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Topic: A Report on Germany

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  Human Rights Watch: Publications: Europe and Central Asia : Germany
Germany has been confronted with a disturbing escalation in violent crimes against those who are different, and especially those who are perceived as not ethnic German during the period since unification.
Germany is currently confronted with a political and social crisis that has profound consequences for its citizens, as well as foreigners who seek refuge within its borders.
The report also attempts to document the failure of the police to respond in an appropriate manner when foreigners' safety is in jeopardy, as well as the government policies that have contributed to the crisis.
hrw.org /reports/world/germany-pubs.php   (966 words)

Germany's labor laws have helped produce a society that is wealthy, at a quick per capital analysis, but is extremely skewed in the distribution of that wealth.
Germany is expecting 11-14% growth this cycle, and experts say growth might have been as little as half of that without the advent of modern microcommerce.
Germany’s military advisory mission to Tanstaafl met with some unexpected problems, not the least of which was the fact that a military advisor will generally be unsuccessful unless there is a military to advise.
mysite.verizon.net /resocu4b/Natrep/germany.htm   (3812 words)

 2004 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Germany
Germany is a constitutional parliamentary democracy; citizens periodically choose their representatives in free and fair multiparty elections.
The Federal Criminal Office (BKA) reported in their annual report on trafficking in persons that the numbers of known and registered victims in 2003 was 1,235, and the percentage of registered victims under age 18 continued to be in the 5 percent range.
PMCs are categorized and reported by the Federal OPC in its annual report, according to perpetrator (rightwing extremist, leftwing extremist, foreign extremist) and crime type (propaganda, racist literature or hate speech; property destruction, desecration of Jewish graves; and assaults on persons).
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2004/41683.htm   (10141 words)

 The Treatment of Diplaced Jews in the United Sates Zone of Occupation in Germany
For reasons explained in the report, their particular problems, to this time, have not been given attention to any appreciable extent; consequently they feel that they, who were in so many ways the first and worst victims of Nazism, are being neglected by their liberators.
That is their first and great expressed wish and while this report necessarily deals with other needs present in the situation, many of the people themselves fear other suggestions or plans for their benefit because of the possibility that attention might thereby be diverted from the all-important matter of evacuation from Germany.
Reports which have come out of Germany informally from refugees themselves and from persons interested in refugee groups indicate something of a tendency not to take into account the full scope of the overwhelming task and responsibilities facing the military authorities.
www.ess.uwe.ac.uk /documents/harrison_report.htm   (4544 words)

 Germany Expanded Environmental Section
The report also pointed out that the decades of pollution are only now beginning to become visible, particularly on the forest floor, where the soil is acidifying after absorbing years of pollutants.
In 2001, Germany's energy related carbon dioxide emissions were 223 mmt of carbon, ranking Germany the sixth largest carbon emitter in the world after the United States (1565 mmt), China (832 mmt), Russia (440 mmt), Japan (316 mmt), and India (251 mmt).
Germany's 2001 energy intensity reflects a 13.3% decrease in energy consumption from 1991 levels despite the country's economic growth over the same period.
www.eia.doe.gov /emeu/cabs/germe.html   (1740 words)

 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Germany
Germany is a constitutional parliamentary democracy with a population of approximately 82 million.
There were 4,819 cases of possession or distribution of child pornography reported in 2004, a 60 percent increase from 2003, which police attributed to the filing of more complaints due to better information and increasing popular awareness.The law provides for the protection of children against pornography and sexual abuse.
The BKA reported in their annual report on trafficking in persons that the numbers of known and registered victims in 2003 was 1,235, and the percentage of registered victims under age 18 continued to be in the 5 percent range.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2005/61650.htm   (6783 words)

 Germany - Amnesty International
In January AI published a report on police ill-treatment and excessive use of force, highlighting 20 cases as examples, and citing a series of similar allegations.
In the report, AI urged the federal government and the governments of the 16 Länder to ensure that allegations were investigated promptly and impartially, to keep statistics on incidents of possible police ill-treatment and to establish an independent body to investigate such cases.
AI discussed the report and the recommendations with police representatives, government officials and other experts, but by the end of 2004 neither the federal government nor any Länder government had officially put AI’s recommendations into action.
web.amnesty.org /report2005/deu-summary-eng   (1229 words)

 Ethnologue report for Germany
Not intelligible to Eastern Frisian of Germany or Western Frisian of the Netherlands except to a few educated bilingual speakers of West Frisian.
[lim] Depending on the city in Germany, 50% to 90% of the population speak it (2001 A. Schunck).
Southwestern dialect in southern Germany, Switzerland, and Alsace (France), Midwestern dialect in central Germany and parts of the former Czechoslovakia, Northwestern dialect is northern Germany and the Netherlands.
www.ethnologue.com /show_country.asp?name=Germany   (1147 words)

 USATODAY.com - Germany denies spy passed Iraq defense plan to U.S.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Germany denies spy passed Iraq defense plan to U.S. BERLIN (AP) — Germany denied a report Monday that its intelligence service passed information about Saddam Hussein's plans for defending Baghdad to the United States a month before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.
Germany lined up with France and Russia to oppose the war in Iraq, and former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder insisted Germany would provide no active support for the U.S.-led operation.
In a report to a parliamentary panel last week, the German government acknowledged for the first time that it passed some information from its Baghdad agents about Iraqi security forces to the Americans, but insisted it was of limited military use.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2006-02-27-germany-intelligence_x.htm   (534 words)

 WENR, March/April 2004: Germany
Germany has introduced two new internationally recognized degrees, the Bakkalaureus (bachelor's) and the Magister (master's), to enhance the international compatibility of German qualifications, increase student mobility, and make the country's study programs more attractive to foreign students.
The report states that in most cases the curricula of the old diplom programs, which lasted 3,5 years, have been shortened by dropping the compulsory Praxissemester (internship).
The concern is that international students in Germany, who often go on to become business and political leaders in their home countries, will go elsewhere to study if German universities can't provide them with what they're looking for.
www.wes.org /ewenr/04March/Germany.htm   (2117 words)

 Intercountry Adoption Germany
Persons wishing to pursue an adoption should be aware that it is increasingly difficult to find children for adoption in Germany, and German adoptive parents are looking more frequently as well to other countries for adoption possibilities.
Detailed information about filing these forms can be found on BCIS's web site at http://www.uscis.gov. Americans who have adopted or hope to adopt a child from Germany should request, at the time they file these forms, that BCIS notify the U.S. Consulate General in Frankfurt as soon as the form is approved.
An orphan investigation Form I-604 Report on Overseas Orphan Investigation) is required in all orphan adoption cases - even if an I-600 has already been approved - and serves to verify that the child is an orphan as defined by US immigration law.
travel.state.gov /family/adoption_germany.html   (1944 words)

On the debate in the Parliament, she said the report had for the first time been debated by the Parliament.  As a result of procedural mechanisms, the report was not, so to speak, “approved” by Parliament.  All parliamentary parties had formulated questions regarding the report.
Germany also had a highly differentiated picture of violence against women, including bodily assault and psychological violence, she added.  Collecting statistical data was very difficult for that reason.
MANALO, expert from the Philippines, said that in the concluding comments of the fourth periodic report, the Committee had told the German delegation to undertake a study about foreign girls.  She had not found that anywhere in the present report and wondered why.
www.un.org /News/Press/docs/2004/wom1428.doc.htm   (1661 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet WorldCup: Full-time Report - Germany v England
Prior to this, Germany had lost just one of their previous 60 qualifying games, while they had not been beaten in the Olympic Stadium since 1973.
On the other side of the coin, England had not won in Germany since 1965, but all those against-the-odds statistics were shattered by 90 minutes worth of high drama in which Owen emulated the feat of Sir Geoff Hurst in the 1966 World Cup final by scoring a hat-trick against the Germans.
The goal knocked the stuffing out of Germany, who were then out for the count just three minutes after the break when a Beckham cross and a cushioned header from Heskey sublimely set up Owen for another half-volley which Kahn could only help into the net.
www.soccernet.com /worldcup/2001/20010901/reports/germany_england_full.html   (820 words)

 Concluding Observations/Comments - Germany
The report would examine the primary causes of wage discrimination, which, due to the clear legal situation, was no longer the result of direct wage discrimination against women.
The sixth report on families had, for the first time, examined the situation of foreign families in Germany, and a representative study would be commissioned soon to assess the living situation and social integration of foreign women and girls.
The Committee commends the Government of Germany for having sent a large delegation with a broad range of expertise, which was headed by the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.
www1.umn.edu /humanrts/cedaw/germany2000.html   (3432 words)

 Religious Intolerance in Germany
In Germany, this fear seems to have promoted the federal government to actively persecute members of the Church of Scientology.
They reported that they were "completely unprepared for the sheer scale of [religious] prejudice, discrimination and even persecution" in the country.
Germany's Interior Minister, Manfred Kanther, announced in 1997-JUN that "All means available to the state" will be used to monitor Scientology's 30,000 members in that country, because the government believes that the church is a threat to democracy.
www.religioustolerance.org /rt_germa.htm   (3546 words)

 BMBF: Germany's technological performance
Germany's technological performance is essential for German companies' success in international technological competition.
Once every year, the most important results are compiled in a report on Germany's technological performance, which is submitted to the BMBF by leading independent economics institutes.
In light of this, it is a major success that Germany has expanded the share of its first-year university students (per age cohort) by nearly ten percentage points to 37.5 per cent since 1998.
www.bmbf.de /en/1869.php   (1440 words)

 German business leaders less confident on economy - Sep. 21, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Germany's Ifo index, Europe's most closely-watched indicator of business sentiment, fell to 89.5 points in August, just a tenth of a point off of a five-year low hit in June, showing executives were more pessimistic than in the previous month.
The increase in pessimism in Germany casts a deeper shadow over the outlook for growth in the 12-nation euro zone.
The survey showed the western German business conditions component of the index dropped to 83.3 points from a revised 84.7 points in July and the broad climate index for eastern Germany was 101.4, down from 102.1 a month earlier.
money.cnn.com /2001/09/21/europe/germany_ifo   (395 words)

 A Report on Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After World War II, at the request of General Lucius D. Clay, Lewis H. Brown wrote A Report on Germany, which served as a detailed recommendation for the reconstruction of post-war Germany, and served as a basis for the Marshall Plan.
General Clay selected Brown to write the report because of Brown's broad industrial and war experience.
The President's Economic Mission to Germany and Austria
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/A_Report_on_Germany   (185 words)

 FAIFE World Report: Germany
Since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949 freedom of opinion and information, including the freedom of the press, has been guaranteed by the Basic Law (Grundgesetz) as a fundamental right.
Libraries in Germany take their comprehensive information commitment seriously and aim to provide access to all desired information via their holdings and services independently of media format.
Libraries play a decisive and independent role in the field of information brokerage in Germany, summed up as follows in the Survey 2000 from the independent non-government organisation „Freedom House": „Print and broadcast media are free and independent, their coverage spanning the full spectrum of political views.
www.ifla.org /faife/report/germany.htm   (1520 words)

 FT.com / World / Europe - Germany to bear brunt of US troop withdrawal
Germany will be hit harder than any other country by US President George W. Bush's announcement on Monday that the Pentagon will withdraw 70,000 troops from overseas and return them to US bases, US officials said at the weekend.
German officials expressed wariness at the prospect of big withdrawals, saying they were likely to be hard on small communities that relied on the US presence for economic activity.
But US officials said they did not believe there would be a significant political reaction in Germany because of the diplomatic efforts made over the past six months.
news.ft.com /cms/s/7c357c6e-eeef-11d8-848a-00000e2511c8.html   (535 words)

 Online NewsHour: German Election -- September 28, 1998
But Germany's new leader is a little different, celebrating here with his fourth wife, Doris, who's 18 years younger than him.
Germany in the Bush administration from 1991 to '93; he's now a lawyer in Washington.
So Germany's economic well-being is important, not just to Germany, but to Europe, the United States, and to the rest of the world.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/europe/july-dec98/germany_9-28.html   (2978 words)

 RLG DigiNews October 15, 2005, Volume 9, Number 5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
As a component of the nestor project [10], colleagues in Germany are envisioning and developing a “lighter” certification program with fewer initial criteria.
Through discussions, colleges report that the certification procedure has caused local authorities to reflect more deeply about the repository service itself and to start thinking about their repositories' mission and philosophy.
To this end, nestor has initiated expert reports on different topics (see [9][10],[11]) and has set up a web portal on digital long-term preservation for Germany, including a subject gateway and an experts' database.
www.rlg.org /en/page.php?Page_ID=20793   (10262 words)

 Vegetarian News - Report from Germany
In the issue 1/96 I was quoted as saying that the meat consumption in Germany "dropped from 70kg a person to 60kg in the last year".
The atmosphere is changing rapidly which is shown in an inquiry from the big German magazine "Stern" from October 95: 66% of the peoples interviewed said: "Eating less meat is very important".
Far more people in Western Germany said so, than in Eastern Germany, because until 1989 there was only little possibility to inform people about vegetarianism in the eastern part of Germany.
www.ivu.org /news/evu/news963/germany4.html   (374 words)

 Report: Germany Suspected US Prison Abuse Early in Balkans | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 24.10.2006
The soldier who had beaten him was "visibly proud" of his conduct, the magazine quoted the report as saying.
German federal prosecutors announced Saturday that they are looking into claims of human rights violations stemming from the alleged detention of terror suspects at secret US prisons in Germany.
A new report released Wednesday by Europe's top human rights body provides more details about European aid to the US in transporting terrorism suspects and the existence of secret prisons in eastern Europe.
www.dw-world.de /dw/article/0,2144,2213792,00.html   (603 words)

 German Law Journal - Protection of Juveniles in Germany — A Report on the New Legislation
The latter, in order to achieve uniformity among themselves and reaching the breadth of the Germany territory, must cooperate and legislate in the form of an interstate agreement.
Germany and the tobacco industry formed an unholy alliance to defeat EC Directive 98/43, which restricted advertisements and sponsorships promoting tobacco products.
Upon legal action by Germany against the European Parliament and Council, the European Court of Justice declared the said Directive as void.
www.germanlawjournal.com /current_issue.php?id=279   (5699 words)

 Restatement of Policy on Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Restatement of Policy on Germany" is a famous speech by James F. Byrnes, then United States Secretary of State, held in Stuttgart on September 6, 1946.
Also known as the "Speech of hope" it set the tone of future U.S. policy as it repudiated the Morgenthau Plan economic policies and with its message of a change to a policy of economic reconstruction gave the Germans hope for the future.
U.K. Policy towards Germany National Archives excerpts of Cabinet meetings, part of which discuss the speech.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Restatement_of_Policy_on_Germany   (325 words)

 Germany unveils plans to cut greenhouse gases . . . - 28 August 1993 - New Scientist
Germany plans to cut its emissions of the major greenhouse gases to half their 1987 levels by the year 2005.
Last week, the German environment minister, Klaus Topfer, published a report on Germany's greenhouse emissions and his plans to reduce them as required by the Climate Convention, which Germany signed last year at the Earth Summit in Rio.
Germany is the first country to produce such a report.
www.newscientist.com /article/mg13918880.700.html   (265 words)

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