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  Abstract Art Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Abstract art is now generally understood to mean art that does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses shapes and colours in a non-representational or subjective way.
In the very early 20th century, the term was more often used to describe art, such as Cubist and Futurist art, that does represent the natural world, but does so by capturing something of its immutable intrinsic qualities rather than by imitating its external appearance.
However, the idea that the arrangement of shapes and colours is not simply to be understood as design, but as fine art dates from the nineteenth century when photography began to make the illustrative function of visual art obsolete.
encyclopedia.localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/Abstract_art   (635 words)

 abstract expressionism on Encyclopedia.com
Jackson Pollock 's turbulent yet elegant abstract paintings, which were created by spattering paint on huge canvases placed on the floor, brought abstract expressionism before a hostile public.
His intensely complicated abstract paintings of the 1940s were followed by images of Woman, grotesque versions of buxom womanhood, which were virtually unparalleled in the sustained savagery of their execution.
Painters such as Philip Guston and Franz Kline turned to the abstract late in the 1940s and soon developed strikingly original styles—the former, lyrical and evocative, the latter, forceful and boldly dramatic.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/a1/abstrexp.asp   (555 words)

 Abstract art paintings by unknown and famous artists
Abstract paintings that resemble abstract wallpaper in the eyes of those that don't appreciate action painting, as well as paintings that consist of red, yellow and blue rectangles by Piet Mondrian still give rise to controversy in abstract art.
Perhaps it's true that pre-WW II European abstract artists tried to replace reality with spiritualism (often secular), or intellectualism, that didn't accept "art for art's sake", but felt that art should be spiritually, rationally or socially motivated.
Looking at the post-WW II period, in which abstract art in America was gaining momentum, one may get the impression that American abstract art has been decorative, rather than intellectual, with the emphasis in the paintings of abstract expressionism being on the creative process itself.
paintings.name   (819 words)

 Intel ISEF Students | Science Service
Details and discussions should not be included in the abstract, but may be put in the longer, written research paper (if required), or given on the project exhibit board.
It is also required that the abstract does not include acknowledgements (such as referencing mentor or university laboratory).
An abstract does not give details about the materials used unless it greatly influenced the procedure or had to be developed to do the investigation.
www.sciserv.org /isef/students/abstract.asp   (580 words)

 ArtLex on Abstraction
Abstract artists select and then exaggerate or simplify the forms suggested by the world around them.
Abstract Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, 1918, oil on canvas, Museum of Modern Art, NY.
Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/a/abstraction.html   (1622 words)

 Abstract - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Abstraction is the thought process wherein ideas are distanced from objects.
Abstract (summary), a summary located before an introduction
This is a disambiguation page, a list of pages that otherwise might share the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Abstract   (92 words)

 ASHSSS: How to Write an Abstract
The abstract is the reader's first encounter with your paper, and is the chief means by which scientists decide which research reports to read in their entirety.
The abstract should provide a brief summary of the findings of the paper, and should be a stand-alone document that can be understood without reading the paper.
The abstract should briefly state the purpose of the research (introduction), how the problem was studied (methods), the principal findings (results), and what the findings mean (discussion and conclusion).
www.uaf.edu /csem/ashsss/abstract_writing.html   (671 words)

 The Writing Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
An abstract is a stand-alone statement that briefly conveys the essential information of a paper, article, document or book; presents the objective, methods, results, and conclusions of a research project; has a brief, non-repetitive style.
Although an abstract appears as the first section of a paper, it should be written last.
The key elements of an abstract are in boldface, and its style conforms to the suggestions above.
www.rpi.edu /dept/llc/writecenter/web/abstracts.html   (547 words)

 NASA ADS at SAO: ADS Frequently Asked Questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
If you have many abstracts to submit, you may also email them to us, provided they are formatted in the required format.
Abstracts that we receive directly from the publishers and the original authors (called "author" abstracts) are instead a faithful and accurate reproduction of text that was published in the paper's abstract (except for math and non-ASCII symbols, of course).
Any E abstracts which are not matched with the printed versions are deleted at this point (presumably because the author did not attend the conference or withdrew the paper).
adsdoc.harvard.edu /abs_doc/faq.html   (5753 words)

 Abstract Paintings by Shawn McNulty, Colorful Abstract Modern Art For Sale
I begin an abstract painting very spontaneously and become more detailed as the composition starts to show itself.
Non Objective Abstract Art is difficult to fathom, and this keeps the viewer interested.
There are no such literal characters in non objective abstract art.
www.shawnmcnulty.com   (459 words)

 Abstract Expressionism
By the 1951 Museum of Modern Art exhibition 'Abstract Painting and Sculpture in America', the term was used to refer to all types of non-geometric abstraction.
Not all the artists associated with the term produced either purely abstract, or purely Expressionist work: Harold Rosenburg preferred the phrase Action Painting, whilst Greenberg used the less specific 'American Type Painting', and because of the concentration of artists in New York, they are also known as the New York School.
American Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s: An Illustrated Survey With Artists' Statements, Artwork, and Biographies, edited by Marika Herskovic.
www.artchive.com /artchive/abex.html   (577 words)

 Writing Abstract Classes and Methods   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Sometimes, a class that you define represents an abstract concept and, as such, should not be instantiated.
An abstract class is not required to have an abstract method in it.
But any class that has an abstract method in it or that does not provide an implementation for any abstract methods declared in its superclasses or implemented interfaces must be declared as an abstract class.
java.sun.com /docs/books/tutorial/java/javaOO/abstract.html   (519 words)

 ArtLex on Abstract Expressionism
Some Abstract Expressionist artists were concerned with adopting a peaceful and mystical approach to a purely abstract image.
Not all work was abstract, nor was all work expressive, but it was generally believed that the spontaneity of the artists' approach to their work would draw from and release the creativity of their unconscious minds.
Abstract Expressionism originated in the 1940s, and became popular in the 1950s.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/a/abstractexpr.html   (2688 words)

 Resource Description Framework (RDF): Concepts and Abstract Syntax
RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax defines an abstract syntax on which RDF is based, and which serves to link its concrete syntax to its formal semantics.
This document defines an abstract syntax on which RDF is based, and which serves to link its concrete syntax to its formal semantics.
Note that such blank node identifiers are not part of the RDF abstract syntax, and the representation of triples containing blank nodes is entirely dependent on the particular concrete syntax used.
www.w3.org /TR/rdf-concepts   (4679 words)

 The Objective Spirit from The Encyclopaedia: Law
One piece of property is thus made comparable with another, and may be made equivalent to a thing which is (in quality) wholly heterogeneous.
It is thus treated in general as an abstract, universal thing or commodity.
The contract, as an agreement which has a voluntary origin and deals with a casual commodity, involves at the same time the giving to this 'accidental' will a positive fixity.
www.marxists.org /reference/archive/hegel/works/sp/osabstra.htm   (1381 words)

 WebMuseum: Pollock, Jackson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
By the mid 1940s he was painting in a completely abstract manner, and the `drip and splash' style for which he is best known emerged with some abruptness in 1947.
This manner of Action painting had in common with Surrealist theories of automatism that it was supposed by artists and critics alike to result in a direct expression or revelation of the unconscious moods of the artist.
In 1944 Pollock married Lee Krasner (1911-84), who was an Abstract Expressionist painter of some distinction, although it was only after her husband's death that she received serious critical recognition.
www.ibiblio.org /wm/paint/auth/pollock   (879 words)

 Paintings for sale art gallery - buy abstract art paintings landscape paintings and nude paintings oil paintings ...
Art galleries art for sale original art by famous artists: abstract art, fine-art art, painting art.
Modern art works: abstract modern art, contemporary modern art, modernism art painting, modern art reproductions by professional artists.
Abstract art paintings abstract art for sale abstract art, buy abstract art oil painting abstract paintings
www.artgallery.com.ua   (327 words)

 Abstract: The Macroscopic Behavior of the TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Abstract: The Macroscopic Behavior of the TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm
Abstract: In this paper, we analyze a performance model for the TCP Congestion Avoidance algorithm.
The model predicts the bandwidth of a sustained TCP connection subjected to light to moderate packet losses, such as loss caused by network congestion.
www.psc.edu /networking/papers/model_abstract.html   (304 words)

 Abstract Service Help
This is extremely useful for entering the text of an abstract from a previous query to find all the papers most related to that paper.
When this is not turned on, abstracts which do not contain that author, but which meet other conditions in the query will also be returned.
This service allows the user to conduct searches of the abstract database for all new abstracts which fulfill his or her favorite query.
adsdoc.harvard.edu /abs_doc/abs_help.html   (3810 words)

 Leisure Tourism Database - Abstracts Database   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
If you are using a proxy server or firewall you may need to enter this new address into your proxy server configuration in order to obtain access to our applications.
If you are just browsing without subscribing, you will not be able to access the Abstracts Database or In Brief and In Depth Articles.
Subscribers who login using a username and password will also have to log in to the abstracts database for security reasons.
www.leisuretourism.com   (214 words)

 Abstract Fonts - 10,000 Free Fonts for download
Note: You don't have to be a member to download free fonts.
Simply order one of our t-shirts and you not only will receive a cool new shirt but also support Abstract Fonts.
The donations will go towards the costs associated with running the site as well as stimulate further innovations and feature development.
www.abstractfonts.com   (70 words)

 Abstract Dynamics || _..-.._
Tags themselves are merely ticks in a database, its only through the execution of code, or through the navigation of a database structure that the information becomes useful and interesting.
abstract dynamics is a network, and it is a networked tactic.
Some of them are feeds from writers hosted by abstract dynamics, others are notable links we have come across in our explorations.
www.abstractdynamics.org   (3889 words)

 Abstract Appeal -- by Matt Conigliaro
The court opinions indicate that similar videos were viewed in their entirety by the trial court, which found that Terri's actions were no more than reflexive and could not be reproduced with any consistency.
I have been following this case since I started the Abstract Appeal web log, and I have consistently posted thoughts and updates on the saga on the blog's main page.
Discussions On Abstract Appeal Are (At Best) Academic and Are Not Legal Advice.
abstractappeal.com /schiavo/infopage.html   (6391 words)

 Artlinx: The ultimate compendium of Art related sites on the Net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Abstract Art and Genetics by Hunter O'Reilly includes an art gallery featuring her abstract oil paintings, information on her genetics research and her hat collection.
Abstract art non-objective paintings by Hal Fielding Non-objective abstract art using acrylic paint on canvas and paper by Fine Art Painter Hal Fielding in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The Recent Works of Domenick Naccarato is a showcase of his most recent abstract paintings.
desktoppublishing.com /artlinx.html   (2922 words)

 SSRN Electronic Library
To search for an abstract by title or abstract body, enter one or more words in the 'Key Word' field and click the Search button and check the appropriate boxes.
If searching for abstracts by multiple authors, enter last names separated by commas in the Author Last Name field.
You may also enter multiple names in the Author First field if you are searching for abstracts by multiple authors.
papers.ssrn.com /sol3/DisplayAbstractSearch.cfm   (155 words)

 Service of Abstracts at CDS
These abstracts are made available to CDS by the Publisher (EDP Sciences) at the time of publication of the electronic issue of the journal.
For issues until December 2000, the Editors of the Main Journal and the Supplement Series were respectively: Springer-Verlag and EDP Sciences.
A self-organizing document map, where documents are classified in areas on the basis of their keywords.
cdsweb.u-strasbg.fr /Abstract.html   (276 words)

 Abstract Games magazine: game strategy articles, game reviews, news   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Abstract Games magazine: game strategy articles, game reviews, news
As you know, we had suspended publication for awhile.
For those of you new to our website and for those who want to add or rebuild their collections, back issues are still available and we encourage you to indulge.
www.abstractgamesmagazine.com   (164 words)

 Merriam-Webster Online
1 a : disassociated from any specific instance entity> b : difficult to understand :
3 a : dealing with a subject in its abstract aspects :
For More Information on "abstract" go to Britannica.com
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=abstract   (137 words)

 Statistical Abstract of the U.S.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. Uncle Sam's Reference Shelf
The Abstract is also your Guide to Sources of other data from the Census Bureau, other Federal agencies, and private organizations.
Key Federal Statistical Agency Reports Guide to State Statistical Abstracts
www.census.gov /statab/www   (213 words)

 Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care SITE INDEX--"G" Keywords   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Report Abstract and Project Abstract links will take you to a report/project description within the DALTCP website.
Website Abstract links take you to DALTCP's Outside Links section for a brief description of that website, while Direct Link will take you out of DALTCP's site to that website.
HHS is not responsible for the contents of any "off-site" web page referenced from this server.
aspe.os.dhhs.gov /daltcp/index-g.shtml   (319 words)

 NASA ADS at SAO: ADS Abstract Service
Physics and Geophysics (2,774,486 records), including 383,879 abstracts from APS journals and 219,761 abstracts from SPIE conference proceedings
Each database contains abstracts from articles and monographs published in the different disciplines.
Users can query the database by author, astronomical object name (astronomy database only), words in the title, and words in the abstract text.
adswww.harvard.edu /ads_abstracts.html   (282 words)

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