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In the News (Sun 24 Mar 19)

  Toll-free telephone number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Freephone telephone number used in most of the world (or toll-free number in North America, and Freecall number in Australia) is a special telephone number, in which the calling party is not charged for the call by the telephone operator.
In Italy, toll-free numbers are dialed with the "800" or "803" prefix and are commonly referred to as "Numero Verde" (green number).
In Sweden, the prefix is "020" for toll-free numbers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Toll-free_telephone_number   (3346 words)

 800 Number
As the popularity and demand for toll free numbers has increased the availability of true 800 numbers has decreased and thus new exchanges (such as 888, 877 and most recently 866) have been made available.
The result is that original 800 numbers have become scare and nearly as precious as vanity numbers.
While the general public has come to recognize that the new numbers (888, 877 and 866) are also toll free numbers, an "800" number has an almost nostalgic appeal and can make a company with one appear older and more established.
www.workeasy.com /features/800Number.asp   (108 words)

 Vanity 800 Numbers & Phone Service, 1-800 & Toll-Free Telephone Numbers
800 phone numbers can be an instant recall toll-free trigger can increase your leads and sales exponentially, demonstrate your commitment to quality and customer service and upstage your competition- if you choose the right word or phrase.
At Dial 800, we do more than provide toll-free vanity numbers; we understand the difference between normal vanity 800 numbers and a vanity 800 number brand.
We also mean “competitors.” Because a vanity number brand shortens the distance between you and customer, the distraction that arises from, for example, browsing a in a phone book, vanish.
www.dial800.com   (534 words)

 North American 800 Number - American Toll Free 800 Number
Every Toll Free 800 Number delivered is integrated with a state-of-the-art toll free Voice Mail and Hosted PBX Phone System, affordable only to big corporations until recent years.
However, you may assign a private mailbox number to as many of your associates or employees as you wish and everyone can utilize the same 800 Number with all the great and numerous features of your selected plan.
Toll Free Numbers in the North American Numbering Plan known as WATS lines are sometimes called 800 numbers after the original area code which was used to dial them.
www.800liberty.com /800.htm   (945 words)

 DIAL 800 Vanity Number   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A vanity 800 number brand is simply the best way to keep your brand on your customer's mind.
At Dial 800, we do more than provide toll-free vanity 800 numbers; we understand the difference between a vanity 800 number and a vanity 800 number brand.
We also mean “competitors.” Because a vanity 800 number brand shortens the distance between you and customer, the distraction that arises from, for example, browsing a in a phone book, vanish.
www.dial800.com /redesign/new   (473 words)

 CITES Dialup: 800 numbers and Macintosh OS 9
For most users, 800 number access to campus dialup pools is a special case rather than the everyday method of making a network connection.
The phone number will be dialed as usual, without the additional numbers in front of it.
Note also that the UIUC 1-800 number is only useful within the United States; if calling from a foreign country, you'll need to dial a different sequence of numbers, and your modem may or may not be able to communicate with their phone lines.
www.cites.uiuc.edu /dialup/800/mac9.html   (701 words)

 800 Number Directory - National Toll Free Directory
Our 800 Number Directory is an essential resource book to be kept handy for immediate consultation.
Toll free numbers came into existence more than three decades ago, but it was in the eighties that they became a popular means to access information and services across the country.
Today toll free numbers are used by over 90% of the population and over half of them use it them on a regular basis.
headings.internettollfree.com /800-number-directory.html   (416 words)

 4vanity - 800 numbers phone consultants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A prime routing example is when all get toll free numbers calls during a lunch break would be routed directly over to your satellite office for direct customer assistance rather than just simply forwarding to voice mail.
Got a number on your Caller ID Box and don't know who it is? With the phone consultants directory you can easily find the information you are looking for.
By using a toll free number in your advertising or as a customer service contact number you are effectively providing your consultants 1-800 vanity customer a no-charge means of communication with your company.
www.4vanity.com   (717 words)

 Toll Free Telephone Number Scams
Certain practices relating to 800 and 888 numbers are prohibited by the 900-Number Rule.
Also, if you dial an 800 or other toll-free number, the company is prohibited from automatically connecting you to a 900-number service, and from calling you back collect.
Remember that dialing a number that begins with 888 is just like dialing an 800 number; both are often toll-free, but not always.
www.ftc.gov /bcp/conline/pubs/tmarkg/tollfree.htm   (822 words)

 800 Phone Numbers.com "You Give Us A Name and We'll Give You A Number!"
Consumers are up to 20 times more likely to recall a vanity number than a numeric, and calls continue to come in even months after a campaign ends.
“800” is to toll-free numbers as “.com” is to domain names; 888, 877, 866 are likely to be confused with area codes and consumers are simply not as familiar with them.
In these areas, the use of an 800 number guarantees that 100 percent of the callers responding to your ads will reach your client.
800phonenumbers.com /benefits.html   (707 words)

 DHS Adminstrative Policy: DHS 800 Telephone Numbers
A majority of the clients dialing the 800 number are geographically situated so that a call to the main number of the DHS office in their area would be billed as a long distance call.
Office staff and volunteers should always call in on a branch's main phone number.  The cost differential in billing is good stewardship of our resources; per-minute charges for a regular toll call are always cheaper than an 800 call.
Requests for an 800 number for your office or program should be sent to DHS Facilities.
www.dhs.state.or.us /policy/admin/fac/030_011.htm   (247 words)

 1-800 Trademarks
The defendants, who were travel agents and intended to capitalize on the fame of Holiday Inns, developed and used a telephone number 1-800-H0LIDAY [note that the “O” was replaced by the numeral “0.”] The defendants did not advertise their said telephone number but hoped to capture customers who misdialed the correct number.
The Court further stated that even though the intent of the defendants was clearly to license the 1-800-MERCEDES telephone number for such use by the licensees, that the mere intention without an actual use by the defendants, was not a violation of the rights of the plaintiffs.
The Complainant was the hotel chain that claimed rights in trademark in the telephone number 18003333333 “because it has used it in commerce since 1987 for Hotel Services.” The Respondent claimed that the Complainant did not have such rights since it was merely a telephone number.
www.ivanhoffman.com /1800.html   (1228 words)

 CITES Dialup: UIUC 800 number access
The primary purpose of the personal UIUC 800 number service is to provide UIUC affiliates with an inexpensive way to access the CITES modem pools from anywhere in the country.
UIUC 800 number access allows you to connect to both the UIUCnet Premier modems and the UIUCnet Dialup modems.
Protect this number; like a password, it is used with the 800 number to charge your personal account for the time spent on the UIUC 800 number line.
www.cites.uiuc.edu /dialup/800/index.html   (256 words)

 Yellow Pages 800 Number Directory Search and 800 Number Lookup   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
An 800 number directory search is useful when you're looking for businesses in your state and is similar to searching the online Yellow Pages in many respects.
Some advantages of an 800 number search are that companies with toll free numbers are generally larger than businesses without.
Another great advantage of searching for businesses in the 800 number directory is that companies with toll free numbers are well equipped to supply you with the information and services you need over the phone.
www.yp.com /800-numbers.php   (346 words)

 800 (number) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
800 (eight hundred) is the natural number following 799 and preceding 801.
This number is the magic constant of n×n magic square and n-Queens Problem for n = 12.
877 prime number, Bell number, Chen prime, Mertens function(877) returns 0, strictly non-palindromic number.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/800_(number)   (1297 words)

 Toll Free | Toll Free Number | 800 Number
You even have the option of using your Kall8 number as your caller ID. Calls within the contiguous 48 States, Canada and close to 20 other countries around the world are only 6.9¢ per minute.
Every Kall8 number includes a robust set of features for as little as $2 per number and only 6.9¢ per minute...
Simply choose number search from the menu, and sign up for your toll free phone service today, which is also referred to as a vanity number.
www.instanttollfreenumber.com   (230 words)

 U.S. Immigration Courts, Asylum, (800) Phone Number
To help deal with this increased number of hearings, the Immigration Court, formally known as the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), has set up a toll free number by which individuals can receive information about their cases through an automated system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
She (The automated operators are all female.) will ask you to press "1" to confirm your name or press "2" to reenter your alien registration number (which is advisable if the name is not yours).
Yet, when I called the (800) number several days after the hearing, the automated operator informed me that the case was still pending.
www.shusterman.com /800.html   (660 words)

 1-800 Toll free number search program to locate vanity 800 numbers.
You may be tempted to put the numbers in smaller print along with the vanity name on printed material that callers will look while they are dialing, but I recommend against that in most circumstances because it's important to reinforce your name/brand at all times.
The other simple option, especially if the 800 number is on a separate account, is to just change the name and address and contact information on the account.
One company which had both the 800 and 877 found that they received a surprising amount of calls to the 800 number even after stressing the 877 number in their advertising.
www.tollfreenumber.net /index2.htm   (2680 words)

 800-Number Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
You may call an 800 number and be referred or transferred to a 900 or 976-number (pay-per-call) or to international numbers that have prefixes like "011" or "809." This is illegal.
Blocking calls to 900 or 976 numbers will not prevent calls to 800 numbers or international numbers.
If your bill includes charges for 800 numbers that you did not prearrange to be billed, follow the instructions included with your billing statement for disputes.
www.fultonsheriff.org /Consumer_Alerts/800_numbers.asp   (180 words)

 800response - Vanity 800 Numbers
Advertisers using our Custom 800 numbers report increased response rates of 30% or more, with calls coming in months after a campaign or promotion has ended.
Our Custom 800 service allows multiple businesses across the country to share a valuable vanity 800 number, each enjoying exclusive use of the number in its selected territory.
This innovative concept allows a toll-free number like 1-800-NEW-VISION to be used by a different optometrist in each advertising market, with calls routed to the correct subscriber based on the location of the person dialing the number.
www.800response.com /800numbers/index.html   (198 words)

 Canada 800 Toll Free Number - Canadian 800 Numbers
Every Toll Free 800 Number delivered is integrated with a state-of-the-art Virtual PBX Phone System, affordable only to big corporations until recent years.
However, you may assign a private mailbox extension number to as many of your associates or employees as you wish and all can utilize the same Toll Free Number with all the services and features of your plan.
While all of these prefixes are commonly known as "free to the caller," some people still prefer to go with the prefix that has been around the longest, the original and classic toll free "800" number.
www.800canada.com /800.html   (747 words)

 Low 800 Number Rates Fast and Easy Ordering from TollFreeNumber.org
If a toll-free company rents or leases you an 800 number, you'll be stuck with their service even if it's not working for you.
With TollFreeNumber.org, your number is your number, guaranteed.
Stay in touch with family and friends with a personal 866 or 877 toll-free number (An 800 number is not available for this service.) Click here to get your toll-free number today.
www.tollfreenumber.org /800-number   (430 words)

 800response - Vanity 800 Number Benefits
Vanity 800 numbers are much easier to remember (14 times easier to remember, in fact) than numerics.
The terms “toll-free”; and “800” are one and the same in the minds of consumers.
Advertising agencies have access to scores of toll-free number providers, but when it comes to memorable, prestigious vanity 800 numbers that clients associate with such high-profile advertisers as American Express®, FedEx®, Avis® and hundreds of other major corporations, 800response offers the largest selection of shared-use vanity 800 numbers in the country.
www.800response.com /800numbers/benefits.html   (579 words)

 Toll Free Number .ORG
A toll free number or 800 number boosts your perceived level of professionalism and represents you to be a credible prospect to potential markets.
By putting your upgraded 800 number in your advertisements, you should increase your ad response by 600% on average.
One day he forwarded his home phone to his toll free number and when the hang-up call came in, we unblocked the callers ID automatically and he was able to see that it was his ex calling and hanging up all along.
www.tollfreenumber.org   (1061 words)

 800 Phone Number Voice Mail
Your toll free number won't change if you move...so you won't have to go through the hassle and expense of updating all of your printed and published literature and contacting all of your customers with a new number.
While the general public has come to recognize that the new numbers (888, 877 and 866) are also toll free numbers, an "800" number has an almost nostalgic appeal and make a company with one appear older and more established.
Please keep in mind that any toll free number makes the same important statement to your customers - that you're a professional, customer service minded company (and that you obviously want their business more than the other guy who doesn't offer them a toll free number).
www.800phoneservice.com   (512 words)

 800 Number
Read why you should have a toll free number.
Check out the fcc site for toll free number answers to common questions.
A toll free number can increase your bottom line.
www.workeasy.com /features/800-number.asp   (148 words)

 Vanity Number | 800 Toll-Free Numbers from 800 TELECOM
Toll Free numbers dramatically increase advertising response rates, according to a new study.
The results are evidence that toll free numbers are truly indispensable.
We can even match your current number such as your office or cell phone number with a toll free number.
www.800telecom.com   (418 words)

 Toll Free Vanity Number, 1-800 Toll-Free Numbers, Local Radio & Media Advertising
Finding the right vanity phone number can be daunting; choosing a keyword or phrase for your toll free vanity number— one that really resonates with your audience—from a limited group of 1-800 phone numbers is a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack.
Vanity Number Identification: In this phase, we combine the intelligence gathered from all previous phases to identify three most powerful vanity 800 numbers for your brand.
Your 800 telephone numbers should be included in every promotion, whether it's radio advertising, tv commercials, billboards, local media advertising, and web sites or online ads.
www.dial800.com /vanity_numbers/find.shtml   (550 words)

 Vanity 800 Number, Toll-Free Service, toll free 1800 numbers, 888, 877, 866, 800 Services.
This vanity toll-free number is perfect for people working in the People industry that wish to generate additional business by ordering a vanity toll-free 800 service.
The 800 number is probably more available than you thought, lower cost and easy to setup.
If you want a specific toll-free 800 number or a custom toll-free 800 number to match your company name, product name, company service or domain name, then CLICK HERE to contact us so that we can help you.
www.mytollfree800number.com   (794 words)

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