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 Abdullah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib, (545-570), was the father of Islam's prophet Muhammad.
Abdallah ibn al-Sa’ad, the son of Said and foster-brother of Caliph Uthman ibn Affan, led the Muslim invasion of Libya from 647 to 648.
Abdullah (or Abd Allah, Arabic عبد الله) means "servant of Allah" in Arabic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Abdullah   (355 words)

 Muhammad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib (Shaiba) ibn Hashim (Amr) ibn Abd Manaf (al-Mughira) ibn Qusai (Zaid) ibn Kilab ibn Murra ibn Ka`b ibn Lu'ay ibn Ghalib ibn Fahr (Quraish) ibn Malik ibn an-Nadr (Qais) ibn Kinana ibn Khuzaimah ibn Mudrikah (Amir) ibn Ilyas ibn Mudar ibn Nizar ibn Ma`ad ibn Adnan.
She was soon followed by his ten-year-old cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib, and Abu Bakr, whom Sunnis assert to have been Muhammad's closest friend.
Gabriel told him that God (Allah in Arabic) had chosen him as the last of the prophets to mankind.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Muhammad   (4172 words)

 Islamic Medical Manuscripts: Bio-Bibliographies
Ibn Tilmīdh, usually known by the honorific titles Amīn al-Dawlah and Muwaffaq al-Mulk, was a Christian Arab of Baghdad, the son of an eminent physician.
Ibn al-‘Arabi, also known as al-Shaykh al-Akbar, was one of the most celebrated of medieval Islamic mystics (or Sufis).
Ibn Mu rān studied with Ibn al-Tilmīdh in Baghdad.
www.nlm.nih.gov /hmd/arabic/bioI.html   (5856 words)

 Umar's Marriage with Umm Kulthum bint Ali (Allah be well-pleased with them)
He is Muhammad ibn `Abd Allah ibn `Abd al-Muttalib.
The marriage of Zaynab to `Abd Allah ibn Ja`far is unquestioned.
And `Ali is the son of Abu Talib ibn `Abd al-Muttalib.
members.chello.se /onesr/o/umuk_e.html   (3681 words)

 A Short Summary of Islamic Beliefs
Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hasim was persecuted for his teachings in Mecca and fled to Medina in 622 AD, his teachings were soon accepted and the community-state of Islam emerged.
Allah is notoriously unpredictable and whimsical in his actions and the Koran sufficiently vague so as to give little assurance or guidance for daily life beyond strong, harsh legalistic restrictions and punishments taken out of context from the Law of Moses.
Al-Lat (or Allat) is the feminine form of Allah, and is believed to have been the female counterpart of Allah.' The chief goddess of Mohammed's tribe of Quraysh was al-Uzza, to whom Mohammed's grandfather almost sacrificed Mohammed's father except for the counsel of a fortune-teller.
www.templemount.org /islam.html   (7494 words)

 Know Islam: Memorable Writings of Anwar Shaikh
Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al Muttalib Ibn Hashim, the founder of Islam and the Arab Empire, was born in Mecca c.
Allah, the idol, even then inspired considerable veneration into the Arabian hearts, and it is quite evident from the fact that the tribes on pilgrimage to the Kaaba, were called the Guests of Allah.
Allah is anxious to please the Prophet; He tells the believers how to enter his house, how long to stay there, and not to indulge in idle talk when they are in his house.
www.islamreview.org /AnwarShaikh/arabnationalism/Chapter2.html   (10926 words)

 Hamzah ibn Abd Al-Muttalib
On his way from the battlefield, the Prophet (PBUH) heard the women of Bani 'Abd Al- Ashhal lamenting their martyrs and he said, "But Hamzah has no one to lament him." Sa'd Ibn Mu'aadh heard this sentence and thought that the Prophet (PBUH) would be satisfied if the women would lament his uncle.
The Lion of Allah and The Martyr of Martyrs
Therefore, the Companions shouted, "By Allah, if one day we conquer them, we will cut them in a way that no Arab has done before!" Allah honored Hamzah by making his death a great lesson for the Muslims to leam justice and mercy, even in situations when penalties and retaliation were justified.
www.iberr.org /hamza.htm   (4013 words)

 AhlulBayt Discussion Forum > Why the Shia avoid the Tarawih
He was the son of Abd Al Muttalib, and this was just the Kunya he was given.
ABD implies affection for Imam Hussein who died for Islam, the grandson of the Prophet (saw) himself.
As Shia, we are all servents of Hussein thus we are servents of the Prophet (saw) thus we are serving Allah.
www.shiachat.com /forum/lofiversion/index.php/t20052.html   (1195 words)

 Prophet Mohammad's Wives
Her kunya, Umm'Abd Allah was given her by the Prophet after the name of her nephew 'Abd Allah ibn al-Zubair.
She was Khadijah bint Khuwailid ibn Asad ibn 'Abd al-'Uzza ibn Qusay ibn Kilab (from one of the notable clans of the Quraish).
Allah took him to Himself while his head was between her chest and neck and his saliva was mixed with her saliva (for she chewed a green miswak (tooth stick) and gave it to him).
www.muslimunited.org /topics/prophet/wives.html   (9539 words)

 Middle East Institute: The George Camp Keiser Library
Among the Arab tribes, the most powerful and noble was the Quraysh, into which Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib was born on Monday at dawn on the 12th of Rabi' Awal (the year 571 in the common era calendar).
Muhammad's mission was presaged by the deliverance of his father, 'Abd Allah, after he had been chosen for sacrifice.
Abd al-Rahman was not able to consolidate his rule for 20 years, since his claim to rule did not go uncontested either in Baghdad or Cordoba.
www.mideasti.org /indepth/islam/beginning.html   (3905 words)

Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim ibn Abd Munaf ibn Qusai ibn Kilab ibn Murra ibn Ka`b ibn Lu'ay ibn Ghalib ibn Fahr ibn Malik ibn an-Nadr ibn Kinana ibn Khuzaiman ibn Mudrikah ibn Ilyas ibn Mudar ibn Nizar ibn Ma'ad ibn Adnan.
His full name was Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim.
Born after his father Abd Allah had died, Muhammad came into the equivalent of a middle-class family.
www.yotor.org /wiki/en/mu/Muhammad.htm   (3573 words)

 Reportret: Muhammad
As a businessman and the new spouse of a wealthy widow, Muhammad (*570–†632 ce, his full name is ‘Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim’) was held in high esteem by the population of his residence Mecca — a small town in a desert that was inhabited by Arab nomads.
Abu Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Ismail ibn Ibrahim ibn al-Mughirah al-Jafai (‘
Well, Muhammad personally banned all images of humans or animals: “Those who make these images will be punished on the Day of Resurrection, and they will be told: ‘Give life to what you have made!’” (hadith narrated by Abd Allah ibn Umar; al-Bukhari, volume 7, book 72, no.
www.reportret.info /gallery/muhammad1.html   (1269 words)

 The Return To Mecca, Muhammad And The Beginnings Of Islam: Persuasive Essay Topics, Literature Essay, Argumentative Essay, Compare and Contrast Essay, Abortion Essay
Muhammad, whose full name was Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim, was born in Mecca around 570 AD after the death of his father, 'Abd Allah.
Muhammad was at first under the care of his paternal grandfather, 'Abd al-Muttalib.
Because the climate of Mecca was considered to be unhealthful, he was given as an infant to a wet nurse from a nomadic tribe and spent some time in the desert.
www.anyessay.com /showessay/religion/11455.shtml   (216 words)

 IslamiCity.com - Education
Muhammad's father, 'Abd Allah ibn'Abd al-Muttalib, died before the boy was born; his mother, Aminah, died when he was six.
The orphan was consigned to the care of his grandfather, the head of the clan of Hashim.
As a result the city was dominated by powerful merchant families among whom the men of Quraysh were preeminent.
www.islamicity.com /education/ihame/?Destination=/education/ihame/1.asp   (703 words)

 O Sweet and Beautiful Madani
Mustafa ‘Abd al-Wahid 4:51), and ‘Ali al-Qari in his Sharh al-Shifa’ (1:364) says it is narrated by Abu Bakr al-Shafi’i and al-Tabarani, and cited by IbnAbd al-Barr in al-Isti’ab and Ibn al-Qayyim in Zad al-ma ‘ad.
Ibn Taymiya (in his Majmu ‘at al-fatawa [11:94, 18:366]) argued that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, could not possibly be made of light on the grounds that human beings are created from earth into which the spirit is blown, while angels alone are created from light.
Allah the Most High states, “Speak of the bounty of thy Lord!” [Qur’an, al-Duha 93:11], and Imam Bukhari states that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is the greatest bounty of Allah [Bukhari, volume 2, p 566], hence he should become the object of most publicity.
www.masud.co.uk /ISLAM/misc/aftab.htm   (7886 words)

 Druze - Godulike - An Irreverent Look at the Faith Industry
      True salvation, he said could only be achieved by an uncompromising belief in the one true god, Allah, electing leaders who all had the same ideas and were all from the same (Druze) tribes, a strict policy of isolation for the people.
      The Shiites were started up by Muhammad's son-in-law Ali Ibn Abi Talib (or Ali for short) some 40 years later and were at the time more a political party than a religious organisation.
Nashtakeen El Darazi had what he thought were some very good ideas and set about persuading the rest of the local population into rejecting almost everything that everyone else believed in and strike out for his sort of religious independence.
www.godulike.co.uk /faiths.php?chapter=34&subject=who   (715 words)

 The Prophet Muhammad
He was raised by his paternal grandfather, 'Abd al Muttalib, until the age of eight, and after his grandfather's death by Abu Talib, his paternal uncle.
Before he died in 632, Muhammad had established the religious practices known as "the five pillars of Islam." They are declaring the oneness of Allah and his messenger Muhammad; praying five times a day; fasting during the month of Ramadan; giving to charity; and making the pilgrimage to Mecca.
Muslims believe that Muhammad was a messenger of Allah (Arabic for The One and Only God) and last of the prophets sent by Allah to guide man to the right path.
www.lucidcafe.com /library/95dec/muhammad.html   (933 words)

 This Month in History, June
Died: The prophet Mohammed (Muhammed)(Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim).
Baseball's "Iron Horse," Lou Gehrig, died in New York of a degenerative disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
Born: Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor and king of the West
www.laughtergenealogy.com /bin/header/month06.html   (4725 words)

 Islamic Medical Manuscripts, Astrology/Divination/Magic 4
This untitled Persian essay on magical medical procedures is said to be extracted from the writings of Muhammad ibnAbd Allah ibnAbd al-Muttalib (or al-Mutlib).
The treatise is said to be extracted from the writings of Muhammad ibnAbd Allah ibnAbd al-Muttalib.
IbnAbd al-Muttalib, Muhammad ibnAbd Allah (fl.
wwwqa.nlm.nih.gov /hmd/arabic/astrology4.html   (909 words)

 My Lines - Person Page 350
She married Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allâh al-Mustafa (pbuh&hf), The Prophet, son of 'Abd Allâh ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib Banu Hâshim and Aminah bint Wahab al-Qurayshi (as), in March 629 in Mecca, Arabia; His 11th.
She married Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allâh al-Mustafa (pbuh&hf), The Prophet, son of 'Abd Allâh ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib Banu Hâshim and Aminah bint Wahab al-Qurayshi (as), circa 628; His 9th.
She associated with Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allâh al-Mustafa (pbuh&hf), The Prophet, son of 'Abd Allâh ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib Banu Hâshim and Aminah bint Wahab al-Qurayshi (as), after November 629; Concubine.
homepages.rootsweb.com /~cousin/html/p350.htm   (8824 words)

 Tree: 'Abd (Abdul; ibn HASHIM) al-MUTTALIB
Children: 'Abd Manaf Abu Talib ibn al-MUTTALIB ; 'Abd Allah ibn 'ABD al-MUTTALIB
(NN) of the FATIMID Dynasty ; al-Hasan al-Sibt ibn 'ALI ; Ruqayyah bint MUHAMMED ; Fatima (al-ZAHRA) bint MUHAMMED
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com /~jamesdow/s024/f609042.htm   (40 words)

After consulting with his family, and especially with Khadija’s Christian relatives, Muhammad was convinced that he was a prophet, called on by Allah (the god of Jews and Christians) to "arise and warn" the people – this would place him within an accepted Judeo-Christian tradition of prophets, which included such familiar names as:
– where is the direct relationship with Allah?
Muhammad’s initial impression was that he had been attached, and possibly possessed, by an evil spirit and seems, briefly, to have contemplated suicide
faculty.winthrop.edu /haynese/syll/notes/331/Islam.html   (952 words)

 Tree: 'Abd Allah ibn 'ABD al-MUTTALIB
His (poss.) 2(+)-Great Grandchildren: daughter of Marwan I of DAMASCUS ; (NN; FATIMID Caliph) of EGYPT ; Husain (Husayn ibn) al-HASAN ; Ali Zain al-ABIDIN
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com /~jamesdow/s028/f609042.htm   (33 words)

 AhlulBayt Discussion Forum > Mahdi
As for the seventh of the khulafa, he was 'Umar ibn 'Abd al-'Azeez, and of the rest, five are from the Ahl al-Bayt from the descendants of 'Ali, which is supported by his saying, "You are the possessor of two of its horns [or generations]," meaning the Ummah, i.e.
Ibn Majah narrated from 'Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, by the narration of Yasin al-'Ijli from Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Hanafiyyah from his father from his grandfather ('Ali) that he said, "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, 'The Mahdi is from us, the people of the house.
Ibn Abi Wasil said in his commentary on the book Khal' an-Na'layn, "The awaited wali who undertakes the command of Allah and who is indicated by Muhammad al-Mahdi and the Seal of the Awliya, and he is not a prophet, but he is only a wali whose ruhandwhose beloved dispatched him.
www.shiachat.com /forum/lofiversion/index.php/t9063.html   (5683 words)

 My Lines - Person Page 175
'Abd Allâh ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib Banu Hâshim was the youngest son of Abdul Muttalib, husbad of Aminah, and father of Muhammad.
Hâshim ibn 'Abd al-Manâf al-Qurayshi was the son of 'Abd al-Manaf by Atika of the Banu Qay.
Fâtimah al-Zahra bint Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allâh Banu Hâshim (as) was buried in Medina, Arabia.
homepages.rootsweb.com /~cousin/html/p175.htm   (5824 words)

 My Lines - Person Page 177
As'sad ibn 'Abd al-Uzza al-Qurayshi was the grandson of Cussei.
Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allâh al-Mustafa (pbuh&hf), The Prophet was from the offspring of An-Nadr bin Kinana (Sahih Bukhari 4.698).
She married al-Husayn ibn 'Alî, 3rd Holy Imam of Islam, son of 'Alî al-Murtadha ibn Abû Tâlib, 1st Holy Imam of Islam and Fâtimah al-Zahra bint Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allâh Banu Hâshim (as), circa 653.
homepages.rootsweb.com /~cousin/html/p177.htm   (5847 words)

 AhlulBayt Discussion Forum > Coming down to this now?
Allah has judged that there shall be no interest and that all the interest due to Abbas ibn 'Abd'al Muttalib [the Prophet's uncle] be waived.
God has judged that there shall be no riba and that all the riba due to `Abbas ibn `Abd al Muttalib shall henceforth be waived.
O People, the unbelievers indulge in tampering with the calender in order to make permissible that which Allah forbade, and to forbid that which Allah has made permissible.
www.shiachat.com /forum/lofiversion/index.php/t23708.html   (5751 words)

 Re: women visiting grave yards
Also narrated from Hassan ibn Thabit from the Prophet - Allah bless and greet him - by Ibn Abi Shayba (3:31) with a weak chain because of `Abd al-Rahman ibn Bahman who is of unknown rank as a narrator (majhûl).
NOTES 1Narrated from Abu Hurayra by Ibn Hibban in his Sahih (7:452 #3178) with a weak chain because of `Umar ibn Abi Salama ibn `Abd al-Rahman al-Zuhri who is weak as stated by al-Arna'ut and Ma`ruf in Tahrir al-Taqrib (3:74 #4910).
3Narrated from Abu Hurayra by al-Tirmidhi (hasan sahîh), Ibn Majah, and Ahmad; from Ibn `Abbas by Ibn Majah with a weak chain because of Abu Salih; and from Hassan ibn Thabit by Ibn Majah and Ahmad with a weak chain because of `Abd al-Rahman ibn Bahman.
www.mail-archive.com /msa_ec@listbot.com/msg01195.html   (1813 words)

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