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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  AVNOJ - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
AVNOJ (Antifašističko V(ij)eće Narodnog Oslobođenja Jugoslavije), standing for "Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia", was the political umbrella organization for the people's liberation committees that was established on November 26, 1942 to administer terrorities under their control.
On November 26, 1942, the Partisan leaders of Yugoslavia convened the first AVNOJ meeting at Bihać, in the northwest of Bosnia, in the hope of gaining political legitimacy.
In its second AVNOJ conference in the Bosnian town of Jajce, from November 21 to 29, 1943, Tito declared AVNOJ to be the superior executive authority.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/AVNOJ   (634 words)

 AVNOJ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The second congress of AVNOJ resolved that Yugoslavia would be a federation...
AVNOJ, Antifašističko V(ij)eće Narodnog Oslobođenja Jugoslavije, stands for Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia.
This was the political leadership of the main anti-fascist forces of Yugoslavia during its occupation in the World War II, the Partisans led by Tito.
hallencyclopedia.com /AVNOJ   (310 words)

 Yugoslavia - The Resistance Movement
AVNOJ became the political umbrella organization for the people's liberation committees that the partisans established to administer territories under their control.
AVNOJ proclaimed support for democracy, the rights of ethnic groups, the inviolability of private property, and freedom of individual economic initiative.
AVNOJ voted to reconstitute the country on a federal basis; elected a national committee to act as the temporary government; named Tito marshal of Yugoslavia and prime minister; and issued a declaration forbidding King Petar to return to the country until a popular referendum had been held on the status of the monarchy.
www.country-data.com /cgi-bin/query/r-14783.html   (1225 words)

 MSN Encarta - Yugoslavia
In November 1942 the Partisans, temporarily in control of a large part of Bosnia, convened an Antifascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia (often known by its Serbo-Croatian acronym, AVNOJ) in the Bosnian town of Bihać.
AVNOJ became, in effect, a provisional legislative body.
A year later AVNOJ met again in Jajce, Bosnia, and proclaimed a provisional government for a federal state it promised to create.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761567145_3/Yugoslavia.html   (2115 words)

 War in the Balkans - 6   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
AVNOJ was also formed on a federative basis that prefigures the future Republics.
At its 2nd conference, held in Jacje, Bosnia-Hercegovina, AVNOJ agreed to refound Yugoslavia on a federal basis, though most of the details of what exactly that would imply were left unclear.
Because of these largely correct positions on the national question, and their practical application in the structures of the AVNOJ, the CPY was able to turn the war in each of the future Republics into a civil war between pro and antifascist forces, not a war between the different nationalities.
www.isg-fi.org.uk /archives/press/wib/wib06.htm   (1181 words)

 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Economy of SFRY is known for the organization of that country, and its particular brand of workers' self-management system.
Democratic Federative Yugoslavia was reconstituted at the AVNOJ or the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia conference in Jajce (November 29 - December 4, 1943) while negotiations with the royal government in exile continued.
On November 29, 1945 the Federative People's Republic of Yugoslavia was established as a socialist state (also by AVNOJ in Jajce).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Socialist_Federal_Republic_of_Yugoslavia   (1407 words)

 ARNES News arhiv / - Re: AVNOJ-decrees
AVNOJ basically decreed that everyone of German or Austrian nationality is free game for confiscation and they confiscated all their property.
That these were savage acts is clear as it is a well known western concept that a person cannot be "punished" for simply belonging to an ethnic group or have the nationality of a defeated country.
The efforts of the Austrian and Italian governments to make the issue of non-discriminatory property restitution a condition for admitting Slovenia into these organization are commendable and should be supported.
www.arnes.si /news/archive/soc.culture.slovenia/msg13486.html   (407 words)

In addition, one of the first regulations passed by the Presidium of AVNOJ recognized the Macedonian language, along with Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian languages, as one of the official languages on the entire territory of Yugoslavia.
By this resolution AVNOJ was established as the supreme representative of the sovereignty of the people and of the state of Yugoslavia.
In general, the Second Session of AVNOJ saw the constitution of the new state and the constitutional bases for its construction were laid down there.
www.cecl.gr /rigasnetwork/databank/REPORTS/r1/Fyrom_R1_Cvetkovski.html   (5362 words)

 AVNOJ Decrees
The AVNOJ Decrees were adopted by the Yugoslav Government to deal with its citizens who cooperated, abetted and supported the fascist occupiers of the land, be they the troops of Hitler or Mussolini.
All parts of the occupier and those Yugoslav citizens, who after the war could not show they were on the side of their country, were to be dispossessed and expelled.
The AVNOJ Decrees were approved at the Potsdam Conference in 1945 by all the major powers and Decrees are still valid.
www.gottschee.de /forum/messages/06.html   (502 words)

 "Germans" in Slovenia
Even during the war, therefore, the political camps in Slovenia were clearly committed to a post-war reckoning with local Germans, not because of their nationality, but because they were convinced that they must pay compensation for Nazi crimes committed, in line with the then allied policy towards the Nazi regime.
Much the same applies to the Agrarian Reform and Colonisation Act, which determined that cultivated land owned by the German Reich and members of the German national community, seized by AVNOJ decree of 21 November 1944, should be transferred to the land fund for agrarian reform and colonisation.
The amnesty adopted by AVNOJ on 5 August 1945, in addition to other exceptions, did not cover members of the Kulturbund, which meant that the amnesty did not cover the majority of those convicted who were of German nationality and their real or alleged Slovene adherents.
www.uvi.si /eng/slovenia/background-information/germans   (2250 words)

 2000/09/24 00:51 Slovenia and Austria
Or, perhaps this is AVNOJ all over again (Anti-Fascist Council of the National Liberation of Yugoslavia)", said the current Foreign Minister Lojze Peterle, visibly irritated after the session of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee.
That means that Slovenia has legalised in practice the stand according to which members of German minority (at that time still without Austrian citizenship), whose property had been expropriated, have the right to demand the return of their confiscated property from Slovenia.
For them AVNOJ is just an avnoj and they do not care for any distinction between the two types of decisions it had adopted, i.e.
www.aimpress.ch /dyn/trae/archive/data/200009/00924-003-trae-lju.htm   (1534 words)

 Central Europe Review - Slovene News Review
The Foreign Minister publicly stated last week that Slovenia should not be allowed membership in the EU until it repeals the AVNOJ (Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia) declarations, which, among other things, stripped German nationals within Yugoslavia of their citizenship and property.
On Thursday, the Austrian government stated that it would not demand that the AVNOJ declarations be repealed.
The two have never been fans of Kučan and are taking the position that the AVNOJ declarations have nothing to do with Slovene statehood and that they should be repealed in the interest of Slovene-Austrian relations.
www.ce-review.org /00/30/slovenianews30.html   (1318 words)

 Totenbuch der Donauschwaben
The "ethnic cleansing" of Yugoslavia of its German population was intended at the latest already at the Conference of the anti-fascist council of people's liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ) in Jajce (Bosnia, November 1943).
The AVNOJ represented a sort of temporary people's representation of the communist partisan movement under the command of Josip Broz - called Tito - who became head of state of Yugoslavia for many years after the war.
The formal decree stipulating expropriation without compensation of all citizens of German origin living in Yugoslavia was issued by the AVNOJ in Belgrade on November 21 of 1944.
www.totenbuch-donauschwaben.at /en/history.htm   (783 words)

 More on AVNOJ
Had he done so he would have learned that they were directed only toward expelling the occupier and his supporters.
For the AG and now the GHGA, to press for the abolition of the AVNOJ Decrees is morally wrong.
The AVNOJ Decrees will not be abolished since a moral imperative to do so does not exist.
www.gottschee.de /forum/messages/09.html   (684 words)

 Slovenia Business Week   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A standpoint on the AVNOJ decisions is not necessary only in negotiations with the EU, but also in bilateral discussions on this issue, he pointed out.
Those who are denouncing AVNOJ from political or ideological reasons are also denouncing Slovenia's legal basis, Kucan added.
It should be led by professional diplomats, as contractual diplomats are too expensive for Slovenia because they usually do not return to the Foreign Ministry after their mandates expire, he added.
www.gzs.si /eng/news/sbw/head.asp?idc=5812   (561 words)

 Forum B92 > Aleksandar I Karađorđević   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
On ne moze da razume niti slovo, a ni duh AVNOJ-a, ne zato sto je to nekakav vispren stil (slazem se da nije, cak je i vrlo prizeman, mada sasvim jasan i nedvosmislen) nego zato sto on i njemu slicni, jednostavno, ne razumeju istoriju.
Koliko je americka deklaracija bila "revolucionarni akt", ili odluke pariskog konventa, - toliko je to i AVNOJ.
AVNOJ ce biti "fusnota" u knjigama (chijim?), koliko i miloseviceve skupstine, referendumi, "volja naroda", pa i Srbi kao nacija.
www.b92.net /invboard/lofiversion/index.php/t14915-50.html   (2378 words)

 The Militant - November 6, 2000 -- How Yugoslav toilers overturned capitalism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A year later, in November 1943, AVNOJ proclaimed a provisional government and announced that the king could not return.
At the same time, at the meeting of U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt, British prime minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in Tehran, the Allied powers first agreed that influence in postwar Yugoslavia would be shared equally between the imperialist allies and Moscow.
In the fall of 1945, the monarchy was abolished--implementing the AVNOJ decision of two years earlier--and the capitalist parties boycotted the November 11 elections to the constituent assembly because they knew they would be heavily defeated.
www.themilitant.com /2000/6442/644261.shtml   (2051 words)

 How imperialism broke up the Yugoslav Socialist Federation
It started a long time ago, when the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ), led by Tito (Josip Broz) and the Communist Party, defeated the royalist and reactionary forces of Col. Draza Mihajlovic and his Chetniks.
The U.S. and the British until 1943 recognized Mihajlovic and his royalist, reactionary coalition and refused recognition to the representatives of the Yugoslav people organized in the AVNOJ.
Then, seeing that the progressive and revolutionary forces were on the verge of scoring a historic victory, the imperialists suddenly changed sides and began to give token support to the Partisans.
www.iacenter.org /bosnia/marcy.htm   (316 words)

 Safet Bandžovic
Edvard Kardelj i Moša Pijade su mu tada sugerirali da AVNOJ mora biti popunjen uglednim ljudima iz Hrvatske, Srbije i Slovenije.
godine, na kojoj je bilo 247 delegata iz cijele BiH, ispred Vrhovnog štaba prisustvovao je Arso Jovanović, ispred AVNOJ-a Ivan Ribar i Vlado Zečević, kao i predstavnici Hrvatske i Slovenije.
At the mentioned AVNOJ session the idea of the Bosniaks to be a nation was refused.
www.iis.unsa.ba /prilozi/31/31_bandzovic.htm   (8927 words)

 Uprava Carina   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bulevar AVNOJ-a 155a, III sprat, soba 308, Odsek za nabavku i kordinaciju prodaje.
Interested tenderers are liable to submit their tenders within 30 days from the day of the publication of this letter of invitation to tenderers in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” (26.
If the last day of the deadline expiry for the submission of tenders is a non-working day (Saturday or Sunday) or national holiday, the first working day after a national holiday or a non-working day shall be considered the last day of deadline.
www.fcs.yu /srpski/right/tenderi/2005_40.htm   (1303 words)

 Slovenia Business Week
The focus of the press conference held by Foreign Minister Lojze Peterle on Friday, 1 September included relations with Austria in regard to the AVNOJ decisions and the issue of denationalisation.
Peterle stressed that the decision to begin talks on the issue on an expert level does not mean that Slovenia has agreed to negotiate, but that the current government is willing to explain and clear up matters, which is in line with the decision of the previous government.
At the time that the measures of denationalisation became effective, the people were not Austrian citizens, that is why they did not have the right to compensation for seized property under the Austrian State Treaty.
www.gzs.si /eng/news/sbw/head.asp?idc=5822   (750 words)

 AVNOJ - TheBestLinks.com - Josip Broz Tito, November 29, World War II, Yugoslavia, ...
AVNOJ - TheBestLinks.com - Josip Broz Tito, November 29, World War II, Yugoslavia,...
AVNOJ, Josip Broz Tito, November 29, World War II, Yugoslavia, 1943, Partisan...
You can add this article to your own "watchlist" and receive e-mail notification about all changes in this page.
www.thebestlinks.com /AVNOJ.html   (123 words)

 AVNOJ - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
This World War II article is a stub.
This page was last modified 00:16, 10 Apr 2005.
This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about AVNOJ contains research on
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/AVNOJ   (103 words)

 Croatian Message Board: Re: We're on the same page
The republic borders were drawn up not at Yalta but at the AVNOJ conference in Jajce in 1943.
Now there are people on the other side of the argument that claim for example that if not for Tito and the Partizans, Istra and parts of Dalmacija would still be part of Italy today.
The : republic borders were drawn up not at Yalta : but at the AVNOJ conference in Jajce in : 1943.
members.boardhost.com /hrvatska/msg/18588.html   (908 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The right to participate refers to all interested national and international natural and legal persons who can take necessary documentation in the premises of the Ministry in Boulevard of AVNOJ St. no 104 in Belgrade, office 320/II, from 10:00 to 14:00 hours.
Persons must submit their genuine offers, on the undertaken bid form, it must be clear and explicit, legibly typed and verified by seal and signature of the authorized person.
It Timely submitted offers shall be considered the ones sent until above indicated deadline to the portfolio of the MIA, Boulevard of AVNOJ St. no 104, regardless to the way of their dispatch.
www.mup.sr.gov.yu /domino/mup.nsf/helicop_bid_e   (516 words)

 Slovenia Business Week   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The amendments reopen issues of suitability of Slovenia's denationalisation legislation, the AVNOJ decisions, the Krsko nuclear power plant safety, Slovenian media plurality and police brutality.
Most of the issues were raised by Hubert Pirker, a member of the European People's Party, who has consistently brought up similar issues over the past years in the context of Slovenia's accession to the EU.
Pirker also believes that MEPs should voice the expectation in their report on Slovenia, that the country would cancel the 1944 AVNOJ decisions, which deal with the transfer of the enemy's property over to the state, and are still valid.
www.gzs.si /SBW/head.asp?idc=8112   (325 words)

 [No title]
Invoking the Wilsonian doctrine of self-determination and their own two-year war against the Nazi occupiers, the Communists claimed their assembly was the only legitimate government of Yugoslavia.
Yugoslav Communists, led by the charismatic and mysterious Josip Broz Tito, felt it was the perfect time to stake their claim to the spoils of victory, preempting the increasingly helpless royals and their loyalist guerillas in the country.
For the next 35 years, Yugoslavia saw peace, development and relatively harmonious coexistence between its ethnic groups, under the watchful eye of its Supreme Leader, Tito.
www.antiwar.com /malic/m112901.html   (1687 words)

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