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Topic: 802701

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  The Time Machine
In this relatively short novella (little more than 30,000 words) Wells combines two prophecies, the first into the year 802701 in which society has become divided into two distinct groups, the Eloi and the Morlocks, the second is a journey to the end of all life on Earth as we know it.
These two prophecies are related, but they have distinct messages for the late nineteenth century reader, coming at the issues of progress and evolution from two contrasting angles.
Clearly it provides an alternative view of History and Time to that provided by late Victorian devotees to the notion of Progress, or to other Christian and/or humanist notions of Man and his place in the scheme of things.
www.newi.ac.uk /rdover/OTHER/the_time.htm   (855 words)

 SF and the 20th Century, Part 3: H.G. Wells
Traveling to the year 802701, Wells's time traveler finds himself in a shocking world where the human race has split into two distinct species: the Eloi and the Morlocks.
The world in the year 802701 is not a place where many would likely wish to live.
It is a pessimistic view of our future and a warning against social problems such as the rift between the rich and the poor, and the employment of slave labor.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/sf_and_society/58099/2   (380 words)

 Free Summary for The Time Machine Study Guide/Analysis/Book Summary/Free Book Notes/Online/Download/by H. G. Wells
In the year 802701, the buildings that once formed London are completely gone, and all that can be found are the buildings used by the aboveground dwellers, a very large statue of a Sphinx-like creature, the ruins of several other structures and scattered circular wells.
A peaceful but weak and lethargic people who populate the surface of the earth in the year 802701.
Small in stature, and delicate featured, the Eloi play all day, feast on fruit in great halls, and sleep in a large communal chambers in order to protect themselves from the dark and the possibility of Morlock attack.
thebestnotes.com /booknotes/Time_Machine/Time_Machine02.html   (1043 words)

 The Time Machine Project-
Brad first saw The Time Machine when he was six years old in 1988 and like many of us it became his favorite film.
One of Brad's memorable scenes is when George 'crashes' in 802701 on Brad's birthday, October 12th.
Brad saw the teaser trailer for the new film in July, "Soon as I saw it I just knew what it was and I made such a big deal about it in the theater.
www.colemanzone.com /Time_Machine_Project/brad_murphy.htm   (719 words)

 The Nitpickers Site: Comment on Movie Nitpick - Time Machine, The - 1960Nitpickers.com - Movie Mistakes - Post and ...
When George, the time traveler, arrives in the year 802,701, he stops his machine too suddenly, and it starts to spin around.
The center console on the time machine should read the Month, Day and Year he stopped in (I think it was May, 802,701), unfortunatly the year indicator, which is the largest display, shows 1900, not 802,701.
When George pulls the lever to stop, the readout is Oct (upper left/greenish) 12 (upper right/yellow) 802701 (lower center/red) So according to what I have he stops correctly in October of 802701, not May of 1900.
www.nitpickers.com /movies/comment.cgi?com=58487   (275 words)

 Free Online Library: H.G. Wells
The narrator is Hillyer, who discusses his theories of time travel with his friends.
A week later their host has an incredible story to tell - he has returned from the year 802701.
The Time Traveler had found two people: the Eloi, weak and little, who live above ground in a seemingly Edenic paradise, and the Morlocks, bestial creatures that live below ground, who eat the Eloi.
wells.thefreelibrary.com   (1532 words)

 The Black Knight
His first future stop is the year 2030, where Alexander discovers that humans have colonised the moon - unfortunately due to their careless use of nuclear power during excavations, the moon crumbles and begins to fall to earth, destroying all life.
Through a series of accidents, Alexander lands himself into the year 802701 where life has returned to a much more primitive state.
His discovers two tribes (No Frankie Goes To Hollywood puns please) and their relationship to one another.
www.bashthemonkey.com /Reviews/Archives/time_machine.htm   (668 words)

 Alsos: The Time Machine
Early in his journey he makes some stops, including one in 1966, in which he witnesses an atomic explosion after he hears a loud air raid siren and sees people fleeing into underground shelters.
The time traveler does not stop again until the year 802701, in which he finds a natural paradise populated with a childlike race of people called the Eloi.
He soon learns that humanity's vast weapons of destruction have created monstrous beings called Morlocks, who live underground and control the Eloi.
alsos.wlu.edu /information.aspx?id=2480   (172 words)

 Perspectives - The War of the Worlds   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
As the book's title suggests, a man is thrust into the future through a time traveling machine.
After visiting the future year of 802701 where the time traveler discovers that the human race, much like Victorian society, has evolved into two species: animal-like Morlocks (a representation of the working class) and the feeble Eloi (pampered ruling class), he quickly escapes to the year 30,000,000.
Here he discovers another disturbing image: Earth is a cold and lifeless world (perhaps Wells’ own prophesy of man’s destruction of his own planet).
plaza.ufl.edu /gators62/webpage/WOWBio.html   (781 words)

 Baseball Almanac - Year In Review : 1895 National League
English novelist, journalist, sociologist, and historian H.G. Wells published his first novel, "The Time Machine", a parody of English class division and a satirical warning that human progress was not inevitable.
In the story, the "Time Traveler" landed in the year 802701 to find two types of people: the Eloi, a weak species, who lived above ground, and the Morlocks, a carnivorous group of creatures that lived below.
Much of the realism of the story was achieved by carefully studied technical details and was based on the basic principles regarding time as the fourth dimension.
www.baseball-almanac.com /yearly/yr1895n.shtml   (382 words)

 Urban Cinefile Feature
After returning to the night of Emma's death Hartdegen travels into the future; first to the year 2034 and eventually to 802701.
In the ruins of New York he discovers two species; the human-like Eloi who live above ground and the Morlocks, a mutant offspring who live underground and dominate the Eloi with physical force and mind control.
Fans will also recognise some of Pal's time-lapse shots being faithfully replicated as Hartdegen takes his chariot for pit-stops in 2034 and 2037 before flooring the engine and winding up in the year 802701.
www.urbancinefile.com.au /home/view.asp?a=6048&s=reviews   (310 words)

 Amazon.com: The Time Machine: DVD: Rod Taylor,Alan Young,Yvette Mimieux,Sebastian Cabot,Tom Helmore,Whit Bissell,Doris ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The costumes that the air raid wardens wear just before the nuclear attack are the same ones worn by the crew in Forbidden Planet.
When George arrives in the year 802701 his time machine reads the date of October 12th.
After the rocks collapse around George as he's travelling to 802701, in one frame, you can see a piece of paper with 'Back Frame' written on it and a person's thumb.
www.amazon.com /Time-Machine-Rod-Taylor/dp/fun-facts/B0000649KG   (1399 words)

 The Time Machine - www.inetdvd.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
When George (Rod Taylor) sits at the controls of his new creation, he has all the time in the world.
He's invented a Time Machine that whisks him from 1899 to war ravaged moments of the 20th century and into 802701.
In that far-off era, passive Eloi face a grim future as prey to the glowing subterranean Morlocks...unless the time-traveling stranger from the past intervenes.
www.inetdvd.com /store/tmp_product_new2003.asp?id=5446   (164 words)

 The Time Machine - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
They'd already missed some of the most clever parts - a reference to the novel and to the 1960 film, as well as to a (nonexistent) Andrew Lloyd Webber musical adaptation.
The novel began in 1895 in London (the new film starts then, too, but in Manhattan) and eventually skips forward to the year 802701, by which determinism has effected permanent social change.
The British Victorian leisure class has devolved into the compliant Eloi, and the working class of the late 19th century has become the subterranean, cannibalistic, mutant Morlocks.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/pittsburghtrib/s_20749.html   (692 words)

 John's Book Reviews: The Time Machine
A nondescript scientist in London, having a dinner party with some friends, announces he has built a machine for travelling in time.
All incredulous with his sleight of hand, his listeners turn very skeptical ears to his tale of travelling to the year 802701.
The world is a very different place, populated by two species of humans.
sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu /~jmcd/book/revs/tmac.html   (216 words)

 Time machine sequels (books)
David J Lake (not "Blake") is a Wells scholar who wrote a sequel based on the premise that the Time Traveller had misunderstood what he had seen in 802701.
The premise here is that, when the Time Traveller comes back to 802701 with the intention of saving Weena, he is met instead by Morlocks who kill him, take over his Time Machine and proceed to invade the sewers of Victorian England !
Nowhere does it say that this was due to the "tipping over" of the Machine upon its arrival in 802701.
www.colemanzone.com /forums/Message_Board/archive/789.html   (4477 words)

 Time Machine, The - Review - The Malfunctioning Machine
They don't fully explain the reason for his jaunt into the future, and only succeed in aimlessly filling a large chunk of the film.
Although Guy Pearce is an excellent actor, he was disappointing, leading you to question why he took the project in the first place - he must have realised he wasn't really right for the part.
In his present, he is nervous and nerdy, yet by the time he has been in 802701 for a few minutes, he appears to be a man of action who has lost all of his nervousness.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /dvd-title-t/time-machine-the/377480   (1455 words)

 Samantha Mumba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 2002, Steven Spielberg picked her to play Mara in The Time Machine.
Mara is a girl who is part of a human civilization which has regressed to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the year 802701 AD.
She co-starred with Guy Pearce and the movie earned $56,684,819 at the U.S. Box Office.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Samantha_Mumba   (774 words)

 Archived Weblog Entry - 03/28/2005: "Time Travel in Science Fiction - Part 3: The Time Ships"
He is shocked to discover that he has returned to a world that is completely unlike the one he had left.
With a multitude of realities existing all at once, the time traveler eventually encounters technology advanced enough to allow him to step into whichever timeline he desires and ends up going to the original 802701 of Wells’ book.
The book suggests that time travel creates alternate realities and that the time traveler’s invention and its successors are the reasons behind the existence of a multi-verse — a universe of possible universes.
rayne.woot.net /archives/00000412.shtml   (547 words)

 eBooks Cube | The Time Machine H. G. Wells
As a novelist Wells made his debut with The Time Machine, a parody of English class division and a satirical warning that human progress is not inevitable.
The Time Traveller lands in the year 802701 and finds two people: the Eloi, weak and little, who live above ground, and the Morlocks, carnivorous creatures that live below ground.
Much of the realism of the story was achieved by carefully studied technical details.
www.ebooks3.com /ebooks/the_time_machine.html   (1000 words)

 Look What I Found In My Brain!: Book Review: The Time Machine
After he has cleaned up and has eaten, he begins to tell them of his trip in time.
The narratorial voice switches to that of the Traveller himself, and he tells them that he went to the year 802701 A.D. The England of the distant future is a beautiful place, almost a Utopia, but civilization is in majestic ruin.
He first encounters the Eloi, a race of pretty, vacuous beings descended from humans.
sff.net /people/lucy-snyder/brain/2005/11/book-review-time-machine.html   (1139 words)

 FREE MonkeyNotes Study Guide Summary-The Time Machine by H. G. Wells-SHORT PLOT/CHAPTER SUMMARY SYNOPSIS-Free Book ...
He finds he is in the same location as his laboratory, but in the year 802701.
In the next few days, the Time Traveller continues to explore the area, and in the process befriends one particular Eloi named Weena, who he saves from drowning.
Understanding that it is the Morlocks who moved his machine, most likely into the base of a large stature near to where he first “landed,” he decides to descend one of the circular wells that connect the world of the Eloi with that of the Morlocks.
www.pinkmonkey.com /booknotes/monkeynotes/pmTimeMachine07.asp   (1173 words)

 PS Publications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Topics include how to locate a competent agency, resume tips, interviewing skills, proper dress, links to related subjects and much more.
Go along with George in the time machine to the year 802701 where he helps liberate a people called the Eloi from the clutches of subterranean humans called the Morlocks.
This is the original novel and it has a different story than the 2001 DreamWorks motion picture.
www.angelfire.com /co4/pscompanies/books.htm   (248 words)

 Annoyances.org - xp wont load (Windows XP Discussion Forum)
Specs are: from the year 1899 to the year 802701 in 100 minutes (movie time.)
>are: from the year 1899 to the year 802701 in 100 minutes (movie time.)
One of my favorite movies - made in 1960 starring Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux.
www.annoyances.org /exec/forum/winxp/t1046428177   (419 words)

 The Wunderland Weekly News, 3/28/2
In many ways, this film is excellent: the Time Traveler's machine looks fantastic, and it's even more spectacular in action.
The new-in-this-version material surrounding the events of 4 years prior and the year 2037 are all quite good, and even some aspects of life in the year 802701 are well done (the Eloi city, for example, is beautiful).
However, I was displeased with many of the changes made to the story it was supposedly based on.
www.wunderland.com /WhatsOld/2002/WN.03.28.02.html   (1247 words)

 H.G. Wells
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The story is told by Hillyer who tells his friends of his visit to the year 802701 just a week after their discussion of time travel theories.
Hillyer tells of the two types of people he found during his travel: the Eloi and the Morlocks.
www.radessays.com /viewpaper/14486/H.G._Wells.html   (188 words)

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