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Topic: Abbey of Bec

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Abbey of Bec
The Benedictine Abbey of Bec, or Le Bec, in Normandy, was founded in the earlier part of the eleventh century by Herluin, a Norman knight who about 1031 left the court of Count Gilbert of Brionne to devote himself to a life of religion.
The future archbishop and Doctor of the Church first came to Bec in 1060 while the work of building was in progress, and the year before the monks were able to move into their new home.
In its later years the Abbey of Bec was but one among many religious houses doing good work for learning and religion, but in the golden age of Lanfranc and Anselm it held a unique position, and exerted a far-reaching influence on the course of church history and the advancement of theological learning.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/b/bec,abbey_of.html   (1062 words)

 Britannia History: Cleeve Abbey (Somerset)
It was founded as a prebend of the famous Norman Abbey of Bec but, as the distance made it difficult for the latter effectively to control it, the Somersetshire house was leased to the Cistercians in return for an annual rent of forty marks.
Certainly, this poor little abbey had the good-will of its neighbours, for it is on record that they were very anxious to avert its dissolution, urging, amongst other things, that there were in it, seventeen priests of honest life who kept hospitality.
The abbey was granted to Robert, Earl of Sussex, and by him or his successors the church was destroyed for the value of its materials; but the domestic buildings survived and were used as the outbuildings of a farm.
www.britannia.com /history/somerset/churches/cleeve.html   (533 words)

 Bec - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Bec, former Benedictine abbey, near the village of Bec-Hellouin, Eure dept., N France, in Normandy.
BEC Group Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire ILC Technology, Inc.; Bolle Inc. to be Spun Off to BEC Group Shareholders Prior to Closing
BEC Energy to Transfer Massachusetts Nuclear Power Plant to Louisiana Utility.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-bec.html   (238 words)

When the new abbey church at Bec, which had taken some fifteen years to build, was finished in 1077, it was consecrated by Lanfranc, who was now of Canterbury.
The abbey continued in existence down to the French Revolution.
Thus the chief house of medieval learning was renewed by the fathers of modern historical scholarship.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02379b.htm   (1070 words)

 House & Cottage in Normandy, France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Abbey Stone House is a newly renovated traditional Normandy house which, like the cottage, is reputedly built with stone brought from the famous Abbey of Le Bec Hellouin.
La Bec Hellouin is a delightful picturesque village well known for its historic Abbey that has been an important centre of learning in the Christian world since the 11th century.
Abbey Stone Cottage is an ideal location for exploring this charming area of Normandy.
www.relaxinfranceonline.com /normandy/27001.htm   (609 words)

 Jewett Texts
This was the story of many small religious houses and their founders, but we cannot help tracing the beginning of the abbey of Bec with particular interest for the sake of Lanfranc, who has kept its memory alive and made it famous in Norman and English history.
Bec became a famous centre of learning, and even from Italy and Greece young men journeyed to his school, and, as years went by, he was venerated more and more.
But the abbey of Bec was a great power for good in its time, and carried a wonderful influence for many years.
www.public.coe.edu /~theller/soj/nor/nor11.html   (3611 words)

The manors of Ogbourne St George and Ogbourne St Andrew were given to the Abbey Bec before 1133 by Maud of Wallingford with the assent of Brian Fitz Count, her husband.
A cell of the Abbey of Bec-Hellouin was established in 'Great Ogbourne' (Ogbourne St George) in 1149, not as a monastery, but something nearer an estate office with responsibility for various possessions of land spread over southern England, accounting to the Abbey for revenues collected.
Due to the difficulties of communication with the distant mother Abbey, a proctor-general was appointed with greater legal powers to defend the legal rights of the Abbey in England and with the passage of time the prior of Ogbourne became the proctor-general.
www.oginet.com /Chronicles/bailiw.htm   (873 words)

 Essential Norman Conquest - An interactive day-by-day retelling of the events of 1066   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The abbey at Le Bec Hellouin, 35 km south west of Rouen, was founded in 1034 by the knight Herluin, who had exchanged his destrie, or warhorse, for a donkey and foresworn worldly success.
The Italian prelate Lanfranc joined the community in 1042 and one of his pupils there was to become Pope Alexander II, the man who appointed his former teacher Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Abbey of Bec was thus pivotal in the worldly, political influence of the Church.
www.essentialnormanconquest.com /encyclopedia/abbey_of_bec.htm   (109 words)

 Saint Anselm's Church, Dartford
In 1059 he came to the abbey of Bec in Normandy, where his countryman Lanfranc was prior.
In 1063 Lanfranc was appointed abbot of Caen and Anselm succeeded hm as prior of Bec.
In 1078 Herluin, founder and first abbot of Bec, died and Anselm was elected as the new abbot of Bec.
www.rc.net /southwark/dartford/new/info/stanselm.html   (499 words)

 St. Anselm
At one time he was fainting with hunger and was fain to refresh his strength with snow, when the servant found that some bread was still left in the baggage, and Anselm regained strength and continued the journey.
This is confirmed by an entry in the chronicle of the Abbey of Bec, which was compiled not later than 1136.
As if these trials were not enough Anselm had to bear the reproaches of some of the monks of Bec who were loath to lose him; in his letters he is at pains to show that he did not desire the office.
www.ewtn.com /library/MARY/01546A.htm   (4750 words)

 Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
At the age of twenty seven, Anselm entered the Benedictine convent in Bec under the prior Lanfranc, and the abbot, the warrior monk Herluin.
In addition to its notoriety, the abbey became quite prosperous, and acquired much land, some of which was in England.
After four month in England Anselm prepared to return to Bec when he was informed that he was not allowed to leave the country by order of the king.
www.smcm.edu /users/gestearns/Biography.htm   (619 words)

 William Crispin: from The Conqueror and His Companions - Genealogy on Pat Patterson's Pages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
According to the latter, Crispinus, Baron of Bec, was the son of Crispina, daughter of Rollo, by Grimaldus, Prince of Monaco.
We may fairly consider, however, that William Crispin I was the son of Gilbert, Baron of Bec and Castellan of Tillières, who defended that fortress against the French King Henry, and reluctantly surrendered it to him by command of the boy-duke William at the commencement of his reign.
He was living in 1082, when he witnessed the foundation charters of the Conqueror to the Abbeys of St. Stephen and the Holy Trinity, at Caen, and the confirmation of the privileges of the Abbey of Fontenville, in the same year, at the council held at Oistel, near Rouen.
genealogy.patp.us /conq/crispin.shtml   (1322 words)

 Alien house: Priory of Tooting | British History Online
The name of Tooting Beck or Tooting Bec still preserves the former association of a part of this town with the great Benedictine abbey of Bec in Normandy.
A certain part of Upper Tooting, in the parish of Streatham, was given to the abbey of Bec in the life of the Conqueror by Richard de Tonebridge, and the abbey placed some monks there in charge of their property establishing a grange or small priory.
In 1315 it was said that the prior of Okeburn held the manor of Tooting (Totynge) Bec and Streatham of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, by the service of one knight's fee.
www.british-history.ac.uk /report.asp?compid=37832   (350 words)

 [No title]
Abbey Stone Cottage is a recently completed conversion of a barn that was reputedly built with stone brought from the famous Abbey of Le Bec Hellouin.
Half this land is behind Abbey Stone House, providing clear space for the house.
Half is in front of Abbey Stone Cottage, providing a clear area for the cottage.
www.abbeystonecottage.com   (484 words)

 Bec Abbey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bec Abbey (French: Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec) in Le Bec-Hellouin, Normandy, France, is a Benedictine monastic foundation in the Eure d├ępartement, in a valley midway between the cities of Rouen and Le Havre.
The followers of William the Conqueror sponsored Bec, enriching the abbey with extensive manors and other holdings in England.
Bec also owned and managed St Neots Priory as well as a number of other British foundations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Abbey_of_Bec   (353 words)

 Saint Anselm (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Once he was in Normandy, Anselm's interest was captured by the Benedictine abbey at Bec, whose famous school was under the direction of Lanfranc, the abbey's prior.
Lanfranc was a scholar and teacher of wide reputation, and under his leadership the school at Bec had become an important center of learning, especially in dialectic.
Under Anselm's leadership the reputation of Bec as an intellectual center grew, and Anselm managed to write a good deal of philosophy and theology in addition to his teaching, administrative duties, and extensive correspondence as an adviser and counsellor to rulers and nobles all over Europe and beyond.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/anselm   (5451 words)

 What Was New : 2003 October, November and December. OSB - The Order of Saint Benedict. Fourth Quarter.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
In 1998, five Olivetan monks from the Abbey of Bec, Normandy, came to Ulster with the hope of encouraging reconciliation between Protestants and Catholics.
On 10 November 2003, the Holy Father nominated Abbot Francis Alleyne OSB, 51, superior of Mount Saint Benedict Abbey in Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago, as bishop of Georgetown, Guyana, West Indies.
Although many of the abbeys sponsor day or residential schools, the Austrian abbeys also offer numerious opportunities for special or continuing education, spiritual refreshment and hospitality.
www.osb.org /new/0304new.html   (1486 words)

 Insight Page on the Cistercian Order (one)
Whilst Bec never developed a large group of daughter houses, it did become one of the earliest intellectual power houses of Europe under the guidance of Lanfranc (born in Pavia, 1005 - 1089 (84)), who joined up in 1042, followed by Anselm (born in Aosta, 1033 - 1109 (76)) in 1060.
Whilst nowadays one looks at Cistercian abbey sites with admiration for their natural beauty and proximity to water, it's worth remembering that when they were first colonised by the white monks they were mostly dank cold unwanted tracts of poor quality forest or undrained marshes.
The power of the great medieval abbeys and priories was being broken and replaced by the power of a multinational organization, and it is not surprising that there was much resistance from the former - turkeys have never knowingly voted for Christmas.
www.paradoxplace.com /Insights/Cistercians/Cistercians.htm   (2060 words)

 THE ABBEY OF BEC-HELLOUIN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Abbey is situated in Northern France approximately equidistant from Rouen and Le Havre.
The Abbey has been described as ‘one of the most important centres of intellectual learning in the Christian World’ and had strong links with the Christian church in England.
The Abbey was re-occupied in 1948 by Benedictine monks, who undertook a substantial renovation of the buildings, and converted the vaulted refectory of 1747 into the abbey church which contains the tomb of it’s founder.
www.oginet.com /Chronicles/bec.htm   (213 words)

 Prebendaries: Cleeve | British History Online
Settlement of controversy between Bec and Wells settled 1199/1200 by establishment of church of [Old] Cleeve as preb.
at the same time, church of [Old] Cleeve was leased by Bec to abbot and convent of Cleeve for 44m p.a., of which 4m was to be paid to choir vicar; conf.
Monks of Cleeve paid to Bec 44m p.a., of which 4m was paid to abbot of Bec's vicar for his residence in church of Wells (Documents of Bec p.
www.british-history.ac.uk /report.asp?compid=34358   (496 words)

 Abbey of Bec (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Abbey of Bec (French: Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec) in Normandy, France, is a Benedictine foundation.
The abbey is situated in Le Bec-Hellouin, in the Eure d├ępartement, in a valley, midway between the cities of Rouen and Le Havre.
In mediaeval times Bec also owned and managed St Neots Priory in England as well as being involved with a number of other British foundations.
abbey-of-bec.kiwiki.homeip.net.cob-web.org:8888   (244 words)

 April 21st
As these tastes were sternly opposed by his father, young Anselm secretly left his home, and after wandering in Burgundy and France full three years, he at length reached Bec, in Normandy, and entered himself in the school which had just then been rendered famous by the teaching of Lanfranc.
His piety and numerous virtues were at the same time so remarkable, that his brethren in the abbey of Bec believed him to be capable of working miracles.
At this time the see of Canterbury had been vacant about four years, King William Rufus having refused to fill it up, in order that he might retain the revenues in his own hands, and it appears that the English clergy had been already looking to Anselm as a suitable successor to Lanfranc.
www.thebookofdays.com /months/april/21.htm   (1918 words)

 Essential Norman Conquest - Encyclopedia (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
An Italian cleric and teacher of established reputation, Lanfranc came to the Abbey of Bec in 1042 in search of obscurity and refuge from the affairs of the world.
After the conquest of England, Lanfranc became Archbishop of Canterbury, an office he held from 1070 to 1089, during which time he wrote his consuetudines and made sweeping reforms in the English church, including enforcing celibacy on the priests.
See also: Abbey of Bec; Consuetudines; Matilda; Pope Alexander II; William the Bastard
www.essentialnormanconquest.com.cob-web.org:8888 /encyclopedia/lanfranc_of_bec.htm   (246 words)

 Roman Catholic Religion in Tooting
The monks wore a white habit, which was peculiar to their order.
In the 14th century the prior of Ogbourne became a kind of vicar-general.
The foreign ownership of the cells of the Abbey of Bec-Hellouin
pages.britishlibrary.net /tooting/catholic.html   (392 words)

 Benedictine Monks
Founded in 1034, at the time of William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and King of England, the Abbey of Bec had as its first Abbot its founder, Herluin.
Herluin began as a hermit, but very soon he was joined in his monastic solitude by a group of disciples; among them was Lanfranc (1042) schoolman and builder, and St. Anselm (1059) philosopher and spiritual master (both became Archbishop of Canterbury).
In 1948 the Abbey recovered its original vocation when monastic life was restored by a community of Benedictine monks of the Olivetan congregation, led by Dom Paul Grammont (1911-1989), Abbot from 1948 to 1986.
www.benedictinemonks.co.uk /history/ourlady.asp   (248 words)

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