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Topic: 97 BCE

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In the News (Sat 23 Jun 18)

  BCE Announces 1991 4th Quarter & Year-End Results
Bell Canada's contributions to BCE's consolidated earnings per common share for the year and for the last quarter of 1991 were $2.97 and $0.74 respectively, the same as in 1990.
Northern Telecom contributed $0.97 to BCE's consolidated earnings per common share for 1991, compared with $0.89 in 1990; and the fourth quarter contribution was $0.40, compared with $0.37 for the same period a year earlier.
BCE is a management holding corporation whose core businesses are provision of telecommunications services and manufacture of telecommunications equipment.
www.bce.ca /en/news/releases/bce/1992/01/22/4348.html   (534 words)

 TheStreet.com: BCE to Spin Off 37% Stake in Nortel to BCE Shareholders
BCE, which owns about 39% of Nortel, one of the world's biggest communication equipment makers, said it would distribute about 37% to BCE shareholders while retaining the remaining 2%.
BCE had been under pressure from investors to spin off its Nortel stake in order to increase the value of the company's other holdings.
BCE's other holdings include Bell Canada, the nation's biggest phone company, as well as CGI and BCE Emergis, which are involved in systems integration and electronic commerce, and BCE Media, a programming and content company.
www.thestreet.com /brknews/telecom/870451.html   (517 words)

 Anatolia: Shaw's Outline of Ancient History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Idriaeus (351-344 BCE)- he died of disease and was succeeded by his sister and wife Ada (who later became Queen of Alinda), but she was expelled by her brother Pixodarus, who threw in his lot with the Persians inviting in a Persian Satrap Othontapates (Orontobates?) This satrap was ruling when Alexander arrived in 334.
In 500 BCE the tyrant of Mylasa was Oliatus, son of Ibanollis.
In 167 BCE they revolted from the Rhodians and were soon thereafter declared free by the Romans once more.Under the Pax Romana Mylasa flourished and brought under her control in the name of 'Sympolity' the cities of Euromos, Chalcetor, Hydae, Olympos and Labraynda, and their citizenry were alloted to her own tribes.
www.juyayay.com /outline/anatolia   (9235 words)

 OSC: Orders & Rulings 2000 - In the Matter of BCE Inc. - Order and Decision - CVMO: Ordonnances et d├ęcisions pur 2000
BCE is a reporting issuer under the Act and is not on the list of defaulting reporting issuers maintained pursuant to subsection 72(9) of the Act.
BCE has also entered into the Support Agreement with EBI pursuant to which EBI has provided various representations, warranties and covenants in favour of BCE that are customarily found in such agreements and has agreed not to tender the EBI Block to any offer to purchase CTV Shares if BCE makes the EBI Offer.
Accordingly, BCE believes that the EBI Offer is, for all practical purposes, the only method by which BCE can acquire the EBI Block.
www.osc.gov.on.ca /Regulation/Orders/2000/ord_20000314_bceinc.jsp   (920 words)

It is interesting to note in regards to Daniel, that the length of the oppression of Israel is 490 years instead of 70 yrs, and when one adds that date to the fall of Jerusalem, ca.
It seems quite natural to me that Daniel's vision of 490 years ending in 97 BCE, at the height of Hasmonean power and prestige, would be an ideal time to write the Daniel story, in their days God extended His grace, making the oppressor the oppressed.
This is another "marker" that Ezekiel is not all he claims to be, a contemporary witness to the fall of Jerusalem ca.
www.bibleorigins.net /EzekielpostDaniel.html   (1357 words)

 The Nazca Lines Total Solar Eclipse Theory - page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
These eclipses were followed by a series of three major eclipses of the sun within a fifteen year period beginning in 97 BCE and thus coinciding with the construction of the earliest lines and geoglyphs created on the arid Nazca plateau.
An Annular Eclipse of the Sun occurred in 97 BCE.
The solar eclipse of March, 97 BCE was either a total eclipse or a, very nearly total, annular eclipse.
nazcalines.homestead.com /totalsolareclipsetheory2.html   (1270 words)

 EXN.ca | Technology
BCE is offering Teleglobe shareholders BCE common shares based on the share price following the upcoming distribution of its Nortel stake (which is going to current BCE shareholders).
As long as BCE shares are trading above $50 CDN before the close of the transaction, Teleglobe shareholders will receive the equivalent of $48.41 for each Teleglobe common share they own - a total of some $9.65 billion.
If BCE 's trading price is below $50 at that time, the exchange ratio will be fixed at 0.97 of a BCE share for every Teleglobe share.
www.exn.ca /Stories/2000/02/16/02.asp   (379 words)

 Rodley-thiering, 41(2)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The handwriting of all the pesharim is Herodian, that is, a class of handwriting used from 30 BCE to 70 CE.
Pompey had indeed, in 63 BCE, brought the country under Roman dominion, but he is not presented as a malevolent, overwhelmingly destructive power, as are the Kittim of 1QpHab.
These facts are consistent with a view that the Community Rule was compiled during the first centuries BCE and CE as a legal document by which members of the Qumran community were bound.
radiocarbon.org /Subscribers/Fulltext/v41n2_Rodley-thiering_169.html   (8044 words)

 Daqin - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Following the opening of the Silk Road in the 2nd century BCE, the Chinese liked to think of the Roman Empire as a civilized pendant to the Chinese Empire.
The Romans occupied one extreme position on the trade route, with the Chinese located on the other, hence the "mirror" name.
It seems China never managed to directly reach the Roman Empire in antiquity, although general Ban Chao, led an expedition of 70,000 in 97 CE that went as far as the Caspian Sea.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Daqin   (276 words)

 Egyptian History: Graeco-Roman Dynasties
Ptolemy II Philadelphus, (reigned 284-246 BCE), married to his full sister, Asinoe II, and sharing power with her, continued the reorganisation of Egypt, basing his decisions on facts gathered during extensive censuses.
Ptolemy XII Auletes, (c.112-51 BCE, r.80-51) was the illegitimate son of Ptolemy IX (r.
At the sea battle of Actium the Egyptian navy was decisively defeated and Antony and Cleopatra fled to Alexandria.
www.reshafim.org.il /ad/egypt/history-g-r.htm   (1671 words)

 Egyptian History: Dynasties 21 to 31, the Late Period
Some time after 1080 BCE - the Tanite Nesbanebded (c.1070 - 1043) still had some control over Upper Egypt - Egypt split between a northern 21st dynasty claiming national recognition reigning from Tanis, and a line of Theban generals and high priests of Amen, who actually controlled the south from Thebes.
The 22d dynasty (945-730 BCE) was founded by Sheshonq I, probably descended from long-settled Libyan mercenaries, the Meshwesh.
The Persians ruled Egypt as a satrapy from 525 to 404 BCE, and again from 341 to 333 BCE (31st Dynasty).
www.reshafim.org.il /ad/egypt/history21-31.htm   (1555 words)

Stock of BCE -- which owns Bell Canada -- slipped 0.6 per cent to $30.48 on the Toronto Stock Exchange a day after reaching a 14-month high.
BCE's stated guidance this year is for a share profit of about $1.90.
The Toronto investment dealer rates BCE stock as "neutral," with a one-year price estimate of $30.
www.globeadvisor.com /servlet/ArticleNews/story/gam/20030604/RTELE   (615 words)

 Chapter 2: Iconographical sources of nursing and nursing gestures in various pre-Christian and non-Christian cultures
5000-4000 bce It is headless and seated, like another nursing pair from the Dimini period at Sesklo near Volos, Thessaly in eastern Greece, dating from approximately 4000 bce.54 Sardinia: seated robed woman with upstretched right hand, holding a child two-thirds her size on her lap.
2000 bce, predating the beginnings of the ancient Hittite empire, about the time of the Egyptian Middle Empire (┬▒ XI dynasty).60 Hittite: Bronze statue of a nude woman, with headdress and ankle bracelets, standing on the back of a small lion, holding a nursing child to her right breast, ca.
1440 bce), depicted as sucking on Hathor's udder in a statue-drawing.69 Hathor as half-woman nurses the infant Horus in a kneeling posture, proffering her left breast with her right hand as Horus himself places his inside hand on her proffering arm.
www.darkfiber.com /pz/chapter2.html   (2099 words)

 Ancient Jewish History
The Torah is a contract, and from ~550 BCE, it was the civil law of the Jews.
For Judah itself, this (300-200 BCE) was a century of peace.
Began the History of the Jews with the Creation, completed at the outbreak of the Great Revolt (all of antquity is defined by the writing of Josephus - he created the period in terms of measuring its time).
www.zoned.net /~amy/ancient.html   (3633 words)

 Human sacrifice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Captured enemy leaders, after the victorious general's triumph, would be ritually strangled in front of a statue of Mars, the war god.
According to Pliny the Elder, human sacrifice was abolished by a senatorial decree in 97 BCE.
Most of the rituals turned to animal sacrifice like taurobolium or became merely symbolic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Human_sacrifice   (3305 words)

 McManus Images Index Roman Coins: Republic and Principate
In 390 BCE, the sacred geese of Juno warned (monere) the Romans about an impending attack by Gauls, hence her temple on the Capitoline was dedicated to Juno Moneta.
The youthful Cleopatra is shown in the style of earlier Hellenistic queens, with a band-style diadem; she wears the melon hairstyle.
Cornelius Sulla Felix, whose authority is symbolized by a curule chair flanked by a lituus and a wreath, and Q.
www.vroma.org /images/mcmanus_images/indexcoins.html   (3815 words)

 Broadcasting Center Europe
Therefore, BCE is able to offer broadcasting solutions for Radio and TV programs towards in numerous European countries.
Currently, BCE broadcasts the radio programs of RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg (first radio station in Luxembourg with a market share of 75%), RTL Radio France (leader of the French radio sector), RTL Radio-Die besten Hits mit Gefühl, 100,7 Radio Socio Culturelle (from Luxembourg), as well as various private programs.
One priority of BCE is to be active in the development of new terrestrial transmission technologies.
bce.lu /showcontent.php?path=transmission&subpath=fm&subsubpath=tech   (175 words)

 On Sacrifices
It cannot therefore be said that Ceres was introduced to Rome by Greeks in the same manner that the Magna Mater arrived from Asia; only that certain aspects of Her worship was derived from Greek influences.
The Senate again outlawed human sacrifices in 97 BCE when Licinius Crassus was consul.
The Ludi Apollinares of July, established in 212 BCE, and the Ludi Florales of April, established in 173 BCE, consisted of theatrical performances and chariot races.
www.religioromana.net /onsacrifices.htm   (3400 words)

 Telecom Decision CRTC 2002-61
Given that the existing framework did not prevent BCE from subsidizing ExpressVu's entry into the broadcasting distribution market using revenues it receives from Bell Canada, Quebecor submitted that existing mechanisms were not sufficient to prevent Bell Canada's anti-competitive cross-subsidization of ExpressVu.
In Applications by telephone companies to carry on broadcasting distribution undertakings, Public Notice CRTC 1997-49, 1 May 1997, the Commission concluded that the legislative and regulatory barriers to entry into local telephony had been or would be sufficiently addressed and that telephone companies could apply for licences to carry on BDUs.
Accordingly, the Commission remains of the view that the existing mechanisms, including those recently modified in Decision 2002-34, are appropriate and sufficient to prevent inappropriate cross-subsidization of ExpressVu by Bell Canada, at the expense of users of telecommunications services.
www.crtc.gc.ca /archive/ENG/Decisions/2002/dt2002-61.htm   (2102 words)

 Daniel 9: Hebrew vs Conventional Dating   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The second possibility is that Daniel 9 does refer to the end of the Second Temple period and the conventional dating is correct.
If we date the destruction of the Second Temple at 587 BCE and count 490 years, we come up with the date 97 BCE - a year that has no particular significance in the history of the Temple or in Jewish history in general.
It is a well known fact, for instance, that the First Temple was destroyed in 586 and the Second Temple consecrated in 516 BCE and destroyed in 70 CE.
www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu /usr/kb4m/pt7.htm   (1240 words)

 Telecom Public Notice CRTC 97-13
In its Part VII application, HomeStar noted that BCE owned 39.5% of ExpressVu's voting interest and BCE proposed to acquire a controlling interest.
It noted also that BCE held a 58.5% equity interest and a 26.1% voting interest in Telesat.
The Commission also notes that HomeStar has stated that it simply asked the Commission to give interested parties the opportunity to discuss whether the interlocking ownership amongst Telesat, ExpressVu and BCE has caused, or holds the potential to cause, undue preference to be conferred on ExpressVu.
www.crtc.gc.ca /archive/eng/Notices/1997/PT97-13.htm   (1114 words)

 Roman Civilization Bates College Winter 2002 - M. Imber Temple of Concordia, Curia, Lives of the Roman Elite, Lemuria ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Her oldest temple was built near the Forum in 367 BCE after a truce in the conflict of orders and a festival was held in her honor in July.
Julius Caesar began the building of a replacement in 44 BCE which was completed by Augustus in 29 BCE.
In fact, as early as 218 BCE, the Romans passed a law, the lex Claudia, which prevented Romans who met the wealth qualifications for Senatorial status from running for office if they earned their income from a source other than land investments.
abacus.bates.edu /~mimber/Rciv/w5c2.lec.htm   (4109 words)

 Pre-20th Century Chronology, Part 1
The dates are based on recent archaeological findings that suggest that the biblical story may have been based on two ancient cities, possibly called Bab edh-Dhra and Numeira, destroyed by earthquake during this period.
Khafre was Khufu's younger son, who ruled Egypt from 2520 to 2494 BCE It is plausible that Savage ruled as Khufu and then continued his reign by masquerading as his own son, but in that case, a more likely date for this story would be 2518 BCE.
The lovers are fated to be born again forever; 3,500 years later, they are reincarnated as Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders.
www.mykey3000.com /cosmicteams/docs/pre20thcentury.html   (5533 words)

 DC Chronology Section 1 - Timeline
BCE] The Aegean island of Thera (aka Santorini) explodes in a huge volcanic eruption, devastating the Minoan civilization on nearby Crete; the Mycenaeans rise to greater regional prominence in the aftermath.
Khufu’s life was previously stated to fall during the era of the Hyksos [see 1700-1567 BCE], the Second Intermediate Period, with the conflict between the foreign-ruled 16th and native 17th Dynasties as background for his death.
1187-1156 BCE (best fit dates), the end of the Bronze Age, and is known to have battled mysterious “Sea Peoples” (who, besides the DCU’s Atlanteans, may also have included resettling Phoenicians, Philistines, and Trojan refugees) in the fifth year of his reign.
dcu.smartmemes.com /DCTL_1_TL.html   (10423 words)

 [No title]
Ceramic shards found near the Gihon Spring are the earliest remains found to date at the site of ancient Jerusalem, the small slope east of the Dung Gate known as the City of David.
They are from the Chalcolithic period, close to 5,000 years ago (fourth millennium BCE) 97 the exact date is not known.
However, there are no remains at the City of David for hundreds of years from the second half of the third millennium BCE Apparently Jerusalem was destroyed and rebuilt in the first half of the middle Bronze Age.
www.biu.ac.il /JS/rennert/history_2.html   (1802 words)

 Timeline 3300 to 1300 BCE
(AM, May/Jun 97 p.74)(AM, Mar/Apr 97 p.D) 2500BC-1300 In the Dhofar region of Oman, a fortress was built at Shisur next to a permanent spring and used up to 1500CE.
The Kaaba is a shrine meaning cube in Arabic, that enclosed the idols of their gods.
BCE Thutmose III led his army from Egypt to Megiddo and outflanked the chariots of the Canaanite forces that had revolted against him.
timelines.ws /0B3300_1300BC.HTML   (9140 words)

 Providing For the Afterlife: ‘Brilliant Artifacts’ From Shandong
97–87 BCE), the last ruler of the Jibei Kingdom (Jibei guo) during the Western Han dynasty (reign of Emperor Wudi).
Its capital city, Lu, was thought to be five kilometers north of the tomb at today’s Luchengwa.
That tomb dates from the second year of the reign of the emperor Han Wudi (95 BCE).
www.asianart.com /exhibitions/shandong/20.html   (769 words)

 Excel Communications Hot News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Teleglobe said today that its board of directors, including a special committee of independent directors, unanimously agreed to support BCE's offer, and will recommend to the company's shareholders that the transaction be approved.
If BCE's trading price is below C$50 (US$34) per common share, the exchange ratio will be fixed at.97 of a BCE share for every Teleglobe share.
If BCE's trading price is above C$57 (US$39) per common share the exchange ratio will be fixed at.85 of a BCE share for every Teleglobe share.
www.excel.com /publicpages/hotnews/acquisition021500.html   (475 words)

 BCE Foodservice Equipment - Products
Our latest BCE catalogue for 2005 is now available online.
BCE's main focus is on industrial countertop catering equipment.
BCE has the sole agency in Southern Africa for the following product ranges and many more: DIHR, Orved, Rheninghaus, Hamilton Beach, Carlisle and Brema.
www.bce.co.za /products.htm   (126 words)

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