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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Britain.tv Wikipedia - ANFO
It is by far the most widely used explosive in coal mining, quarrying, metal mining, and civil construction: it accounts for an estimated 80% of the 6,000,000,000 pounds (2,700,000 metric tons) of explosive used annually in North America.
ANFO under most conditions is considered a high explosive: it decomposes through detonation rather than deflagration and with a high velocity of detonation.
If ANFO is to be used in wet mining conditions, considerable effort must be taken to dewater boreholes.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=ANFO   (681 words)

ANFO stands for Ammonium Nitrate / Fuel Oil, and describes a crude but effective explosive that is used by farmers to clear stumps.
Because of the easy availability of its ingredients, ANFO is often used by terrorists for large bombs.
ANFO was often used by the Provisional IRA in its bombing campaigns and Palestinian extremist groups.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/an/ANFO.html   (114 words)

 ANFO (Gerald L. Hurst; Arno Hahma; Norman L. Reitzel; Timothy Melton)
Typical ANFO has a critical diameter too large to get a charge going with less than several grams of HE and it is best initiated with a good fraction of a pound or more of a cap-sensitive HE (i.e., a primer).
ANFO COULD be initiated by a pulse of not more than a few hundred thousand psi but it would be very difficult and a true waste of time for even an expert to attempt to construct an LE device capable of doing the job.
ANFO is limited in its reaction rates becuuse it must decompose in relatively large solid crystal units and then diffuse together with the fuel to react.
yarchive.net /explosives/anfo.html   (4920 words)

 Mining Systems - Explosives 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Shortly thereafter ANFO was evaluated in the open-pit iron mines of Canada and the United States, with a high degree of success.
ANFO applications were based on prilled rather than crystallized ammonium nitrate.
ANFO is almost universally prepared by mixing 94 percent of prills with 6 percent of No. 2 fuel oil.
www.digistar.mb.ca /minsci/SYSTEMS/explosives/anfo.htm   (278 words)

 Dyno Nobel - ANFO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
ANFO is a nominal 94:6 blend of prilled ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel oil.
The VoD of ANFO is dependent on the hole diameter, with VoD reducing as the hole diameter reduces.
ANFO is also available in packaged form varying from bulk bags (500 kg) through to smaller plastic bags (10,20 and 25 kg).
www.dynonobel.com /dynonobelcom/en/asiapacific/products/bulk/ap_anfo.htm   (635 words)

 ANFOS ANFO is an acronym for Ammonium Nitrate - Fuel Oil Solution. An ANFO solves the only
This means ANFO sacks float, which is no good, and additionally, the low density means the power is somewhat low.
ANFO blown into the hole with a pneumatic system fractures as it is places, raising the density to about.9 or.92.
Another problem with ANFO: for reliable detonation, it needs confinement, either from a casing, borehole, etc, or from the mass of the charge.
www.skepticfiles.org /new/201doc.htm   (947 words)

 Why Did Bill Clintons NSA fund BATF Research on ANFO Bombs?
Records indicate that this ANFO explosives expert and his associates had constructed and destroyed at least eight vehicles in "test bombing experiments" out at a secret range in the New Mexico desert in the twelve months prior to the OKC bombing.
And, according to federal government records obtained by Media Bypass, Everhart, an accomplished ATF expert in ANFO truck bombs, was actually one of the first federal law officers to report the details of the bombing to his superiors from the scene in front of the Murrah Building, within minutes of the blast.
Indeed the only major ANFO vehicle bombing in U.S. history, prior to OKC, occurred in August, 1970 at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, Wis. One of the key suspects in that bombing, Leo Frederick Burt, is, incidentally, still at large.
www.the7thfire.com /OKC_bombing/funding_BATF_research_on_ANFO_bombs.htm   (1971 words)

 DOJ/IG: ID of ANFO not based on scientific or technical grounds [Free Republic]
To this extent, the opinion was flawed for the same reason Williams' ANFO opinion was flawed because it was based on the receipts.
The Department Of Justice Inspector General found that the FBI had based its conclusion that there was an ANFO bomb in the truck solely on the fact that Terry Nichols, who lived on a farm, had bought fertilizer.
The one test that was used at the Murrah Building to support the presence of ANFO also indicated the presence of Dynamite, as revealed during testimony in the Nichols trial.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a3b0e7f5f17e5.htm   (7180 words)

It has been found that by substituting some or all of the liquid fuel oil with a slower burning solid fuel, the time during which the pressure builds up during detonation is lengthened.
A example of an explosive which is used normally ANFO which is a mixture of ammonium nitrate and vegetable and mineral oils, diesel.
The use of ANFO explosives in many blasting situations results in a number of disadvantages.
www.freewebs.com /lpumsun/anfoexplosive.html   (442 words)

 ANFO - History
Their most important meeting was with the Neutronic and the Sci-Fi Beats crew which brought a little more "musical maturity" to the ANFO crew.
After that ANFO growed and proudly becomes Mik-Angel, Kogno and Bloody Ozy as new members..
ANFO is a non-profit musical organisation only wanting to promote his music and artists.
www.anfo.org /histoire_english.html   (218 words)

 ANFO desensitizing (Gerald L. Hurst)
It should be mentioned that the ANFO and the treated ANFO used in these experiments was not actually in the form of prills but rather a powder with about 30% passing through a 35 mesh screen.
The testing of process' ability to desensitize ANFO to initiation by primer charges was not adequate as described by the examples listed in the patent, but it was enough for the talk shows.
As a matter of fact, many millions of pounds of ANFO are sold in premixed 50 lb bags and more millions are delivered as premixed product to the bore holes in mix trucks which are barely distinguishable from cement trucks.
yarchive.net /explosives/anfo_desensitize.html   (6130 words)

 IME [institute of makers of explosives]
Used engine oil to be utilized in ANFO mixtures should not be modified in any way that could change the basic properties of the used engine oil.
ANFO mixtures made with blended oil should not be stored or used to manufacture packaged or cartridged ANFO products.
Recommendation: ANFO mixtures made with blended oil shall not be combined with other materials, such as emulsions, to form blasting agent blends unless it has been determined that such combinations (blended oil ANFO/emulsions) are compatible.
www.ime.org /dynamic.php?page_id=52   (927 words)

 Visuals of OKC vs. Khobar Towers [20K TNT vs. 4K ANFO] [Free Republic]
ANFO is very slow compared to semtex or C-4 or any of the higher orders of explosives.
ANFO is a crude explosive, incapable of cutting steel-reinforced concrete.
ANFO is simply not uniform enough nor does it burn fast enough to create a shaped charge, especially in barrels with air gaps between them and an imprecise fusing mechanism.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a3afdd41a2e85.htm   (4015 words)

 Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - Metal and Nonmetal Fatal Accident Report, Fall of Material, January 12, ...
During the winter months moisture in the air caused the ANFO to adhere to the storage bin and to itself.
The procedure for loading the ANFO truck was for one employee to stand on top of the truck and operate the chute handle while another employee drove the truck forward.
A fatal accident occurred when an employee was crushed by the inverted cone section and deck of a ANFO storage bin.
www.msha.gov /FATALS/1995/FTL95M03.HTM   (1478 words)

 Explosives Limited :: bulk explosives division
ANFO is a mixture of prilled, explosives grade ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.
Bulk ANFO is manufactured at each customers mine site, and auger or pneumatically delivered directly into the boreholes.
Low density, explosive grade prilled ammonium nitrate is sourced from Orica Canada Inc.’s world scale plant at Carseland, Alberta and is the principal component in bulk ANFO and represents the single largest ingredient used in the manufacture of explosives today.
www.explosives.com /bulk-products.htm   (221 words)

 [No title]
Accordingly, Williams' opinion that the main charge was ANFO appears to be based solely on his technical expertise as an explosives examiner and thus appears to be very incriminating to someone (like defendant Nichols) who allegedly purchased ANFO components before the Oklahoma City explosion.
Had Williams explicitly stated in his report that the ANFO opinion was based on the defendant's purchases, the opinion could have been appropriately discounted as a non-expert conclusion that seeks to match the characteristics of the explosion with evidence associated with the defendants.
This incomplete statement of the VOD of ANFO is analogous to Williams' incomplete statement of the VOD of urea nitrate in the World Trade Center case.
www.forensicjustice.org /OKCITY.htm   (8240 words)

 C4, RDX, TNT, TATP, ANFO, Ammonium Nitrate, Fuel Oil Explosives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
ANFO is comprised of approximately 94.3% Ammonium Nitrate and 5.7% Fuel Oil by weight.
ANFO under most conditions is considered a high explosive.
The basic chemistry of ANFO detonation is the reaction of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) with a long chain hydrocarbon (CnH2n+2) to form gasses of nitrogen, water, and carbon dioxide.
members.tripod.com /other_krap/c4_rdx_tnt.html   (20347 words)

 OKC Bombshell Implicates Feds In Murrah Blast
In reality, the ANFO story was born only 10 minutes after the blast when a high-ranking BATF official by the name of Harry Everhart witnessed the blast from nearby and called the BATF office in Dallas to excitedly announce, “Someone has just blown up the federal building in Oklahoma City with a truckload of ANFO!”
According to government documents released later, Ever hart was experienced in loading large amounts of ammonium nitrate fertilizer into a vehicle for use as a terrorist truck bomb, and his presence in the midst of the second worst terrorist attack in U.S. history looms suspicious to this day.
Records indicate that this ANFO explosives expert and his associates had destroyed at least eight vehicles in “test bombing experiments” at a secret range in the New Mexico desert in the 12 months prior to the OKC bombing.
www.prisonplanet.com /articles/january2005/100105okcbombshell.htm   (953 words)

 The Mannlicher-Carcanno Bomb
They would not detonate efficiently because of their high density, lack of porosity and heavy inert coatings of anti-setting agents.… The ability of an oiled prill to be detonated depends greatly upon the density of the prill.
Despite a mountain of evidence against the [government's] ANFO theory, the government has gone to great lengths to convince the jury and the public that the Murrah Building was destroyed by a single ANFO bomb delivered by a pair of disgruntled Right-wing extremists.
In August of 1970, 1,700 pounds of ANFO parked in a van exploded outside the Army Math Research Lab at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
constitution.org /ocbpt/ocbpt_01.htm   (14869 words)

 Zhejiang Anfo Fire Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Anfo Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd (China), located in Lishui, Zhejiang, is one of the key companies in this line.
It was established in 1989 and has fixed assets of 30,000,000 yuan and over 500 employees with more than 130 of rechnical persons.
The former is a comparatively large-scale and modern enterprise in the fire fighting line of China.
www.foreign-trade.com /showcase.cfm?c=anfocassie   (254 words)

 Powder Monkey AN-FO AN FO anfo loader placement unit anfo pots pressure vessel mining equipment ammonium nitrate and ...
Powder Monkey AN-FO AN FO anfo loader placement unit anfo pots pressure vessel mining equipment ammonium nitrate and fuel oil airplaco equipment showcrete acessories underground equipment mine miner
The rugged and portable Powder Monkey ANFO loader has been used in the mining industry for over fifty years.
This type of machine, a pressurized pneumatic tank, is referred to as an “AN-FO loader,” “ANFO pot,” or “pressure vessel.
www.powder-monkey.net   (245 words)

 anfo - OneLook Dictionary Search
Tip: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "anfo" is defined.
ANFO : Stammtisch Beau Fleuve Acronyms [home, info]
ANFO : Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition [home, info]
www.onelook.com /?w=anfo   (84 words)

 The Explosives and Weapons Forum - View Single Post - Cap sensitive ANFO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
As I have mentioned before, I've done some testing on ANFO like mixtures.
Normaly I just pour the explosive into the container thus substaining a low density, the ANWAX seemes quite powerful too, relatively speaking of course.
I've never tested "regular ANFO" in such small ammount nor with petrol.
www.roguesci.org /theforum/2674-post2.html   (311 words)

 Products-Anfo Charger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
ANFO, emulsion and stick - for face loading, up-holes and down-holes - Getman has an explosive charger that will fit your mine plan and budget.
Faces over 30' (9.1 m) high and 40' (12.2 m) wide can be covered from a single vehicle position to dramatically reduce your loading time.
Download our Anfo Loading product brochure (930 KB).
www.getman.com /anfo.htm   (104 words)

Anyway ANFO has finalized it's regional battle set list, but of course we can't tell you what it is (its all hush hush at the moment).
And finally ANFO looks set be off to hit a studio in Melbourne sometime towards the end of the year so we should be able to get some more of our originals down on track and on CD.
So we are now off to the regionals and we hope to win that.
www.freewebtown.com /goga/main.htm   (684 words)

 Anfo Festung | Anfo Google Satellite Map
See Anfo Festung photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Anfo Festung in Anfo area.
Link to Anfo Festung and surrounding area map in Google Earth.
Anfo Festung satellite map large rectangle image link
www.maplandia.com /italy/lombardia/brescia/anfo/castles/anfo-festung   (421 words)

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