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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  AFA - about us
AFA is for people who are tired of cursing the darkness and who are ready to light a bonfire.
AFA believes that the entertainment industry, through its various products, has played a major role in the decline of those values on which our country was founded and which keep a society and its families strong and healthy.
AFA and other pro-family groups sponsored a rally in support of Judge Roy Moore of Alabama who refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his courtroom.
www.afa.net /about.asp   (868 words)

 NWAAFA.ORG | Northwest Airlines Flight Attendants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
AFA urges its members to maintain their normal working schedules and not to engage in any conduct that could be construed as unauthorized use of sick leave or any other form of work-stoppage.
While AFA has already filed a grievance over aspects of Company action that we believe violate established sick leave rules and practices, members should also be aware that Northwest views abuse of sick leave as a terminable offense.
The AFA has appealed that decision, which remains binding during the appeal, and will continue to prepare for a response to Northwest's action at such time as the injunction may be lifted.
www.nwaafa.org   (1120 words)

 American Family Association - AgapePress news
Among the groups joining AFA in endorsing the boycott are the Center for Reclaiming America, Liberty Counsel, CatholicVote.org, Faith2Action, and Citizens for Community Values.
AFA founder and chairman Don Wildmon says the boycott was originally called for in May 2005 but, at the request of several Ford dealers, was suspended for six months to allow time to resolve the issue.
AFA has established a website -- BoycottFord.com -- providing details and examples of Ford's advertising in pro-homosexual media and support for the homosexual agenda.
headlines.agapepress.org /archive/3/afa/132006b.asp   (373 words)

 AFA Chapter 288
AFA Chapter #288 meetings are held at the Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck Memorial Chapel Columbus, Indiana Municipal Airport.
AFA Columbus-Bakalar Chapter #288 is a community mined organization designed to educate the general public in aerospace power and its unique relationship with the United States Air Force components (Air National Guard, USAF Reserves, USAF Active Duty, and USAF Retirees).
The mission of AFA Columbus-Bakalar Chapter #288 includes support of the Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum, Columbus Municipal Airport, Columbus, Indiana, which is dedicated to the memory of all military and civilian personnel who served in any capacity in the war and conflicts from 1942 to 1970, and other civilian and military community activities.
www.atterburybakalarairmuseum.org /afa.htm   (2285 words)

 AFA - About AFA
The AFA Primary Member must have been created under a specific statute or regulation, or in the absence thereof, must be the recognized national organization of accounting professionals in said country.
The 11th AFA Conference was held in Davao City last November 23-27, 1999 and was again hosted by the Philippine Institute of CPAs - its third chance to host the biennial conference.
Such hosting follows the rotation of the AFA presidency (by country in alphabetical order) since the national accountancy organization of the incumbent president is mandated to be the official host.
www.afa-central.org /aboutus.htm   (714 words)

 People For the American Way - American Family Association
AFA Action – the legislative action arm of the American Family Association – co-sponsored the 2006 Values Voter Summit with FRC Action, Focus on the Family Action, and Gary Bauer’s Americans United to Preserve Marriage.
The AFA spearheaded the attack on the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in the 1980’s, using direct mail and extensive print advertising to distort the NEA's record of sponsorship of the arts.
AFA sponsored a rally in support of Judge Roy Moore of Alabama who refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his courtroom.
www.pfaw.org /pfaw/general/default.aspx?oid=3796   (1606 words)

 Welcome to the American Football
The AFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt corporation who monitors the action of more than 750 senior amateur football teams from coast-to-coast each year.
AFA ‘League Memberships’ are FREE of charge and are available to qualifying non-profit senior-amateur football leagues in the United States (with 6 or more teams) that have 100% team membership participation in the AFA during the 2005 football season(s).
AFA ‘member teams’ from non-member leagues (less than 100% team membership participation) will be considered as Associate members and will NOT qualify for postseason regional and national playoff brackets or Power Ratings.
members.aol.com /Amerfoot/afamembershipcampaign.htm   (767 words)

 - Alzheimer's Foundation of America - AFA Teens
AFA Teens is the official teenage branch of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.
AFA is a national nonprofit organization comprised of member organizations across the United States dedicated to providing optimal care and services to individuals confronting dementia, and to their caregivers and families.
Founded in 2002 by a teenager, AFA Teens seeks to mobilize teenagers nationwide to raise awareness of Alzheimer's Disease and to engage teenagers in the cause.
www.afateens.org   (410 words)

 AFA Facts
AFA is led by volunteer leaders at the national, state and local levels.
AFA's educational affiliate, the Aerospace Education Foundation (AEF), works through a network of hundreds of AFA members and chapters to distribute educational materials to schools and concerned citizens.
The AFA was incorporated in the District of Columbia on February 4, 1946.
www.afa-goddard.org /afa/fact0001.htm   (1041 words)

 :::Arab Fertilizer Association:::
Depending on decision taken by AFA Board of directors at its 76th Meeting held in Damascus on 6th November, 2007 work plan was discussed and adopted including AFA activities and events.
As a result to AFA accomplished activities, including the diversity and expansion of Arab and international participations during such a year events, many regional and foreign companies were attached to join AFA membership, according to specified membership categories.
AFA member companies comprises major producers, exporters of every type of mineral fertilizer: nitrogenous, phosphatic, potash, compound fertilizer and their raw materials and intermediates.
www.afa.com.eg   (565 words)

 AFA-CWA Privacy Policy
AFA is committed to maintaining and protecting the privacy of the information our members provide to the AFA website.
AFA does not use any of the personal information you provide online for any purpose other than to identify you.
AFA does not collect or use this information from cookies to develop a profile about our members and other sites.
www.afanet.org /eap/privacy_policy.htm   (335 words)

 Afa's Corner
Afa "The Wild Samoan" Anoa'i was born and raised in the Island of Samoa, before moving with his family to San Francisco, Ca.
Afa managed his son and nephew in the WWE in the 1990's when the team was called "The Headshrinkers".
Afa has helped many people to live their dream and is also called "The Dream Maker" by his students and is respected and love.
www.wildsamoan.com /afacorner.htm   (1142 words)

 The family business - National - www.theage.com.au
He pops up on television news when a rightwing commentator is needed, he is regularly quoted in the print media and he is a prolific letter-writer on issues as diverse as abortion, homosexuality and, of course, film censorship.
The late Bob Santamaria, the man responsible for establishing the AFA in 1979, saw that act as a pernicious piece of legislation that made divorce too easy and attacked the sanctity of the family.
Barnes agrees that the AFA has a broader constituency than its stablemate and is more dynamic, but he maintains that is largely because of the media coverage it is given.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2004/07/06/1089000155660.html?oneclick=true   (865 words)

The AFA was founded in 1991 after the model of its predecessor organizations, which had its roots back to the times after World War I, and since then has tried to face these challenges.
Therefore, AFA has committed itself to the spirit of the Charta of the United Nations and understands itself as a link between the UN and the youth.
Active Members of AFA have got the possibility, to express their opinion to current topics of Foreign and World Politics as well as the United Nations, which are then drawn upon as a basis to become official positions of AFA.
afa.at /afaaboutengl.htm   (785 words)

 AFA Budget
AFA’s lobbyists are constantly in touch with Members of Congress and their staff, working to make sure our issues are included in key pieces of legislation, and our rights are protected in others.
When flight attendants need to be in the news, AFA’s communications specialists have direct contacts at the nation’s largest newspapers and television networks.
The fact is, United flight attendants make up 47 percent of the AFA membership and directly benefit from 48 percent of the overall dues money.
www.afacwaproud.org /budget   (266 words)

 American Fisheries Act Permits - RAM Permits
AFA permits are required even for vessels and processors specifically named in the AFA, and are required in addition to any other Federal or State permits.
AFA permits also may limit the take of non-pollock groundfish, crab, and prohibited species as governed by AFA "sideboard" provisions.
Applications for AFA vessel or processor permits will not be accepted after this date and any vessels or processors for which an application had not been received by this date are permanently ineligible to receive AFA permits.
www.fakr.noaa.gov /ram/afa.htm   (427 words)

 BoycottFord.com - Sponsored by American Family Association
AFA Chairman Donald E. Wildmon says that complaints about the boycott from dealers and others should go to chairman Bill Ford at Ford Motor Company, not to AFA.
However, when AFA was approached by a dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, a meeting between AFA representatives and several Ford dealers was held.
After being told by the homosexual groups that the agreement between Ford and AFA was unacceptable to the homosexual groups, Ford Chairman Bill Ford reneged on the AFA/Ford agreement and caved in to the demands of the homosexuals.
www.boycottford.com   (2224 words)

 Welcome to the American Football   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The AFA is dedicated to the advancement of semi-pro/minor league football throughout the United States and serves as the National Organization for non-professional leagues and teams from coast-to-coast.
AFA ANNOUNCES CANTON, OHIO AS The American Football Association announced today that it has selected Canton, Ohio as the location for its 26th annual Semi-Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony and induction dinner.
With 25 years of hosting induction dinners under our belts, the AFA national association has enshrined 270 players; 86 coaches; 66 executives; 20 game officials; 19 pioneers; 17 historian/media people; 8 equipment managers/trainers; 5 individuals representing youth football, 5 from the international level, 3 from women's football and even 1 super-fan.
members.aol.com /Amerfoot/afa.htm   (669 words)

 AFA Consultancy and Training
AFA was delighted to be one of the sponsors of...
Unlike some training organisations which deliver a wide range of unrelated topics, AFA only delivers training associated with the Office of Government Commerce's (OGC) management methodologies ensuring that we are experts in our field.
AFA is a leader in the field of capability maturity assessments having been involved in the development of both the P2MM and P3M3 assessments processes.
www.afaprojects.com   (187 words)

 Polynesian Tribal Gear, Polynesian clothing | Afa Tasi
Afa Tasi is the Samoan word for "half of one".
Who We Are - We, the creators of Afa Tasi, are of Polynesian descent.
Polynesian attire, including beachwear and surfwear inspired by the elements of the earth with a touch of Polynesian history and tribal artistry.
www.afatasi.com   (219 words)

 AFA Position Statement
The AFA acknowledges that re-introduction of particular avian species may be considered as a conservation measure vital to the ultimate survival of that species.
The AFA does not support the release of any birds which have been held in captivity, unless these birds have been properly socialized and conditioned for survival and integration as established by accepted practices of conservation biology.
The AFA strongly feels that the conservation of habitat and proper wildlife management practices are preferable to any re-introduction program, and that such re-introduction programs should be considered only as measures of last resort for the survival of the species.
www.afabirds.org /pos_reintroduction.shtml   (333 words)

 Ezine Contest Solo Ads That Will Get You Customers
Reason two: AFA only allows publishers that are committed to providing advertisers with what they pay for.
AFA Contest Solo Ads take care of this important step for you.
AFA Solo Ad Co-op does guarantee that your ad will be ran by all AFA publishers.
www.afasoloadcoop.com   (844 words)

 Delta Flight Attendant Home
Even though there was little Delta flight attendant interest in the AFA, the AFA proceeded with its campaign.
All along, the AFA’s campaign literature said that the election was about choice and respect.
The Board found by a 2-1 vote that the AFA’s interference allegations were not sufficient to cause the NMB to order a re-vote.
www.deltafa.org   (644 words)

For a semi-pro team to play for the AFA National Championship it must have won its own league championship and advanced to a post-season tournament where they played an defeated other league champs from their regional area.
Paul ended their playoff season in first place in the AFA’s Western division for AFA semi-pro teams (that play during the fall months) as they captured the Mid-America League championship as well as their qualifying postseason tournament games - as required by the AFA for teams advancing in the ‘nationals’.
AFA teams provide playing venues for more than 60,000 active players, coaches, officials, and team administrators looking to extend their post high school and college football careers.
eteamz.com /americanfootballassn/files/afa_press_release12172003.htm   (876 words)

AFA also identified good SA practices from the experience of its members, strategies for promoting SA with their respective national governments, and roles of AFA members, the AFA regional network, and its partners in promoting SA.
The 15th AFA Execom Meeting was held in Batu City, Malang Indonesia last September 12, 2006, presided by Chairperson Seo, Jung Eui.
Riding on 2 pick up trucks, AFA farmer-leaders traveled around the 20-hectare area, stopping by to see an organic coffee plantation, the nilam (patchouli) oil extraction site, tapioka powder manufacturing plant, and the crops being planted in a 1,000-hectare reclaimed land.
asianfarmers.org   (1271 words)

 Adult Stem Cells - Breakthrough Stem Cell Enhancer Product StemEnhance™ from StemTech Inc.
Upper Lake Klamath is one of the cleanest lakes in the USA, yet the sediment at the bottom is extremely rich in minerals because for centuries it has been fed by many mountain streams washing down from the volcanic mountains which surround it.
AFA is a highly unusual single-celled organism that has a very high chlorophyll content (about 7 percent by weight) and is extrememly rich in Beta Carotene (Vitamin A precursor).
And the relative amounts of each amino acid in AFA are so close to the amino acid spectrum which is optimal for the human body, that AFA blue green algae has been called "the most complete brain food of the world".
www.astrologyzine.com /stemtech-stemenhance-stem-cell-enhancer.shtml   (2341 words)

 American Farrier's Association
The goal of the search is to hire the new CEO by mid-February, so that the individual would be able to learn about the Convention, meet with the Board and membership, and could begin the transition immediately after the conclusion of the Convention.
The AFA's new Publisher, Sebastian Publishing, having been forced to start from scratch in developing both editorial copy and advertising, reports that the November-December issue will be mailed later this month, but will not arrive in your mailbox until January.
A decorated Vietnam veteran, Paul helped usher the AFA into the computer era, writing the first membership programs so that member records no longer needed to be recorded on index cards.
www.americanfarriers.org   (2253 words)

 American Fence Association - AFA Membership   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Effective July 1, 2005 a new phase of the unification membership plan was implemented for AFA and it's Chapters.
If you are interested in applying for membership, please click here to download the application This means that all members will benefit from the many services and programs provided by AFA on a national level, as well as the many activities and networking opportunties available locally through chapters.
Companies located in areas not currently served by a chapter will be encouraged, supported and assisted in their attempts to form new chapters, but in the meantime must join the nearest chapter.
www.americanfenceassociation.com /page.cfm?pageid=1610   (423 words)

 The American Finance Association Home Page
AFA History Project A new video from the AFA History Project, an interview with Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes, is now available on the History of Finance page.
Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty: The AFA and the Department of Finance at Ohio State University have entered into a joint venture to maintain and enhance the finance faculty directory held on the OSU web site.
An effort is being made to include all AFA members on this list and members are encouraged to provide information to the directory manager.
www.afajof.org   (586 words)

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