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Topic: Abstract art

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  ArtLex on Abstraction
Abstract artists select and then exaggerate or simplify the forms suggested by the world around them.
With planes and shapes flattened, and color muted, Whistler's portrait demonstrates his devotion to aestheticism and art for art's sake.
Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/a/abstraction.html   (1594 words)

  Abstract Art
Abstract art is more like poetry, which requires the recipient to look for symbolism, hidden meanings and to see what is not visible.
It would be interesting to run an experiment in which a number of abstract artists wrote down the feelings they were expressing in their canvases, ask some connoisseurs of abstract art to write down their responses, and then to compare the two.
Abstract art is simultaneously a powerful medium of expression for the artist and a singularly poor vehicle of communication with the viewer.
soler7.com /IFAQ/Abstraction.htm   (7064 words)

 ABSTRACT ART   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It attempted to free art from the confines of the gallery and the pedestal.
The meaning of works of art is often conveyed by the specific objects or figures that the artist chooses to portray; the purpose of iconography is to identify, classify, and explain these objects.
Romantic art strives to express by suggestion, states of feeling too intense, mystical or elusive to be clearly defined.
www.woodridge68.org /goodrich/art/style.htm   (2015 words)

 Abstract Art - What is it?
Abstract art, on the other hand, is not so straight forward, and it doesn't care to be.
Abstract art is a reflection of the spiritual realities behind what we experience in the world; the abstract artist's purpose is to elicit some kind of emotional response from the viewer by the harmonious (and sometimes, not so harmonious) arrangement of color and shape.
Abstract art is Plato's "forms" brought to the here and now, but rather than shadows of reality being reflected on a cave wall, it is a shadow of reality reflected on a canvas.
www.arikiart.com /abstract-art/index.htm   (460 words)

 Defining Abstract Art - The ARTrepreneur
But like "abstract math," the general sense of the term is that it is the opposite of the concrete, or "realism." At one end of the continuum is a painting of a violin so perfectly rendered that we feel we could reach into the frame, pick up the instrument, and play it.
Art that has no intentional beginnings in any subject matter is sometimes referred to as "non-objective," or "non-representational." A related term is "minimalism," or the tendency to take as much away from the painterly surface of the canvas as possible.
"Modern art" is another term commonly used to refer to abstract art, though originally this term was used to differentiate the experimenters of the twentieth century from the traditional European painters and sculptors.
www.theartrepreneur.com /library/defining-abstract-art.asp   (807 words)

 Art Style by Definition   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Art Nouveau, primarily an ornamental style, was not only a protest against the sterile Realism, but against the whole drift toward industrialization and mechanization and the unnatural artifacts they produced.
An art movement of the early 20th century in which traditional adherence to realism and proportion was replaced by the artist's emotional connection to the subject.
These paintings are often abstract, the subject matter distorted in color and form to emphasize and express the intense emotion of the artist.
www.artzbox.com /articles_ART/glossary.htm   (1026 words)

 Abstract Art
Abstract art is defined as art that has no reference to any figurative reality.
Abstract art is not an invention of the twentieth century.
In the twentieth century Wassily Kandinsky is considered as the inventor of non-figurative art.
www.artelino.com /articles/abstract_art.asp   (485 words)

 Original Abstract Art - Original Pen and Ink Abstract Art
Clarke Abstract Art prices will rely solely on the complexity, time and size of the piece, plus exchange rates, postage and packing, of course.
Owning a Original piece of art is something to treasure, there is nothing quite like it, and does not compare to owning a print, even a limited edition.
Abstract Flowers are very easy to draw, they lend themselves very easily to being drawn as they have such interesting shapes.
clarke-abstract-art.com   (609 words)

 Understanding Abstract Art
The truth is, yes, there is a lot more to abstract art than what meets the eye, and to see why, we have to consider the basic purpose of art.
The Abstract Expressionists made the final break from the rigid conventions of the past, by redefining what it meant to be an artist.
For the first time in history, artists were creating abstract art so skillfully that it was able to penetrate quickly and powerfully into people's subconscious (at least some people, some of the time).
www.harley.com /art/abstract-art   (4121 words)

 Article: Abstract Art
Abstract painters have the same goal - to describe what may not be readily perceived by the viewer.
The goal of abstract art is to communicate the intangible, that which eludes the photograph and normal seeing.
The abstract painter seeks to construct, or perhaps reconstruct, an image that better describes the subject, with less emphasis on what is seen and more on the very essence of the subject.
galerieverdun.com /abstract_art.htm   (1180 words)

 Abstract Expressionism - Abstract Expressionism Art
Abstract Expressionism is a form of art in which the artist expresses himself purely through the use of form and color...
The term Abstract Expressionism was first used by Robert Coates in the March issue of the New Yorker in 1936...This is a short introduction to the art movement...
Abstract Expressionism is a modern art movement that flowered in America after the Second World War and held sway until the dawn of Pop Art in the 1960's...
www.huntfor.com /arthistory/C20th/absexpress.htm   (845 words)

 Abstract Art
Abstract Art can be many different things and have many different types of meanings.
In the 20th century Abstract Art came to mean non-representational art.
Art where there is no subject but the shapes and colors.
www.clevelandart.org /kids/art/artfacts/movements/abstract.html   (76 words)

Martin, the owner, is an abstract artist himself who studied abstract art in Europe in the 1960s.
An exclusive exhibition of abstract paintings by German artist MO is currently on show at the Graphic Art Gallery in Bondi Junction.
MO studied abstract art in Germany with Professor Ralf Cavael, a friend and associate of Kandinsky, who is recognised as the father of abstract art.
www.graphicartgallery.com.au /GAG_ABSTRACT_ART.html   (307 words)

 Abstract Art Artist
Art is a spiritual energy emerging from an artist’s work, that gives you strength to realize your dreams so you can dream some more.
Abstract art paintings, abstract art wall sculptures and prints by abstract art artist Christeas
Abstract art is the picture of human emotions.
www.christeas.com   (458 words)

 Abstract Art Weblog - Choice Rantings of an Art Freak
Abstract Art affords the artist the freedom to present his ideas without being constrained to what he visually sees.
Abstract Art, by many, is indirectly misconstrued to be synonymous with “artistic anarchism” or “creative lawlessness”.
Art lovers didn’t need to be convinced or coerced into accepting modern art as some who believe in some big art conspiracy.
www.galerieverdun.com /art_blog   (3367 words)

 abstract art
Abstract Art is art that is not an accurate representation of a form or object.
There are many abstract artists who painted in these styles, however there are some that are more well know in a particular field than the rest.
Two of the most famous examples of Abstract Expressionism are Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock.
www.abstractart.20m.com   (136 words)

 ARC ARTicles - Abstract Art is Not Abstract and Definitely Not Art - Fred Ross (edited by Iian Neill) - Page 1/1
A work of art is the selective recreation of reality for the purpose of communicating some aspect of what it means to be human or how we perceive the world.
Art is the selective recreation of reality for the purposes of expressing an idea.
Similarly in painting, real art is when a painter can take a flat canvas, and with paint and brushes create abstracted recreations of reality, shaped by consummate craftsmanship and a poetic soul.
www.artrenewal.org /articles/2005/abstract/ross1.asp   (2507 words)

 Glossary of Art Terms: A - Galerie Verdun, Fine Art Gallery
It should be understood that abstract is not a matter of failing to provide accuracy, as some might think, but rather very purposefully altering the image for a specific result, centering on a subjects intrinsic qualities rather than its outward appearance.
The movement's main objective was to use art as a means to make powerful, exciting statements and the way these statements were made was a stark departure from the norm of the time.
In the visual fine arts, acrylics refer to a painting medium consisting of pigment suspended in a synthetic polymer emulsified into water.
galerieverdun.com /artglossary-A.htm   (646 words)

 Abstract Art Art - Artists, Artworks and Biographies
Abandoning the late 19th century European idea that art should imitate nature Abstract art does not strive to create accurate representations of any forms or objects.
Abstract art developed before the twentieth century abstract patterns have roots in ancient history showing up in early decorations for textiles and pottery.
In this publication he emphasized the general theory among Abstract artists that art should portray the spiritual realm and not just the visual world.
wwar.com /masters/movements/abstract_art.html   (190 words)

 Understanding Abstract or "Modern Art"
Not that seeing things in abstract paintings is a crime, even if the artist didn't put them there.
The next time you look at an abstract painting, or any kind of "modern art," don't begin by searching for some identifiable object from your world.
When the official art world moved on from abstract expressionism to pop art and conceptual art, de Kooning refused to follow.
www.artbylt.com /abstractnew.htm   (1240 words)

 Abstract art   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Abstract or non-representational art, like Mondrian's paintings, is constituted of forms and colors that represent nothing in visible reality, although one might say that the lines represent abstract lines or abstract geometrical shapes).
Abstract and non-representational art implicitly or explicitly puts into question the presupposition that painting should represent real people, things, situations or that paintings of fictional scenes (see Poussin's "Orphyus and Eurydice") should include, if not be limited to, realistic representations of people, things, or situations.
Abstract art has its origins in the 19th century.
lilt.ilstu.edu /jhreid/abstract_art.htm   (515 words)

 Abstract Art
In fact, all the first artists credited with inventing abstract painting, as well as many others who have been part of the abstract movement throughout the 20th century, have refused to admit their art was purely non representational.
The works of art may have been moving away from representation for the sake of moving away from representation, but they were moving toward something else: a calling attention to the plastic qualities of their medium--paint.
And this could again include representational art, for once we have learned to see the thinglyess of a painting, and once the artist has learned to relinquish absolute control respond to his medium as well as to his subject, the representational/non-representational distinction will no longer be necessary.
www.ruspoli.com /abstractart.html   (3389 words)

 Abstract Landscape Art
Abstract landscape art is a form of abstarct art which deals with various landscapes.
Most of the landscape art designs are developed with the use of muslins and oil paintings, which give more attraction and realism to the art.
Landscape art developed before 2000, the landscape art created between 2000 and 2005, and very old masterpieces of many famous artists are the common categories one can see before buying.
ezinearticles.com /?Abstract-Landscape-Art&id=407456   (586 words)

 Amazon.com: On Abstract Art: Books: Briony Fer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
She speculates on the kind of language required to describe the often tantalizing effects of key abstract works and on ways to discuss critical issues when a work of art is without "subject matter.".
Unless a person understands this and is willing to do a little exploring and assimilating, abstract art will largely stay an art for artists themselves and those who understand the types of problems artists are trying to solve.
This tended to strip away the veils of mystery and made art almost unnecessary, so this was quickly followed by a move to mask and hide the subject of paintings as we see in the work of Miro and his three dots, abstract expressionists like Pollock, and colorfield painters like Rothko.
www.amazon.com /Abstract-Art-Briony-Fer/dp/0300087357   (1966 words)

 Abstract Expressionism | Thematic Essay | Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The crisis of war and its aftermath are key to understanding the concerns of the Abstract Expressionists.
Early on, the Abstract Expressionists, in seeking a timeless and powerful subject matter, turned to primitive myth and archaic art for inspiration.
In the wake of Abstract Expressionism, new generations of artists—both American and European—were profoundly marked by the breakthroughs made by the first generation, and went on to create their own important expressions based on, but not imitative of, those who forged the way.
www.metmuseum.org /toah/hd/abex/hd_abex.htm   (1299 words)

 Abstract Art, Abstract Painting
- abstract painting with size : from 50 to 100 cm
- abstract art created between 2000 and 2005
Her abstract art is presented in two State museums and private collections in England, Canada, Germany, France, Russia,...
www.gallery-worldwide.com /art/abstract_painting.html   (98 words)

 Abstract Art
These abstract art posters can be an instant conversation starter at parties, or just a tasteful addition to your room.
Our abstract art poster categories are found in the right-hand column of this page.
Abstract art is a fairly modern artistic genre.
www.redjellyfish.com /abstractart.html   (491 words)

 Abstract Art - Abstract Art Gallery
All my art work is of course abstract by it's very nature, but this still covers a wide selection of different genres within that term.
Relax and let the pictures within the abstract come to you, whatever your going to see, it's always going to be from your own view point no one else's.
This is what makes Abstract Art so much fun, and you won't always see the same pictures each time, there is always something new to discover.
clarke-abstract-art.com /abstract-art   (231 words)

 Sanford & A Lifetime of Color: Study Art   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In art, abstraction means that the artist changes the appearance so it no longer looks realistic.
Picasso’s abstract Cubist style shows more than one point of view.
Abstract works of art that have no recognizable subject are called "non-objective."
www.sanford-artedventures.com /study/g_abstract.html   (99 words)

 Abstract Art
bstract art could be described as art which is not a realistic representation of something concrete.
A common description is 'If it looks like my three year old son could have painted it, it's not art!' Yet the last century has seen many famous abstract artists; their works hang in museums around the world, and are worth millions of dollars.
Art historians often state that Picasso did more than any other artist to change the course of art in the 20th century.
www.worsleyschool.net /socialarts/abstract/abstractart.html   (441 words)

 Abstract art - Abstract Art Online
Abstract Art at Gallery C. Your source for contemporary art, abstract painting and modern abstract art.
Art to compliment the contemporary interior, by widely exhibited, Scottish abstract artist.
Abstract art gallery of original paintings and limited edition prints on canvas for sale by NY artist Lynne Taetzsch.
xn--k76aa.com /tjab/abstract-art.html   (1070 words)

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