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Topic: 993 BCE

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In the News (Wed 23 May 18)

 Timeline of Middle Eastern History - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
993 BCE: King David captures Jerusalem and designates it the capital of the united Kingdom of Israel.
922 BCE: Jerusalem becomes the capital of the (southern) Kingdom of Judah after the split of the United Monarchy.
The Phoenicians propagate the phonetic alphabet in the Mediterranean
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Timeline_of_Middle_Eastern_History   (1227 words)

 BCE - Bell Canada Enterprises Third Quarter Shareholder Report
BCE Inc. repaid $351 million in retractable preferred shares and Bell Canada repaid $624 million in debentures and $114 million of bank debt.
BCE Inc.’s carrying value of its investment in BCI was increased to reflect the increase in BCE Inc.’s share of the expected proceeds upon BCI’s eventual liquidation
On September 1, 2005, BCE and BCI announced that the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Court) had approved the agreement reached on August 18, 2005 dismissing a class action lawsuit by former holders of BCI’s $250 million 6.75% convertible unsecured subordinated debentures against BCI, BCE and certain current and former directors of BCI.
www.bce.ca /reports/page/?report=4&page=57   (1945 words)

 [No title]
Because Gardner sold securities for BCC through BCE, she was required to register as an agent with NASD as a condition of her employment.
BCE, Great-West, Wolpert, and Nelson face no prospect of future litigation on the current claims, because the actions against them are hereby dismissed with prejudice.
With BCC as the sole defendant, we have no serious doubt in reaching the conclusion that Gardner is not required to arbitrate her claims in lieu of proceedings in District Court to address her complaint.
pacer.cadc.uscourts.gov /common/opinions/199902/98-7054a.txt   (3262 words)

 SingaporeMoms - Parenting Encyclopedia - Korea
In China (475 BCE - 221 BCE) the eastern bowmen of Go-Joseon clashed with the Zhou people on the western coast of the Yellow Sea.
However, it was not until 109 BCE, when the Han emperor Wu-ti dispatched a massive invasion by land and sea to Go-Joseon that severely influenced the forced migration.
However, in 993, Koryo's commanding general So Hui (940-998), facing a stalemate with the Liao army, convened peace talks with the Liao general Hsiao to end the enmity with the recognition of the Koryo's territorial rights south of the Amnokkang river.
www.singaporemoms.com /parenting/Korea   (3528 words)

 Dead Sea Scrolls -- Timeline
That is the sack of Thebes in 664 or 671 BCE.
BCE (Before the Common Era) is equivalent to, but used here in preference to, BC (Before Christ).
Dendrochronological dating of timbers from an Aegean shipwreck containing a gold scarab of Queen Nefertiti seem to show that she was queen by about 1316 BCE, or at least no later than a date between 1316 and the year the ship sank.
home.flash.net /~hoselton/deadsea/timeline.htm#332   (10345 words)

Their period as a distinct people lasted from the 13th century BCE until the 3rd century CE, while their kingdom lasted only until the 6th century BCE.
There are reports of one incident of Ammonite influence on Israelite culture, when the worship of the Ammonite god, Milcon, was introduced during Solomon's reign in the 10th century BCE.
993: The fortress of Rabbath Ammon is conquered by King David of Israel and Judah.
lexicorient.com /e.o/ammon.htm   (465 words)

 10th century BC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gold burial mask of Pharaoh Psusennes I, discovered 1940 by Pierre Montet.
993 BC - Amenemope succeeds Psusennes I as king of Egypt.
993 BC - Archippus, King of Athens dies after a reign of 19 years and is succeeded by his son Thersippus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/10th_century_BC   (540 words)

 Radiocarbon Dates from Iron Age Strata at Tel Beth Shean and Tel Rehov
The 14C date of sample RT 2734 (1260 -1120 BCE) indicates that this was a beam from an old olive tree or taken from the inner part of the tree trunk, where cells could die long before the tree was cut down.
The weighted average of the nine samples measured at Arizona was calculated by Professor Donahue to 2750 ± 16 BP and the calibrated age is 905-835 BCE for 1σ and 925-830 BCE for 2σ ranges (8).
Therefore the pooling together of the sets of measurements is justified and 900-830 BCE is the true age of the grains.
www.rehov.org /Rehov/publications/index4.htm   (4721 words)

 Chronology of Asian maritime history
C11th BCE: After collapse of the Shang dynasty, Chinese general You Houxi led 250,000 troops to the South Pacific and the Americas.
C1st BCE: A blue glass bowl excavated in a Han tomb in Guangzhou is probably Roman, made on the southern shores of the Mediterranean in the C1st BCE.
Arikamedu near Pondicherry in southeast India was a thriving port, peaking in 23-96 CE (the Roman trade between 30 and 50 CE), and a permanent base for western merchants known in Indian literature as yavana.
www.maritimeasia.ws /topic/chronology.html   (14122 words)

 SECOND AND FINAL ADD - MO158 - Bell Canada Enterprises reports third quarter results
As indicated in the BCE 2004 AIF, the Government of Canada in its 2005 Budget announced that it intended to ask the CRTC to implement in Canada portability between wireless services and between wireless and wireline services.
As indicated in the BCE 2004 AIF, in August 2001, the manufacturer of the Anik F1 satellite advised Telesat of a gradual decline in power on the satellite.
As described in Note 24 to BCE's audited Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2004, a lawsuit was filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Court) on July 12, 2002 against BCE Inc. by certain of the members of the Teleglobe and Teleglobe Holdings (U.S.) Corporation lending syndicate.
www.tmcnet.com /usubmit/2005/nov/1200859.htm   (6445 words)

 A discontented army
With the accession to the throne of Psammetic I (656-609 BCE), Pharaonic Egypt entered a last period of independence and prosperity, but it was vulnerable both from without and within.
Its capability to fend off foreign aggressors and the stability of its régime depended to a large degree on the good will of mercenaries, many of whom were foreigners.
I re-established their heart in reason by advice, not permitting them to go to Nubia, but bringing them to the place where his majesty was; and his majesty executed their punishment.
www.reshafim.org.il /ad/egypt/weapons/deserters.htm   (993 words)

 Globeinvestor.com: Toronto stocks ride BCE surge to higher open   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Shares of BCE, easily the biggest contributor to the market's gain, were up C$1.08, or 4 percent at C$28.60.
Before the markets opened, BCE reported a lower quarterly profit but said it would cut jobs and buy back shares and spin-off of its regional phone lines into an income trust.
Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.
www.globeinvestor.com /servlet/ArticleNews/print/ROC/20060201/2006-02-01T150515Z_01_N01216281_RTRIDST_0_BUSINESS-MARKETS-CANADA-STOCKS-COL   (190 words)

 King David
David was born in Bethlehem, as son of the shepherd Jesse, and was a grandson of Boaz and Ruth.
According to the earliest stories, he was both musical and brave, the latter trait proven by his defeating the giant Goliath of the Philistines.
David takes advantage of the situation, and with the help of his allies, assumes power over Judah, and establishes himself as king with Hebron as his capital.
lexicorient.com /e.o/david.htm   (870 words)

 Week 2 Readings
From its intake to the Salinae at the Porta Trigemina, its channel has a length of 11,190 paces [16.6 km], of which 11,130 paces run underground, while above ground sixty paces are carried on substructures and, near the Porta Capena, on arches....
One hundred and twenty-seven years later, that is in the six hundred and eighth year from the founding of the City [145 BCE],...
50 BCE], which is entitled "Concerning Waters." And would that we were not having daily experience by actual infringement of the law that all these misdemeanors are committed just as flagrantly now as then.
e3.uci.edu /clients/bjbecker/SpinningWeb/week2c.html   (5712 words)

 China History Forum, chinese history forum > Chronology of Asian Maritime History
947-858 BCE: Cowry shells were still in use in the middle of the Western Zhou dynasty; they have been excavated at Rujiazhuang, Baoji (west of Xi'an - slightly coastwards from Gansu).
C4th BCE: A lodestone compass was mentioned in the Chinese Book of the Devil Valley Master, 'they carry a south-pointer with them so as not to lose their way'.
Qin dynasty [221-207 BCE]: A shipyard site found at Zhongshansilu in Guangzhou, with Qin coins among the artefacts, is estimated to have built ships carrying 25-30 tons.
www.chinahistoryforum.com /lofiversion/index.php/t3182.html   (15634 words)

 Central Greece   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Alkinous was allegedly king of the Phaeaces during the Trojan War; his daughter Nausicaa is the Princess recorded in the Odyssey as finding a shipwrecked Odysseus cast up on the shore of her father's Kingdom during his homeward trek.
to the League of Boeotea till 245 BCE and thence to Macedonia.
Ab.1100 BCE occupation by the tribe of Boeotians.
www.hostkingdom.net /soubalk3.html   (1582 words)

 Annular Solar Eclipses With One Path Limit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
There are 224 instances of this type of annular eclipse during the period -2999 to +5000 (3000 BCE to 5000 CE).
The terms BCE and CE are abbreviations for "Before Common Era" and "Common Era," respectively.
Historians should note the numerical difference of one year between astronomical dates and BCE dates.
sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov /eclipse/SEcatmax/ASEOneLimit.html   (976 words)

 The Wold Newton Universe - Articles, Part III
52,000 BCE -- The Annunaki have conducted many painful and humiliating experiments on man's immediate ancestors, but now they are shoved aside as Yog-Sothoth takes a personal involvement in the project, creating the first generation of true humans.
49,100 BCE -- Morgoth is expelled from Middle-earth.
43,018 BCE -- Thongor the Mighty is born at Valkarth in Lemuria's Northlands.
www.pjfarmer.com /woldnewton/Articles3.htm   (15139 words)

 The REAL Crucifixion of the King of the Jews,,,, by Enki
The person was the youngest son of Aristobulus, the heroic Maccabee and in 43BCE, this King of the Jews, Antigonus was in Palestine claiming the crown, his cause having been legally decreed by Julius Caeser.
Similarly, if "Antigonus had been legally decreed 'king of the jews' " in 43 BCE, his father, the king, was unaware of it.
The Hasmoneans were exterminated by Herod in 36 BCE --- their (divine) punishment for attempting to assume "kingship".
www.unsolvedmysteries.com /usm321293.html   (902 words)

 sciforums.com - tell the truth about the bible
Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem because they were required to register for a census of (or "prior to", depending on how you translate protos) Querinius (for taxation purposes) at their town of birth (Luke 2).
Also recorded during this period is Haley's comet in 12 BCE, a comet in 10 BCE, and a comet or nova on April 24 of 4 BCE; the following entry is a comet in 13 CE.
This explanations might or might not be accurate, but it will at least show you that there are more consideration to take into account than you might have realized: Revealing the star of Bethlehem.
www.sciforums.com /showthread.php?t=39927   (3850 words)

The capital city Jerusalem was founded in 993 BCE where Solomon built the main temple for Israelite worship.
In 587 BCE King Solomon's temple in Jerusalem was destr
In the first century BCE Israel was under Roman rule and for revenge, after a Jewish Rebellion a second temple in Israel was destroyed.
sd71.bc.ca /sd71/school/courtenay-jr/School/JUDAISM/history/history.htm   (1028 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Elle est du ressort conjoint de la BCE et du Conseil.
Possibilit\'e9 de conflit : si comme maintenant l'euro \'e9tait fortement appr\'e9ci\'e9 et que la BCE, au vu d'une inflation mena\'e7ante augmentait les taux d'int\'e9r\'eat, cela accentuerait l'appr\'e9ciation de l'euro.
La BCE agit sur le taux de change par des op\'e9rations d'open market.
www.local.attac.org /paris13/Autres_doc/Traite-constitution/BCEtraite.rtf   (431 words)

 Appendix C:  Part 1 - Timeline of Events, 753 BCE - 1687   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
You are currently viewing Part One [753 BCE - 1687].
Israel and Judah split north - south in 931 BCE.
See also, 31 BCE, 27 BCE, and 23 BCE.
www.agh-attorneys.com /3_camo_appendix_c0_.htm   (7272 words)

Ahirom king of Byblos, 1000 BCE, COS 2.55.
Siamun 978-959--captured Gezer and gave his daughter to Solomon as a wife.
Yahimilk of Byblos, 950 BCE, COS 2.29, pp.
fontes.lstc.edu /~rklein/Documents/ironi.htm   (397 words)

 Light Reading - Services Software - Bell Canada Cuts 4,000 Jobs - Telecom News Wire
"BCE's strategy is to create value for shareholders over the medium and longer terms by re-building our core communications business on growth platforms that produce increasingly profitable revenue streams," said Michael Sabia, President and CEO of BCE.
BCE also announced a series of initiatives to create further value by:
Sabia's remarks were made during the company's annual business review with the investment community in Toronto, where Bell's new business model was explained in detail.
www.lightreading.com /document.asp?doc_id=88065   (1034 words)

After 200 years filled with war, the promised land became a Jewish kingdom ruled by the Israelite king, David.
He established the capital city called Jerusalem in 993 BCE.
David's son, king Solomon established a temple there, thus making it the holy city and the main center for Israelite worship.
sd71.bc.ca /sd71/school/courtenay-jr/School/JUDAISM/Maps/Maps.htm   (288 words)

 Astrologer Richard Nolle's Saturn Sign Ingress Tables
All time and zodiacal position data are computer generated for Saturn's sign ingresses in geocentric ecliptic longitude (tropical zodiac) using Matrix's BLUE*STAR software, with nominal precision to the nearest minute of arc.
NOTE: BLUE*STAR uses 0 (zero) for 1 BCE, and negative numbers for each year prior to that.
With its orbital period of just under 29-1/2 years, Saturn has a mean tenure of a little less than 2-1/2 years in each sign.
www.astropro.com /features/tables/geo/sa-si/sa-si03.html   (243 words)

 Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
Concerns the discovery of an Aramaic inscription in 1993, which may be first extrabiblical evidence for the House of David.
II Kings 15-17, Conquest of Israel by the Assyrians, 722BCE [At Northpark] [Ignore typo of Judah for Israel in the document]
II Kings 23-25, Conquest of Judah by Babylon (Chaldea), 586 BCE [At Northpark]
www.fordham.edu /halsall/jewish/jewishsbook.html   (5504 words)

 [No title]
For more detailed and current information write directly to the department.
All Classical Art and Archaeology courses are cross-listed with History of Art with the exception of 599, 600, 606, 608, 828, 840, 880, 993, 990, and 995.
The Orientalizing Phenomenon in the Greek World of the Early First Millennium BCE.
www.umich.edu /~bhlumrec/acad_unit/rackham/degree_req/Programs/humanities.arts/classaaCRS.html   (310 words)

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