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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Georgia @ SouthEastRoads.com - Interstate 985
Interstate 985 was signed as an Interstate Highway in 1985, but the freeway was constructed in the 1960s.
According to Steve Williams, Georgia Highways webmaster, until 1985, Interstate 985 was simply Georgia 365.
Interstate 985 is secretly Georgia 365, and this number is occasionally shown on Georgia state maps even though it is not consistently signed.
www.southeastroads.com /i-985_ga.html   (582 words)

 Interstate 985 Georgia @ Interstate-Guide.com
Interstate 985 is hidden Georgia 419, formerly known as Georgia 365, and is silently merged with U.S. 23 for most of its route.
The final southbound interchange of Interstate 985 is Exit 4 with Georgia 20 and the split of U.S. 23 south toward Suwanee.
There is no access to Interstate 985 from Interstate 85 south nor access to Interstate 85 north from Interstate 985 south.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-985_ga.html   (1070 words)

 Interstate 985 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interstate 985 (I-985) is a 24.08 mile (38.75 km) long auxiliary Interstate Highway in Georgia.
I-985 and SR 365 currently run concurrently - both routes end at the interchange with I-85 near Suwanee - but only the I-985 signs are displayed.
I-985 also multiplexes with U.S. Route 23 from exit 4 northward; US 23 was moved onto the Interstate once it was completed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_985   (278 words)

 Undergraduate Psychology - Thesis - Step One - Psychology 985
One course designed specifically for exploring potential research topics is Psychology 985 (Preparation for the Honors Thesis).
You must find your own Psychology 985 supervisor within the Department, and in most cases you will have an easier time finding a supervisor if you have done some thinking and reading about a potential topic.
The fall term Teaching Fellow for Psychology 985 is Karim Kassam, the spring, Kristin Lane.
www.wjh.harvard.edu /psych/ug/thesis/step1/psy985.html   (368 words)

 USS Cushing (DD 985)
USS Cushing (DD 985), the last Spruance-class destroyer, was decommissioned in San Diego on 21 September 2005, on the 26th anniversary of the ship’s commissioning.
In FY 1997, the RMS concept was successfully demonstrated by employment of a prototype system from the USS Cushing (DD 985) during an Arabian Gulf exercise.
The USS Cushing (DD 985) was honored by Commander, Destroyer Squadron 15, when it Cushing received the Silver Enlisted Surface Warfare Excellence Pennant on January 25, 2001.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/agency/navy/dd-985.htm   (2892 words)

 Interstate 985   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Interstate 985 was formerly GA 365, which opened in 1970.
I had thought it was co-signed with US 23 for its entirety, but that isn't the case: US 23 hops on at GA 20 in Bruford.
I-985 serves commercial development, tourism, and people moving away from Atlanta and its nearer suburbs.
www.kurumi.com /roads/3di/i985.html   (267 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Beltronics Vector 985 Radar Detector at Epinions.com
I've seen the BEL 985 at a $329.95 MSRP, but the detector can actually be purchased for as little as $205.
The BEL 985 is definitely a great value, no doubt about it.
However, if you accompany a BEL 985 with a laser jammer, such as a Bel Laser Pro 904, then you'll be all set.
www.epinions.com /content_90194939524   (904 words)

 [No title]
Thus the gateways must be highly robust and be expected to operate, possibly in a degraded state, under conditions of extreme congestion or failure of network resources.
NTAG [Page 18] RFC 985 May 1986 Requirements for Internet Gateways -- DRAFT Appendix A. Ethernet Management Following is a summary of procedures specified for use by hosts and gateways on an Ethernet.
NTAG [Page 21] RFC 985 May 1986 Requirements for Internet Gateways -- DRAFT NSF systems vendors should understand that they also undertake a commitment to remain aware of current Internet technology and be prepared to upgrade their products from time to time as appropriate.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc985.txt   (7056 words)

 985 Combine
Sperry-New Holland's conventional 985 combine carried the company out of the 1960's and into the 1970's.
The 985 was an industry leader in 1968 when it was introduced.
With variable cylinder speed, real height and speed, and header controlled from the cab the 985 was right at home in small grains, soybeans and corn.
www.toytractorshow.com /newholland985_combine.htm   (174 words)

 Dutailier Roundback Glider Rocker Model Series 985 -- formerly 11800 Series
The base glide only model 985 100 (formely 11850), the swivel only model 985 103, the multi-position lock & recline only model 985 120, the multi-position lock & swivel only model 985 121, and the multi-position lock, recline & swivel only model 985 130 all fall under the regular timeframe shipping of 7-10 weeks.
Models available are the glide only model 985 100 (formerly 11800) and the multiposition lock model 985 101 (formerly 11830).
The base model 985 101 glider is part of Dutailier's Express Program, with shipment to you in usually 4-6 weeks.
shop.nurturecenter.com /dutmapcomgli1.html   (366 words)

 Buy the Bel Vector 985 Radar Detector Here!
The Vector 985 is unsurpassed in X/K/Ka radar sensitivity.
The Bel Vector 985 responds to all types of radar currently in use by police, and provides 360 degree detection of all types of laser guns laser.
The Bel Vector 985 is immune to the VG-2 detector, and provides alerts when VG-2 is in use.
www.buyradardetectors.com /Products/Bel/Bel-Vector-985.aspx   (289 words)

 Bel 985 Radar Detector - from Discountcell
The Bel 985 radar detector is top rated as the best radar detector in its class.
The Bel 985 is a feature rich radar detector to fit your mobile lifestyle.
We carry only new Bel 985 radar detectors purchased directly from Beltronics.
www.discountcell.com /radar/bel985new.asp   (78 words)

 Amazon.com: Reviews for Beltronics Vector 985 Radar Laser Detector: Electronics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
This is it..if you are considering buying the BEL 985 and want the best radar detector for the money, this is the one to buy.
So when my BEL 985 lights up and alerts....it's police radar almost all the time and at a range of up to 2.5 miles.
The Vector 985 is one of the 3 best detectors available and also happens to be the least expensive.
amazon.com /.../dp/customer-reviews/B0000649ER   (1891 words)

 PA State Route 985 Ends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Barb and John Bee sent along both ends of PA 985.
This changed upon the completion of the US 219 expressway to the east in the 1970s.
The Northern Terminus of PA 985 is at PA 403 in Ferndale near Johnstown.
www.state-ends.com /paends/state/985.html   (92 words)

 2006 Vyrus 985 - First Ride & Review - Motorcyclist Magazine
With production up and running of this desmodue version, delivering 77 bhp in a bike weighing 339 pounds in street-legal form, Rodorigo turned his attention to a Superbike version powered by Ducati’s 104mm-bore 999cc Testastretta motor, to create a modern version of the original Tesi which inspired the whole design.
Since then, two more 4V bikes have been built, of which the test machine was the first Vyrus to cross the Atlantic to head up a U.S. sales drive.
The dramatic modernist styling of the Vyrus 985 is the work of Rodorigo himself, with close help from ex-Ducati designer Sam Matthews, formerly Pierre Terblanche’s right-hand man, but now working for Citroen in Paris.
www.motorcyclistonline.com /firstrides/122_2006_bimota_vyrus_985   (1109 words)

 Wired News: Linux: Fewer Bugs Than Rivals
According to a four-year analysis of the 5.7 million lines of Linux source code conducted by five Stanford University computer science researchers, the Linux kernel programming code is better and more secure than the programming code of most proprietary software.
Of the 985 bugs identified, 627 were in critical parts of the kernel.
Another 569 could cause a system crash, 100 were security holes, and 33 of the bugs could result in less-than-optimal system performance.
www.wired.com /news/linux/0,1411,66022,00.html   (595 words)

 Amazon.com: Beltronics Vector 985 Radar Laser Detector: Electronics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Designed exclusively for those seeking the ultimate in performance, the Beltronics Vector 985 radar laser detector provides professional drivers with every amenity and then some.
The Vector 985 is unsurpassed in X, K, and Ka radar sensitivity, features, and functions, and it uses Motorola Flash Microcontroller technology for software upgradeability.
To maintain its readiness to accommodate new police traffic monitoring technologies (like Spread Spectrum), this detector has the highest possible capability to adapt to new types of traffic radar monitoring.
www.amazon.com /Beltronics-Vector-Radar-Laser-Detector/dp/B0000649ER   (2191 words)

 Welcome to the home of 985 computing
985 computing was created to solve problems in three main areas:
985 computing is a user-friendly company designed to make your business look better and function more efficiently.
Copyright © 2000 – 2006 by 985 computing LLC.
www.985computing.com   (176 words)

 12 CFR PART 985   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
The Finance Board shall have the same regulatory oversight authority and enforcement powers over the OF, the OF board of directors, the directors, officers, employees, agents, attorneys, accountants or other OF staff, as it has over a Bank and its respective directors, officers, employees, attorneys, accountants, agents or other staff.
Pursuant to section 20 of the Act (12 U.S.C.), the Finance Board shall examine the OF, all funds and accounts that may be established pursuant to this part 985, and the operations and activities of the OF, as provided for in the Act or any regulations promulgated pursuant thereto.
The Banks are responsible for jointly funding all of the expenses of the Office of Finance, including the costs of indemnifying the members of the OF board of directors, the Managing Director and other officers and employees of the OF, as provided for in this part.
www.washingtonwatchdog.org /documents/cfr/title12/part985.html   (2420 words)

 Home and Away: Episode 985 - TV.com
Episode Number: 985 Season Num: 5 First Aired: Friday April 17, 1992 Prod Code: n/a
See all Episode 985 Cast & Crew »
Tell the world what you think of Episode 985, write a review for this episode.
www.tv.com /home-and-away/episode-985/episode/391420/summary.html   (70 words)

 Justin 985 - Men's Boot - Black Cowhide - SHOP.COM
Justin 985" - Men's Boot - Black Cowhide
Moc-toed chukka has a lace-up construction with side laced details.
All other designated trademarks, copyrights and brands are the property of their respective owners.
www.shop.com /op/aprod-p41499231   (221 words)

 World News Connection (WNC) ® [985]
For Terms and Conditions, enter HELP TERMS 985 online.
World News Connection, File 985, Standard Terms and Conditions
Acceptance of this Agreement by Dialog shall entitle Customer access to the World News Connection File ("File") on the following terms and conditions.
library.dialog.com /bluesheets/html/bl0985.html   (1562 words)

 eBay - krups 985, Kitchen, Home Garden items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-16)
Krups Caffe Duomo 985 Espresso Machine and Coffee M...
Krups IL CAFE Duomo 985 Espresso / Coffee maker
NEW Krups Model #985 Caffe Duomo Espresso Maker
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=krups+985&newu=1&krd=1   (298 words)

 Oak Sleigh Back Glider Rocker - Newport Glider 985 - Free Shipping
Oak Sleigh Back Glider Rocker - Newport Glider 985 - Free Shipping
Oak Sleigh Back Glider - 985 Series Newport Glider
At Newport GlidersĀ®, every Glider Rocker is constructed with the finest Hard Maple and Red Oak hardwoods of New England.
www.onewayfurniture.com /np985oak.html   (601 words)

 Cub Scout Pack 985
Welcome to the web home for Cub Scout Pack 985 located in Roswell, GA!
You'll find lots of information here about our various activities and programs.
The Roundtable is an opportunity for all leaders and interested parents to get together and learn more about the activities of the district as well as the scouting program.
www.pack985.org   (196 words)

 985 - The DJ List
You are in: Home → The DJ List → 985
Join up and chat with music fans all over the world!
Note that it requires an additional registration to join.
www.thedjlist.com /djs/985   (30 words)

 Shopzilla - Shop online for krups model 985 Coffee Maker Accessories in Appliances
We help you find the best deals on the biggest selection of products from all of the top-rated stores.
Compare products, read reviews, and compare prices to make sure you quickly find the right product at the right price every time!
Krups Carafe (587-70) Replacement carafe for model numbers 985 Duomo Carafe (587-70) Replacement carafe for model numbers 985 Duomo...
www.shopzilla.com /7Y_-_cat_id--13050813__keyword--krups+model+985   (243 words)

 Tons of Toner - Microdata 985 toner ink ribbon printer copier supply
Tons of Toner - Microdata 985 toner ink ribbon printer copier supply
/ home / Microdata / 985 <<< make sure this model is exactly the same as yours!!
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Tons of Toner User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
www.tonsoftoner.com /products/microdata/985_listings.htm   (302 words)

 Justin 985" - Free Shipping & Return Shipping
Justin 985" - Free Shipping & Return Shipping
Click a color below to view availability for that color:
985" is available in your size, click here
www.shoebuy.com /sb/s.jsp/st_166933/sbstl_382568   (107 words)

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