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Topic: ANZAC Bridge

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In the News (Sun 27 May 18)

  Anzac - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ANZAC originally stood for "The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps" — the name used to describe the combination of the Australian Army and New Zealand Army Corps during wartime.
ANZAC Parade, Canberra, is on the main axis between Parliament House and Mount Ainslie
ANZAC spirit, a component of modern Australasian mythology describing the spirit of mateship and cheerful suffering amongst Australians
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ANZAC   (260 words)

 Sydney Harbour Bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The building of the bridge coincided with the construction of a system of underground railways in Sydney's CBD, known today as the City Circle, and the bridge was designed with this in mind.
During the Sydney 2000 Olympics in September and October 2000, the bridge was adorned with the Olympic Rings.
The RTA maintenance shed for the bridge is contained within the bottom of the southern pylon and the traffic management shed (tow trucks and safety vehicles used on the bridge) is contained in the bottom of the northern pylon.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sydney_Harbour_Bridge   (3918 words)

 (GCQ4J4) ANZAC by Philma
The ANZAC Bridge, formerly the Glebe Island Bridge, is a large cable-stayed bridge spanning Johnstons Bay between Pyrmont and Rozelle in close proximity to the central business district of Sydney, Australia.
The bridge forms part of the Western Distributor freeway leading from the Sydney CBD to the suburbs of the Inner West and Northern Sydney.
ANZAC Bridge is not an exception, it is affectionately known as "Dolly Parton".
www.geocaching.com /seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCQ4J4   (527 words)

 Harbour Bridge / Anzac Bridge- Sydney, Australia - VirtualTourist.com
Harbour Bridge / Anzac Bridge: Sydney Harbour Bridge...
Before this bridge was built, one had to go by ferry or a 20-km road route that had 5 smaller bridge crossings to go across the city to the north shore.
Anzac bridge is a relatively new bridge (it was constructed in 1995) and and is now among the best and outstanding landmark in Sydney.
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Australia_and_Oceania/Australia/State_of_New_South_Wales/Sydney-1869538/Things_To_Do-Sydney-Harbour_Bridge_Anzac_Bridge-R-1.html   (829 words)

 ANZAC Bridge Sydney
The ANZAC Bridge spanning Johnstons Bay is one of Sydney's outstanding landmarks.
It is the longest cable-stayed span bridge in Australia and amongst the longest concrete cable-stayed span bridges in the world.
The closing of the two halves of the bridge took place on 24th July 1995 in the early evening to give the bridge time to cool and time for the final concrete poor to gain strength before morning to avoid movements due to temperature changes.
member.rivernet.com.au /grove   (391 words)

 Register of War Memorials in New South Wales - ANZAC MEMORIAL - ANZAC Bridge and Digger Statue
The ANZAC Bridge, formally known as the Glebe Island Bridge, was completed in 1996.
With a span of 345 metres, it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Australia.
In a ceremony on Remembrance Day 1998, it officially became known as the ANZAC Bridge and is a fitting memorial to members from both sides of the Tasman who formed the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps - the ANZACs.
www.warmemorialsnsw.asn.au /Details.cfm?MemNo=169   (233 words)

The 'worlds first rotating bridge' and first new bridge over the Tyne in 100 years.
One of the longest bridges in the world (8km), built in 1962 over Lake Maracaibo, connected by a 55km strait to the Gulf of Venezuela.
Replaced for "Galloping Gertie" the bridge which collapsed when the winds hit the resonant frequency of her materials.
www.singingbridges.net /bridges/index.html   (666 words)

 Anzac Bridge
The ANZAC Bridge opened in 1995 and was formerly the Glebe Island Bridge.
The 128 metre long bridge provides a direct link between the Anzac Bridge pedestrian/cycle path and the pedestrian/cycle path on the southern side of The Crescent (City West Link), as well as to the pedestrian/cycle path on the eastern side of Victoria Road.
The bridge is a prominent Sydney landmark and is the focal point for the area around Rozelle Bay.  It was designed to meet demanding engineering requirements while being elegant in appearance and add an architectural feature and gateway to Sydney.
www.rta.nsw.gov.au /constructionmaintenance/completedprojects/anzacbridge/index.html   (423 words)

 RealTime I Earbash   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Brooklyn Bridge (track 9) presents sonorities that are deep and ponderous–a worldweary under-rumble with metallic shivers and rolling rattles–concluding with an evocative siren in the distance.
The 2 exceptions are the original Anzac Bridge piece mixed on 4-track tape which includes reverb creating an epic grandness, and the F6 Coalmining Bridge in Germany–not a suspension cable bridge like all the others–in which she uses small loops to create a post-human industrial scape.
In an interview (RT66), Rose states that this is not the end of the bridge obsession, merely the end of a stage.
www.realtimearts.net /earbash/priest_bridges.html   (704 words)

 Bikely - Bicycle Path - Lilyfield to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Kings Cross-LBUG
Or, to get to the Anzac Bridge cycleway, turn left, cross The Crescent at the lights and then follow foot/cyclepath alng the City West Link to the pedestrian/cycle overbridge at Victoria Rd. The Anzac cycleway starts over the bridge.
The direct way is to follow Pyrmont Bridge Rd under the flyovers and up to Harris St but a detour to the left onto a dead end street to Miller St is a little less stressful.
At Murray St, at the start of Pymont Bridge, cross over onto the paved area leading to the bridge (it is a shared bike/pedestrian area) and ride carefully across to the City.
www.bikely.com /maps/bike-path/Lilyfield-to-the-Sydney-Harbour-Bridge   (948 words)

 Bridges & Bridge Stock Footage And Video - Royalty Free By Footagehouse
Wide aerial shots of Cincinnati next to river, bridges over river, buildings, and neighborhoods next to river and a shot of ships and bridge in the distance in harbor in New York City.
Wide shot of Anzac Bridge as it pans, The Harbour Bridge in distance.
Wide shot of interstate entrance on bridge to Steubenville, Ohio and another view top to bottom pan of suspension bridge with interstate entrances to Steubenville, Ohio.
www.footagehouse.com /bridges.htm   (1223 words)

 R E A L T I M E   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Brooklyn Bridge piece presents sonorities that are deep and ponderous–a world weary under-rumble with metallic shivers and rolling rattles–concluding with an evocative siren in the distance.
The exceptions are the original Anzac Bridge piece that was manipulated on 4-track tape and included some reverb, and the F6 Coalmining Bridge in Germany–not a suspension cable bridge like all the others–in which she uses small loops to create a post-human industrial scape.
The first was a radiophonic piece concentrating on the lives and stories of people in, on and around bridges; the second a series of improvised instrumental pieces with Trevor Brown, Ion Pearce and Ben Fink based on visual scores comprising drawings of the bridges themselves melded with technical diagrams of electronics.
www.realtimearts.net /rt66/priest_rose.html   (1017 words)

 James in Sydney   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A somewhat better view of the ANZAC Bridge across the Parammatta River.
When this picture was taken in February 1998, the bridge was known as the Glebe Island Bridge.
November), 1998 it was renamed the ANZAC Bridge in memory of those men of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who had died in the two world wars.
members.tripod.com /posaune_jms/nsw/anzac_br_zoom.htm   (83 words)

Read about each of the bridges Jodi Rose has visited, listen to the recordings she has made, view a diary of past Singing bridges events, and keep abreast of forthcoming exhibitions.
The Matinkaari Bridge is on a peaceful lake behind the Arabia factory, makers of iconic 70's ceramic wares and now part of the school of media art and design.
The Millennium Bridge was closed two days after it first opened due to the violent swaying of up to 70mm caused by the sideways loads generated by the footsteps of the crowd.
www.singingbridges.net /documentation/index.html   (1618 words)

 The Epoch Times | Kiwi Flag Flies on Harbour Bridge
SYDNEY - The New Zealand flag was raised on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Sunday April 24 for the first time, in recognition of the 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.
The flags were lowered to half-mast from dawn on Anzac Day until midday when both flags would fly again fly at full mast.
The New Zealand flag was raised on the Anzac Bridge on Monday April 25.
english.epochtimes.com /news/5-4-29/28213.html   (207 words)

 ANZAC Bridge (Australia: Sydney) - Travel photos from Culture Shock Therapy
The ANZAC Bridge is the largest structure in the world built entirely out of ANZAC Biscuits, from which it gets its name.
ANZAC Biscuits are hard, bone-dry discs about 6cm in diameter, made out of gravel, pumice, and gypsum.
Each one just as hard, dry, and brittle as the original ANZAC Biscuits, Arnott's products are finding a ready market in Indonesia, where their self-adhesive Tim-Tams mini-bricks are popular for minor wall repairs and throwing at stray dogs.
travel.u.nu /photo-au_988.php   (387 words)

 Visit Australia by Jocelyn Munday   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
It was on April 25, in 1915, that the Anzacs landed on the shores of Gallipoli in Turkey; the word Anzac is an acronym of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
An unusual aspect of the Anzac story is the respect that both sides had for the other.
The Anzac Bridge is a spectacular bridge constructed at vast expense – though it was, unusually, finished under budget and before time.
www.beavercounty.com /community/feature5.asp   (669 words)

 Fatal crash brings chaos and chase queries - National - smh.com.au
Just before yesterday's morning peak, about 6.30, this was the scene on the Anzac Bridge at Balmain: three wrecked cars, one man dead and most of the exit and entry lanes closed as police took control.
Within 30 minutes of the collision on the bridge's western downramp, traffic on Victoria Road was banked up from Balmain to the middle of the Gladesville Bridge.
However, the vehicle had disappeared over the crest of the bridge out of sight of the officers by the time they got into their vehicle to follow it, he said.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2003/10/02/1064988347028.html?from=storyrhs   (602 words)

 Sydney Harbour Bridge Security Upgrade - 17/09/2003 - QWN
During World War II anti-aircraft cannons were fitted to the pylons to protect the bridge and the surrounding community from air attack.
So if an intruder without permission or authorisation enters an area of an icon such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Anzac bridge in complete darkness, the thermal imaging equipment will pick up the heat signature and give a full body outline as if it were broad daylight.
The Anzac bridge, while not as iconic as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is still a significant engineering structure.
www.parliament.nsw.gov.au /prod/parlment/hansart.nsf/V3Key/LA20030917010   (512 words)

 Anzac, Anzac Day, Anzac Tours, Anzac Day Tours, Anzac Day Turkey, Anzac Day Tour, Anzac Tour, Anzac Day Gallipoli Turkey
ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
The soldiers in those forces quickly became known as Anzacs, and the pride they soon took in that name endures to this day.
ANZAC is the acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, the formation created in December 1914 by grouping the Australian Imperial Force and New Zealand Expeditionary Force stationed in Egypt under the command of Lieutenant-General William Birdwood.
www.anzacday.co.uk   (380 words)

 BAULDERSTONE HORNIBROOK - Capabilities - Projects - Glebe Island (Anzac) Bridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Glebe Island (Anzac) Bridge, an imposing yet elegant structure visible from most points of the city is a relative newcomer to the list.
By far the largest cable stayed structure in Australia and one of the world’s largest cable stayed bridges with a cast-in-situ concrete deck, the project included approach earthworks, pavements and all electrical works.
The 805m long bridge comprises 6 spans with the 3 central spans being cable stayed.
www.bh.com.au /capabilities/ViewProject.aspx?ArtID=37   (211 words)

 Australia Adlib - Anzac Bridge
Jodi is attracted to the poetic forms and engineering ingenuity of bridges, as well as the sometimes heroic and even tragic stories associated with those who built bridges, use them, and live beside them.
Jodi's passion was inspired during the building of the Anzac Bridge in Sydney when she approached The Listening Room to record the vibrations in the giant cables in pristine conditions before it was opened to traffic.
This Singing Bridges project is part of her research for a Masters in Media Art at Melbourne University, School of Creative Arts.
www.abc.net.au /arts/adlib/stories/s1048757.htm   (417 words)

 Rhizome.org: Singing Bridges
\\\\\\\"Singing Bridges” is an exploration of sonic resonance, listening to the vibrations of the cables and structure of bridges around the world to hear the secret voices within.
In the ultimate conception of the project, bridges at locations around the world are linked and played in real-time to create an International Bridge Symphony.
The idea that their vibrations may contain some secret language, a hidden key to the spirit of existence, excites and inspires me. The language of the cables is untranslatable, lying dormant as thousands of people cross the bridge every day, oblivious to the possibility of metamorphosis they could undergo.
rhizome.org /object.rhiz?3494   (621 words)

 Historical pictures of Glebe Island Bridge
In 1901 Blackbutts Bridge was replaced with a steel bridge with two fixed truss spans and an electrically operated swing span.
The four lane bridge carried huge traffic loads and was in use until the opening of the new bridge in 1995.
The swing span control cabin of the 1901 bridge with the western deck progressing in the background.
member.telpacific.com.au /grove/oldbridge.htm   (141 words)

 BAULDERSTONE HORNIBROOK - News - Baulderstone & Bilfinger build Vietnamese Bridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The road platform is supported by tensioned cables of enormous strength tying the deck to the main towers and transferring the bridges loads through the towers to the piled foundations.
The style and character of these bridges is very similar and if you look at the Anzac Bridge you get an idea of what the future Phu My Bridge may look like” said Mr Bishop.
The design of the bridge will be by the company Arcadis, the approaches will be designed by Cardno MBK, who have assisted BH with all the cable stay bridges we have constructed.
www.bh.com.au /news/ViewArticle.aspx?ArtID=106   (489 words)

 Anzac day and Gallipoli tour Anzac day 2006 tours Gallipoli anzac tour 2006 gallipoli and tours 2006 Anzac Tours ...
Anzac day and Gallipoli tour Anzac day 2006 tours Gallipoli anzac tour 2006 gallipoli and tours 2006 Anzac Tours gallipoli tour anzac tour,anzac tour gallipoli hotel tour turkey anzacday gallipoli anzac biscuit recipe gallipoli gallipoli
Departure from Sultanahmet Square, drive to Gallipoli visit WW1 museum, Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, Chonk Bair, trenches...Join to Dawn Service end of the tour return to Istanbul or Selcuk, create your own itinerary.
A brief warning from the Australian Embassy web site: "Accommodation in the Gallipoli area, particularly for the night of 24 April, is very heavily booked well in advance of ANZAC Day.
www.anzactour.com   (467 words)

 Smile, you're on Bridgecam - constantly - National - smh.com.au
THE State Government was accused of another law and order stunt yesterday after it announced 90 more surveillance cameras for the Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge, on top of 144 cameras announced by Bob Carr last year.
The $2.9 million project, billed as an anti-terrorism measure, follows recent pledges that the riot squad would be given a $700,000 water cannon and its officers would trial Taser stun guns.
The new cameras were announced as recruits from the Police Rescue and Bomb Squad demonstrated their abseiling training on the Harbour Bridge in front of television cameras.
www.smh.com.au /news/national/smile-youre-on-bridgecam--constantly/2006/05/10/1146940613345.html   (528 words)

 _Rach's profile
We all hear/know about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but there are other bridges in Sydney that probably deserve a mention, particularly this one...
ANZAC Bridge formerly known as the Glebe Island Bridge, is a large cable-stayed bridge spanning Johnstons Bay between Pyrmont and Rozelle in close proximity to the central business district of Sydney.
A bronze memorial statue of an ANZAC soldier was placed on the western end of the bridge on ANZAC Day in 2000.
www.tv.com /users/_Rach/profile.php?action=show_blog&entry=m-100-24504640   (373 words)

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