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In the News (Fri 22 Jun 18)

  A Course in Miracles
Maybe European mobile phones are different from mobile phones in the US, I just don't know about that technical stuff.
This is just a sampling of the many books that have been written about, or obviously influenced by, "A Course in Miracles." Here you can vote for the books you like, vote against the books you do not like, or add books that have not been listed.
Take a Visual Tour of 51 ACIM books you might not know about.
acim.home.att.net   (402 words)

 [No title]
This is why ACIM says that God’s “Answer” to the birth of the separate ego — known by ACIM as the “Holy Spirit” — was born at the exact moment that the ego was.
ACIM refers to this person as “Jesus”, and specifically designates him as the “first” to awaken from the dream of separation.
ACIM emphasizes the importance of extending, and giving, especially in its lines, “to Spirit, giving is all”, and “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” Buddhism places great importance on metta, or “loving-kindness”, and of the extending of compassion to all beings.
www.geocities.com /annubis33/ACIMandBuddhism.htm   (853 words)

ACIM's teachings about sin and its consequences, the nature of Heaven and Hell, and its teachings concerning the origin and destiny of the material universe are generally recognized as being quite different from the teachings of the Bible (as it is most often interpreted).
ACIM's definition of a 'Savior' is somewhat different from the traditional definition, as according to ACIM, the full recognition of the presence of the Christ (or 'Savior') in one's brother is considered enough for salvation 5.
The theology of ACIM is decidedly Monistic in its orientation.
www.fortunecity.com /roswell/skulls/256/jouney1/id105.htm   (8603 words)

 ACIM is not compatible with the Urantia Book
ACIM is Caligastia's own description of his state of mind, and it is he whose mind is continually flipping back and forth between his knowledge of the absolute realms and his own lurid egodelusions about the crucifixion, the body, sin, guilt, hell, punishment, judgment, attack, and insanity.
Although ACIM needs a "third state" between the darkness of the ego and the light of the Sonship in order to have a rationale for existing and to have someone to address, the doctrines of ACIM do not allow for a transition between the state of unknowing and the state of knowing.
ACIM spends most of its text talking to the son of God about his ego, explaining to the son what this non-existent ego is doing or planning.
beamsdoorway.bizland.com /urantia/essays2/acim_reject.htm   (6441 words)

I would like to challenge anyone to send me any idea the Course teaches which he or she thinks is an erroneous idea and I will interpret it as I believe Jesus, who is the real author of the Course, means for it to be interpreted.
The Christ in ACIM is not the Christ of Christian religious tradition.
The Christ of ACIM is a modern, New-Age, abstruse concept divorced from the idea that the Christ (the Messiah) will be our future planetary ruler.
www.world-destiny.org /acim.html   (3762 words)

 Cult Education Forum :: View topic - ACIM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
ACIM advises students to continue taking whatever medicines they feel that they need for health, and only to stop taking these, should they ever feel that stopping would be better for their health.
ACIM teaches tolerance for modern medicines, despite the fact that ACIM also teaches that ultimately one's health is a perfect reflection of one's inner state.
While I agree that ACIM does not teach one to condemn anger, it does set one up to strive to eliminate/"resolve" all anger and replace it with love, as if the only options are anger or love.
forum.rickross.com /viewtopic.php?t=1744   (3068 words)

 A Course in Miracles - Skeptic's Dictionary
A Course in Miracles [ACIM] is the name of a book, allegedly dictated by Jesus to Helen Schucman (1909-1981), a research psychologist.
ACIM is Christianity improved: Jesus wants less suffering, sacrifice, separation, and sacrament.
This expression of love is referred to as forgiveness in the Course and it is reasonably accurate to say that the miracle spoken of in the Course (and indicated in its title) is forgiveness.
skepdic.com /cim.html   (653 words)

 ACIM Asia: Catholic Association of Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals: mission statement
ACIM ASIA (the Asian branch of French medical Association ACIM) wants to bring answers within the framework of the Natural law, which emanates from God himself.
French ACIM has with the passing of time created the Cahiers St Raphael, a true corpus of Catholic doctrines.
ACIM ASIA will have for one of its tasks to translate as much as possible this labor of many years into English, adding the necessary updates.
www.acim-asia.com /mission_statement.htm   (588 words)

 Miracle Study - Syllibus for Introduction to ACIM
The ideas represented herein are the personal interpretation and understanding of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the copyright holder of A Course in Miracles, which is now, The Foundation For a Course in Miracles.
Also, she was insistent that neither ACIM, nor those associated with it, should ever seek to become bigger than the message.
In fact, ACIM speaks of a non-dualistic world, where, on the other hand, Christianity - and most other religions, as well as the world itself, are dualistic in thought.
www.alphaxomega.com /Miracles/ACIMINTR.htm   (3168 words)

 Conspiracy in the Urantia Movement: Overview
However, it is a fact that at its inception William Thetford tried to interest Edgar Cayce's son in it (he was given one of the first copies), which could have been an attempt to co-opt an established religious group.
I have made NO close study of the ACIM material, but from what I have seen it appears to present teachings which if believed will conflict with reality and perhaps create unresolved conflicts within the mind.
Also a catalogue of the ACIM teachings which disparage normal reality discriminations and/or offer alternatives for them which appear to be unreal should be compared with similar perceptions in the literature of abnormal psychology, if such can be found.
www.urantiagate.com /conspiracy.html   (4373 words)

 Why A COURSE IN MIRACLES Should Be Rejected
First, ACIM denies the reality of everything under the category that UB readers know as" God the Supreme." ACIM denies the validity-the positive meaning-of time, space, growth, evolution, becoming, progress, levels of understanding, or gradual ascension through the universe.
ACIM asserts that it is only the split mind, the mind with an ego in it, that sees a world in which death is a reality
Caligastia's Plea to us Caligastia's purpose in ACIM is to get the reader to accept him as a brother, an equal Son of God along with all Sons.
www.freeurantia.org /acim.htm   (6400 words)

 ACIM - Webled.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
ACIM Resources for Students of A Course in Miracles
[ ACIM® is a registered trade mark and A Course in Miracles© is ]...
Mapa de Pedroso de ACIM y alrededores ]...
www.webled.com /ACIM.htm   (406 words)

 A Course in Miracles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Course in Miracles (ACIM or the Course), refers to itself as a course of "spiritual psychotherapy" and of spiritual transformation, and is considered by some who study it to be their "spiritual path".
The earliest public version of the Course, known as the "Urtext", was co-written by Dr.
Long time Course teacher, Hugh Prather, observes that ACIM students often become "far more separate and egocentric", with many ultimately "[losing] the ability to carry on a simple conversation".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ACIM   (2605 words)

 ACIM Glossary C-D
ACIM: The direct joining of minds, through the extension of one mind to another.
ACIM: An extreme teaching example of true forgiveness, in which Jesus underwent an extreme version of the crucifixion we all experience, yet did not perceive it as real.
ACIM: The attitude and response that stems from realizing that you cannot be attacked or harmed, that you are invulnerable.
www.circleofa.org /glossary/cd.php   (3075 words)

 "ACIM MKULTRA Fingerpronts"
It has become undeniably obvious that Helen Schucman, the woman who "channeled" or "scribed" A Course in Miracles (ACIM) was very likely unwittingly deeply immersed in the CIA's MKULTRA activity during the years she "scribed" ("channeled") the Course.
During the time when Helen Schucman was still in the process of "channeling" ACIM, her previous co-author, Saunders, also co-authored a paper with Gittinger himself.
Helen Schucman (w/William Thetford): Scribing of ACIM: "Workbook".
www.urantiagate.com /conspiracy/fleas.html   (1406 words)

 Religious Movements Homepage-A Course in Miracles
ACIM brought about other organizations, such as the Community Miracles Center, Miracles Counseling, and the Circle of Atonement.
ACIM sees the body as a consequence of the mind and a device which is only used to help heal the mind
Foundation for A Course in Miracles is an institute and retreat center located in Roscoe, NY that helps students with the teachings of A Course in Miracles.
religiousmovements.lib.virginia.edu /nrms/course.html   (3060 words)

 ACIM review
Christ of ACIM is a modern, New-Age, abstruse concept divorced from the
Note that ACIM defines heaven and earth as states, not as places.
ACIM never directly invokes Jesus as the author of that work, I am left to
www.freeurantia.org /acourse.htm   (3213 words)

 ACIM Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The amended Complaint alleges that the Foundation has caused "irreparable injury" by such use; that Church is attempting to "pass off its writings as if authorized by the Foundation; that Church's publications are "falsely designated as originating from or connected with the Foundation"; and that they "tarnished" and "blurred the identifying function of the marks".
April 3, 2000, CIMS files a declaratory judgment action for a declaration of invalidity, non-infringement and unenforceability of the ACIM copyright, against FIP/FACIM in the U.S. District Court of Nebraska.
After thirty year legal battle remarkably similar to the ACIM copyright litigations, Urantia Foundation loses its copyright in a jury trial.
stephenhorrillo.com /criswell_acim/ACIM_timeline.htm   (3624 words)

 Study A Course in Miracles
In all the trainings I wrote, which today total 18, I constantly referred to these ACIM books for quotes, ideas and ways to help people process what they were going through.
These ACIM books became a reference library for me and I memorized many of the quotes in the 1980's.
Shortly after that I received a cassette tape that I began to play and sing to, which was directed by ACIM and written by Rabbi Nathan and Rabbi Joseph.
www.sandylevey.com /Articles/articlesACIM.htm   (644 words)

 A Course in Miracles Home Study Programs FAQ
By joining with a partner or group, you can explore together the ACIM principles on the chosen subject using the guidance provided by the Study Program materials.
These programs are for students of A Course in Miracles who want to bring their thoughts into alignment with the Holy Spirit and integrate the spiritual psychology of A Course in Miracles in their lives.
If you are an ACIM study group leader, these materials can add a new dimension to your group learning experience.
pathwaysoflight.org /HomeStudy/acimhomestudyfaq.html   (1458 words)

 ACIM copyright - Litigation
It is confirmed by Judge Sweet's office today that the ACIM copyright trial date is definite for June 4, 2002 and to extend for approximately one to two weeks.
We hope to present all the rest of the audiotapes (23 new ARE tapes) and videotapes and books, articles, etc. for admissibility at that time, otherwise it has to be done at trial, on a piecemeal basis.
FIP/FACIM are likewise attempting to enjoin Penguin books to their cause, as Penguin may have interests in this case being the "exclusive licensed" agent for ACIM in the Commonwealth and having them enjoined may allow them to avoid having to lodge "security against cost" of action.
www.jcim.net /litigation.htm   (2446 words)

Broadcast on ACIM Gather on Paltalk.com Sunday, September 5, 2004.
Once you are registered, you can access ACIM Gather's Notes, Archives, and Paltalk.com directions via: Yahoo—The Peace of God
A listserv is a wonderful communication tool that offers its members the opportunity to post ideas, suggestions, insights or questions to a large number of people at the same time.
www.agapeinterfaith.org /pages/acim.html   (328 words)

 St. Louis ACIM Home Pape   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
We are the St. Louis ACIM Leadership Council.
Any interested ACIM student in the St. Louis area may join.
Our vision: To build a cohesive ACIM community which fosters education, sharing, and spiritual growth among current and future ACIM students and study groups in the St. Louis area.
www.liming.org /acim/index.html   (123 words)

 A Course In Miracles in its Judeo-Christian Context (New York, NY) - Meetup.com
Part of an ongoing series, examining how traditional western theological terminology is used deliberately in A Course In Miracles, to help the student shift their minds from the ego to the Holy Spirit.
NY - ACIM in its Judaeo-Christian Context Meetup
YIR led me to Rogier's study group, a treasure trove of insight into the timelessness of Jesus' message, unified in ACIM, the NT, and Pursah's Gospel of Thomas.
acim.meetup.com /201   (749 words)

 ACIM Text Perspective, Chapt 5, Sect. V
To gain the most from these ACIM Text Questions and Answers, we recommend that you
Because we have chosen the ego's thought system to be our own, we have both the ego and the Holy Spirit in our mind.
ACIM Text Q and A — answers to hundreds of question about the Text.
pathwaysoflight.org /acimtext/5-V.html   (1634 words)

 St. Louis ACIM Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The Second Edition is copyrighted, and is the one that is currently published and being sold in book stores -- there are only minor changes in it plus the addition of section, paragraph, and verse numbering.
This web site has many articles, and with the supplied Google search engine, it is easy to find articles that relate to a topic of interest.
Founded in 1978, by Beverly Hutchison McNeff, this organization is one of the leading sources for information about ACIM.
www.liming.org /acim/links.html   (401 words)

 A Course In Miracles Daily Lesson, ACIM Audio Visual and Multimedia
Visit our ACIM Homepage to learn more about A Course In Miracles.
In 2007 we will also have the ACIM daily lesson in French and German.
If you have your own website or blog you can add the ACIM Daily by simply inserting the code on your html page.
www.themiracletimes.com   (1334 words)

 Miracle Studies for Course Students
Two chapters from "The Message of ACIM" which discuss in depth the ways in which the Course uses dualistic language to communicate a non-dualitic truth.
Included is consideration of the use of metaphor in the Course as well as the teaching levels from which the Course speaks to us.
Understanding the Course's use of language is vitally important for understanding and implementing the principles of ACIM.
c.webring.com /go?ring=acim&id=16&random   (920 words)

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