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Topic: Abraxas

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  JewishEncyclopedia.com - ABRAXAS
In a magic papyrus it is expressly stated that Abraxas is equivalent to 365, the number of days in the year (Wessely, "Neue Zauberpapyri," p.
Geiger suggested a derivation for Abraxas from the Hebrew ha-berakah ("the blessing"); this is approved by King, "Gnostics," p.
The most frequently encountered Abraxas figure is a human form with a fowl's head and the extremities of a serpent, carrying in the one hand a shield and in the other a whip.
www.jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=633&letter=A   (747 words)

 abraxas.Informatik AG
Abraxas Informatik AG ist eine führende Schweizer ICT-Unternehmung für öffentliche Verwaltungen und Organisationen im staatlichen Umfeld sowie in ausgewählten Segmenten für Privatunternehmen.
Nach innen zeigt er den Willen, sich und seine Arbeit immer weiterzuentwickeln.
Und nach aussen dokumentiert er den Anspruch, allen Abraxas-Kunden stets die individuell bestmöglichen Leistungen und Produkte anzubieten.
www.abraxas.ch   (95 words)

 ABRAXAS - The DJ List
Abraxas, aka David "The Savage", has long since rocked the Dirty South with unique style of vinyl manipulation.
There the sandy beaches are full of kids who really come to life when the sun goes down and Abraxas is the DJ that keeps them on their feet.
Abraxas is newly back from a 7 month detour to Seattle where he began Illintent Ent with Craig Ceresoli, aka KIDD FA REAL.
www.thedjlist.com /djs/ABRAXAS   (295 words)

 Abraxas Corporation's Richard H. Helms Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2006 National Winner in the ...
Abraxas provides customers insights and solutions enabling them to mitigate threats and exploit opportunities in their marketplaces.
Abraxas is a global company with over 5,000 years of experience in virtually every risk market.
Abraxas is focused on providing the greatest clarity possible for customers and continually seeks new approaches to providing what are frequently unique, insightful views.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/11-27-2006/0004480213&EDATE=   (575 words)

They believed the name contained great mysteries because it contained the seven Greek letters when computed numerically equaled the number 365, which is the number of days in the year.
It was further believed that Abraxas commanded 365 gods, each possessing a virtue, so there was a virtue for each day of the year.
However, older mythologists place Abraxas among the Egyptian gods, while some demonologists cite him to be a demon with the head of a king and serpents forming his feet.
www.themystica.com /mystica/articles/a/abraxas.html   (199 words)

  Abraxas, a mystical word - page 1
The Gnostics, a Basilidian sect of the 2nd century, claimed Abraxas as their supreme god, and said that Jesus Christ was only a phantom sent to earth by him.
Abraxas, they thought, had under his command 365 gods, to whom they attributed 365 virtues, one for each day.
Other occultists, mainly demonologists, thought of Abraxas as a demon, with similar appearance to the Gnostic god of the same name (the head of a king and serpents forming his feet, with a whip in his hand).
www.occultopedia.com /a/abraxas.htm   (1343 words)

  Abraxas - Free Encyclopedia of Thelema
The word Abraxas (or Abrasax or Abracax) was engraved on certain antique stones, called on that account Abraxas stones, which were used as amulets or charms by Gnostic sects.
Abraxas has been claimed to be both an Egyptian god and a demon.
Abraxas was an Archon with a chimera-like appearance (somewhat resembling a basilisk): he had the head of a rooster (or sometimes a king), the body of a man, and legs fashioned like snakes.
www.egnu.org /thelema/Abrasax   (374 words)

 Abraxas | English | Dictionary & Translation by Babylon
The word Abraxas (or Abrasax or Abracax) was engraved on certain antique stones, called on that account Abraxas stones, which were used as amulets or charms.
Abraxas has also been variously claimed throughout the centuries to be an Egyptian god, a demon, or a being associated with the dual nature of Satan/Lucifer.
Gnostic amulets known as Abraxas gems depicted the god as a pantheos (all-god), with the head of a cock, herald of the sun, representing foresight and vigilance; a human body clothed in armor, suggestive of guardian power; legs in the form of sacred asps.
www.babylon.com /definition/Abraxas/English   (299 words)

 Abraxas   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Abraxas was a Gnostic god and gnosticism was a religious movement of late antiquity which can be traced back to the 1st and 2nd centuries.
Abraxas was also the name given to the spirits which emanated from the supreme being.
Abraxas was etched upon various semi-precious stones, enhancing the magical quality of those stones and giving the wearer an extra level of protection against diseases, and evil spirits, and probably also evil thoughts and wishes slung in their direction by untold enemies.
www.tyler-adam.com /84.html   (502 words)

Abraxas is release from the timid and binding laws of man, and yet Abraxas is the wisdom and cunning that binds itself to those laws with cords of paper.
Abraxas is the extremity of all human existance -- the fl hatred and the blood-red love, the admired violence and the terrible peace, the desolation and the joy of ages.
Abraxas is the paradox that lies between, the simultaneous attainment of irreconcilable opposites without compromising the integrity of either element.
www.angelfire.com /co/worldegg/abraxas.html   (1307 words)

 Abraxas (Earth-691 @ 21st Century, Killraven foe)
In mid-battle, Abraxas easily captured Killraven and presented the rebel leader to his Martian Masters, who planned a broadcasting of his death to break the resistance of other freemen.
It was further believed that Abraxas commanded 365 gods, each possessing a virtue, so there was a virtue for each day of the year.
However, older mythologists place Abraxas among the Egyptian gods, while some demonologists cite him to be a demon with the head of a king and serpents forming his feet.
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix/abraxas.htm   (462 words)

 Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory - Abraxas Coffeeshop coffee shop
Abraxas will be my first stop, great atmosphere, great look, great weed and for you non rollers (god help you) the pre-rolled are good too.
Abraxas is oddly constructed with a series of spiral staircases that take you through the different divisions of the shop.
That's the funny thing about Abraxas; despite their trance and techno DJs and selection of fine weed, which I felt was priced reasonably, they don't half seem to attract a lot of backgammon and chess enthusiasts (!) who seat themselves at the top of the coffee shop and around the stools placed beside the windows.
www.coffeeshop.freeuk.com /Database/ShopsA/AbraxasCS.html   (3760 words)

 Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe B-Movie Review
Abraxas and Secundus kicking the crap out of each other: soft jazz.
To this end he impregnates Sonia, lucky for her Abraxas is no heartless killer, she raises the resulting child rather well.
Abraxas: "None of us could be certain her child would possess the anti-life equation."
www.badmovies.org /movies/abraxas   (1019 words)

 Abraxas Ponders Final Extinction
Abraxas is every living, single facet of an eternally manifesting phenomena of endless existences, which are redundantly out of control.
Abraxas [God(s)], all of us, are an unfathomable, diverse, equal and unified myriad expression of ONE.
Poor Abraxas, an untold aeon of aeons, passing through myriad inflationary universes, playing the role of every conceivable entity; performing an unbelievable range of foolish-brilliant actions, experimenting with every choice and combination, recognizing, over and over again, that there aren't any shortcuts to nonexistent, final goals...
pweb.netcom.com /~mthorn/abraxas0.htm   (391 words)

 Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe - Rotten Tomatoes
Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe - Rotten Tomatoes
Ten thousand year old cosmic cop Abraxas descends to planet Earth from his native planet of Sardacian on a search for his renegade partner Secundus, who has come to impregnate human women.
Abraxas must seclude the woman and her child from Secundus and to stop Earth's inhabitants from environmentally self-destructing.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/abraxas_guardian_of_the_universe   (390 words)

 Careers with Abraxas
The aim of the Academy is to educate and prepare trainees for their 'graduation' to the position of Recruiter, after which they will join one of the experienced sales teams.
Abraxas has a policy of promoting internally, and offers additional training in Team Leading, Management, and Motivation; furthermore we have a Senior Recruiter program covering Account Management, Presentation, and Negotiation skills.
Abraxas is part of a recruitment organisation with £4bn turnover.
www.abraxas.co.uk /abraxas/index.cfm/pcms/site.about_us.careers_with_abraxas   (614 words)

 Abraxas Business Services: Disclaimer
You agree that Abraxas Business Services will not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or any other damages whatsoever arising out of your use or inability to use this website or any information, products or services of Abraxas Business Services, whether based on contractual, statutory, tort or other grounds.
Abraxas Business Services disclaims any responsibility for any actions taken as a result of the information displayed on any pages of this website.
Abraxas Business Services makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of or any other aspect relating to those resources.
abraxas.biz /s5.html   (265 words)

 Energy Consulting, Utility Bill Auditing, Energy Management, Audits, Metrix, MarketManager Software
Abraxas Energy Consulting sells and supports energy analysis and utility bill tracking software, including Metrix software, Energy Cap, and others.
We also provide energy consulting and management services, such as energy software training, utility tracking, utility bill tracking database setups and conversions, utility bill auditing, energy audits for LEED buildings, energy audits, and custom energy software applications.
Energy Management, Energy Consultant, Energy Consulting - Abraxas Energy.
www.abraxasenergy.com   (721 words)

 Abraxas Software, Inc.
Abraxas Software has been in business developing software tools for programmers since 1982.
Abraxas Software is best known for two products.
Abraxas Software DEMO examples on disk with hard copy manual sets may be obtained free of charge by sending your physical mailing address to us via
www.abraxas-software.com   (894 words)

 Abraxas Verlag - Introduction
The Abraxas publishing house (based 1997) is the prominent natural stone specialized publishing house in the range of electronic media.
The CD Roms "Grosse Enzyklopaedie der Steine" and "Natural Stones Worldwide" published by the Abraxas Publishing House are used by specialists in 49 countries.
Customers are mainly enterprises of the natural stone industry, like break operators, exporters, importers, wholesale dealers, in addition monument conservators, town planners, architects, fliesenleger and universities.
www.abraxas-verlag.de /englisch/en_verlag.htm   (132 words)

 Abraxas Unix Pricing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Abraxas Software's Network Server License Program has been designed to offer customers a cost effective and flexible means to license multiple seats on a given workstation, LAN, or geographic location.
When it is time to add additional users, the Site Administrator simply contacts Abraxas, upgrades the existing license to the appropriate larger size and pays the difference in price between the two licenses using a current price sheet.
Abraxas provides telephone support and upgrades at no charge in the first year of ownership.
www.abraxas-software.com /cclanpr.htm   (260 words)

This was before it was common practice, to use A.I. This means that Abraxas will hold the record of TOP STUD dog through out all time {{{and history}}}, as A.I. was not available when Abraxas was producing his winning get.
I feel Abraxas would be as important today, as a stud dog, as he was 20 years ago.
Abraxas, again as a grand old man. Yes his ears are wrapped for protection.
www.angelfire.com /stars4/zoso/Abraxas.html   (427 words)

 Amazon.com: Abraxas: Music: Santana   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This isn't a review of Abraxas, if you need to see one of those, there are plenty of those around.
Abraxas, with the chimes, swirls of sounds, and organs resonating at full-force was one of the best of the quad records.
Abraxas is awesome-and-a-half, off the power of the subliminally beautiful Samba Pa' Ti, killer jam Oye Como Va (my favorite Santana song), fusion pieces Singing Winds Crying Beasts and Incident at Neshabur, and especially the ever-popular Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen, exquisite Latin blues thanks to Santana's leads, which sparkle.
www.amazon.com /Abraxas-Santana/dp/B0000062FL   (1592 words)

 Abraxas Corporation
Abraxas Corporation Named Rising Star in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Program for Virginia McLean, Virginia - - October 8, 2004 - - Abraxas Corporation, a global risk mitigation...
Abraxas to present with Squire Sanders and Dempsey L.L.P on Doing Business in China on October 12, 2004.
Deloitte and Touche LLP has just announced that Abraxas has been selected as one of the Rising Star technology companies in Virginia in the Fast 50 Program and has been nominated for...
www.abraxascorp.com /pages/media/news/news-page4.htm   (153 words)

 Abraxas - AOL Music
The word Abraxas (or Abrasax or Abracax) was engraved on certain antique...
Abraxas has also been variously claimed throughout the centuries to be an...
Abraxas provides you the most qualified professionals from every facet of private industry,...
music.aol.com /artist/abraxas/295181/main   (125 words)

 Amazon.com: Abraxas: DVD: Sonja Belliveau,James Belushi,John Blackwood (II),Marjorie Bransfield,Adrian Burnett,Layne ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As Abraxas, Ventura plays a bi-Galaxian cop who chases a rogue law enforcer from the northern stars to the North Woods of Minnesota.
In Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe, Jesse is an intergalactic space cop of some variety who tries to track down the evil Secundus, played by Sven-Ole Thorsen who has had a space child with knowledge of an important equation that can destroy the universe.
The best I can recommend for Abraxas is is to find it in one of those sci-fi movie packs where you get a mess of low-budget movies at one low price.
www.amazon.com /Abraxas-Sonja-Belliveau/dp/B00005M2DV   (1824 words)

The Abraxas 5 virus was submitted in April, 1993.
Abraxas 5 is a non-resident, direct action overwriting virus which infects.COM and.EXE programs, but not COMMAND.COM.
When a program infected with the Abraxas 5 virus is executed, this virus infect the copy of DOSSHELL.COM located in the C:\DOS directory (creating the file if it doesn't exist), as well as one.EXE program located in the current directory.
vil.nai.com /vil/content/v_98136.htm   (1381 words)

 Abraxas Fine Art
Join Abraxas at his annual holiday studio tour Saturday, November 24 from 3-9 p.m.!
This annual show will feature Abraxas' latest paintings- small and intricate visions of our world.
These originaloil paintings have been reproduced as giclee editions and will be available for purchase, along with other unique works of art by Abraxas.
www.abraxasart.com   (86 words)

 DelawareArtists.com - Abraxas
Abraxas was born in Lewes, Delaware, a coastal community with a rich heritage.
Abraxas implements these techniques as did the masters of years past, to obtain life, illumination, and quality of his work.
In April 2000, Abraxas released his first European print, "Noon Tide", a Greek harbor scene depicting the Fortress of Bourtzi at Navplion.
www.delawareartists.com /abraxas.htm   (415 words)

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