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Topic: 545 BC

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 Leotychidas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
545 BC-469 BC) was the ruler of Sparta from 491 BC-476 BC.
Born in Sparta around 545 BC, Leotychidas was a descendent of the house of Eurypontid and came to power with the help of Cleomenes I by challenging Demaratus for the throne of Sparta in 491 BC.
In 476 BC Leotychidas led an expedition to Thessaly against the Aleudae family for collaboration with the Persians but withdrew after being bribed by the family.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Leotychidas   (272 words)

 540s BC
547 (or 546 or 545) BC -- Death of Anaximander, Greek philosopher.
543 BC -- Death of Gautama Buddha (traditional in Thailand and elsewhere - basis of Thai calendar[?]).
The text of this article is licensed under the GFDL.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/54/544_BC.html   (184 words)

 Priene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is said to have been founded by Ionians under Aegyptus, a son of Belus.
Sacked by Ardys of Lydia, it revived and attained real prosperity under its "sage," Bias, in the middle of the 6th century BC.
Cyrus captured it in 545 BC; but it was able to send twelve ships to join the Ionic Revolt (499 BC-494 BC).
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Priene   (562 words)

 Phocaea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pottery remains indicate Aeolian presence as late as the 9th century BC, and Ionian presence as early as the end of the 9th century BC.
Indicative of its naval prowess, Dionysis, a Phocaean was chosen to command the Ionian fleet at the decisive Battle of Lade, in 494 BC.
After the defeat of Xerxes I by the Greeks in 480 BC and the subsequent rise of Athenian power, Phocaea joined the Delian League, paying tribute to Athens of two talents.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Phocaea   (713 words)

 History of Formal Education
Socrates (470-399 BC) was a philosopher in Athens.
Cicero, the politician (106-43 BC) condemned the uneducated to poverty and tyranny.
In 168 BC the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, and then rededicated in 165 BC by Judas Maccabaeus after the expulsion of the Syrians.
www.dyscalculia.org /HUM501.html   (12181 words)

 540s BC : 545 BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
540s BC : 545 BC 540s BC : 545 BC Centuries: 7th century BC - 6th century BC - 5th century BC
544 BC -- Zhou jing wang[?] becomes King of the BC - 256 BC)">Zhou Dynasty of China.
545 BC -- Death of Zhou ling wang[?], King of the BC - 256 BC)">Zhou Dynasty of China.
www.explainthis.info /54/545-bc.html   (228 words)

 Articles - 6th century BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The 5th and 6th centuries BC were a time of empires, but more importantly, a time of learning and philosophy.
Ruin of the Kingdom of Judah and the destruction of the First Temple (586 BC), return of the Jews several decades later (538 BC).
Aeschylus of Athens, playwright (525 - 456 BC).
www.crunner.com /articles/Sixth_century_BC   (364 words)

 BBC - History - Pythagoras (c.580 - c.500 BC)
Little is known of his early years, except that from around 545 BC he travelled widely around the known world.
He returned briefly to Samos, aged around fifty, but left shortly afterwards, possibly because he was uncomfortable under the yoke of Polycrates, the tyrant of Samos who ruled in luxury.
In approximately 500 BC there appears to have been an uprising against the power of the Pythagoreans.
www.bbc.co.uk /history/historic_figures/pythagoras.shtml   (636 words)

 540s BC : 545 BC
540s BC : 545 BC terms defined : 540s BC : 545 BC
Centuries: 7th century BC - 6th century BC - 5th century BCDecades: 590s BC - 580s BC - 570s BC - 560s BC - 550s BC - 540s BC - 530s BC - 520s BC - 510s BC - 500s BC - 490s BCEvents and Trends 548 BC -- Croesus, Lydian king, defeated by Cyrus.
All is still licensed under the GNU FDL.
www.termsdefined.net /54/545-bc.html   (435 words)

 Keeping Catholics Catholic Page XXV-The Timeline-Time Before Christ
586 BC Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the removal of the Jews to Babylon.
165 BC The Holy Temple of Jerusalem was re-dedicated.
18 BC Birth of Mary, daughter of Saints Joachim and Ann.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Ithaca/6461/bc.html   (1976 words)

 Thales of Miletus
He is believed to have been the teacher of Anaximander (611 BC - 545 BC) and he was the first natural philosopher in the Milesian School.
The cycle of about 19 years for eclipses of the Moon was well known at this time but the cycle for eclipses of the Sun was harder to spot since eclipses were visible at different places on Earth.
Thales's prediction of the 585 BC eclipse was probably a guess based on the knowledge that an eclipse around that time was possible.
phoenicia.org /thales.html   (2436 words)

 540s BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
BC Surf & Sport stores and Wheat Ridge...
MAGAZINES American Atheist Magazine 3/22/2004 Zindler, Frank R. with his stripes we are healed --with the attached date of 700 BC.
Of course, almost no viewers will know that Isaiah 53 is part...
hallencyclopedia.com /540s_BC   (401 words)

 550s BC Events and trends Sicily Cambyses I of Anshan Jin Euboea Babylon Nabonidus Athenian Simonides of Ceos Greek   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
» 559 BC - King Cambyses I of Anshan dies and is succeeded by his son Cyrus II the Great.
» 556 BC - Pisistratus is exiled from Athens to Euboea
» 550 BC - Abdera is destroyed by the Thracians.
en.powerwissen.com /4QuA2r9W41MZR%7C%7CSL%7C%7CmcIOfhyA%3D%3D_550s_BC.html   (354 words)

 Population Statistics: Canada, BC, Vancouver [Archive] - Stormfront White Nationalist Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
I chose Vancouver + BC not only are they are areas I live (I live in Surrey specifically, which is probably the worst area in the Vancouver area) but they are the worst areas in Canada.
The non-white population of BC has increased by 4.32% of the total BC population from 1996 to 2001.
That is a 19.91% increase in non-white population to white population from 1996 to 2001.
www.stormfront.org /archive/t-166889Misplaced_Hatred/t-206598London_Muslims_call_for_another_9/t-166657.html   (554 words)

 455 BCs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
This office will contact the embassy or consulate in the 455 BCs where you are traveling and pass a message from your family to you.
Be aware that the 455 BCs rate on most adjustable rate mortgage loans (ARMs) can vary a 455 BCs deal over the lifetime of the 455 BCs.
Misspellings, typos, and versions include: 55 bc, 45 bc, 45 bc, 455bc, 455 c, 455 b, 545 bc, 455 bc, 45 5bc, 455b c, 455 cb, 455 b, 4455 bc, 4555 bc, 4555 bc, 455 bc, 455 bbc, 455 bcc,
455-bc.ask.dyndns.dk /455-BCs   (1036 words)

 Early Indian (900 BC - 545 AD) - DBA 21a
The Mauryans, under Chandragupta Maurya (ruled 321 BC ­ 298 BC) established the first Indian Empire when they conquered the Republican states and the territory vacated by Alexander and concluded a treaty with the Seleucids, securing peace on their western borders.
While subjugating the kingdom of Kalinga in 265 BC, he became so appalled at the slaughter and human suffering which he had caused that he converted to Buddhism, became a vegetarian, renounced war, and gradually established a code of laws in which no crimes carried the death penalty.
His successors were less energetic and capable; in 184 BC, the last of the Mauryan kings was assassinated and the first empire of India was extinguished.
www.fanaticus.org /DBA/armies/dba21a.html   (1620 words)

 math lessons - Caria
The inference is that, if the Carians had arrived in their country from the Ionian coast, their language would have been closer to Greek.
About 545 BC independent Caria was incorporated into the Persian Achaemenid empire as the satrapy of Karka.
A group of mercenaries called Carians appear in inscriptions found in Ancient Egypt and Nubia during the reigns of Psammetichus I and II, as well as clearly mentioned at 2 Kings 11:4, and possibly at Samuel 8:18, 15:18 and 20:23.
www.mathdaily.com /lessons/Caria   (329 words)

 Many entire galaxies (including our own) could have been fully colonized twice by the end of this period; Earth may be ...
Approximately 650,000,000 BC- 500,000,000 BC: The Cambrian explosion of differentiated lifeforms is occuring
Approximately 200,000,000 BC: Now may mark the beginning of one of the lengthiest periods in galactic history so far where the galaxy is not widely sterilized of higher lifeforms by a gamma ray burster
By contrast, the mass extinctions of 440 million BC and 365 million BC killed off a majority of marine species; the first perhaps by substantial changes in sea levels, and the second maybe by global cooling and a reduction of available oxygen in the seas.
www.jrmooneyham.com /genes2.html   (13868 words)

 Contemporaries 800 BC-AD 600, Greek Mythology Link.
Theban strategist, killed in battle in 362 BC.
Known as Fulgentius Mythographus, he was influential during the Middle Ages, when his "Mitologiarum libri tres" explained the myths by etymology and allegorism.
Gladiator who led a revolt of slaves in 73-71 BC.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Contemporaries.html   (550 words)

 Encyclopedia: 542 BC
Encyclopedia: 542 BC Supporter Benefits Signup Login Sources
Encyclopedia: 542 BC Updated 267 days 16 hours 27 minutes ago.
Click for other authoritative sources for this topic (summarised at Factbites.com).
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/542-BC   (253 words)

 Anaximander --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Although Ionia was the original centre of their activity, they differed so greatly from one another in their conclusions that they cannot be said to have represented a specific school of philosophy.
The only substance known to the ancient philosophers in its solid, liquid, and gaseous states, water is prominently featured in early theories about the origin and operations of the Earth.
545 BC) is credited with a belief that water is the essential substance of the Earth, and Anaximander of Miletus (c.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9007394   (486 words)

 Important Bird Areas Program - BC Naturalist - FBCN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
IBAs are identified according to their significance as either globally, continentally, or nationally significant depending upon the number of individual birds present at each site.
In each case I have been working with natural history groups, government and non-government organisations in order to determine threats, and means by which to alleviate threats to birds in these areas.
It is hoped that the CAF will be available in the coming year to further help conservation actions in IBAs in BC.
www.naturalists.bc.ca /fbcn_bn/bn0010-6.htm   (550 words)

 Horse Council BC
RR7 Westside Road Vernon BC V1T 7Z3 545-1628
RR2 Curry Road Duncan BC V9L 1N9 748-9110
The American Saddlebred Horse Association of BC is a non-profit
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Ranch/7792/clubs.html   (1286 words)

 Articles - 6th century BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Articles - 6th century BC Table Saws, Chain Saws, Saw Blades
Solon of Athens, one of the Seven Sages of Greece (638 - 558 BC).
Pisistratus, Tyrant of Athens in 561, 559-556 and 546-528 BC.
www.divxa.com /articles/6th_century_BC   (371 words)

 Vernon, BC. - local businesses and web pages - copyright
Cibc, 3201 30 Ave, Vernon, BC, V1T 2C6, 250-545-8131
Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist, 3412 15 Ave, Vernon, BC, V1T 6N9, 250-545-5941
Pandora's Bistro, 2908 29 Ave, Vernon, BC, V1T 1Y7, 250-558-0298
www.iconvillage.com /VernonBC.html   (4156 words)

 Yavana --  Encyclopædia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The word appears in Achaemenian (Persian) inscriptions in the forms Yauna and Ia-ma-nu and referred to the Ionian Greeks of Asia Minor, who were conquered by the Achaemenid king Cyrus the Great in 545 BC.
When the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama landed at Calicut in 1498, he was restoring a link between Europe and the East that had existed many centuries previously.
In the 2nd century BC, Greek adventurers from Bactria had founded kingdoms in the Punjab...
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9077866   (375 words)

(611 BC - 545 BC) and he was the first natural philosopher in the Milesian School.
He dissuaded his compatriots from accepting an alliance with Croesus and, as a result, saved the city.
The claims that Thales used the Babylonian saros, a cycle of length 18 years 10 days 8 hours, to predict the eclipse has been shown by Neugebauer to be highly unlikely since Neugebauer shows in [11] that the saros was an invention of Halley.
www-history.mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk /history/Mathematicians/Thales.html   (2086 words)

 The Nature and Wisdom of the Ancient Greeks - Classical Western Nativity - 500 BC
Very little if anything is known directly of his teachings due to the seclusion of his practice, the five year vow of silence required by initiates to his order.
Information concerning Pythagoras is largely second hand, and the nature of the original doctrine may well be unknown, as the order scattered to many different locations after 545 bc.
The common thought of the age concerning the "Divinity of the sun, moon, stars, etc" was not restricted to the sages, or the philosophers - it was commonly held by the general person.
www.mountainman.com.au /ancients.html   (3531 words)

 Community Resources
8703 Main St., Box 3010, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V0
201 - 3115 Skaha Lake Rd., Penticton, BC 250-492-5740 Toll: 800-766-6693
8712 Main St., Box 359, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V0
www.osoyooschamber.bc.ca /resouces.htm   (64 words)

 545 Ostrogoth Burgundy Events Centuries Clotilde Clovis I Deaths Rome Frank Guntram   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
545 Ostrogoth Burgundy Events Centuries Clotilde Clovis I Deaths Rome Frank Guntram
541 542 543 544 - 545 - 546 547 548 549
ARGUS LODGE #545 F.and.A.M. Argus Lodge # 545 FandAM of Ohio 5050 Shields Road - Canfield, Ohio 44406 Map (View Satellite Image) Stated Meetings 2nd and 4th Fridays at 7:30 p.m.
en.powerwissen.com /%2B04hIsVUPQ4Sruw7rPDRsA%3D%3D_545.html   (128 words)

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