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Topic: Abbe prism

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Refractometer Abbe 5 - Bellingham and Stanley UK
The Abbe 5 is an affordable refractometer ideally suited for use where a wide refractive index measurement range is required such as in small contract laboratories or applications where sample throughput is relatively low.
The sample is placed on the prism and is illuminated by aligning the chrome-plated reflector with a suitable light source (day light or desk lamp – not provided).
The Abbe 5 refractometer is supplied with a glass calibration plate, contact liquid, and instruction manual and is packed in a hard flight case for easy transportation and storage.
www.bs-ltd.com /ltd/abbe5.html   (361 words)

  Refraction Of Light - LoveToKnow 1911
The simplest are really spectrometers, consisting of a glass prism, usually hollow and fitted with accurately parallel glass sides, mounted on a table which carries a fixed collimation tube and a movable observing tube, the motion of the latter being recorded on a graduated circle.
The refracting angle of the prism, i in our previous notation, is determined by placing the prism with its refracting edge towards the collimator, and observing when the reflections of the slit in the two prism faces coincide with the cross-wires in the observing telescope; half the angle between these two positions gives i.
The prisms, which are right-angled and made of the same flint glass, are mounted in a hinged frame such that the lower prism, which is used for purposes of illumination, can be locked so that the hypothenuse faces are distant by about 0.15 mm., or rotated away from the upper prism.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Refraction_Of_Light   (3935 words)

The prisms are then closed up again and before the measurement is proceeded with, the refractometer is left standing for a few minutes in order to compensate any cooling or heating of the prisms which occurred while they were separated.
The ABBE refractometer with heatable prisms is applied to tests as to purity, or the determination of the proportion, of known components in a mixture.
The movable prism is hinged down, so far that the light from a clear sky which strikes the bright metal surface F enters the object in the manner indicated.
humboldt.edu /~scimus/Instruments/AbbeRefract-Zeiss/AbbeRefrZ07.htm   (3726 words)

 Abbe prism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
In optics, an Abbe prism, named for its inventor, the German physicist Ernst Abbe, is a type of constant deviation dispersive prism similar to a Pellin-Broca prism.
The prism is designed such that one particular wavelength of the light exits the prism at a deviation angle (relative to the light's original path) of exactly 60°.
The dispersive Abbe prism should not be confused with the non-dispersive Porro-Abbe prism.
publicliterature.org /en/wikipedia/a/ab/abbe_prism.html   (168 words)

 All About Abbe
Abbe worked his way through school by earning scholarships and received help from his father’s employer.
  Abbe and his partners were able to correct this problem with a new type of glass that incorporated fluorite.[3]  Abbe introduced the apochromat in the Zeiss catalog by arguing with facts instead of the huge amount of calculations that went into its development.
The internal scales are designed with this equation and are usually calibrated to use the sodium D wavelength of light as the source.
www.u.arizona.edu /~sborota   (1096 words)

 [No title]
These impressive eyepieces deliver a wide 70 degree apparent field of view with the long eye relief and viewing comfort that their Hyperion cousins are known for.
Baader Planetarium has persuaded Zeiss to produce more of their legendary Abbe barlow and incorporated the superb Clicklock eyepiece clamp.
Views are notably superior in resolution and contrast to even the very finest and most expensive glass objective solar filters and films.
www.alpineastro.com   (1934 words)

 Prism Yarn
Pellin-Broca prism - A Pellin-Broca prism is a type of constant deviation dispersive prism similar to an Abbe prism.
Abbe prism - In optics, an Abbe prism, named for its inventor, the German physicist Ernst Abbe, is a type of constant deviation dispersive prism similar to a Pellin-Broca prism.
Instructions are provided for choosing materials prism yarn and equipment, skeining prism yarn and preparing yarn, prism yarn and painting prism yarn and dyeing the yarn--all with materials that are found in most grocery prism yarn and craft stores.
www.web-tees.com /prismyarn.html   (1060 words)

 Refractometry: Theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
In the Abbe' refractometer the liquid sample is sandwiched into a thin layer between an illuminating prism and a refracting prism (Figure 2).
The refracting prism is made of a glass with a high refractive index (e.g., 1.75) and the refractometer is designed to be used with samples having a refractive index smaller than that of the refracting prism.
These compensating prisms are designed so that they can be adjusted to correct (i.e., compensate for) the dispersion of the sample in such a way that they reproduce the refractive index that would be obtained with monochromatic light of 589 nm, the sodium D line.
www2.ups.edu /faculty/hanson/labtechniques/refractometry/theory.htm   (955 words)

 ATAGO CO.,LTD. -Products- ABBE Refractometers-refractometers, polarimeter, saccharimeter, Brix meter, ph meter, ...
Compared with other types of refractometers, the Abbe refractometers are capable of measuring liquid and solid samples such as plate glasses, plastic sheets, and other solid films.
Abbe Refractometer DR-A1 By very simple operation that needs only to set the boundary line of refraction at the cross hairs, this refractometer directly indicates a measured value (in refractive index or Brix (%), selective) in digits together with temperature on the display.
The NAR-1T is an Abbe refractometer of standard type, measures refractive indices of liquids and solids quickly and accurately.
www.atago.net /english/products_abbe.php   (807 words)

 REFRACTION (Lat. refri... - Online Information article about REFRACTION (Lat. refri...
The relation between the minimum deviation D, the angle of the prism i, and the refractive index p is found as follows.
double Abbe prism AB to contain the substance to be experimented with; and a telescope F to observe the border line of the total reflection.
To use the apparatus, the liquid having been inserted between the prisms, or the solid attached by its own adhesiveness or by a drop of monobromnaphthalene to the upper prism, the prism case is rotated until the See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /RAY_RHU/REFRACTION_Lat_refringere_to_br.html   (2625 words)

 Ernst Karl Abbe
Ernst Karl Abbe (January 23, 1840 in Eisenach – January 14, 1905 in Jena), was a German physicist.
Abbe is best known for his work in optics including designing the first refractometer.
The eight-hour workday would not be widely emulated in the United States until its use in the next century by the Ford Motor Company 1914, although it was proclaimed in 1884.
www.mlahanas.de /Physics/Bios/ErnstAbbe.html   (122 words)

 VOB Lumex -- Prisms
Prism is three-face pyramid with 90 degree vertex angle.
Prism of range instrumentation type having roof on second reflection face combined with compensation prism.
Prism is combined with two glued rectangular prisms having silvered glued hypotenuse face.
www.tecplusplus.de /ManualLu/prisms.htm   (486 words)

 Review: Docter 10x42 B/CF vs. TS 10x42 vs. Zeiss Dialyt 10x40 B
The 10x40, or 10x42, is a classical size for roof prism glasses, because here the advantage of this design is of particular impact: With 10x, we are at the limit of hand-held binoculars, and the low weight of the roof prism makes it easier to handle.
The modern form of the Dialyt (with Schmidt/Pechan prism construction) was introduced in 1964 and continually improved since then, and in 1981 the Zeiss 7x42 Dialyt came with the more advanced Abbe-Koenig prism system.
The Schmidt-Pechan prisms require one mirror surface - perhaps, over the decades, the reflectivity of this surface has suffered (the later Zeiss Dialyt 7x42 and the Zeiss Victory models come with Abbe-Koenig prisms where such a layer is obsolete), which would explain the apparent poor light transmission of this Dialyt.
www.holgermerlitz.de /dialyt10x40.html   (2319 words)

 Optics4Birding.com - All About Optics - Designs
The roof prism is a more modern design that consists of two prisms cemented together in a single interior mount.
Most bird watchers are inclined to stick with the slim roof prism design although there are those with big hands that claim that the larger porro prisms are more comfortable for them (I have large hands and do not find this so).
Modern roof prism binoculars tend to have two separate prisms that are cemented together, rather than two offset prisms of the porro prism design.
www.optics4birding.com /basics1.aspx   (1395 words)

 Sugar Refractometer Manufacturers,Hand Refractometer Manufacturers,Sugar Refractometer Suppliers,Hand Refractometer ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Close and fasten the prism box when the liquid will be squeezed into a thin film between the prism.
Focus the crosswires with the eyepiece, adjust the mirror until the illumination is good, and gently turn the prism box by means of a milled head screw forwards and backwards until a coloured band appears in the field of view.
But turning the milled ring at the base of the telescope, a position will be found at which the coloured band will be eliminated, the field of view being partly light and partly dark with a sharp dividing line.
www.indiamart.com /gurunanakinstruments/products.html   (478 words)

 Gardco -Atago Abbe Refractometer Model DR-A1 - Optical Instruments
Large, menu-driven LCD display; Refractive Index (nD) and Brix scales; primary and secondary prisms; color compensator dial; large measurement dial; focusable eyepiece; external power supply; desiccant case; drain nozzle.
Featuring 2 circulator nozzles for the primary prism and 2 for the secondary prism.
The prism temperature is displayed on the LCD display.
www.gardco.com /pages/refractometers/abbe_dra1.html   (396 words)

 BirdForum - Leitz 7 x 35b trinovid binoculars. What are these?
The prism goes into the center of the instrument and the light does not cross the same path twice as in a roof prism.
Unlike porros, all of these roof prism designs rely on reflection as well as refraction to invert the image, and, consequently, all require phase coatings to deal with the sharpness problems associated with out of phase light waves resulting from the use of reflective surfaces.
One element of an Uppendahl prism is a roof prism and does rely on reflection.
www.birdforum.net /archive/index.php/t-29299   (1777 words)

 AOSA: Catalog: Optical Elements: Prisms: Reversor and Inversor
This prism is also called Abbe-Konig or K prism.
By substituting one reflection surface by a roof, the prism transforms on an Abbe prism, which behaves as a rotating prism (inverted and correct left-to right image).
The prism could be made from one piece or two pieces cemented together.
www.aosa.es /Eng/Catalog/Optics/Prisms/reversor-inversor-prism.htm   (275 words)

 Schmidt+Haensch Abbe Refractometers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Schmidt+Haensch Abbe Refractometers for circulating bath temperature regulation and RI measurements
The Schmidt+Haensch Model Abbe Refractometer is an excellent instrument for the Refractive Index(nD) analysis of liquids, glass, plastic, and film.
Using circulator nozzles for the primary prism and for the secondary prism, this model can be connected to a circulating bath to accurately regulate prism temperature.
www.novatech-usa.com /s.nl/sc.2/category.403/.f   (109 words)

 [No title]
The Hastings prism in three pieces must be bonded or it would suffer large chromatic aberration problems with the airspaced surfaces not being perpendicular to the optical axis.
In the prism form, it would evidently be possible to create the effect of a meniscus lens (for the Mak corrector) by forming radii on two of the prism faces, or presumably, a four-surface Mak corrector with an additional radius on the third (reflecting) surface of the prism.
The Spencer 7 x 50s are distinguished by their prisms - oversized objective prism & undersized eyepiece prism, a larger eyepiece, and a field of view that is wider by one half a degree than the standard WWII 7 x 50, with an apparent field of view of 7 degrees, 39 seconds.
www.europa.com /~telscope/List.251-300.doc   (18413 words)

 AFAB Enterprises - Inline Process Refractometers
These key components include the LED, prism, thermistor, and silicon detectors.
During a measurement, the LED shines through a sapphire prism.
At the interface of the liquid and prism, some of the light is reflected back into the probe, and some is refracted out into the liquid.
www.refractometer.com   (447 words)

 Abbe Refractometers DR and T-Series Models
The ATAGO Model DR-A1 Digital Abbe Refractometer features digital readout of either Brix or Refractive Index (nD), electronic prism temperature measurement, nozzles for connection to a circulating constant temperature bath, and Automatic Temperature Compensatioon (5-50°C).
The LCD display is the largest available on similar refractometer models and displays both the reading and prism temperature as they occur.
Operation is simple: 1) Place on the prism and close the cover; 2) While looking through the eyepiece, rotate the adjustment control knob until the shadowline in centered in the crosshairs; 3) The reading and prism temperature are displayed on the LCD screen.
www.jsits.com /geneq/en/abbe_refractometers.htm   (554 words)

 Anchor Optics - Porro-Abbe Prism
A porro-abbe prism is sometimes called a double right angle prism.
Two of them are used to make an erecting system for telescopes and some models of binoculars.
One of these prisms can be used to bend an image 90 degrees and rotate a vertical image horizontally.
www.anchoroptics.com /catalog/product.cfm?id=65   (121 words)

 ABBE-3L Customer Replacement Parts-Thermo Scientific
This is a list of the replacement parts for the Thermo Scientific ABBE-3L Refractometer that can be installed by the customer (or does not require installation by an authorized Thermo Fisher Scientific service representative).
Replacement Prism Assembly (prism series #552 only) for ABBE-3L
Dispersion Table, for ABBE-3L (prism series #552 only)
www.thermo.com /com/cda/product/detail/1,1055,22142,00.html   (264 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Hastings 1897 Roof Prism Patent: www.lightmechanics.com/Patents/Hastings-586708-1.tif www.lightmechanics.com/Patents/Hastings-586708-2.tif www.lightmechanics.com/Patents/Hastings-586708-3.tif www.lightmechanics.com/Patents/Hastings-586708-4.tif The invention is for an erecting prism of the type commonly known today as the Abbe- Koenig (or Abbe-Konig) roof prism and was used extensively since 1905 by the German firm of Hensoldt in many of their binocular models.
The Hastings prism type (aka Abbe- Koenig) is currently used in the Zeiss Victory series of binoculars.
There are examples of somewhat larger flat or curved plate "combining glass" elements (also possibly using holographic techniques to simulate lensing) in the "heads up" display sighthead units on modern jet fighters, such as the F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, etc.
www.europa.com /~telscope/listp250.txt   (18314 words)

 Two-Regime Hollow PDMS Abbe Prism for u-TAS Applications
Two-Regime Hollow PDMS Abbe Prism for u-TAS Applications
A new robust and compact system, which comprises a PDMS-based hollow Abbe prism and microlenses, together with self-alignment channels for optical fibre positioning, is presented.
This optical detection method has two different regimes for signal transduction, namely absorption and refractive index shift.
www.nsti.org /Nanotech2004/showabstract.html?absno=317   (105 words)

 Swarovski Binoculars - Zeiss FL - Kowa Spotting Scopes - Leica
10X 42mm Roof Prism (Rubber Armored) CF WP "Pinnacles"
Swarovski pocket, SLC and EL models are roof prism style binoculars.
The Victory Series utilizes fully T* coated Abbe-Koenig prisms that are considered the world's finest prisms!
www.bearbasin.com /binocs.htm   (2896 words)

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