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Topic: The Band

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  The Band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dubbed "The Band" by their record company (a name derived from how they were referred to during their tenure with Dylan), the group left the comfort of their communal home in Woodstock to begin recording in their own right.
Both Big Pink and The Band were also hugely influential on their musical contemporaries, with both Eric Clapton and George Harrison citing The Band as a major influence on their musical direction in the late 1960s and early 70s.
In 1974, The Band reunited with Dylan for a concert tour; it was hugely popular (perhaps the most profitable tour by any recording artists to that time), and resulted in a live album, Before the Flood.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Band   (3595 words)

 The Band
Upon moving to Hollywood, The Band began recording their second LP, a self-titled masterpiece issued in 1969; a commercial success as well as a critical favourite, both "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and "Up On Cripple Creek" became FM radio favourites, and established Robertson among the greatest songwriting talents of his generation.
The Band's first headlining tour followed, with life on the road subsequently becoming the subject of 1970's "Stage Fright", which sacrificed the focus on history and myth so prevalent on the first two records in favour of a more contemporary vantage point.
The Band's wonderful, acoustic and laid-back album "Jubilation" was released in September 1998 and was to be their last, as the three original members finally went their separate ways.
www.classicbands.com /theband.html   (1397 words)

 Making the Band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These eight young men would, as the premise for a new ABC reality show, compete for five spots in Pearlman's newest boy band creation, to be signed to his record label, Transcontinental Records.
Several episodes later, however, Kahoano was forced to choose between the band and his family, and he chose his family.
Da Band effectively ended its career at the end of the 3rd season of the show, when P. Diddy dissolved the group during the season finale.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Making_the_Band   (2328 words)

 The Band - Wikipedia
Die Mitglieder von The Band lernten sich kennen, als sie für Ronnie Hawkins in dessen Gruppe The Hawking's Hawks spielten.
Besonders Country, den die Band in ihre Musik einflocht, war bis Mitte der 1960er in der Jugendbewegung als reaktionär abgelehnt worden.
The Band beschloss, ein fulminantes Abschiedskonzert zu geben.
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Band   (1330 words)

 The Band
Yes, "the Band" got that name by serving on the road as "Bob Dylan and the Band" from 1965 on, although the master used them rarely in the studio (Blond On Blonde is a major exception).
In the end, the Band made its mark not with virtuosity, but with solid, workmanlike, carefully collaborative distillations of diverse influences that other acts were afraid to touch.
In 1975 a set of eight Band tracks (almost an album's worth) were hidden in the official release of the Basement Tapes, the group's widely bootlegged 1967 double album with Bob Dylan.
www.warr.org /theband.html   (3790 words)

 VH1.com : The Band : Biography - Urge Music Downloads
The fact that their next album, issued in 1973, was a collection of studio versions of the oldies that the group used to do on-stage, and numbers that they knew from their days as the Hawks, should have been a warning sign that not everything was well within the group.
In many critics' eyes, the Band was superior to Dylan in their performances, an idea borne out on much of the live LP Before the Flood that was distilled down from the two February 14, 1974, performances.
It was too late to save the Band as a working ensemble, however; the members were all involved in their own interests and lives and the group stopped touring.
www.vh1.com /artists/az/band/bio.jhtml   (2813 words)

 The Band Album Reviews
The Band drew their musical inspiration from various musical sources (rockabilly, ragtime, r&b, blues, country, folk; you name it), and wove them into a seamless rock sound that was completely American (despite The Band being comprised of four Canadians) and uniquely their own.
If any Band album can be said to be genuinely exciting it would have to be this live classic, which runs through 28 songs (on the much expanded and highly recommended Deluxe Edition) over two discs and provides an excellent overview of the group’s songbook to date.
The Band later regrouped minus Robertson and Manuel (who tragically killed himself in 1986), but I've yet to hear any of their '90s albums (Jericho, High On The Hog, and Jubilation), though I did see The Band at the travesty that was Woodstock '94.
www.geocities.com /sfloman/theband.html   (2083 words)

 purevolume™ | HORSE the band
HORSE the band is five stellar gods running from a haunted past they can't possibly forget.
Formed on the mean streets of Los Angeles after the birth of the new millenium the members of HORSE began to create their exotic sound to fight the past and create the future.
HORSE the band consists of Nathan the tormented poet beast on vocals, David the hyper-intelligent lover on guitar, Erik the child-like wizard of keyboards, Eli the cuddly smut-peddling gourmet on drums and Dash the gritty urban barbarian on bass.
www.purevolume.com /horsetheband   (236 words)

 Band Of Angels
The Band of Angels is Silicon Valley's oldest organization still dedicated exclusively to funding and advising seed stage startups.
The Band is a formal group of more than 100 former and current high tech executives who are interested in investing their time and money into new, cutting edge, startup companies.
The Band meets monthly to formally consider three startups selected from among the more than 50 that are screened each month by the Band Deal Selection Process.
www.bandangels.com   (179 words)

 Reason to Rock: The Band
Except for Robertson, all of the Band's members played multiple instruments, so accordion, saxophone, trumpet, tuba, mouth-harp, violin and mandolin all graced their recordings, in addition to their usual instruments.
Although it may seem that The Band had little to do with the usual rock theme of liberation, in truth they were much about liberation from individual identity.
The inner photo of The Band from their first album represents this condition visually, with the group surrounded by their families — including parents, grandparents, and children — so that the musicians themselves become nearly lost in the crowd.
www.reasontorock.com /artists/band.html   (1369 words)

In the mid-sixties, The Band loomed larger than life given their history as rock and roll pioneers (they had backed Ronnie Hawkins and toured the USA as early as 1961, and, later, were Bob Dylan’s first electric combo).
What was important about the band was their sound and their playing, not their themes – they were a triumph of form over content.
The Band were (and still are) a band possessed by greatness, but it is in a different category.
www.crecon.com /davidwomack/theband-rockandroll.htm   (723 words)

 The Band (The Brown Album)
A special vinyl LP reissue of The Band, produced using analog cutting from analog tapes, was released by EMI in 1997 as part of their Centenary series.
The Band was released as a 10-track LP in Mexico (omitting "When You Awake" and "The Unfaithful Servant") titled Rock Efectivo, with psychedelic cover art and song titles in Spanish.
The Band - The Band - (43:56) - 1969 - Capitol STAO-132
theband.hiof.no /albums/the_band.html   (722 words)

 The Band St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture - Find Articles
They belong to a tradition long gone, yet the revival of which the members of The Band considered to be beneficial to a country that yearned for a change but did not really know where to look for it.
The songs of The Band should not be taken as nostalgic pleas for the past, for the simpler things in life or for values long lost and gone.
It is a pleasant irony, therefore, that The Band's records have aged so easily, while those of contemporaries like Jefferson Airplane or Country Joe and the Fish already sounded dated a couple of years after their release.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_bio/ai_2419200068   (875 words)

 The Band
The Band is an extremely talented group of five musicians, four from Canada and one from the United States; each capable of playing multiple instruments.
The Band, was originally a back up outfit for Ronnie Hawkins in the early 1960's and then later for Bob Dylan in 1966.
The Band's best music was put out on their first three releases, Music From the Big Pink, The Band, and Stage Fright.
thebestofwebsite.com /bands/Band_The.htm   (488 words)

 The Band
And her band was as tight as can be with all the material.
He is co-founder of the band and his excellent guitar playing and smooth lead vocals add a rich texture to Arnigos.
Her recent concert band extravaganza: Teen-age-mutant-ninja-drummers, has been a big hit(!) in her school system, where the PTA is considering major cutbacks in music funding.
www.mstaylorpcollins.com /html/the_band.html   (801 words)

 The Band: A Musical History - PopMatters Music Review
The Band could never be defined by one man's actions; if they ever accommodated any kind of definition, it was one overwhelmed by mythic mystery.
No frontman or star dominated the group (it is, after all, the Band) and as a result, one of its more subversively radical elements was the co-existing of stylistic fluctuations — its veritable description of unity in action.
The Band's recordings have been collected numerous times, most notably on box sets To Kingdom Come (1989) and Across the Great Divide (1994), but A Musical History should be the definitive, big-picture, last word on the group's magnificent music.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/b/band-musicalhistory.shtml   (1278 words)

 The Band
Drawing on the influences of bands such as Silly Wizard, the Chieftans, Leahy, DeDannan, and Gaelic Storm, Rising Gael is emerging as a powerful musical force.
This five-piece band is comprised of high school and college students who share a passion for music.
But not only do members of the band play multiple instruments, four of the five have studied Irish step dancing for as long as seven years.
www.risinggael.com /band.htm   (260 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Film | Features | Vincente Minnelli: The Band Wagon
The plot of The Band Wagon is totally inconsequential, though scenarists Betty Comden and Adolph Green have claimed The Band Wagon as a film a clef.
In The Band Wagon she did pretty well, and danced like an angel, thanks at least partly to choreography from Michael Kidd that, of its particular kind, has never been surpassed.
The Band Wagon was scarcely that, being more like one of Shakespeare's comedies, pushed up to date and set to music and dance.
film.guardian.co.uk /Century_Of_Films/Story/0,4135,36068,00.html   (732 words)

 The Band
As "The Acadiana Show Band," the group was playing gigs in the New Iberia, Lafayette, and Morgan City areas, led by lead guitarist and vocalist, Bill Boudreaux, along with drummer, Nelson Boudreaux.
When these guys joined forces, the chemistry and the potential was noticed right away, by the band members as well as the general public.
Years ago, he played with a band called Country Cruise, then on to bands like Tin Pan Alley, a rock band, and Keke Bourque and Cajun Feel, a cajun/zydeco group.
www.thediamondbackband.com /band.htm   (842 words)

 Band Review Info Central
The Foothill High School Marching Band is one of the most successful high school bands in the state of California.
In the past 32 years, the band has won nearly 1,000 Sweepstakes awards and 1st place trophies.
Incoming freshman parents (and new band student parents)- there will be an informational meeting on the band - all you need to know - on August 18th, 7:00pm, at the school.
www.foothillband.org   (219 words)

 The Band Museum
This beautifully refinished distinctive old building, circa 1890, is now home of the only museum dedicated entirely to the history of band music and instruments.
Established by Jerry Horne, a band instrument collector for many years, the museum displays rare, old and unusual instruments and memorabilia from one of the most extensive collections anywhere in the USA.
The front door is locked at 5:30, and rehearsal is in the concert hall on the second floor.
bandmuseum.tripod.com   (205 words)

 The Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Behling left Sixpence on good terms to finish his degree before the band recorded their first CD for R.E.X. music, The Fatherless And The Widow (1993), and Matt left Love Coma after playing guitar on and producing their debut album Soul Rash (1992).
The band was officially a duo on The Fatherless And The Widow with Matt and Leigh the only members, but the band exanded for the recording of their second album on R.E.X music, This Beautiful Mess, to include drummer Dale Baker, guitarist Tess Wiley and bassist J. Plasencio.
Matt Slocum is from New Braunfels, TX and is the principal songwriter in the band.
home.earthlink.net /~gregcarpenter01/id14.html   (969 words)

 The Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A charter member of the Tony Rivera Band, multi-instrumentalist Fred Scholl is the "utility player" of the Tony Rivera Band, providing bass, keyboards, vocals and occasional guitar.
Huw is particularly excited to be part of the Tony Rivera project as flamenco-jamband-blue age bands are thin on the ground in his native Wales.
Joining the school’s band, Allan developed a love for the instrument and began taking lesson’s from the school’s band teacher, Richard Goodman who teaches and motivated Allan by introducing many different instruments in his lesson.
www.tonyriveraband.com /bandbio.htm   (905 words)

 The Big House - The Allman Brothers Band Museum
The revolutionaries of record were the Allman Brothers Band, who, as the founders of what became known as Southern rock, changed the course of popular American music and turned Macon into the recording hot bed of the 1970s.
Their debut album, The Allman Brothers Band, was released in November 1969, and from the opening notes, it was clear that a new and different genre of music had been born.
All the members of the band enjoyed their hard-earned success, particularly Duane, who was the driving force behind it all.
www.thebighousemuseum.org /theBand.htm   (2942 words)

 The Band
The first proposal for a band was on the 5 th August 1951, by Mr Gabriel Pullicino and Mr.
We hope hat in a short while she will be able to make her first performance with the band.
His first service with the band was on the feast of the Annunciation of 2003.
www.stgabrielbandclub.com /the_band.htm   (651 words)

 PopMatters | Television | Reviews | Making the Band
For all the guys who auditioned, and perhaps particularly for the eight who remain in the running, being in a boy band is the fulfillment of all their dreams.
Because Making the Band is so fun to watch, it's easy to forget how much it's telling us about boy bands and the culture that spawns them.
In a moment of anger, their vocal coach lets loose a bald-faced truth that is rarely mentioned: that all these guys are replaceable, that if they aren't willing to put in the work, then someone else is, and that the final product won't be any worse for it.
www.popmatters.com /tv/reviews/m/making-the-band.html   (1243 words)

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