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Topic: Abdullahi Yusuf

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Boosaaso.com | Boosaaso.net | Boosaaso.org | Afkaarta Bulshada Islaamka Waqooyi Bari
Dagaal oogeyaal ku gacanseyray Abdullahi Yusuf inay ka qayb qaataan daagaalka Muqdi
Ciidamada Abdullahi Yusuf ee ku sugan Madaxtooyada ayaa bartilmaameedkoodu ahaa goobaha shacbiga intii
Mudaaharaat ka dhan ah Xasuuqa shacbiga iyo isdaryeelka shaqsiyeed ee Abdullahi Yusuf oo ka dhacay
boosaaso.net   (994 words)

A childhood friend of Abdullahi Yusuf, who has savoir-faire with Machiavellian philosophy, was asked to comment on the personality of the President, and summarized the whole truth among him.
But Abdullahi Yusuf is eager to delude to the United States by swaying them to meddle in a dreadful clan politics of a fragmented Somali population.
Abdullahi Yusuf was sworn in to serve the Somali people, but he appears to be serving Ethiopian interest.
www.somaliawatch.com /Rayiga/justifies.htm   (930 words)

  Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed (Somali: Cabdulaahi Yuusuf Axmed) (born (alleged) December 15 1934 in the town of Wardheer, Soomaali Galbeed, now annexed by Ethiopia) is the transitional President of Somalia.
He was elected by a session of the transitional Parliament held in neighbouring Kenya's capital, Nairobi, on October 10, 2004, and sworn in on October 14, 2004.
gl:Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed ja:アブドゥラヒ・ユスフ pl:Abdullahi Yusuf sv:Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Abdullahi_Yusuf   (83 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Abdullahi Yusuf   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed (Somali: Cabdulaahi Yuusuf Axmed) (born December 15, 1934 in Galkayo, Puntland, Somalia) is the transitional Kenya on October 10, 2004, and sworn in on October 14, 2004.
Abdullahi served in the Somali army and rose to the rank of colonel.
The new leader is Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, 70, a military strongman and president of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Abdullahi-Yusuf   (442 words)

 Allgedo Online
If the supporters of Abdullahi Yusuf have pleased exuberantly with the election of their man, then they should not assume that everyone else cares, this is because, enemies who purportedly claim as Somali rulers come and go and every of them are being judged for his past activities which is reflection of the present.
Implying Abdullahi Yusuf as a someone who has military skills and administrative robust or diplomatic credential is a broad daylight fantasy that even infancies cannot accept through sweetening, because currently he cannot dare to go the capital that he proclaims as its president without relying on foreign aliens as his protectors.
Abdullahi Yusuf will either be a terrestrial ruler backed by foreigners as he is not welcome by the great citizens of Mogadishu and beyond as their one of them or their chosen leader, before that Abdullahi Yusuf is in limbo situation, and he is one who looks fearful from his people and political rivals.
www.allgedo.com /jubba/dec112004_4.htm   (1161 words)

 Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Abdullahi Yusuf Yey (Somali: Cabdulaahi Yuusuf Axmed) was born (?) Nicknamed "the Killer of Somali people since 78"December 15,1934 in the town of Galkacyo, Mudug Region, now is the transitional President of Somalia.
In the 1990s Mr Yusuf emerged as the pre-eminent leader of his native Puntland region; he declared the territory autonomous in 1998.
de:Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed et:Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed gl:Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed ja:アブドゥラヒ・ユスフ pl:Abdullahi Yusuf sv:Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/a/b/d/Abdullahi_Yusuf_30f5.html   (323 words)

For both Abdullahi Yusuf and Ethiopias initial wish was that the entire Somali nation and the concerned international community will never discover their ultimate objectives, but that has not materialized as most enlightened Somali people and concerned intellectuals have voiced their views and aired their concerns.
As the formality, when Abdullahi Yusuf and his handlers IGAD and particularly Ethiopia finalized their action plan of invasion and occupation of Somalia; their plan was sent to the newly instituted parliament for an assent and legalization for the death gallows of the Somali nation.
In Abdullahi Yusufs view, if he fails to secure his presidency, he may able to secure some charitable money and weapon while he claims a president, and Ethiopia will be very pleased if she can control any Somali territory that has a harbour.
www.ogaden.com /Political_Marriage.htm   (841 words)

 Middle East Online
Abdullahi Yusuf's fighters were engaged in clashes in the village of Qayadsame with supporters of Jama Ali Jama, who also claims to be president of the unrecognised state, according to witnesses contacted by field radio.
Abdullahi Yusuf's forces arrived in Qayadsame from the port city of Bossaso, which they seized from Jama Ali on May 8.
Abdullahi Yusuf emerged as president when the northeastern Somali region was founded as an "autonomous state" in August 1998.
www.middle-east-online.com /english/somalia?id=2077   (223 words)

 NewsFromRussia.Com:Abdullahi Yusuf has been elected Somali president
Yusuf will head a english.pravda.ru/yougoslavia/2002/04/19/27782.html ' target=_blank>transitional federal government that will attempt to shepherd the broken country of up to 10 million to elections under a new constitution in five years' time.
Col. Abdullahi Yusuf won with 189 votes in a third round of voting, Shariif Hassan Sheikh Aden told the 275-member transitional parliament and regional foreign affairs ministers, who observed the vote.
In the run-off, Yusuf, who has served as president of the autonomous northeastern region of Puntland since 1998 and as a faction leader and army officer before that, trounced his rival, former diplomat and minister Abdullahi Ahmed Adow, by 189 votes to 79.
newsfromrussia.com /world/2004/10/11/56550_.html   (596 words)

 Burtinle Online
According to reliable sources, Abdullahi Yusuf promised each of the warlords that if they supported his campaign he would reward them with the highest position available which is the prime minister’s office.
Abdullahi Yusuf is the only one that most of Somalis agree to be brutal dictator and Islam-hater in the first day of his presidency.
Abdullahi Yusuf forged a relationship with Siyad Barre, but had a falling-out with him when he attempted a failed coup in April 1978.
burtinle.com /rayi/october/ingiriis11.html   (1300 words)

 The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News
In September 1978 Abdullahi Yusuf, as a former army officer in the Somali National Army (SNA), founded the Somali Salvation Democratic Front (SSDF) guerrilla movement aimed at ousting the Somali dictator Siad Barre.
On October 10, 2004, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed was elected by the Transitional Federal Parliament to the position of President of Somalia.
In May 2006, the Second Battle of Mogadishu started and CNN reported that there were Transitional government forces in action, but Abdullahi Yusuf told the BBC the alliance of warlords were not fighting on behalf of the government and threatened to fire them.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Abdullahi_Yusuf   (1091 words)

 Allgedo Online
ABDULLAHI YUSUF: THE YEAR IS 2005 BUT MY IDEA IS When a soul is traumatized: the best solution for it is to take a good hospital with good medical care facilities and proven medical professions.
Abdullahi Yusuf is the man if you do not know him, who invented and initiated the Somali enemy’s collaboration against his peaceful and unified country.
Abdullahi Yusuf’s retention exclusively for all key and meaningful ministerial portfolios such as defence, maritime transports and harbors, post and telecommunication, fishing and marine resources, state economic planning and international co-operation including economic, defence, foreign policy agreements, is an indication that he did not change his tribal mentality and grandiose illusion of 1960.
www.allgedo.com /jubba/kulmiye_article_jan112005.htm   (1267 words)

 Banadir City: Somalia: President Yusuf Too Divisive To Rule
Abdullahi Yusuf’s credibility is further questioned by his refusal to recognize the former Arta government which was established in Djibouti after an exhaustive negotiation and many believe he was a major factor the failure of that government.
Abdullahi Yusuf is unabashed Ethiopia’s friend and proxy and most Somalis know Abdullahi Yusuf would not last more than a week without the support of the Ethiopian dictator who enthroned him by bribing the Somali warlord parliamentarians.
Abdullahi Yusuf’s historic association with Ethiopia and coming to power by their support and staying in power of their direct military intervention sealed his faith of ever reaching an agreement with other non pro-Ethiopian rational Somalis.
www.markacadey.net /2006/op/290962.html   (625 words)

 People's Daily Online -- Clan leader Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed elected as Somali president
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, leader of the Barod clan, one of the four major clans of Somalia, was elected president of Somalia, parliament speaker Shariff Hassan Shek Adan announced Sunday.
Yusuf vowed to bring stability to his war-ravaged country whileaddressing the 275-member transitional parliament and regional foreign affairs ministers who observed the vote.
Yusuf established the regional administration of Puntland in 1998 with a presidency and a single-chamber quasi legislature known as the Council of Elders.
english.people.com.cn /200410/11/eng20041011_159662.html   (867 words)

 Somaliland.Org - Is Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf The Next President?
Abdullahi Yusuf has already declared his candidacy with gusto, and with the support of Musafeni of Uganda and Meles of Ethiopia.
Abdullahi Yusuf carefully crafted himself an image that lends him the claim that he is the only warrior who had successfully stopped the anti-Darood campaign of the late General Aidid of the Hawiya clan.
Even if Abdullahi Yusuf's claim is true, it is this very claim that has given rise to his grandiose dream of uniting his clan to rule the rest of Somalia as a historical deja vu of the 1960s.
www.somaliland.org /opinions.asp?ID=04091602   (813 words)

 Somalia’s newly elected president, Abdullahi Yusuf, took his oath of office.
Somalia’s newly elected president, Abdullahi Yusuf, took his oath of office.
Immediately after his election Yusuf appealed for international help in disarming the militias, and is expected to seek money from donors to rebuild the shattered country.
Yusuf was elected on Sunday by a 275-member interim parliament in a further step to restoring government to Somalia.
www.maldivesinfo.gov.mv /news.php?newsid=4441   (135 words)

In this incident, two of Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf’s militia men were killed at the vicinity of Harerdhere by the local inhabitants, after there was disagreements over the hijacked ship and what to do with it and how to share the sum of the ransom.
3-Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf wants to show the international community that he is a victim who is dealing with unruly challengers, political contenders and societies that need a firm and stern hands to met them out mercilessness-particularly the tribes of Hawiye and Digil and Mirifle.
Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf had been involved since 1965 a criminal espionage, pity crimes, failed coup d’etat attempts, endless killings of his relative’s political allies who differed his policies or he felt that his victims were politically rivals with him.
www.hobyonet.com /editorial/warlord.htm   (662 words)

 Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed at AllExperts
Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed (Somali: Cabdullaahi Yuusuf Axmed) was born December 15,1934 in the town of Galkacyo, Mudug Region.
A former army officer and leader of the SSDF, Mr Yusuf led a guerrilla movement in the 1970s aimed at ousting the Somali dictator Siad Barre.
In May 2006, the Second Battle of Mogadishu started and CNN reported that there were Transitional government forces in action, but Abdullahi Yusuf told the BBC the alliance of warlords are not fighting on behalf of the government.
en.allexperts.com /e/a/ab/abdullahi_yusuf_ahmed.htm   (495 words)

 Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed - Viquipèdia
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed (Cabdulaahi Yuusuf Axmed) va néixer el 15 de desembre de 1934 a Galkayo, Puntland, Somàlia, en el si del grup de clans Darod.
EL 1993 les milícies de Yusuf es van enfrontar amb grups islamistes que es van apoderar d'algunes ciutats i llogarets temporalment però va aconseguir expulsar-los cap a Somaliland on es van apoderar del port de Las Khoreh.
Pocs dies després Yusuf va conquerir Garowe i Ali Jama es va establir a Bossaso que fou ocupada també per Yusuf el 8 de maig del 2002.
ca.wikipedia.org /wiki/Abdullahi_Yusuf_Ahmed   (1294 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Profile: Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed
The new leader is Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, 70, a military strongman and president of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland.
Mr Abdullahi was released in 1975 and three years later, he headed the first attempt to overthrow the Somali dictator.
Mr Abdullahi sought to escape the anarchy that characterised Somalia since the fall of Siad Barre in 1991, and declared the region autonomous in 1998.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/africa/3732020.stm   (514 words)

 Ra'yiga dadweynaha
Many political pundits and Somalia’s affairs commentatories are doubtful whether Abdullahi Yusuf will honour his part of the agreements or doe he free from external strangulation that he himself willing chosen to be quisling of Ethiopia.
Abdullahi Yusuf cannot abandon overnight his vision, long held dreams of clan supremacy, marginalization of other clans and servitude based on quisling for Ethiopia.
No one doubts that Abdullahi Yusuf sees the young court leaders as gullible and innocent youths who are not so far seasoned politicians and soon or later thy will fall into to the honey trap of Ethiopia and Abdullahi Yusuf.
www.somaliweyn.com /pages/poems/June_06/25June6.html   (822 words)

Maxay ku nuugtaa?, maxayse ka nuugtaa?,Xulafadii Mbagathi oo ku hungowdey isku garbintii Guriga Ex.Col. C/lahi Yusuf.
For President Abdullahi Yusuf, the End Justifies the Means
Qudbad xasaasi ah uu Jeediyay C/lahi Yusuf Xiligii dowladii Carta
www.somaliawatch.com   (577 words)

 IRIN Africa | Horn of Africa | Somalia | SOMALIA: Abdullahi Yusuf takes Qardho | Conflict | News Item
Forces loyal to Abdullahi entered the town on Monday without a fight, with forces loyal to his rival for the presidency of the region, Jama Ali Jama, having retreated, said Fadumo Yasin of the Bosaso-based Midnimo radio.
He had been livestock minister in Abdullahi's first administration, but subsequently defected to the Jama camp and became a fierce opponent of the colonel, a source in Garowe, the regional capital, told IRIN.
Abdullahi was currently in Qardho, where he had been warmly welcomed by the residents, Isma'il Warsame, Abdullahi Yusuf's chief of cabinet told IRIN.
www.irinnews.org /report.asp?ReportID=29307&SelectRegion=Horn_of_Africa&SelectCountry=SOMALIA   (638 words)

 The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer
Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed who recently acquired the extra nickname of (Abdullahi Amxaar), dreams a territorial clan expansion and greediness which is based on Pol Pot's ideological style against other Somali clans while he is relying on the aforementioned Somalia's enemies.
Secondly, Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmar believes that, his clan and regional territory will be spared from the earth scotching fire, and finally, he will have and eat his cake separately, while he will rule, share or even may decide what to do the resources and the properties of his intended target enemies.
Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmar and his accomplices come to this conclusion, because they believe that their rivals and intended targets are living on the 1900 political stage and still in a deep insomnia.
somaaljecel.com /Opinions/CumrKulmyeSJ05.htm   (1871 words)

 Mudulood Page
As soon as Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf was elected illegitimately by Ethiopia on October, 10.2004, Ethiopia and its Somali agents have congratulated themselves and for one another.
Abdullahi Yusuf and his tribal mindset and baptized followers, wants the cake of the nation and to eat it alone.
Warlord Abdullahi Yusuf and his companies’ wishes are only to be agents of Ethiopia, which is an only route that can satisfy their undiminishing desire of power, wealth appropriation and marginalization of others.
www.mudulood.com /OpinionPage1015.htm   (2775 words)

 Abdullahi Yusuf Can't Rule Somalia
I may be a pessimist, but as early as the Somali peace deal was signed in Nairobi and warlords elected Abdullahi as interim president, I predicted disaster and failure.
However, what worries me, and I hope other realists too, is why the international community, Africa and the rest of mankind cannot see that backing Abdullahi Yusuf to bring peace and stability to Somalia is like asking a goat to negotiate with a crocodile.
Yusuf stayed for so long in Nairobi until the Kibaki administration literally forced him out of town.
www.hiiraan.com /op/2006/sept/Abdullahi-yusuf-can-not-rule-Somalia.aspx   (690 words)

 Delusions of Grandeur: Abdullahi Yusuf
Yusuf orchestrated a “scorched earth” campaign to regain power at the cost of many innocent lives.
Never the less, the so called peacekeepers under the direction of Ethiopia’s Proxy President Yusuf are more of a danger to the inhabitants of the city and Southern Somalia in general than the militias of these warlords.
He seems to be toting the line of Abdullahi Yusuf who has bastardized the Global War on Terror as a means to finishing off his opponents.
www.banadir.com /a_y_delusion.shtml   (811 words)

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