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Topic: ATC code R01

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

 [No title]
Both the code and the act were mbject to heavy criticim as ineffective dealing with the yrcblem, with =ftici= cm&q rr= industry insiders as wll as dxwrvers and policy =Imrs.
M*A 2988 summaries of the Imperial's research projects innbrs- one with the code r- STIM.
Yagazines rich a Zla= and were dxnen "to reinforce the qwi-~,iiity asImcts of the campLign." "New gperAraticin mogazi (V-Q chosen) to k=vaw advertis=q freqjency in an editordal ernd~t Nowifically designed to reach young pecpW (i.e.
www.library.ucsf.edu /tobacco/batco/OCR/7800/7839.txt   (11410 words)

  atc code a : : Hommage
The ATC Code of Practice calls for the registration, before testing begins, of all reference tests and candidate lubricant engine tests, which are intended to support candidate lubricant.....
ATC Code In 1981, the WHO Regional Office for Europe recommended the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system.
ATC Code of Practices encourages both the consistent and precise operation of engine testing and the consistent reporting of results during the performance evaluation of engine lubricants....
www.hommage.ca /?Second=atc+code+a&Top=Atc   (659 words)

 Building Code - Information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Red is Code injection is new into a mobile code monitoring SQL Your into Another by Injection by HTML Injection and q code injection Citations Bank as Boston tallest standing 180 The building is located Bank.
The was constructed several codes including International Building Code and Uniform Building Code, all the building some interior tallest building in Shanghai tallest in Puxi the is about the was finished shorter building called Plaza Area 507 is plan for the area created for Area 218 and Area 612.
Code Data IATA KW ICAO KSD Callsign: tallest in Thailand the building is 304 The has a the ended in the in 1999 area formerly covered area 386 386 area 352 352 area 863 863 area 321 407 area 321 321 area 772 772 area 863 863.
www.freewebs.com /information24/building-code.html   (301 words)

 SUBJECT: Development and Management of Interactive Courseware (ICW) for Military Training
An executable circulation copy of all assigned ICW courseware--including associated presentation programs necessary to interpret and execute the courseware, support software, and user documentation--shall be retained for the life cycle of the program for review by requesting activities and organizations to determine the program's applicability to their training requirements.
One character code to denote the unit status of the activity responsible for the development of the ICW program.
 Code that denotes the type of rights (per the Federal Acquisition Regulation) that are owned by the Department of Defense to the developmental portion of the authoring system used to develop the ICW program.
www.dtic.mil /whs/directives/corres/sgml/i132220p.sgm   (4197 words)

 Pharmacoepidemiological Studies of Polypharmacy.
When drugs were differentiated to the second level of the ATC code (main therapeutic class), 3890 different drug combinations were observed, and the ten most frequent combinations covered only 3% of all major PP users.
Drugs were categorised by their anatomical therapeutical chemical (ATC) classification code, and differentiated to the fifth level of the ATC code (eg furosemide: CO3C A01).
The identification code of the prescriber was also registered at the pharmacies, but this information was not important for the reimbursement of drugs, and if the pharmacies were not careful with the registration of the prescriber, it might carry a risk of prescriber-misclassification.
www.sdu.dk /health/IPH/genpract/staff/lbjerrum/PHD/PHD.HTM   (16853 words)

 Research Abstracts 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The codebook structure evolved over a six-month period to include numerous codes, their definitions, the guidelines for when to use or not use a specific code, and examples of illustrative passages from the transcripts.
Throughout the coding process, the team met regularly to discuss coding decisions and resolve discrepancies.
Analysis consisted of line-by-line coding resulting in the development of concepts, categories and relationships which accounted for a pattern of behavior relevant to the experience of predictive genetic testing.
onsopcontent.ons.org /Meetings/Research/2005Abstracts/podabstract.shtml   (17262 words)

 NIMH · Extramural Programs and Contacts (Listed by Contact Name)
This research is supported through a variety of grant mechanisms, including R01, R21, and R33.
Specifically, this program is designed to facilitate receiving an R01 award earlier in an investigator's research career and to assist investigators in securing a stable research position during a time of transition from postdoctoral fellow to faculty.
The Molecular Biotechnology Program supports basic and applied research and the development of new technologies and approaches for studying the brain and behavior that are based on molecular biology.
www.nimh.nih.gov /about/organization/extramural-programs-and-contacts-listed-by-contact-name.shtml   (10125 words)

 Used Lab Equipment - used, surplus, new, refurbished. Rent, repair & sell laboratory scientific instruments.
Automated temperature compensated readings require an ATC probe, which is included in the price.
However, this requires cookies to be enabled in your browser settings, otherwise you will need to repeat this step for any additional requests.
If you do not see the "Thank you" page after you submit your request, there may be problem with the server.
www.labequip.com /itemcatalog/quote/N612.html   (263 words)

 Russian pharmacy market in 2007
Source: Retail Audit of Drugs in RF One new participant entered the Top 10 list of the ATC groups (2nd level) in 2007 as well: due to the noticeable dynamics of Otrivin, Aqua Maris and Xymelin, R01 group Nasal preparations joined to the ranking.
The dynamically growing brands from Immunostimulants group (Arbidol, Genferon, Imudon) allowed it to displace the ATC group Vitamins from the Top 3.
The A07 group Antidiarreal, Intestinal Antiinflammatory/ Antiinfective Agents ranked below in spite of the fact that its growth rate was leaving behind an average pharmacy market figure (+27%).
www.rmbc.ru /en/analytics/article/detail.php?ID=1373   (639 words)

 Structural and Functional Studies of the Intracellular Tyrosine Kinase MATK Gene and Its Translated Product -- Avraham ...
The nucleotide sequence of the downstream primer was 5`-TGC GAG CAC ACC CGC CCC AAG-3` (corresponding to position +430 to +450 bp).
This gene consists of 13 exons which span a genomic distance of about 8 kb compared with genomic loci of the coding region of Csk (55) and of Src (56, 57, 58) spanning genomic distance of 4.9 kb (exons 2-12) and 15 kb (exons 2-12), respectively.
The structure of exon-intron junctions is in agreement with established consensus sequences(59).
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/270/4/1833   (7754 words)

 PrimeTaxa Input (primer3_www_OTU_specific.cgi v 0.1)
Redistributions of source code must also reproduce this information in the source code itself.
If the program is modified, redistributions must include a notice (in the same places as above) indicating that the redistributed program is not identical to the version distributed by Whitehead Institute.
Source code for primer3 is available at: http://fokker.wi.mit.edu/primer3/
greengenes.lbl.gov /cgi-bin/primer3/primer3_www_OTU_specific.cgi   (520 words)

 Illinois Real Estate For Sale, Illinois Homes, Illinois Condos - Gonac.com
1100 square feet so it is spacious, 2 bed, 2 bath on 1.3 acres with mature trees on property.
Over 205,000 residents live in the Springfield metro area, which includes Sangamon County and adjacent Menard County.The land on which Springfield is today was first settled in the late 1810s, around the time Illinois became a state.
We have to move out of state to be closer to our son, which is the ONLY reason we are selling this house.
www.gonac.com /real-estate/illinois.php   (4935 words)

 Primer3 Input (primer3_www.cgi v 0.2)
Redistributions must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
Redistributions of source code must also reproduce this information in the source code itself.
If the program is modified, redistributions must include a notice (in the same places as above) indicating that the redistributed program is not identical to the version distributed by Whitehead Institute.
frodo.wi.mit.edu /cgi-bin/primer3/primer3_www_slow.cgi   (589 words)

 SUBJECT: Department of Defense (DoD) Voice Networks   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Monitor and manage responsibility for connections and usage charges accruing for access to public networks.  Ensure this capability does not allow automatic on- or off-netting of long distance DSN or commercial calls, except for DISA managed/approved interfaces.
Maintain the DISA's intra- and inter-switch dialing plans for end users and implement DSN access codes to ensure standardization and interoperability across the network.
The DSN and DRSN shall be used for official business only, or as authorized in the best interest of the Government, and is the first choice for all switched non-secure and secure voice and dial-up data, video telecommunications between installations serving authorized users.
www.dtic.mil /whs/directives/corres/sgml/i81003p.sgm   (6580 words)

 NIMH · Extramural Programs and Contacts (Listed by Program Class Code)
NIMH · Extramural Programs and Contacts (Listed by Program Class Code)
Extramural Programs and Contacts (Listed by Program Class Code)
These pages provide the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of key NIMH Program Staff, each of whom are responsible for an area of extramural science.
www.nimh.nih.gov /about/organization/extramural-programs-and-contacts-listed-by-program-class-code.shtml   (10254 words)

 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Activity Is Required for Progesterone Receptor Function: Novel Role for Cyclin A/Cdk2 as a ...
The cells were treated or not with 10 nM R5020, and luciferase activity was normalized to ß-Gal levels.
Human progesterone receptor A form is a cell- and promoter-specific repressor of human progesterone receptor B function.
Deciphering the phosphorylation "code" of the glucocorticoid receptor in vivo.
mcb.asm.org /cgi/content/full/25/1/264   (8084 words)

 Analysis of the Piv Recombinase-Related Gene Family of Neisseria gonorrhoeae -- Skaar et al. 187 (4): 1276 -- The ...
coding sequence of the pilE gene (9, 10, 26, 36).
Analyses of the sequences flanking the Irg coding sequences.
event altered the left end of the element and the coding sequence
jb.asm.org /cgi/content/full/187/4/1276   (7304 words)

 Wim's BIOS :: View topic - Windows XP will not install - must be old BIOS problem?
I did a clean install and formated the disc with the fat option this time.
Everything OK up until the windows devices had been installed and while I was typing in my authorisation code from the XP setup the system then rebooted itself yet again without notice.
As my machine is an "old girl" just over six years I feel it must be the bios that needs updating so here is all the details I have based on a Belaric Advisor audit scan before I attempted the initial install.
www.wimsbios.com /phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7706&sid=d684a336373dde341ea55562e101b2f3   (1502 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
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www.blog-trader.com /2006/03/25/single-board   (2088 words)

 Several E4 Region Functions Influence Mammary Tumorigenesis by Human Adenovirus Type 9 -- Thomas et al. 75 (2): 557 -- ...
The three reading frames (1, 2, and 3) of the E4 region sense strand are shown.
Darkly shaded regions highlight E4-ORF1 and E4-ORF2 coding sequences, whereas the lightly shaded region covers the 622-bp essential E4 region segment extending from nt 447 to 1069.
Considering that the E1 region codes for the major transforming
jvi.asm.org /cgi/content/full/75/2/557   (6475 words)

 Muscle Responds to an Antibody Reactive with the Acetylcholine Receptor by Up-Regulating Monocyte Chemoattractant ...
5'-CTG ATC TCA CTT GGT TCT GGT CCA-3', 211 bp (25); rat Fc sense 5'-TGG ATC CAG GTG CTC AAG GAC GAC ACT G-3', antisense
5'-CAT ATC TAC AGC ATT CCT TGG ACC AGG-3', 270 bp (27).
Cloning and sequence of the cDNA coding for rat type II Fc receptor of mast cells.
www.jimmunol.org /cgi/content/full/169/3/1579   (5965 words)

 Glutathione S-Transferase Pi Has at Least Three Distinguishable Xenobiotic Substrate Sites Close to Its ...
The reactive carbon of BITC is facing the –SH in GSH of subunit B (PDB code 19GS).
Ribbon representation of hGST P1-1 complexed with BITC with its reactive carbon facing the –SH of glutathione and complexed with monobromobimane with –CH Br facing the –SH in glutathione (PDB code 19GS) overlaid with hGST P1-1 complexed with dinitrobenzylglutathione (PDB code 18GS).
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/279/48/50204   (6959 words)

 Variation of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE_PGRS33 Gene among Clinical Isolates -- Talarico et al. 43 (10): 4954 -- ...
code for antigenic proteins, including some members of the PE and PPE gene families, suggesting that the immune system exerts
a limited selective pressure on genes that code for targets
jcm.asm.org /cgi/content/full/43/10/4954   (3594 words)

 Novel Dominant Rhodopsin Mutation Triggers Two Mechanisms of Retinal Degeneration and Photoreceptor Desensitization -- ...
The sequence of the entire ninaE coding region was confirmed
G, The putative amino acid sequence of the NINAE opsin protein is shown as a single letter amino acid code.
The N and C termini are labeled (NH and COOH, respectively), with the relative orientation of the intracellular and extracellular faces of the membrane labeled.
www.jneurosci.org /cgi/content/full/24/10/2516   (5725 words)

 A haplotype-based molecular analysis of CFTR mutations associated with respiratory and pancreatic diseases -- Lee et ...
The entire CFTR coding regions and parts of the introns were amplified by two-step PCR, as described in Materials and Methods.
HEX and GC-clamps were attached to one primer of each pair (29).
hmg.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/12/18/2321   (5270 words)

 Cardiovascular medication use in patients with undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnoea -- Otake et al. 57 (5): 417 -- ...
The cases were matched to controls using the Manitoba
age, and postal code using data from the population registry.
The postal codes were matched because it has been shown that
thorax.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/57/5/417   (3695 words)

 Ephedrine - Psychology Wiki
The House passed the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 as an amendment to the renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act.
Signed into law by president George W. Bush on March 6, 2006, the act amended the US Code (21 USC 830) concerning the sale of ephedrine-containing products.
The federal statute included the following requirements for merchants who sell these products:
psychology.wikia.com /wiki/Ephedrine   (2223 words)

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