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Topic: 545

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  Experimental Line 545   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Line 545 was one of two experimental shuttle lines MTA tried shortly after it came into existence.
As originally planned, Line 545 was designed to be a fast express connection between the Metrolink Sylmar/San Fernando Station and industrial/business parks in the Chatsworth and Northridge areas.
However, the day before Line 545 was scheduled to begin operation (January 17, 1994), the Northridge earthquake damaged a section of the Simi Valley Freeway (SR-118) which was to be part of the express routing.
www.transit-insider.org /history/545.htm   (181 words)

 Which 545
Actually, prior to the current-look 545, there was one that looks a bit like a small dry-mount press, (brown or gray crackle finish, lots of exposed levers and seams).
I actually like the 545 Pro I have- very handy when you're having to work outdoors in hot or cold temperatures, and the self-timer automatically adjusts your processing time for you to compensate.
I own and use both 545 and 545i polaroid holders with both kodak and fuji ready/quick load films and both work perfectly well in both holders.
www.photo.net /bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=009B2b   (515 words)

 Supreme Court - Sliplists, 545 U. S., Part 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Court overrules Alaska's exceptions to the Special Masters recommendations that the United States, not Alaska, has title to pockets and enclaves of submerged lands underlying waters in the Alexander Archipelago and title to submerged lands underlying the waters of Glacier Bay.
The national interest in providing a federal forum for federal tax litigation is sufficiently substantial to support the exercise of federal-question jurisdiction over petitioner's state quiet title action on removal to federal court.
Title 28 U. ยง2255, 6(3)'s 1-year limitation period begins to run on the date on which this Court "initially recognized" the right asserted in an applicant's motion for habeas relief, not the date on which that right was made retroactive.
www.supremecourtus.gov /opinions/sliplists/s545pt1.html   (515 words)

 Shure 545 and PE54 Microphones
The only real difference between the 545 and PE54 mics was the 545 was sold setup for low impedance, and the PE54 was sold setup for high impedance, and with the exception of the first PE54, and 545L, all these mics can be switched to one or the other.
The 545 & PE54 wand configured mics weigh 255grams (9oz) which may or may not have a built in on/off switch depending on the model, while the 545 models mounted on a on/off switch housing by a swivel are considerably bulkier and weigh in at 425grams (15oz).
The discontinued Shure 545 & PE54 series came in one of a number of configurations, the original US made 545 wand with four pin connector that selects the impedance, the 545D & 545SD as well as the PE54D & PE54CN wand with XLR jack selected the impedance with an internal jumper.
www.angelfire.com /music/harmonica/shure545.html   (2262 words)

 Japan Radio NRD-545 Comments
The 545 rasies that bar by being worse (many would say thats not possible.)We're not looking for hi-fi (although KE2WG's comment to get an R8 if you want hi-fi audio is absolutely accurate) audio, rather the goal from a DX'ers point of view is superior detection resulting in increased audio recovery and understandability.
The 545 does seem to Chuff a bit more than the 535,but it is not noticeable unless the tuning step size is quite large, when it isa nuisance.
The reference oscillator on the 545 is at 20MHz, ant tuning through this frequency on mine presents no problems, although there is nothing around here to listen to on that freq.
www.ticon.net /~n9ewo/545old.html   (4529 words)

 Rhoplex I-545 emulsion
Rhoplex I-545 is a versatile all-acrylic aqueous vehicle recommended for overprint varnishes and letdowns for flexographic and gravure ink appli-cations.
Rhoplex I-545 is compatible with the typical alcohols and glycol ether solvents utilized in the graphic arts industry.
Rhoplex I-545 is compatible with the standard styrene/acrylics that are used in the graphic arts industry.
www.rohmhaas.com /graphicarts/datasheets/Rhoplex_I-545.html   (457 words)

 City of Hopkins • Planning & Zoning • Zoning Ordinances • Section 545 - Flood Plain District   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Said plan shall be prepared by a registered engineer or other qualified individual, shall demonstrate that adequate time and personnel exist to carry out the evacuation, and shall demonstrate the provisions of Section 545.08 Subd 3 a of this Ordinance will be met.
All attendant sewage and water facilities for new or replacement recreational vehicles must be protected or constructed so as to not be impaired or contaminated during times of flooding in accordance with 545.
The Commissioner of Natural Resources must be given 10-days written notice of all hearings to consider an amendment to this Ordinance and said notice shall include a draft of the Ordinance amendment or technical study under consideration.
www.hopkinsmn.com /planning/ordinances/545.html   (7519 words)

 Hewlett Packard Jornada 545 Pocket PC review
The Hewlett-Packard Jornada 545 color pocket PC is the first PDA to fully embrace Microsoft's new Windows CE Pocket PC system.
The HP Jornada 545 offers a variety of user interfaces including an onscreen keyboard, four customizable keys, two quick keys, and handwriting recognition.
The HP Jornada 545 features a stylish yet durable metal alloy case with a removable flip-up cover.
www.pdasupport.com /Jornada545.htm   (499 words)

 Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the JRC NRD 545 But Were Afraid To Ask
The following image shows a visual display of audio from both the JRC NRD 545 and the Icom R-7000 receivers, each tuned to 130.450 MHz in AM mode, receiving the same exact ACARS packet, using the same antenna (fed through an amplifier and splitter).
The R-7000 is the display on the top, the 545 is on the bottom.
The amplitude of the signal with the R-7000 hardly varies at all, while the very slow AGC action of the 545 can clearly be seen.
www.blackcatsystems.com /NRD545/acars.html   (137 words)

 Auto Links bmw 545   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Our bmw 545 website is just new so we have not yet managed to write lots of information, but what we have done so far is researched the very best bmw 545 sites on the net.
We worked endlessly to find every information source we could on bmw 545 and pick out just a couple of the very best sites for you to visit.
Appreciating the fact that e-commerce continues to expand bmw 545 online help and advice can't be beaten As their understanding grows profits for bmw 545 websites have over brick and mortar bmw 545 enterprises is the reduced cost of conducting business operations..
www.auto-links.com /bmw/bmw-545.htm   (220 words)

 Geek.com PDA Review: HP Jornada 545 Pocket PC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I would have given it 5 if not for the fact that it was a 12-bit color device instead of the 16-bit, as advertised.
Despite my pleasant experiences with the Jornada 545, I have been debating whether or not I should return it.
The only reason I'd return the 545 is because I had it for so long and HP did not tell its registered customers about the color display flaw...
www.geek.com /hwswrev/pda/jorn545   (1765 words)

 Re: 535 545 555 FACTS ARE IN...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In Reply to: Re: 535 545 555 FACTS ARE IN...
For example, using a thicker Belvil on a 545 increased the drag from 7 lbs to about 9.
With the stock Belvil and the suggested drag washer the drag jumped to 18 lbs and if we really buttoned down the star (which is uncomfortable) we got 21 lbs.
www.sport-fish-info.com /wrod/messages/5670.html   (240 words)

 difference between polaroid 545 and 545i back
metal (545) versus composite, so the 545i is slightly lighter.
Then I assume the older 545 takes the same films and functions basically the same.
The 545 back comes with a view camera I am bidding on.
www.photo.net /bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=000gTi   (246 words)

 H-545 Foundation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
To secure memberships of $545 or more to fund a scholarship endowment for Henning High School graduates.
Only the interest from the fund will be used each year for scholarships, so the fund will continue to provide scholarships for years to come.
Donation may be given in any amount and at any time to accumulate to $545, at which time your name will be added to the H-545 Foundation plaque.
www.prtelweb.com /henning/h-545.htm   (209 words)

 Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the JRC NRD 545 But Were Afraid To Ask
This is a collection of test results, notes, and various little factoids about the JRC NRD 545 receiver.
JRC NRC 545 DSP Operation, Bandwidth Measurements - Lots of test results here.
JRC NRC 545 AGC Tests - Comparison between 545 and Icom R-7000 with ACARS packets.
www.blackcatsystems.com /NRD545   (73 words)

 Hurricane 545 Ride
The Hurricane 545, however, will be over three times as long and much more challenging.
Our leg starts on August 4th and will be 545 miles, beginning in Niagara Falls, NY and ending up in Portsmouth, NH seven days later.
Hopefully, we will offer the ability for the higher-level sponsors to add their logos to our race tee shirts and any signage we plan to create.
www.stephenhurricanesmithfund.org /bike   (846 words)

 Buy HP Jornada 545 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
HP Jornada 545 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery technical specs is incorrect.
HP Jornada 545 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery web page is too long to load.
HP Jornada 545 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery content has offensive language.
www.suntekstore.ca /p/10001487/HP-Jornada-545/Li-Ion-Replacement-Battery/1800-mAh-Battery-for-HP-Jornada-520--525--540--545--547--548.html   (340 words)

 Aviation Photos: 545
N545AT / 545 (cn 545) As she get clearance to taxi on to the active runway 12 for takeoff, the co-pilot takes one last swing out of his cup.[Canon 1Ds]
N545AT / 545 (cn 545) When was the last time you saw an ATR burn as much rubber as a jumbo!
N545AT / 545 (cn 545) Touching down on 30 in the late afternoon.
www.airliners.net /search/photo.search?codesearch=545&distinct_entry=true   (326 words)

 HP's new Jornada 545 Pocket PC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The 545 is just a little heavier than its predecessor, but the new Jornada is smaller in all other dimensions.
The Jornada 545 has a dual USB/serial port built in, and a USB synchronization cradle as a standard accessory.
HP Jornada 545 -- $499 Jornada 548 -- $599
www.pocketpcmag.com /_archives/may00/firstlook.stm   (1798 words)

 Brooke's NRD-545 page
There is a report in the Passport to World Band Radio that says that the DSP chip in the 545 has digital noise crosstalk that causes the ultimate rejection to be tens of dB lower that it should be.
This may be the case, but the reason that I got this receiver is that it has the narrowest IF filter bandwidth available at 10 Hz.
The 545 will receive stero AM and FM when headphones or an external amplifier are used.
www.pacificsites.com /~brooke/NRD545/NRD545.shtml   (1487 words)

 Hewlett Packard Jornada 545 review - IT Reviews
The Jornada 545 is slimmer, designed with a more curvy look, and includes a hinged plastic flip-up cover to protect the screen.
You can store and play MP3 audio and MPEG video (there's a stereo audio jack on the side), but to do so, you might want to consider upgrading the built-in 16MB of memory using the Compact Flash slot.
Perhaps most surprising is how affordable the Jornada 545 is, with HP's estimated street price being heavily discounted by mail order suppliers.
www.itreviews.co.uk /h145c-hewlett-packard-jornada-545-review.htm   (343 words)

In File 745 citations to reports are put online as soon as they are received by Investext and are available in PDF format.
In File 545 reports are embargoed for several weeks before the complete searchable text is placed online.
DIALOG(R)File 545 :Investext(R) (c) 2003 Thomson Financial Networks All rts.
library.dialog.com /bluesheets/html/bl0545.html   (1525 words)

 545 Apts, Seattle Building (Lost in Seattle)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
545 NE Ravenna Blvd • Seattle, Washington •
This listing for 545 Apts was created in 2004-2005 and is part of the Seattle Building category.
If you know of a change, please let us know.
www.lostinseattle.com /LIS/building/545apts.html   (100 words)

 ISP-Planet - Equipment - CacheFlow - Introduction
The first unit to survive our tests without a reboot, the CacheFlow 545 offers many innovative features, including an intriguing hybrid config interface and a proactive 'adaptive refresh' algorithm.
ISP-Planet series, we put the CacheFlow 545 to the test.
We evaluated the CacheFlow 545 (list price $18,995), engineered for 10-15 Mbps incoming traffic with 768 MB RAM, 4 x 9 = 36 GB HDD, one 10/100 Ethernet, and a single power supply.
www.isp-planet.com /equipment/cflow_intro.html   (462 words)

 Problem with Polaroid 545 pro holder
I had a sheet jamb in my 545 holder.
When I removed the the frame panel one of the small cross-pieces fell out.
In the 545i and the 545 PRO holders, all the moving parts are held captive in the face frame when it's removed from the body of the holder.
www.photo.net /bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=005ARh   (200 words)

 BMW 545   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Brandsport carries both aftermarket and factory BMW 545 accessories for inside and outside your 545.
We have aftermarket as well as OEM BMW factory parts to make maintenance and repair on your 545 a little easier.
If you’re looking for performance air filters, suspension kits or maybe even a cold air intake, Brandsport has the BMW 545 performance parts that make your ride perform and handle how you desire.
www.brandsport.com /bmw5251.html   (301 words)

 Polaroid 545 Film Back -- How to Field Strip for repair   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Polaroid 545 Film holder is in widespread use
How to Field Strip and reassemble the 545 holder.
Many of these can be fixed routinely in the field.
www.skgrimes.com /545   (363 words)

 Map of 545 E Twain Ave Las Vegas, NV by MapQuest
Map of 545 E Twain Ave Las Vegas, NV by MapQuest
545 E Twain Ave Las Vegas, NV 89109-4925, US Directions To
MapQuest and its suppliers assume no responsibility for any loss or delay resulting from such use.
www.mapquest.com /maps/map.adp?city=Las+Vegas&state=NV&address=545+E+Twain+Ave&country=us&zoom=8   (58 words)

 Buy HP Jornada 545 Portable USB Emergency Charger / Back Power   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Perfectly use it with lovely retractable sync and charger or USB sync and charge cable for you PDA.
HP Jornada 545 Portable USB Emergency Charger / Back Power technical specs is incorrect.
HP Jornada 545 Portable USB Emergency Charger / Back Power content has offensive language.
www.suntekstore.ca /p/10001129/HP-Jornada-545/Portable-USB-Emergency-Charger---Back-Power/Emergency-USB-charger-for-PDAs.html   (502 words)

 Compare new BMW 545 vehicles by price, safety features, specs and warranty at CarsDirect.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Compare new BMW 545 vehicles by price, safety features, specs and warranty at CarsDirect.com
Home > Research > BMW > 545 > 2005
The standard features of the BMW 545 i include 4.4L V-8 325HP engine, 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), side door mounted airbags, tube 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor, automatic, 17" alloy wheels, cruise control, ABS and driveline traction control, and a stability control.
www.carsdirect.com /research/bmw/545/2005   (83 words)

 Re: PG 545 vs Penn 545 GS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Re: PG 545 vs Penn 545 GS Re: PG 545 vs Penn 545 GS Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ Allcoast Sportfishing Tackle Board ] [ FAQ ]
In Reply to: Re: PG 545 vs Penn 545 GS posted by sun on August 18, 1998 at 12:31:29:
Re: PG 545 vs Penn 545 GS sun 14:47:44 8/18/98 (
www.sport-fish-info.com /wrod/messages/815.html   (130 words)

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