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Topic: 86 (number)

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  86 (number)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
86 is a nontotient, a noncototient, a happy number, and a self number.
Possibly a reference to article 86 of the New York state liquor code which defines the circumstances in which a bar patron should be refused service or "86ed".
The number refers both to movie creators Pixar's founding year, as well as his overtly aggressive and dangerous driving style (see use of 86 as a verb, above).
www.tocatch.info /en/Number_86.htm   (717 words)

 Connecticut Interstate 86
I-86 no longer exists in Connecticut; it was a numbering for part of Interstate 84.
From its inception in 1971 to October 1, 1980, I-86 was co-signed with Route 15, the original number for the Wilbur Cross Highway, for its entire length.
I-86 never had an interchange with I-84: the junction in East Hartford was not complete until years after I-86 was removed.
www.kurumi.com /roads/ct/i86.html   (527 words)

 86 - Uncyclopedia
86 is the most evil number of all time, 13 being mostly misunderstood.
86 has been attributed to the most evil people and events in history, although very little people seem to be aware.
The Romans, while writing what would soon be the complete set of numbers, ran into a crossroads when deciding what to call the number after 85.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/86   (264 words)

 Restaurant Report - Question & Answer - What does 86d mean?
It was item 86 on their menu and was sold out one night, hence the term 86'd.
One of the stories that I have heard on the origin of the term 86 is as follows: In the old days of soup kitchens they prepared enough soup for 85 people.
Don't know why "86" was chosen but may suggest that it as originally wireless brass- pounding was mainly a shipboard art and that it comes from the naval term "deep-six", likewise meaning to get rid of something (by dumping in at least 6 fathoms (deeps) or 36 feet of ocean).
www.restaurantreport.com /qa/86d.html   (897 words)

 Number 86 - Numbers: Symbolism and Properties
The word Lord in Hebrew gives 86 as numerical value, just as the word Elohim: phe, aleph, he, giving 86 = 80+1+5.
The number 86 is used once in the Bible.
In the NRSV seven numbers are multiple of 86, the sum of their occurrences giving 12.
www.ridingthebeast.com /numbers/nu86.php   (66 words)

 North American XP-86 Sabre
In the XP-86, a ten percent ratio of wing thickness to chord was used to extend the critical Mach number to 0.9.
The number 3 prototype was the only one of the three to have fully-automatic leading-edge slats that opened at 135 mph.
The number 1 prototype crashed in September of 1952 after logging 241 flying hours, whereas numbers 2 and 3 were finally retired from service in April of 1953.
home.att.net /~jbaugher1/p86_1.html   (2999 words)

 Section 261:86 Special Number Plates for Certain Veterans.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The department shall furnish one set of special number plates, designed by the director with the approval of the commissioner, for one motor vehicle owned by a veteran who:
The plates shall be transferable upon death to the surviving spouse of the Pearl Harbor survivor.
Notwithstanding RSA 265:73 or any other law, any person who is issued a plate pursuant to subparagraphs I(c)-(e) shall not be entitled to free parking privileges provided for disabled veterans, except that a person who qualifies for special plates pursuant to subparagraph I(d) may be issued an additional special plate for a motorcycle.
www.gencourt.state.nh.us /rsa/html/XXI/261/261-86.htm   (420 words)

This verb meaning "to eject or debar from premises, to reject or abandon" was previously an expression used by waiters and bartenders indicating that the supply of an item was exhausted or that a customer was not to be served.
The earliest clear citation is from the February 1936 issue of _American Speech_, which gives the definition "_Eighty-six_, item on the menu not on hand." The Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang cites a comedy with a date range 1926-35 in which a waiter gives his number as 86.
Finally, because slang usually exists in the language for a number of years before it is recorded, the existence of a citation from the 1920s tells strongly against the Chumley's explanation.
www.yaelf.com /aueFAQ/mifeightysixnix.shtml   (437 words)

 Radon, element number 86
            Radon is the element that has 86 electrons, 136 neutrons, and 86 protons.
This element is in the series labeled noble gasses.
Radon is formed from the decay of radium in the earth’s crust.
home.earthlink.net /~danieldorsey/periodictable04/086.htm   (105 words)

 World Telephone Numbering Guide
New 8-digit subscriber numbers will be formed by prepending digit '6' to existing subscriber numbers in Suzhou and Wujiang, and digit '5' for the other affected places.
In Shenyang (+86 24), '2' was prepended to former 7-digit subscriber numbers that began with 2, 3, 4 or 5.
Former 7-digit subscriber numbers that began 6, 7, 8 or 9 were prepended with the digit '8'.
www.wtng.info /wtng-86-cn.html   (1290 words)

 The Rational Number Project
A small number of the articles do not appear in their entirety due to copyright constraints and our inability to get the publishers permission to include them in our website.
We think that the body of literature produced by the RNP is an example of the level of impact which might occur in other areas with such lengthly and continuous external support.
The Rational Number Project (RNP) was the longest lasting cooperative multi-university research project in the history of mathematics education.
education.umn.edu /rationalnumberproject/default.html   (1473 words)

 [PRISONACT] [FedCURE] Digest Number 86
In order to inspire activity through a friendly sense of competition, we continue to provide you with a running tally of which states are producing the most and the fewest faxes.
"The object is to reduce the number of children in the room, the number of visitors," he said.
I have a number of objections to the senator's bill, namely: a.
www.prisonactivist.org /pipermail/prisonact-list/2003-March/006937.html   (3636 words)

 The Federalist (Number 86)
That as a result the Nation is embarked on a very dangerous course, the ill effects in terms of financial cost [1], emotional cost and loss of constitutional rights, can be seen everywhere.
This writer proposes to make his case to his fellow Citizens by writing a series of articles under the banner of the Federalist, numbered in sequence after those written by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton.
The solution: The solution lies in returning constitutional government to the United States by ascertaining that members of the legal profession not be permitted to exercise control over either the Executive or the Legislative branches of government.
4brevard.com /tyranny/fed86.htm   (2072 words)

 TI-86 BASIC Games - ticalc.org
This is a VERY simple program in which you try to guess the number that the calculator is "thinging" of (between 1 and 10).
This is a random number guesser that allows you to choose the number and tells you if you are too high or low.
The sequel to the TI-86 BASIC RPG, Eternal Slash, where you take on the role of Ardent, the son of Ike where his quest is to become a member of a group called Sharp Edge.
www.ticalc.org /pub/86/basic/games/date.html   (5648 words)

 Questions & Answers: Eighty-six
The sense that indicated a patron was not to be served because he was drunk or obnoxious appeared later (the first written example is only from 1943); the verb meaning to discard or get rid of something is even more recent, from the 1950s.
Many people quote other examples of number slang used by hard-pressed servers: 99 meant “the manager is prowling about” and 98 similarly referred to the assistant manager (was 97 a busybody child who wanted to grow up to be a manager?); 19 is a banana split; 55 is root beer, and so on.
Presumably some of these related to the numbering on a standard menu somewhere at some time, but the details have been lost.
www.worldwidewords.org /qa/qa-eig1.htm   (587 words)

 TI-86 BASIC Games - ticalc.org
Kojax is a fun program for "predicting the future." Upon entering your name and age, the program generates a random job, wage, house, who you are living with, your general appearance and mood, the car you drive, and where you live.
A semi-text based RPG where you have to fight various monsters, play guess the number and defeating the evil that surrounds the quest.
Guess is a typical number guessing game with a couple of added features such as a tabulated display of the amount of games that have been played.
www.ticalc.org /pub/86/basic/games   (3857 words)

 Survey of Current Business, February 2006 - Volume 86 - Number 2
February 2006 - Volume 86 - Number 2
Using data made available through a BEA program for outside researchers, three economists have produced a number of studies, summarized for the Survey, exploring the effect of various taxes on multinational firms' behavior.
The March Survey will feature estimates of government receipts and outlays from the the Budget of the United States Government that are translated to a NIPA basis.
www.bea.gov /bea/pub/0206cont.htm   (286 words)

 Punknews.org | Project 86 / Number One Gun / Spoken / The Fold
Tours: Project 86 / Number One Gun / Spoken / The Fold
Project 86 has announced the dates for their upcoming tour with with Number One Gun, Spoken, Mourning September, and The Fold.
The band is touring in support of their upcoming full length,...And The Rest Will Follow which is due out September 27th.
www.punknews.org /article.php?sid=13850   (504 words)

 CACFP Policy Memo Number 86
In the five boroughs of New York City, applicable day care center regulations allow providers to supply infant formula to enrolled children in care.
CACFP requires all participating family day care homes and child care centers to offer meals to all infants enrolled in care if the child is in care during the meal service period [see DOH-CACFP Number 83 (12/02)].
Child care facilities must offer at least one iron-fortified infant formula that would satisfy the needs of one or more of the infants in care.
www.health.state.ny.us /prevention/nutrition/cacfp/policymemo/no86.htm   (1222 words)

 14K Gold Glossy Etched Number 86 Charm - SHOP.COM
A luminous glossy surface and traditionally crafted features are found in this classical Number 86 Charm in stunning 14 Karat Gold.
Whether you are a cheering sports fan on the sidelines or an active enthusiastic player, this number charm can hold a...
All other designated trademarks, copyrights and brands are the property of their respective owners.
www.shop.com /op/aprod-p18245129   (220 words)

 LLMC - Control Number Guide
References in this Guide are, first to the title numbers, and then to the section of the catalog in which that title appears.
For convenience, when a sequence of title numbers appears in the same catalog section, only the first and last number of the sequence are listed [e.g.
Clicking on the relevant box in the menu below will bring you directly to the start of desired number series.
www.llmc.com /control_number_guide.htm   (81 words)

 Recharge card for 86-318 Hebei number-Commodity detailed material
Shanghai number Guangzhou number Shenzhen number Dongguan number Xian number ChongQing number changsha number England number German number Arbitrarily number Hire by the month the cnphone
This card is for 0086-318 phone number only, your actual fee to call China is USD $0.015 per Min, free to receive calls, no monthly fee,no setup fee, you should buy number at first and then buy this recharge card.
call 96590, input your card number# and password#,press #,press 6#,press 1 to bind the card, press 4 to cancel password calling, then finish.
us.ctcvoip.com /prodshow.asp?ProdId=337   (141 words)

 Eighty Six - Food Reference Food Facts
2) Same bar, Chumley's same time period - the front door address was 86 Worth Street and there was a chalk board inside the front door with the address painted across the top - the chalkboard was were items that had been sold out were posted - it soon became known as the '86' board.
4) Similar to #3: drunks were given 86 proof booze instead of higher proof stuff they had been drinking.
They always seemed to be out of #86, and it became an expression used by the service staff meaning to be out of something - 86'd.
www.foodreference.com /html/art86.html   (399 words)

 The Search Engine Report - Number 86
It's been a busy year for the major meta search engines, with a number of notable developments that have restored their usefulness as worthy search tools.
The company was on a number of panels that dealt solely with organic issues, and its representatives certainly did not sit there and say nothing.
You can also check for airport travel delays by entering the airport's three letter code followed by the word airport, such as "sfo airport" or "sna airport." That brings back a hard to miss "view conditions" link at the top of the search results page.
searchenginewatch.com /sereport/article.php/3296121   (5424 words)

 SPARCS-Universal Data Set (UDS) Specifications
RECORD TYPE 86 - Workers' Compensation Attending Doctor'S Report and Carrier/Employer Billing Form C-4
This Record Type is for reporting data contained on the Workers' Compensation Attending Doctor's Report and Carrier/Employer Billing Form C-4 dated December 1994 which is not reported elsewhere in the Version 4 format.
Questions from the C-4 not contained elsewhere in Record Type 86 C-4, Sequence 05 and beyond or in other Record Types in the UDSIP are contained in sequences 01-02.
www.health.state.ny.us /statistics/sparcs/sysdoc/uds_rt86.htm   (207 words)

 USC-MSA Compendium of Muslim Texts
Women will increase in number and men will decrease in number so much so that fifty women will be looked after by one man.
Allah's Apostle said, "While I was sleeping, I saw that a cup full of milk was brought to me and I drank my fill till I noticed (the milk) its wetness coming out of my nails.
The fact which stops me from narrating a great number of Hadiths to you is that the Prophet said: "Whoever tells a lie against me intentionally, then (surely) let him occupy his seat in Hell-fire."
www.usc.edu /dept/MSA/fundamentals/hadithsunnah/bukhari/003.sbt.html   (6203 words)

 Survey of Current Business, September 2006 - Volume 86 - Number 9
Survey of Current Business, September 2006 - Volume 86 - Number 9
Home > Publications > Survey of Current Business > September 2006 - Volume 86 - Number 9
September 2006 - Volume 86 - Number 9
www.bea.gov /bea/pub/0906cont.htm   (398 words)

 Unsolved Mysteries: Episode #86 - TV.com
Episode Number: 86 Season Num: 2 First Aired: Wednesday August 22, 1990 Prod Code: n/a
A new segment involves a policeman's search for his partner's killer.
Tell the world what you think of Episode #86, write a review for this episode.
www.tv.com /unsolved-mysteries/episode-86/episode/173789/summary.html   (110 words)

 READ - Table of Contents: Spring 2004 (Volume 86 | Number 2) - Anglican Theological Review - a quarterly journal of ...
READ - Table of Contents: Spring 2004 (Volume 86
Number 2) - Anglican Theological Review - a quarterly journal of theological reflection
Baptism, Eucharist, and the Hospitality of Jesus: On the Practice of "Open Communion"
anglicantheologicalreview.org /read/table_of_contents.php?id=20   (346 words)

 Focus on the Global South - NUMBER 86, April 2003
Focus on the Global South - NUMBER 86, April 2003
A new video from Focus on the Global South
NUMBER 86, April 2003 (PDF version click here)
www.focusweb.org /content/view/169/60   (146 words)

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