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Topic: A Chorus Line

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  A Chorus Line Tickets - A Chorus Line Broadway Theater Tickets - A Chorus Line Musical Ticket Broker
A musical adventure for the entire audience, A Chorus Line is an event surely not to be missed.
In the event that you purchase A Chorus Line tickets on the same day of the show, you may be eligible for a will call pickup.
If the A Chorus Line show for which you have purchased tickets has been cancelled, you will have 30 days from the date of cancellation to contact our office for a refund of your money (minus the shipping costs).
www.vividseats.com /theater/a-chorus-line-tickets.html   (419 words)

  Broadway: The American Musical . Memorable Musicals . A Chorus Line | PBS
"A Chorus Line" had the slimmest plot a musical had seen since "On the Town," but it had a hell of a great idea: 25 dancers desperately auditioning for eight jobs on the chorus line of a new musical.
"A Chorus Line," like "Hair," was developed downtown at the Public Theater, and upon its transfer uptown in the fall of 1975, it caught the public's imagination.
The overwhelming success of the show is particularly impressive because "A Chorus Line" ran counter to most every convention the American musical had carefully built up over a century.
www.pbs.org /wnet/broadway/musicals/chorus.html   (322 words)

 ‘A Chorus Line,’ alive and kicking
Bennett ­— one of Broadway’s first director-choreographers to have a dominant influence on a show’s creation — wanted to honor the tough, competitive lives of dancers, the “gypsies” that went from one audition to the next, honed their skills in regional theaters, and waited tables while waiting for their proverbial “big break” on Broadway.
Although the topic is tame by today’s standards, that wasn’t the case in 1975, and “A Chorus Line” was the first musical to address homosexuality in an open and accepting manner.
It’s risky to mount a revival of such a watershed golden oldie as “A Chorus Line,” but thankfully director Bob Avian does not try to embellish or change the show to please 21st century theatrical palates.
www.thevillager.com /villager_180/achoruslinealive.html   (1080 words)

 A Chorus Line Tickets - A Chorus Line Broadway Tickets - Great Tickets to A Chorus Line the Musical on Broadway On Sale ...
A Chorus Line originally opened on Broadway over three decades ago, on July 25, 1975.
As New York ticket brokers, we specialize in premium Broadway tickets, A Chorus Line tickets as well as tickets to some of the the biggest events in the world.
We are not affiliated with A Chorus Line, any Theatre, Ticketmaster® or any box office.
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 A Chorus Line
A Chorus Line, was up until Cats took its place, the longest running musical in Broadway history.
Instead of a standard plot, A Chorus Line had what might be called a "staging scheme." Presented without intermission, that scheme was a simple one.
In 1974 Bennett tape-recorded the reminiscences of a group of "Gypsies" ~ Broadway chorus dancers, eight of whom would be a part of the original cast ~ bought the rights to those stories and convinced Joseph Papp of the non-profit Theatre to bankroll a workshop that would develop the stories into a stage musical.
www.angelfire.com /me3/mouse1/chorusline.html   (1481 words)

 A Chorus Line Tickets - Buy A Chorus Line Theater Tickets
A Chorus Line was at one time the longest running Broadway show in history, before Cats passed this in 1997 and then Phantom of the Opera in 2006 both took that slot.
A Chorus Line, the Broadway musical that has been captivating Broadway audiences at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre since 2006, will be taking off on a national tour to share its success with the entire country.
Other cities being considered for A Chorus Line's national tour are Philadelphia, Seattle, Toronto, Portland and Washington, D.C. Front row seats are as good as any ticket for the New York City Broadway theater version of the dynamic musical, as the stage is bare and the lights are bright.
www.theaterticketbargains.com /shows/a-chorus-line-tickets.html   (391 words)

 A Chorus Line Tickets
Our A Chorus Line tickets are provided by a network of trusted sellers, and all our tickets are guaranteed.
However, in some cases, the tickets have not yet been printed and mailed by the venues, so the A Chorus Line tickets will not be available to be shipped to you until a later date.
We are able to offer you such a great selection by pooling their inventories together to present a wide array of A Chorus Line tickets for every major event in the United States.
www.ticketliquidator.com /tix/a-chorus-line-tickets.aspx   (507 words)

 AfterElton.com - A Chorus Line: Kiss Today Goodbye
Therefore, it came as quite a surprise to me when I saw the current revival of A Chorus Line which takes this emotional heart and keeps it set in 1975, without giving the audience a reason why.
In the case of Chicago, it's the crassness of media-driven celebrity, and with A Chorus Line, how fickle society can be to those who pursue their dreams.
This revival of A Chorus Line could very well speak to them (and the rest of us), but it doesn't.
www.afterelton.com /theater/2006/10/chorusline.html   (493 words)

 Chorus Line Tickets - Chorus Line Theater Tickets - Theatre Ticket Brokers
If the A Chorus Line tickets you are looking for are not available, please check back as our inventory is constantly updated.
Please Note: A Chorus Line tickets may be sold for more than the price listed on the ticket.
Unless specifically stated, we are not affiliated with any official A Chorus Line website, any A Chorus Line box office or any A Chorus Line fan clubs, partners, or sponsors.
www.coasttocoasttickets.com /theater/chorusline_tickets.shtml   (557 words)

 A Chorus Line - Search Results - MSN Encarta
A Chorus Line - Search Results - MSN Encarta
A Chorus Line, motion picture adapted from the successful Broadway musical, released in 1985.
Search for books about your topic, "A Chorus Line"
encarta.msn.com /A_Chorus_Line.html   (139 words)

 A Chorus Line 101
A Chorus Line was not just another hit show.
For those who loved it, the theater was forever changed, and our lives forever enriched by this "singular sensation."
This tribute is lovingly dedicated to ACL's creators, cast and fans.
www.musicals101.com /chorus.htm   (39 words)

 Chorus Line
As he sits there, only the glow of his cigarette visible, he does not provide constructive criticism, there is no time for that, he shoots down the unfit with a phrase sharper and more deadly than any sword.
This film centers not on the inherent acerbic nature of the director but rather the hopes and dreams on the line for young dancers that put everything out in the open for this all important chance a making their dreams come true.
Cassie is older, better and more seasoned than any of her competition yet she is forced by a year of unemployment to seek a position in the lowest rung of dance, the chorus line.
www.hometheaterinfo.com /chorus_line.htm   (1108 words)

 A Chorus Line
In 1984, A CHORUS LINE became the longest-running show in Broadway history, playing for 6,137 performances at the Public and Shubert Theatres, originally starring Donna McKechnie, Sammy Williams and Carole Bishop.
A CHORUS LINE is a celebration of those unsung heroes of the American Musical Theatre-the chorus dancers, those valiant, overdedicated, underpaid, highly trained performers who back up the star or stars and often make them look even more talented than they are.
A CHORUS LINE is also about competition, and competition might easily be the common denominator that grabs the audience and holds it by the collective heartstring until the final, ultimate choices are made.
www.tamswitmark.com /musicals/chorusline.html   (706 words)

 Michael Bennett's A Chorus Line - part 1
On July 25, 1975, A Chorus Line opened on Broadway at the Shubert Theatre.
It was the stitching together of all its elements in that purest of theatrical areas, a deep and empty stage, by its director-choreographer that made A Chorus Line so thrilling to its audience.
At the top of his form with A Chorus Line, he incorporated what he called "cinematic staging." There was constant "jump-cutting" as the audience's attention was shifted from one figure to another.
www.musicals101.com /chorus1.htm   (691 words)

 YouTube - A Chorus Line - At the Ballet
YouTube - A Chorus Line - At the Ballet
A Chorus Line - Sheila Bryant - "At the Ballet"
"The Line" (I Need This Job) from the A Chorus Line PR prod.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=a5D3Hk0vc0s   (355 words)

We hope, that after viewing this site, you will have a good understanding of who we are, what we offer and how we built the wonderful reputation that has been the cornerstone of this business.
Chorus Line Dance Studio has been in business since 1982 and currently operates 2 beautiful studios in Smithtown and Saint James.
We, at Chorus Line Dance Studio, take tremendous pride in the level of commitment our teachers give to our students.
www.choruslinedance.com   (266 words)

 A Chorus Line Tickets at StubHub!
A Chorus Line tickets are available, and this timeless classic has been thrilling thespians for more than 30 years.
The show was one of the longest-running in history, and those using Broadway tickets were always lined up to see this historic production.
The show centers on a director and choreography assistant who are charged with choosing a group of dancers for a show.
www.stubhub.com /a-chorus-line-tickets   (426 words)

 A Chorus Line . Austin Chronicle . 12-01-97
In making what used to be a time-honored tradition of stage-to-screen leaps, A Chorus Line trips and falls on its face in a woefully misguided adaptation.
The story of a group of wannabe Broadway dancers trying their luck before a noted director (Michael Douglas) sets the scene for an ensemble cast tour de force with its audition-cum-confession; even when individual dancers command attention, the concept doesn't quite jell.
A Chorus Line's most tender moment is the heartachingly lovely "At the Ballet," and you almost think it will be redeemed, but no. Maybe it's just too many personalities being projected willy-nilly in an attempt to create a well-rounded, multiethnic cast.
desert.net /filmvault/austin/c/choruslinea1.html   (223 words)

 A Chorus Line
A Chorus Line delighted audiences on Broadway for more than fifteen years while examining the way our relationships shape our lives in a world where we are defined by our work.
Director George Pinney writes, "First opening in 1975 and winning a Tony for Best Musical, A Chorus Line is a celebration of the life of the actor, singer, and dancer.
Not always joyous, the musical takes an intricate look into the lives of Broadway gypsies and what they did for love." The vibrancy of this incredible show is as strong as ever.
www.indiana.edu /~thtr/productions/2005/AChorusLine.html   (179 words)

 Laverne & Shirley: Chorus Line - TV.com
Michael McKean's guitar playing talent is featured again,as it was many times on the show.
Laverne and Shirley's money is in the Bible, but instead of keeping it at Ezekiel 26 like usual, they keep it between the Old and New Testement, "where they have the ads".
Tell the world what you think of Chorus Line, write a review for this episode.
www.tv.com /laverne-and-shirley/chorus-line/episode/8719/summary.html   (373 words)

 [No title]
A CHORUS LINE is about dancers, overdedicated, underpaid, highly trained performers who back up the star.
Rehearsals were held both at the gymnasium at Pilgrim Church and the auditorium of the Nippon Kan Theatre.
A Chorus Line will be produced by the well known and well-connected entertainment lawyer John Breglio, who represented the musical's director-choreographer-conceiver Michael Bennett while he was alive and still handles his estate.
www.lycos.com /info/a-chorus-line.html   (461 words)

 Chorus Line Club Associazione culturale.
The Cultural Association CHORUS LINE CLUB was founded in Ciampino (Rome) on the 25th of February 2001 as a continuation of the same association previously existing in Reggio Calabria from 1994 to 1997.
The Concert Season which includes approximately 10 concerts each year in the period from September to December.
We hope that the CHOURUS LINE CLUB will become a reference point to all those working in the music field and for all those who gravitate around the music and art scene in general.
www.choruslineclub.it /eng_home.htm   (221 words)

 Amazon.com: A Chorus Line: DVD: Michael Blevins,Yamil Borges,Jan Gan Boyd,Sharon Brown,Gregg Burge,Michael ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But beware the major difference between the experience of stage and screen, because A Chorus Line is a perfect example of a show that doesn't translate well from one medium to another.
The day the film version of "A Chorus Line" opened across the country, director Richard Attenborough was interviewed by Jane Pauley on the Today Show.
No, A Chorus Line is (was) about top-of-their-career professional dancers trying to get one more lousy job to keep food on the table and injuries at bay, letting them work one more year.
www.amazon.com /Chorus-Line-Michael-Blevins/dp/B00008973A   (2013 words)

 Musical Cyberspace: A Chorus Line   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Her complex relationship with Zach comes into play in the first rendition of ONE, where Zach and Cassie confront each other and their romantic past.
A Cat in a Chorus Line by Lydia Adamson.
On the Line The Story of A Chorus Line.
www.geocities.com /joecable1996/broadway/chorusline.html   (817 words)

 A Chorus Line Tickets - A Chorus Line Broadway Tickets
Please Click on the "Click Here To Buy A Chorus Line Tickets" link to see all of A Chorus Line tickets available, or to place your order online securely.
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 YouTube - A Chorus Line - Valerie Clark - "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three"
but I love how, unlike everybody else who plays Val in "A Chorus Line," she's portrayed here as a strong character who gets herself done to advance her career, and not just some ditzy superficial blonde who gets it cause she feels like it.
It could've been one of those lines that had an alternate line if you had either body figure...
A Chorus Line Valerie Clark Dance Ten Looks Three
www.youtube.com /watch?v=m1TYZPosoSQ   (622 words)

 A Chorus Line Tickets - A Chorus Line Broadway Tickets - A Chorus Line Broadway Shows
We usually deliver by FedEx, but we can also deliver them to you outside the theater, to your hotel, or you can usually pick the tickets up at the box office the day of the show.
In the fall of 2006, A Chorus Line will reclaim its place in the heart of Broadway.
Whichever group your group is in…A CHORUS LINE is the ONE.
www.greatbroadwaytickets.com /a-chorus-line-tickets.htm   (331 words)

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