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Topic: 655

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  Cartoon Art Museum :: 655 Mission Street :: San Francisco
Cartoon Art Museum :: 655 Mission Street :: San Francisco
The Cartoon Art Museum is committed to fostering and promoting a greater appreciation of cartoon art.
The first Tuesday of every calendar month is "Pay What You Wish Day."
www.cartoonart.org   (2590 words)

  Iran Air Flight 655 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655) was a commercial flight operated by Iran Air, that flew on a Tehran-Bandar Abbas-Dubai route.
The official ICAO report stated that these attempts to contact Iran Air 655 were sent on the wrong frequency and addressed to a non-existent "Iranian F-14".
Flight 655 deviated from the centre of its air corridor, an unusual occurrence with commercial flights (it was 3.35 NM off of the 10 NM wide corridor at the time of shoot-down); unfortunately, that deviation had it bearing straight at the Vincennes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Iran_Air_Flight_655   (1383 words)

 PA State Route 655 Ends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The Northern Terminus of PA 655 is at US 322 in Reedsville.
PA 655 actually ends at the old alignment of US 322, which is at the intersection at the end of the photo.
The Southern Terminus of PA 655 is at the Maryland State Line North of Hancock.
www.state-ends.com /paends/state/655.html   (88 words)

 Zeta 655
The Zeta 655 is the first block loading robot designed to taken into account the ever smaller sizes of production batches.
Thanks to its machine design, the Zeta 655 allows investment costs to be amortized in parallel on different types of wire harnesses, markedly reducing the cost per lead set.
The Zeta 655 allows completely new applications to be subsequently incorporated into it easily and with absolutely no trouble.
www.komax.ch /index/product-groups/harness-machines/zeta-655.htm   (459 words)

 No. 99-1322
655 because it was "[c]oncerned about what it viewed as the increasing cost and possible decreasing availability of health care in Wisconsin").
655 mean, and this, too, is a matter that we decide de novo.
If it does not appear "reasonably probable" that the Fund will be liable for any amount of the claim, then receipt of the filed documents and information about what's going on in the case is "adequate"; that is, "sufficient" for the Fund's purposes.
www.wisbar.org /res/capp/z1999/99-1322.htm   (2039 words)

 IBM eServer pSeries 655 description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The pSeries 655 system can be divided into up to four independent logical servers or partitions, each with its own memory, processors, I/O and copy of the AIX 5L or Linux operating system.
The Cluster 1600 with pSeries 655 nodes is especially well suited for diverse engineering and scientific workloads where sharing data and maximizing job throughput is important, for solving large and complex HPC problems, and for hosting extremely large and growing corporate databases.
The sophisticated features and cluster configurability of the pSeries 655 make it an excellent platform to meet the demands of applications such as scientific and technical computing including both large-scale computational modeling and consolidation of diverse HPC workloads and BI.
www-1.ibm.com /servers/eserver/pseries/hardware/midrange/p655_desc.html   (3104 words)

 DP82: Merging Field 755 with Field 655
Field 655 was approved with strong consensus as an access point for form and genre information.
The definition of field 655 would have to be modified slightly to cover physical characteristics.
Since field 655 already has the same subfields defined as field 755, no other changes would need to be made to the field.
www.loc.gov /marc/marbi/dp/dp82.html   (1247 words)

 History of Ontario's Kings Highways - Hwy 655 Description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Hwy 655 is the only Secondary Highway to have a speed limit posted at 90 km/h.
The northernmost 25 km section of Hwy 655 was repaved in 2001-2003, and thus pavement conditions on the northernmost section of Hwy 655 are now Excellent.
The scenery along Hwy 655 is typical of a Northeastern Ontario highway, exhibiting typical northern forest scenery.
www.thekingshighway.ca /DESC/Hwy655desc.htm   (330 words)

 Sudhian Media
The 655 is very similar to the earlier 648 and uses the same southbridge as the earlier design.
SiS uses their patented MuTIOL bus system to provide the 655 with 1 GB /s of bandwidth, which ensures that even a system making extensive use of the 655's integrated FireWire, onboard Ethernet, and USB 2.0 features will not be bottlenecked.
Dual DDR at 333 MHz actually gives the 655 more bandwidth than the CPU is able to effectively use, marking the first time since the launch of the P4 that the system's available DDR bandwidth has been greater than the potential bandwidth capability of the CPU.
www.sudhian.com /showdocs.cfm?aid=318   (641 words)

 Iran Air 655 (July 3 1988) and Pan Am 103 (Dec. 21 1988): An eye-for-an-eye?
Iran Air Flight 655 was the only airliner from Bandar Abbas scheduled to depart that morning and the only one scheduled to cross the Gulf that day.
Senator Carl Levin: On page 6 of your report, paragraph 4, you indicate that Flight 655 was directed by the Bandar Abbas tower to begin a normal climb to an assigned altitude of 14,000 feet, to squawk Mode III code, et cetera.
This reckless negligence, by senior U.S. Military Officers, is the second-most proximate cause of the unlawful ambush of Iran Air 655 and the unlawful killing of its 290 innocent souls on board.
homepage.ntlworld.com /jksonc/ir655-pa103.html   (10387 words)

 2002-07: Definition of Additional Second Indicator Values for Specific Subject Systems in Field 655
Because field 655 is used in the MeSH subject scheme as part of the complement of subject headings in bibliographic records, catalogers frequently see 655 and 650 fields in the same record and currently must remember to code "MeSH" in two different ways.
It may be a simplification for libraries to define field 655 in parallel with the established subject added entry fields.
Although records already exist using field 655 with second indicator value 7 and subfield $2 (Source) with code "mesh," cataloging agencies may find it desirable to change these records for consistency if this proposal is approved.
lcweb.loc.gov /marc/marbi/2002/2002-07.html   (903 words)

 The application of form data to works of fiction: Discussion paper
The purpose of this study is to highlight the issues arising from the planned implementation of the new 655 field and $v subfield for form data on the LCSH file in the specific context of one major literary genre.
With the implementation of the 655 field it would only be appropriate to convert these headings to 655 headings if they satisfy the criteria for genre headings.
the first 655 gives a specific access point to categorise the work as a picture book for children which is also a work of fiction.
www.pitt.edu /~agtaylor/ala/papers/blfictio.html   (8243 words)

 No. 95-3294
And § 655.23(3)(a) specified that qualification as a self-insurer "shall be subject to the approval of the commissioner and is valid only when approved by the commissioner." (Emphasis added.) The undisputed facts establish that St. Mary's never qualified as a self-insurer and, therefore, was not entitled to any PCF secondary insurance coverage.
To conclude otherwise would be to allow a provider to submit an apparently proper primary insurance plan, gain OCI approval, implement a secret non-compliant plan and, upon its discovery, be cleansed by statutory conformance to law.
Instead we approach the interpretation of chapter 655 as we would approach the interpretation of any statute--with the object of discerning the intent of the legislature.
www.wisbar.org /res/capp/z1995/95-3294.htm   (5013 words)

 655   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The pSeries 655 is an eight-way capable machine that has a single...
My first impression of 655 was that it was great, one more point for...
Años: 650 651 652 653 654 - 655 - 656 657 658 659 660
enciclopedia.cc /655   (365 words)

 GamePC - Budget Dual Channel DDR For The P4 : Asus’s P4SDX SiS 655
Perhaps it is the fact that many people are waiting on Intel to release their new 800 MHz FSB parts, and are waiting to make purchases once these come out and they can make an informed decision.
As dual channel DDR is quickly becoming a requirement for a top of the line Pentium 4 system, motherboard makers are looking for low-cost solutions in order to bring this functionality to their boards without paying the backbreaking prices which Intel is offering their E7205 chipsets for.
The SiS 655 chipset fits the bill perfectly, as it has all of the high-end features of the Intel E7205, such as AGP 8x, dual channel DDR memory, and USB 2.0, but comes at a much lower price point.
www.gamepc.com /labs/view_content.asp?id=p4sdx&page=1&bhcp=1   (432 words)

 Мобильный телефон Philips 655. Обзоры описания тесты
Обзор сотового телефона Philips 655: Раскладываем по-новому (MForum.ru)
Philips 655 — аппарат среднего класса с достаточно оригинальным и узнаваемым дизайном (iXBT).
SotMarket.ru - Дата кабель для Philips 655, диск с мелодиями, другие аксессуары
www.helpix.ru /philips/655   (44 words)

 Tamrac 655 Express Rolling Strongbox tamrac 655   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Tamrac 655 Express Rolling Strongbox is the ultimate Wedding and Event Photography carrying system case.
Tamrac 655 Express Rolling Strongbox case offers mobility, keeps weight off photographer and keeps equipment well protected and always ready with quick access.
Tamrac 655 is constructed of strong, Ballistic Nylon over a complete protective framework of rigid plastic and foam.
www.digitalfotoclub.com /products2/tamrac_tamrac_655_express_rolling_strongbox_65501.html   (221 words)

 [H]ard|OCP - MSI 655 Max Review
MSI 655 Max Review : This is one of the first boards to market to support dual channel memory mode for the Intel P4 family.
The 655 Max is MSI’s latest offering utilizing the SIS 655 chipset.
The SIS 655 chipset offers support for the following technologies: dual channel 400 MHz DDR memory, AGP 8x, and all Intel Pentium 4 Processors up to and including those implementing the 533 MHz FSB.
www.hardocp.com /article.html?art=NDQ1   (1378 words)

 U.S. Arms Transfers: Government Data
The United States administration is required by Congress to prepare an annual report on military assistance, military exports, and military imports known as the "Section 655" report (after the section of the Foreign Assistance Act which requires it).
The Pentagon and the State Department each prepare their own portion of the 655 report.
The 655 report is required by law to be posted online, but the Defense Department has not yet posted its sections of the reports from FY1999 through FY2002.
www.fas.org /asmp/profiles/655-2002/6552002.html   (740 words)

 Iran Air Flight 655: DoD Investigation Report (July 28 1988)
The Findings of Fact are arranged with background on the intelligence and operational picture in the Persian Gulf to provide the reviewer with essentially the same data which was available to CJTFME and the {p.4-1988} USS Vincennes on 3 July 1988.
With the foundation thus laid, the actual events of 3 July 1988 which led to the downing of TN 4131 are examined beginning with the surface engagement which formed an integral part of the decision process of the Commanding Officer, USS Vincennes.
U) The focus of this investigation was on the key factors that figured in the determination of what information was available to the Commanding Officer upon which to base his decision to engage TN 4131, the validity of that data, and what other factors entered into his decision making process.
homepage.ntlworld.com /jksonc/docs/ir655-dod-report.html   (9851 words)

 SiS 655 Motherboard Shootout   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
When 648’s successor, 655, was introduced, it was also missing a proper Hyper-Threading implementation.
Motherboards based on the 655 chipset can be found between $90 and $240.
Keep in mind that although the 655 chipset may be outperformed by Canterwood, it will likely remain a more cost effective alternative.
www.firingsquad.com /hardware/sis_655   (519 words)

 Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Table 2 to Appendix to Part 655, Subpart F_Nighttime Color Specification Limits for Retroreflective Material With CIE 2° Standard Observer and Observation Angle of 0.33°, Entrance Angle of +5° and CIE Standard Illuminant A. Chromaticity Coordinates ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Color 1 2 3 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- x y x y x y x y ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- White.............................
Table 3 to Appendix to Part 655, Subpart F_Daytime Color Specification Limits for Fluorescent Retroreflective Material with CIE 2° Standard Observer and 45/0 (0/45) Geometry and CIE Standard Illuminant D65.
Table 5 to Appendix to Part 655, Subpart F_Daytime Color Specification Limits for Retroreflective Pavement Marking Material With CIE 2° Standard Observer and 45/0 (0/45) Geometry and CIE Standard Illuminant D65.
ecfr.gpoaccess.gov /cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=4326b3462801c075d9d260366f1f811e&rgn=div5&view=text&node=23:   (2730 words)

 Philips Consumer Electronics News Center - New Philips 655 mobile phone with new self-portrait mirror makes you the ...
The Philips 655 mobile phone combines a mirror display with a camera making it always easy to take self-portrait photos in favorite places and situations to share with family and friends.
Also new on the Philips 655 is the exciting Phototalk option that makes your MMS messages talk, so your family and friends will hear your voice when they look at your photo.
Like all the Philips mobile phones, the Philips 655 offers exceptional talk and standby times: up to 4 hours talk time and up to 400 hours - more than 16 days - standby time.
www.press.ce.philips.com /apps/c_dir/e3379701.nsf/0/ADEEE2D67F411B3FC1256FA800399E3B?opendocument   (864 words)

 new balance 655 shoes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
With our proprietary software we are able to analyze the best resources for new balance 655 shoes on the net.
The software uses the latest technological breakthroughs from artificial intelligence, genetic programming, machine learning, and information retrieval.
Much R&D capital has been spent to built this software, and today we are licensing the software to our many partners.
www.fionaelise.com /new-balance/new-balance-655-shoes.html   (58 words)

 Svět hardware - MSI 655 Max = maximum výbavy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
V závěru je jasně uvedeno, že MSI 655 Max získává ocenění za výkon a maximální výbavu.
SiS 655 je zastaraly v porovnani i875P a i865PE.
PEcka na 800 MHz jsou lepsi reseni nez SiS 655 a E7205.
www.svethardware.cz /disc_doc-N9C994700B5568216C1256D04003A8D35.html   (1225 words)

 RFC 655 (rfc655) - Telnet output formfeed disposition option
RFC 655 (rfc655) - Telnet output formfeed disposition option
RFC 655 - Telnet output formfeed disposition option
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc655.html   (794 words)

 655  Index TermGenre/Form     (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Distinguish terms by an examination of the physical character, by the order of information within the item or by the subject of the intellectual content (e.g., daybooks, diaries, directories, journals, memoranda, questionnaires, syllabi or time sheets).
Use field 655 for terms constructed from a faceted vocabulary.
For each term in the field, give an identification as to the facet/hierarchy from the thesaurus used.
www.oclc.org /bibformats/en/6xx/655.shtm   (850 words)

 MSI’s New 655 Max Motherboard Won the Honor of “The Fastest Pentium 4 Motherboard Ever Tested” From ...
The 655 Max conforms to the ATX form factor and has a total of four DIMM slots.
First off, we can safely say that MSI's 655 Max motherboard is the fastest Pentium 4 motherboard we've ever tested, albeit by a relatively slim margin over Rambus solutions based on Intel's 850E chipset.
The 655 Max is proved by computer professionals that the board is for users who always want the best.
www.msicomputer.com /pressrelease/655max.asp   (524 words)

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