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Topic: AMD 64

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  AMD delays 64-bit Athlon chip | CNET News.com
AMD, which had originally been expected to introduce the chip in March or April, now plans to launch it in September, simultaneously with a notebook version of the chip, a company representative said.
Athlon 64, originally slated for the end of 2001, was set to come out at the end of last year, but in September the company pushed it back to the first quarter of 2003.
One of the main advances of the move to 64 bits is that it lets computers such as servers support much larger amounts of memory than current AMD Athlon chips, which address only 32 bits of data.
news.com.com /2100-1001-982892.html   (828 words)

 X86-64 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
AMD therefore decided that, in the first implementations of the architecture, only the least significant 48 bits of a virtual address would actually be used in address translation (page table lookup).
This was largely due to the competitive pressure of AMD's AMD64 technology implemented on Opteron and Athlon64 lines of microprocessing units, otherwise known as the K8 core, one year earlier in 2003; the technology was largely built compatible to AMD64, and the then announced Windows XP Professional x64 Edition supporting AMD64 technology.
Intel 64 is also present in the last members of the Celeron D line.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/AMD_64   (4091 words)

 bit-tech.net | AMD Athlon 64 FX-60
At that time, AMD stated that the Athlon 64 FX would still be targeted at the gamers and would be the fastest CPU for gaming.
Processors had only been available for four weeks, as AMD announced that the Athlon 64 X2 would be available from the first week in June.
Today, AMD has changed things a little, and this is probably the biggest shift they've made since the launch of Athlon 64.
www.bit-tech.net /hardware/2006/01/10/amd_athlon_64_fx-60/1.html   (858 words)

 AMD renovates Athlon 64 | CNET News.com
The move to a smaller cache basically shows that AMD is on track with the Athlon 64, because the company had planned to move to a smaller cache as clock speeds increased, one executive at the company said.
Meanwhile, AMD is expected to use Newcastle as the basis for higher Athlon 64 model numbers in the future.
AMD is also preparing a new kind of package used to install a chip in a PC.
news.com.com /2100-1006_3-5173124.html   (1061 words)

 AMD Athlon 64 3400+ - Hot Hardware   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
AMD closed out 2003 by quietly releasing the Athlon 64 3000+.
AMD and Intel have been playing a perpetual game of one-upmanship for the past few years, as each company tries to outdo the other with each new CPU release.
We took a look at the Athlon 64 FX-51 back in September, and were quite impressed with its performance and the new features that it brought to the table.
www.hothardware.com /viewarticle.cfm?articleid=205   (863 words)

 AMD 64-Bit 4000+   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The AMD Athlon 64 processor runs on AMD64, a revolutionary technology that allows the processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while enabling a new generation of powerful 64-bit software applications.
The AMD Athlon 64 processor is designed for people who want to stay at the forefront of technology and for those who depend on their PCs to keep them connected, informed, and entertained.
The AMD Athlon 64 processor is the only industry standard x86 processor with the ability to move beyond the limits of 32-bit computing.
www.michaelscomputers.com /amd4000.htm   (1074 words)

 © AMDboard.com - AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, AMD & DDR, AMD OC, AMD Sempron, AMD Turion and more AMD
AMD and Founder Technology announced an agreement to offer Founder customers a range of systems based on AMD64 processors, which are recognized for their innovation and performance-per-watt leadership.
AMD today announced that sales for the second quarter ended July 2, 2006 are expected to be approximately $1.215 billion — a 52 percent increase compared to the second quarter of 2005 and a nine percent decline compared to the first quarter of 2006.
AMD today reported sales of $1.33 billion, operating income of $259 million, and net income of $185 million, or $0.38 per share for the quarter ended March 26, 2006.
www.amdboard.com   (784 words)

 PCBurn - Help: AMD 64 Linux Support Guide
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has released their 64bit processor formerly codenamed "Hammer" in numerous flavors such as the AMD Opteron and AMD Athlon64.
AMD used Linux as a testbed during the initial design of their x86-64 architecture, so it's no surprise there was early 2.4 kernel support.
Advanced Micro Devices Whitepages: These are the data sheets and whitepages from AMD in PDF format detailing the workings, heat dissipation, socket design, and pretty much everything you'll need to know about the workings and design of the AMD 64 chips.
pcburn.com /help-AMD_Athlon_64bit.php   (2029 words)

 bit-tech.net | AMD Athlon 64 FX-57
Back then AMD stated that the Athlon 64 X2 would not take over as the flagship gaming processor until the additional core was beneficial to gamers.
Today, AMD go back to the single threaded arena, releasing their next Athlon 64 FX-series processor: the FX-57, which is designed to deliver flagship gaming performance to the bleeding edge gaming enthusiast.
Winchester was the first generation 90-nanometre core that AMD produced, while Venice and San Diego are a revised process that got rid of some of the bugs that were in the original Winchester core revision.
www.bit-tech.net /hardware/2005/06/27/amd_fx_57/1.html   (585 words)

 AMD Plans 64-Bit Sempron Processors - News by InformationWeek
AMD is planning a 64-bit version of its Sempron processor, presaging a down-market duel in which the scrappy semiconductor vendor will battle Intel's upcoming 64-bit Celeron D. By Alexander Wolfe
AMD is planning a 64-bit version of its Sempron processor, presaging a down-market duel in which the scrappy semiconductor vendor will battle Intel's upcoming 64-bit Celeron D for control of the so-called "value-priced" market segment, where PCs can sell for as little as $300.
For example, AMD first teased the availability of 64-bit Semprons in April, when Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of AMD's microprocessor business unit, told TechWeb that the processors would be forthcoming, but declined to say exactly when.
informationweek.com /story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=164301921   (687 words)

 © AMDboard.com - AMD Turion 64 Special
AMD today revved up the performance of AMD Turion 64 mobile technology with the introduction of two new models, MT-40 and MT-37.
AMD introduced a new level of performance for highly mobile business professionals with AMD Turion 64 mobile technology model ML-40, the latest addition to AMD's popular 64-bit processor family optimized for mobility.
Based on AMD64 technology, AMD Turion 64 mobile technology is uniquely optimized to bring AMD64 performance to a new level of mobility.
www.amdboard.com /turion.html   (1053 words)

 [H] Enthusiast - Athlon 64 Vs. Pentium 4
AMD has been promoting their K8 CPU, better known as the Hammer series, for well over a year now.
Today, AMD is announcing their Athlon 64 3200+ CPU and their Athlon 64 FX 51.
The "64" in their name comes from the ability of these new CPUs to run the AMD64 instruction set that will be supported by the upcoming Windows XP 64-Bit Edition operating system.
www.hardocp.com /article.html?art=NTI0   (1566 words)

 [H] Enthusiast - AMD Athlon 64 X2 Preview
This is the same marketing strategy we saw Intel use at their dual core processor launch, but I think that AMD has done a better job at defining the segment with less confusing marketing.
Where AMD differs a tremendous amount from Intel in the dual core department is that AMD did not just "glue" two of their high performance processors together.
If that were not enough, AMD has done some very slick things with Athlon 64 X2 power consumption, much as we have seen them do with their low power "mobile" processors.
www.hardocp.com /article.html?art=NzY2   (996 words)

 SimHQ.com - Technology Zone - AMD Athlon 64 FX-51 Launch
Not only is AMD launching a new CPU, but an entirely new architecture with numerous enhancements and advancements that AMD hopes, will bring the new 64-bit “Hammer” line of processors to the top of the mountain.
AMD is keeping their PR scheme but will instead indicate a middle tier of processors, as the “FX” line will now take over the high-end in AMD’s line of CPUs.
AMD has done it, they got Athlon 64 out the door and its performance is very strong.
www.simhq.com /_technology/technology_014a.html   (1628 words)

 PC World - AMD Expands Athlon 64 Line
AMD has lined up some 60 manufacturers and system builders in support of its AMD 64 family of processors.
The new Mobile AMD 64 chips will be in systems from eMachines as early as January, with Fujitsu Siemens Computers and Fujitsu to use the new 3400+ chips in desktop systems immediately, the company says.
The new AMD chips come as part of an overall effort to turn up the heat on rival Intel, which is preparing to launch its new Prescott chip, according to IDC research analyst Ian Gibb.
www.pcworld.com /news/article/0,aid,114101,00.asp   (501 words)

 ActiveWin: AMD Athlon 64 3800 CPU - Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
I have been using AMD based machines for the past 3 years thanks to the improvements and strides AMD have been making in the market and finally showing Intel that there can be competitors in the market - and very good ones at that.
With AMD Enhanced Virus Protection for Microsoft Windows XP SP2, prevent the spread of certain malicious viruses, which are transported via e-mail and instant messaging applications
Now, the AMD Athlon 64 processor reaches a new milestone by building a path to 64-bit computing for millions of PC users.
www.activewin.com /reviews/hardware/processors/amd/3800   (1055 words)

 AMD Turion 64 on the Desktop | silentpcreview.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
AMD has done a good job of selling the Turion 64 as a notebook processor, so people tend to assume that it is less powerful and less interesting than the top-of-the-line Athlon 64 and X2 processors.
Turion 64 chips are built from low-voltage transistors that have less electrical leakage, and the layout of the chip has been optimized for low power, not high speed.
AMD's top processors all feature two cores, but this feature has yet to show up in their Turion 64 lineup.
www.silentpcreview.com /article300-page1.html   (1377 words)

 My-ESM - AMD prepares for 64-bit battle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
AMD's Fab 30 in Dresden, Germany, will be the first to produce the new 64-bit processor.
The Sledgehammer will also be the first AMD processor to use the company's new Lightning Fast Transfer I/O bus for connecting an array of I/O devices at extremely high speeds and large bandwidths.
EBN: AMD was reported to be a leading candidate to supply the processor for Microsoft Corp.'s upcoming X-Box electronic-game console.
www.my-esm.com /digest/story/OEG20000825S0058   (1211 words)

 AMD Athlon 64 3000+ scrutinised, compared
The AMD Athlon 64 3000+ will probably be remembered by many as its first foray into the 64-bit world of computing and considered by some as the best not-so-expensive-but-better-than-entry-level chip from the Sunnyvale company for a long time.
AMD chose to launch the 3000+ CPU in a most subtle way after the 3200+ was introduced about 100 days earlier, so silent that not even a press release was issued for the occasion; more intriguingly, only two documents on the whole AMD website even mentions the model 3000+.
As for overclockability, the Athlon 64 3000+ proves to be a poor overclocker with an average of 10% gain.
www.theinquirer.net /?article=13766   (1129 words)

 AMD Athlon64 3200+ 32/64-bit Processor Review - PCSTATS.com
In the late 90's AMD released several processors in hopes of stealing the spotlight away from Intel and its Pentium II and later Pentium III processor.
AMD's K6, K6-2 and K6-III processors all had a lot of promise, but with constant delays and manufacturing problems they just fizzled, ending up competing against Intel's bargain-basement budget Celeron processor, instead of the Pentium II's.
With the Athlon, AMD had accomplished their trend-setting goals, and observers could see the Athlon was clearly superior to the Intel's Pentium 3 chip.
www.pcstats.com /articleview.cfm?articleID=1469   (396 words)

 Welcome to AnandTech.com [ Article: AMD's Athlon 64 3400+: Death of the FX-51]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
AMD surprised us all with a far more competitive Athlon 64 launch than we had originally expected, and Prescott didn’t exactly make it out the gates.
When we first looked at the Athlon 64 and FX we realized that the performance difference between the two was negligible at best, but what truly sealed the fate of the Athlon 64 FX in our eyes was the quiet release of the Athlon 64 3000+ based on AMD's Newcastle core.
Perhaps AMD felt that it would be necessary to compete with Prescott or perhaps there were design issues with getting it to market in time, needless to say that slowly but surely all Athlon 64's will be Newcastle derived.
www.anandtech.com /printarticle.html?i=1941   (1825 words)

 Bjorn3d.com -AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Processor Performance, Satisfying Your Daily Tech Cravings Since 1996
When the Athlon 64 3000+ was released, it was a huge bargain at nearly half the price of the 3200+ but still nearly delivering a performance parity.
Most AMD loyalists may still be having a hard time thinking about spending that much money on an AMD processor because AMD has deservedly gained a reputation of offering the public one great bargain top-performer after another.
AMD was quite a bit ahead of the pack when it released its AMD64 platform, but people who buy an Athlon 64 processor (or some other AMD64-supporting CPU) could look at it as buying a little bit of obsolescence insurance.
www.bjorn3d.com /_preview.php?articleID=426   (1149 words)

 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0GHz Skt939 Processor Retail at ZipZoomfly
The AMD Athlon 64 processor is the first Windows®-compatible 64-bit PC processor.
The AMD Athlon 64 processor runs on AMD64 technology, a revolutionary technology that allows the processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while enabling a new generation of powerful 64-bit software applications.
With AMD64 technology, the AMD Athlon 64 processor is fully compatible with existing software, while enabling a seamless transition to 64-bit applications.
www.zipzoomfly.com /jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=80701-5   (1431 words)

 X-bit labs - Articles - AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU Review
They were Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64.
First of all let me point out that Athlon 64 processor is exactly that particular 64bit processor for desktop systems, which AMD was going to introduce from the very beginning.
So far AMD has released only one processor model from the new Athlon 64 family with the 3200+ performance rating.
www.xbitlabs.com /articles/cpu/display/athlon64-3200.html   (641 words)

 NextGen Electronics - Interview with AMD about 64bit Athlon Processors
We've heard about the AMD Athlon 64 FX chip, which seems to be targeting gamers, and the regular Athlon 64 chip which we believe to be targeted towards everyone else.
The Athlon 64 FX processor offers much higher levels of performance and a dual-channel memory interface, as well as other 'features' desired by the PC enthusiast, gaming and prosumer crowds over the Athlon 64 processor.
AMD has a rigorous testing and validation environment that all infrastructure components must pass before receiving an AMD validation seal of approval.
www.nextgenelectronics.com /amdinterview.shtml   (1579 words)

 AMD64 DevSource - Tools and Techniques
AMD CodeAnalyst may be known more for profiling native code, but Java developers get a few surprises, as well.
Sun is offering developers a 64-bit workstation based on the AMD Opteron processor, a licensed and supported version of Solaris 10, and three powerful development tools, for $29.95 per month—and after three years, you keep it.
AMD's David Kaplowitz explains the importance of 64-bit addressing to database applications, the Opteron processor, the DB2 software architecture, and a brief summary of the experience the DB2 software team had porting their application to the AMD64 instruction set running on the Opteron processor.
www.devx.com /amd/Door/21581   (2541 words)

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