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Topic: 982

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  RFC 982 (rfc982) - Guidelines for the specification of the structure of t
RFC 982 April 1986 ANSI Guidelines Description of Decimal syntax The length of the DSP can be determined since the total address length is known, and the IDP has fixed length for any given AFI value.
RFC 982 April 1986 ANSI Guidelines The NSAP selector occupies a single octet.
For RFC 982 April 1986 ANSI Guidelines subnetworks using DIS 8802 MAC addressing, this field consists of the octets of the MAC address in the same order as they are defined in DIS 8802.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc982.html   (2548 words)

 DD 982 Nicholson
On December 10, 1996, the USS Nicholson (DD 982) departed Norfolk Naval Shipyard for a scheduled six-month deployment to the Middle East Force.
The Spruance-Class destroyer USS Nicholson (DD 982) was decommissioned Dec. 18 at Naval Station Norfolk.
USS Nicholson (DD 982) is the fourth Navy ship to be named for the five members of the Nicholson family renowned in American naval history.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/agency/navy/dd-982.htm   (1487 words)

 Comments for: First Post! - ja.zz
#982, The graph above is a visualization of your 3 main motivation...
#982, One big issue I saw with the test was the Immersion catagory...
#982, immersion 99%, 4 and 6 percent on the others.
www.shacknews.com /ja.zz?id=9777541   (438 words)

 Traffic light proposed for routes 22/982 - PittsburghLIVE.com
982 intersection will be included in the "B-09" phase of design and construction, which continues further east past Westinghouse Road.
982 would have to continue further west, turning around at a small "jughandle" intersection which would be constructed near existing Carter Lane.
982 could reflect a tendency for motorists to avoid the intersection, which he said is difficult to pull out from without a traffic light.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/blairsvilledispatch/s_20103.html   (1124 words)

 Texas Railroad Preservation Association Project 982   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Southern Pacific 982 was built as a fast freight locomotive, with a 2-10-2 wheel arrangement (two wheels on the leading truck to guide the locomotive, ten driving wheels to transmit power from the cylinders, and two wheels to support the weight of the firebox).
Among them was Number 982, built in July of 1919 and placed in service as Southern Pacific #3651 on September 26, 1919.
It was sold to the subsidiary Texas and New Orleans Railroad and renumbered to 982 on November 6, 1922.
www.rypn.org /TRPA/982.html   (221 words)

 End of Iowa 982
Highway 982 "floated" apart from the route grid, neither beginning nor ending at another highway.
Although this route has not been part of IA 141 since the 1950s, it should not have been dropped from the state rolls, because it's a more direct route and would truly connect Sioux City and Des Moines.
The first sign for 982 included the Loess Hills Scenic Byway and the leaving-town LGS for Sioux City.
www.angelfire.com /ia3/roadgeek/ia982.html   (345 words)

 Denon AVR-2802 vs 982?
Based on a side by side comparison of 2802 and 982 specs they appear identical (plus the fact that they share a common user's manual).
I've seen the 982 sell for quite a bit less than the 2802 from merchants that carry both ("non authorized" dealers such as those on Yahoo Shopping.
I have heard that the 982 is a 130 watt 6 ohm receiver and the 2802 is 90 watt 8 ohms and/or 130 watt 6 ohms.
forum.ecoustics.com /bbs/messages/1/513.html   (653 words)

 NTID ITC: Projects: 982
This project is directly related to the priority that all NTID English Department faculty will convert their course materials in order to use the English Computer Lab for instructing English courses to NTID students.
To be able to visually demonstrate how a simple legal case could quickly become a multifaceted legal case would greatly enhance the learning experience of the students.
I want to explore on-line and distance learning/asynchronous learning strategies and technologies that could be used through the ETRR to deliver, to develop, and/or to receive instruction/training in support of instructional materials development, curriculum development, instructional design and development, technology training, and faculty/staff professional development.
www.rit.edu /~ntiditc/projects-9821.shtml   (3578 words)

 Council Template 5
Council, No. 982 was founded in 1905 through the efforts of a Group a very Devout Men.
On his retirement from thirty years of apostolic labors in California, he left as a legacy to the diocese the example of a true apostle, and died as an apostle should, possessing nothing but the merits of his "works which had gone before him".
Council, No. 982 works closely with St. John the Baptist, St. Apollinaris and St. Thomas Aquinas Parishes in Napa, providing funds for various projects, high school scholarships and local community programs.
www.kofc-napa.org   (254 words)

 PA 130/PA 982 Multiplex - Central PA/MD Roads
Pennsylvania Routes 130 and 982 join for a short duplex through Lycippis in Westmoreland County.
Southbound on PA 982 at the first junction with PA 130 in Lycippus.
PA 982 was extended southward over PA 180.
www.m-plex.com /roads/pamplex/mp_pa130_pa982.html   (64 words)

 Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
For purposes of this part 982, the cooperative is the Section 8 “owner” of the unit, and the cooperative member is the Section 8 “tenant.”
Where part 982 requires any notice to be given by the PHA, the family or the owner, the notice must be in writing.
Nothing in part 982 is intended to pre-empt operation of State and local laws that prohibit discrimination against a Section 8 voucher-holder because of status as a Section 8 voucher-holder.
ecfr.gpoaccess.gov /cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=8787b565611e2dbd070bcad7546f6040&rgn=div5&view=text&node=24:   (14219 words)

 Learn more about 982 in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Learn more about 982 in the online encyclopedia.
Years: 977 978 979 980 981 - 982 - 983 984 985 986 987
Greenland founded by Erik the Red ; first contact of Europeans with North America
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /9/98/982.html   (141 words)

 Comments for: First Post! - ja.zz
#982, I got: Your Achievement percentile rank is 97%.
#982, apparently I'm all about exploration : megara9
#982, IMM doesn't even register for me, really - I just care about...
www.shacknews.com /ja.zz?id=9777264   (464 words)

 TMI Message Board - Form 982 question.
In getting ready to ask the client the questions I noticed the instructions for Form 982 states it has to be filed timely (or within 6 mo), and this is a 2000 return.
Theirs approach is to disallow the 982 and you have to fight to get it back, in audit.
the instructions for Form 982 states it has to be filed timely.
www.thetaxbook.com /forums/showthread.php?t=294   (628 words)

 Tom:RE 982 and 980 Hamilton movment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In Response To: Re: 982 and 980 Hamilton movment (Tom Hawkey)
Re: "The 980 and 982 are very similar tonneau shaped movements, and yes, they are interchangable"
Re: 982 and 980 Hamilton movment -- Tom Hawkey -- 6/8/04 18:40 est
www.antiquevintagewatches.com /forum/index.cgi/noframes/read/1511   (143 words)

 982   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The balance of $4, 982 was paid July 31 by the sheriff's purchasing...
Group profit before tax 7, 982 100.0 6,571 100.0...
AƱos: 977 978 979 980 981 - 982 - 983 984 985 986 987
enciclopedia.cc /982   (354 words)

 IEEE 982   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The software engineering standards committee (SESC) Executives held a meeting in February 1998.
A number of decisions were made that affect the 982 work.
The project title is Dictionary of Measures of the Software Aspects of Dependability.
members.aol.com /geshome/IEEE982/982Overview.htm   (93 words)

 PA State Route 982 Ends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Barb and John Bee found the Northern Terminus of PA 982 west of Blairsville at US 22/119.
In the upcoming years, this intersection should change as US 22/119 will be upgraded to a 4-lane divided highway.
The Southern Terminus of PA 982 is at US 219 a few miles north of Connellsville.
www.state-ends.com /paends/state/982.html   (79 words)

 Cub Pack 982
Sorrento Springs Elementary School can be found in West County of the City of St. Louis.
The Leaders of Cub Pack 982, Strive to provide a memorable and educational experience for all of the BOYS involved in the Scouting Program.
Pictures are intended for Pack 982 Families, BSA, or affiliated organizations use only.
www.cubpack982.org   (230 words)

 Re: 19J model 982   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Erich, The Hamilton 982 movement was produced between 1934, and 1951.
If you could email me or post a scan or digital image of your watch, and describe what might be stamped on the back of the case (14K gold?), that would make the identification relatively easy.
Re: 19J model 982 -- William Hansen -- 10/10/03 15:54 est
www.antiquevintagewatches.com /forum/index.cgi/noframes/read/1105   (152 words)

 Details of a Diecast Model Vehicle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It also available as part of a set including cars and also as No582.
The model was renumbered 982 in January 1954.
Advertised in the December 1957 Meccano magazine for 17/11.
nigelsworld.homeip.net /diecast/detailplus.php?ID=234   (140 words)

 Marriage Records Collection
Consult the description for F 982 in the Archives Descriptive Database for information about the rest of the collection.
The collection is arranged alphabetically according to the surname of the groom.
A name index of this collection is available; see Finding Aid F 982.
www.archives.gov.on.ca /english/interloan/marriage_rec.htm   (610 words)

 AT&T 982 Phone - AT&T - Phones - Catalog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
AT&T 982 Phone - AT&T - Phones - Catalog
Boasting 2 lines and 24 speed-dial numbers, this corded phone features a speakerphone for hands-free talking and group conference calls.
All users can access and share advanced system features, plus every handset can be customized with its own ring tones, personalized directory and extension name and number.
www.eizlog.com /?r=143   (316 words)

 Issue Alert 00-01-03   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Basically, the certificate program is being phased out over 2 years.
Beyond prescribing the process for this phase-out, the final and interim rules amended many parts of 24 CFR 982.
Unless HUD approves a waiver according to a stringent "good cause" standard, not less than 75% of initial vouchers must be for families below 30% AMI 24 CFR 982.201(b)(2)(i)
www.mplp.org /ialerts/ia000103.htm   (883 words)

 DVD News: DVDINSIDER: Zomax's Net Income Up 982 Percent in Q4!@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
DVD News: DVDINSIDER: Zomax's Net Income Up 982 Percent in Q4!@ HighBeam Research
Sales for the fourth quarter increased 268 percent to $64,283,000 from $17,463,000 for the same period last year.
Net income for the fourth quarter of 1999 increased 982 percent to $11,488,000 from $1,062,000 in 1998.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1P1:80489641&refid=holomed_1   (183 words)

 Clevo 982 Laptop Batteries & Accessories - BatterySavings.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Clevo 982 Laptop Batteries & Accessories - BatterySavings.com
Listed below are all the products we currently carry for the Clevo 982 Laptop, click on the item description or picture for more details.
[ Clevo 982 ] 12v 3800 mAh Black Laptop Battery
www.batterysavings.com /Laptops/Clevo/982.aspx   (78 words)

 AT&T 982 - corded phone prices - CNET Shopper.com
AT&T 982 - corded phone prices - CNET Shopper.com
CNET : Shopper : Tech Consumer Goods : Fixed location telephony : Fixed Location Phones : Standard : Where to Buy AT&T 982 - corded phone
Search by: part number, product, keyword, manufacturer or category
shopper.cnet.com /4014-3498_9-31301047.html   (145 words)

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