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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER):
The ANSWER Coalition is calling on all progressive and anti-racist forces to come together for rallies in front of local courthouses across the country with the demand to free the Jena 6, and drop all the charges.
It is an absolute responsibility of the anti-war movement to make an honest and straightforward assessment of the current situation and to craft a strategy accordingly.
On May 31, the ANSWER Coalition issued a proposal to organize a protest of 1 million anti-war protesters.
answer.pephost.org   (497 words)

 "Answer" Defined & Explained
Normally, the answer either admits or denies the allegations, although some states allow an answer to state a lack of knowledge as to whether a particular allegation is true or false.
The word answer involves a double sense; it is one thing when it simply replies to a question, another when it meets a charge; the answer in equity includes both senses, and may be divided into an examination and a defence.
In substance, the answer ought to contain, 1st, a statement of facts and not arguments; 2d, a confession and avoidance, or traverse and denial of the material parts of the bill; 3d, its language ought to be direct and without evasion.
www.lectlaw.com /def/a057.htm   (506 words)

 [No title]
ANSWER views the United States as a racist, imperialist, sexist, homophobic nation and the world's chief violator of human rights -- guilty of unspeakable atrocities, past and present, foreign and domestic.
The speakers at ANSWER rallies are generally members of the political far left who oppose not only America's role in the current war on terror, but also many additional aspects of the nation's foreign and domestic policies.
ANSWER supports an immigration policy that calls for open borders as well as amnesty and full civil rights for illegal aliens residing in the United States.
www.discoverthenetwork.org /groupProfile.asp?grpid=6147   (903 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com :: Snappy Answers to Leftists by Tom Adkins
Answer: Polls show Europeans believe their freedom was achieved by endlessly debating in marvelous dining halls, conveniently forgetting their right to be pompous blowhards was granted with American blood, not fabulous wine and brie…
Answer: The only blood is the Iraqi people tortured, starved and killed while Hussein builds massive palaces to hide nuclear weapons…all financed with Iraqi oil.
Answer: America happily endorses a multi-cultural attitude towards anyone who dares to take away our freedom.Regardless of race, color or creed, we hunt them down and kill them.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=6576   (836 words)

 [No title]
The ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition, which has organized scores of antiwar demonstrations in the U.S. since its founding by the New York-based International Action Center (IAC) in 2001, has played a key role in inserting anti-Israel sentiment into the antiwar movement.
In addition to claims that Israel is guilty of “war crimes” against Palestinians and that Israel is a “racist state,” ANSWER events, which often attract protestors by the tens of thousands, have openly supported terror groups targeting Israelis, as well as the “resistance” fighting American forces in Iraq.
ANSWER sees Hezbollah and the Palestinian terror organizations as being at the forefront of the war against capitalism and American imperialism.
www.adl.org /Israel/answer.asp   (1505 words)

 Ask Wizards
Answer: Return of the Jedi was printed at a new facility, and unfortunately, due to an error, Jabba the Hutt (A) wound up appearing twice on our printing sheet; once in its normal location, but also in Jabba (B)'s slot.
Answer: If you look at the Floor Rules, you will see that once time is called, you continue to play as normal except that you no longer gain Force, draw cards, or roll for build points at the start of each turn.
Answer: Generally speaking, it is against our policy to say whether or not a particular card is under development, unless that card is selected as a preview card which is shown prior to the release of the product.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=swtcg/article/askwizards1   (7874 words)

 Answer @ bond-international.co.uk
The aim was to have an umbrella company which could facilitate various projects, the first being the collaboration with the estate of the legendary underground comic artist Vaughn Bode.
Bode is probably best known through the representation of his famous bubble letter style and his characters Cheech Wizard, Dicky Doo, Lizards and Broads by graffiti legends such as Dondi, Seen, Kel, Mare 169, Futura 2000 and Mitch.
Answer found a strong alliance with Vaughn’s son Mark, which allows them exclusive reproduction rights to Vaughn Bode’s back catalogue.
www.bond-international.co.uk /cat--Answer--Answer.html   (99 words)

 Decades Internet Quiz - Answers
ANSWER: He was a member of the Algonquin Round Table, which included noted authors such as Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and George Kaufman.
ANSWER: At the turn of the century (1904) St. Louis held a big exposition to celebrate the Louisiana Purchase.
ANSWER: A period of slang: slang used for "girls or women" a broad, a bunny, a canary (well, one who could sing), a charity girl (one who was sexually promiscuous), a dame, a doll, cat's meow, cat's whiskers
kclibrary.nhmccd.edu /decades=a.html   (813 words)

 Why Do You Want to Work Here - Job Interview Advice from Monster.com
The interviewer is looking for an answer that indicates you've thought about where you want to work -- that you're not just sending your resume to any company with a job opening.
Annette's answer begins well, but then shifts to what she can get out of the experience instead of what she has to offer.
Her answer would be stronger if she proved she had researched the industry and company, and therefore could discuss more than her own experience with the product.
interview.monster.com /articles/whyworkhere   (611 words)

 The Loft » Blog Archive » Domestic Terrorist Group Behind Immigrant Rallies
ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), a front for the communist/socialist Workers World Party, which was identified by former FBI Director Louis Freeh as a “domestic terrorist group,” is behind the immigrant rallies taking place around the nation.
A.N.S.W.E.R.’s steering committee and endorsers include the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a Marxist-Leninist organization, and the Freedom Sociality Party, a Trotskyite group.
A.N.S.W.E.R. sends its professional demonstrators to rallies in order to further its own agenda, not the agenda of the participants.
www.gopusa.com /theloft/?p=260   (582 words)

You will use the ANSWER system for any positions that have closed in the South Central Region on/after August 15th.
Anything that closed prior to that you should view the the ROAR database.
Answer is only used for the following regions: North Central (Rock Island, IL); North East (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD); South Central (Redstone Arsenal, AL); and South West (Fort Riley, KS)
www.tradoc.army.mil /cpac/Answer.htm   (288 words)

 Sallie Mae(R) | Tuition Answer Loan (SM)
Important note: Tuition Answer Loan proceeds are solely to pay for a student's qualified higher education expenses at an eligible educational institution.
Definition of the types of expenses considered "qualified education expenses" may vary from school to school and may affect your ability to qualify for a school's financial aid program.
If you also intend to seek federal financial assistance, you should seek that assistance first, and then use Tuition Answer Loan and any other private loan proceeds for any remaining financial need gap and, if necessary, to finance your expected family contribution (EFC).
www.salliemae.com /tuitionanswer/index.html?dtd_cell=TrueCareers&hhkey=truecar&state=ILA&bd=tuitionanswer&promocode=TA_TRU   (116 words)

 BBC Online - Cult - Hitchhiker's - Guide - The Ultimate Answer
Some time ago a group of hyper-intelligent pan dimensional beings decided to finally answer the great question of Life, The Universe and Everything.
After the great computer programme had run (a very quick seven and a half million years) the answer was announced.
The Ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is...
www.bbc.co.uk /cult/hitchhikers/guide/answer.shtml   (119 words)

 What is ANSWER?
The ANSWER coalition's mission is to increase legislative and executive branch advocacy on behalf of social work education, training, and research.
Licensed social workers are required to update their skills and knowledge through continuing education requirements.
In 1995 CSWE, NADD, BPD, GADE, and NASW created the ANSWER coalition to provide specific resources to strengthen advocacy efforts related to the emerging priorities around the enhancement of the social work research infrastructure, as well as a number of specific efforts related to social work education and training.
www.naswdc.org /advocacy/answer/default.asp   (362 words)

 Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER):
The goal of the campaign -a project of ANSWER and VoteNoWar.org - is to ignite a mass movement of the people of the United States and around the world to close Guantanamo and all the secret prisons and torture centers set up around the world by the Bush administration.
- Buy an ANSWER bus ticket from NYC to DC The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition is one of many organizations across the U.S. endorsing and mobilizing for the September 6-9 Week of Protests in Seattle opposing the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement during the third round of negotiations that will be taking place that week.
On the very first day of the Bush administration's second term, the ANSWER Coalition brought 10,000 people to the site of Bush's inaugural parade for a demonstration demanding "Bring the Troops Home Now!" Through a combination of political and legal struggle we established the first antiwar bleachers in the history of Presidential inaugurations.
answer.pephost.org /site/PageServer?pagename=ANS_homepage   (672 words)

 Answerology.com - Ask and answer questions anonymously on any topic - Dating, relationships, sex, general advice.
Answer like you wish you could when it was originally asked...
I have been dating my man for 3 months, two weeks ago we went to a bar he went to the bathroom and never came back, I had to catch a ride home.
Get real answers to your most intimate relationship questions.
www.answerology.com /index.aspx?template=recent_questions.ascx   (833 words)

 The Straight Dope: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
But the real answer, to which the careers of Poe and Carroll bear ample testimony, is that you can baffle the billions with both.
The best answer I ever heard--and remember that feather pens were a common writing tool of the day, and that writing desks had inkwells--was, "Because they both come with inky quills." --Connor Freff Cochran, via AOL
She answered with a straight face, "Because you cannot ride either one of them like a bicycle." Since this was true, and it was just as true as saying, "Because neither one of them is made from aluminum," I always thought Mom was right.
www.straightdope.com /classics/a5_266.html   (659 words)

 ANSWER home page
Welcome to AnSWeR, the Antarctic Seismic Web Resource, a centralised source of information relating to Antarctic seismic data and seismological results.
AnSWeR will be most successful if many people contribute (see e-mail below).
AnSWeR is maintained in the author's spare time.
rses.anu.edu.au /seismology/answer   (125 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com :: What is the A.N.S.W.E.R.? by Michael Tremoglie
More recently the IAC assisted ANSWER with the marches against war, poverty, and racism in Washington, DC and San Francisco.
What is interesting about ANSWER is that they are funded by the same organization as the IAC-the Peoples Rights Fund (PRF).
They just immediately assume the United States is involved in some imperialistic military adventure and they must join organizations like the IAC or ANSWER to prevent it.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=1544   (760 words)

 Answerbag.com | Ask Questions, Share Answers
Ask questions and share your knowledge with the world here on Answerbag.
Get the best answers where there are no duplicate questions and questions are always open - our community of over 175,000 will find your answer!
Pick up your Answerbag t-shirts at the AB store!
www.answerbag.com   (655 words)

 Definition of answer - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English andswaru (akin to Old Norse andsvar answer); akin to Old English and- against, swerian to swear -- more at
3 : something done in response or reaction answer was to walk out>
implies the satisfying of a question, demand, call, or need answers to all their questions>.
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=answer   (246 words)

 Is Jesus Christ the Answer? [HOME] - ChristianAnswers.Net/gospel
Find the answers to these and many more questions.
If you are new to the Bible, try starting at the book of John.
Most everyone has a vague hope and trust that things will eventually turn out all right and that he will sooner or later get to heaven.
www.christiananswers.net /gospel/home.html   (744 words)

 Practice with Right Triangles
Find to the nearest degree, the measure of angle E. Answer
The short leg, x, is 1/2 the hypotenuse.
Using your answer from part c and the given diagonal length of 10, find the area of the rhombus.
regentsprep.org /Regents/math/rtritrig/PracTrig.htm   (360 words)

 Think Progress » Richard Clarke Debunks “Same Intelligence” Myth
They get the answer, you know — “the uranium going from…” — but they don’t get the information that it’s based on.
But I disagree that this was a war “to get their oil” — if it was, I think we’d have a lot more of it now than we do.
See we already KNOW what you, your answers and your ideas are, they’re plastered all over the news you retarded gimp.
thinkprogress.org /2005/11/18/clarke-intel   (9567 words)

 style.org > Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow
After spending some time last month trying to develop alternate graphic presentations for kinematic ratios in winged flight, I decided to try to answer one of the timeless questions of science: just what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
For those looking for additional answers, the four capitals of Assyria were Ashur (or Qalat Sherqat), Calah (or Nimrud), the short-lived Dur Sharrukin (or Khorsabad), and Nineveh.
The ruins of all four ancient cities fall within the modern state of Iraq.
www.style.org /unladenswallow   (1050 words)

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