted by the Yarra Valley 4WD club as a fundraiser it has now grown and incorporated hundreds of volunteers and many clubs to earn the status of the most prestigious off road winch event in the country.
ccda.4wd.org.au /cms   (1752 words)

 Motorcare 4WD - Australia four wheel drive parts and accessories for 4x4 trucks and 4WD equipment
Our new 4WD chat board lets you ask any 4WD question you like - or respond to any question too.
If you're looking for other great 4WD and 4x4 sites, this is the place to start...
We've supplied quality 4WD accessories to customers from Iceland, Japan, the USA, Europe, Arabia, Africa and South America since 1996.
motorcare.com.au   (461 words)

 Australian 4WD Monthly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Invite all your friends to visit 4WD Monthly online - share all good stuff and chat with over 10,000 members in our forum.
We’ve tested plenty of stuff over the years, so if you are planning to spend your hard-earned on some new goodies, check out our reviews first.
It’s designed to be your one-stop web site for your fix of 4WDing info and entertainment every minute of the day.
www.4wdmonthly.com.au   (478 words)

 Australia four wheel drive parts and accessories for 4x4 trucks and 4WD equipment
There aren't many 4WD sites on the Australian Internet but here are a selection of our personal favourites from around the world that we find ourselves returning to time after time.
This is the 4WD Club in Brisbane that I belong to.
The Australian National 4WD Radio Network is a Public Benevolent Institution established to provide communications and safety logging services for members of the public travelling and working in the remote areas of Australia.
motorcare.com.au /links.htm   (853 words)

 Exploring Fraser Island by 4WD - Four Wheel Drive vehicle
One of the sights awaiting the 4WD traveller is known as The Pinnacles, part of the high coloured sand cliffs fronting the eastern surf beach.
Fraser Island consists of sands compacted and bonded by silt and clay to a hard consistency.
Their vertical banks can be difficult to see travelling at highway speeds, yet are quite high enough to cause suspension damage to vehicles plunging over them, television advertisments for 4WD vehicles notwithstanding.
dkd.net /fraser/fi2.html   (498 words)

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