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Topic: Abwehr

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  Britain.tv Wikipedia - Abwehr
The Abwehr was created in 1921 as part of the Ministry of Defence when Germany was allowed to form the Reichswehr, the military organization of the Weimar Republic.
Abwehr liaisons were also established with the Army, Navy and Luftwaffe High Commands, and these liaisons would pass on specific intelligence requests to the operational sections of the Abwehr.
Abwehr II was commanded by Colonel Erwin von Lahousen and Abwehr III was commanded by Colonel Egbert Bentivegni.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=Abwehr   (2576 words)

 Abwehr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Abwehr is a German word, which is commonly translated to the english "defence".
The Abwehr was the common name for the German military foreign information and counterintelligence department, during both World War I and World War II.
The head of Abwehr during World War II was Admiral Wilhelm Canaris.
bopedia.com /en/wikipedia/a/ab/abwehr.html   (153 words)

The Abwehr was the German military intelligence organization from 1866 to 1944.
While the Abwehr was generally successful, the loss of the German codebook to British intelligence somewhat undermined the agency's ultimate efficacy during the war.
Abwehr scored perhaps its greatest victories in the area of industrial espionage, as agents managed to steal the blueprint for every major American airplane produced for the war effort.
www.espionageinfo.com /A-An/Abwehr.html   (874 words)

 CANARIS, WILHELM. The Columbia Encyclopedia: Sixth Edition. 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Abwehr became a center of conspiracy against the regime.
In Apr., 1943, many of Oster’s co-conspirators were arrested and the Abwehr was put under constant surveillance, but Canaris was not dismissed until Feb., 1944.
He was arrested shortly after the attempt (July, 1944) on Hitler’s life, though he was not directly involved in the plot.
www.bartleby.com /aol/65/ca/CanarisW.html   (131 words)

After Adolf Hitler came to power Abwehr often came into conflict with the Nazi controlled organizations, the SD Security Service and the Gestapo.
The Gestapo began to investigate members of Abwehr and Hans Dohnanyi was arrested and Hans Oster was suspended from duty.
In June, 1944 Heinrich Himmler took over Abwehr and after the July Plot the organization was absorbed into the SD Security Service.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Holocaust/Abwehr.html   (178 words)

 German saboteur landings in June 1942 - Military Photos
As planned by Abwehr these were only the first 2 teams of many being sent to America, when fully operational Kappe would join his men and lead their activities.
The Abwehr's head, Wilhelm Canaris, was involved with the German resistance and had lots of odd contacts with the British and other western nations opposing Nazi Germany.
And its the same with the Abwehr, it could of course not escape the fact that the NS leadership steered the country.
www.militaryphotos.net /forums/showthread.php?t=59254   (3703 words)

 Intelligence Section OKW (Abwehr) - German Intelligence Agencies
Abwehr responsibilities covered the full spectrum of intelligence activities, ranging from making reconnaissance flights over Poland and England prior to the Polish campaign to prevention of sabotage and nuisance activity carried out by commandos, and operating very active sabotage organizations behind the enemy front.
The Abwehr succeeded in contacting the agents' British headquarters, and passing themselves off as being the agents.
The Abwehr was in fact the center of the July 1944 conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, in the wake of which Admiral Canaris was hanged on 09 April 1945, hours before Allied forces entered the area.
www.fas.org /irp/world/germany/intro/abwehr.htm   (601 words)

 Sons of the Gestapo
The Abwehr was made up of the nobility of Germany and Austria, who were steeped in the tradition of the German military as opposed to Hitler's SS and the Gestapo.
The Abwehr wished Germany and Austria to regain the power and influence they had before the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire, a fall that was the first step taken by the NWO in their attempt to create a world government.
Even though it only operated under their control for the first few years, the Abwehr was able to put in place a covert arm of the CIA that has operated independently of the CIA ever since.
www.feastofhateandfear.com /archives/gestapo.html   (1150 words)

 Canaris, Resistance
The information had been gathered by agents of the Abwehr, who passed them on to Dr. Josef Müller, a devout Catholic and a leading figure in the Catholic resistance to Hitler - and Muller got the reports safely to Rome.
The seven were turned over to the Abwehr and taught a few codes, then smuggled out of Germany.
Among those who left Nazi-occupied territory thanks to Canaris was the archbishop of Krakow; a rabbi from Warsaw, who was able to immigrate to New York; and Madame Czimanska, the wife of the Polish military attaché in Berlin.
www.deathcamps.info /Canaris/new_page_3.htm   (806 words)

 Wilhelm Canaris
Oster created an anti-Nazi hierarchy in the Abwehr, and soon he directed all of the military plans of the resistance.
He used the Abwehr to save people from the Gestapo, to cover resistance actions, to help Jews escape from Germany, and to communicate between the different circles of the resistance.
The commander in chief of the Abwehr supported the resistance, although he claimed that he was too old to take an active part.
www.auschwitz.dk /Canaris/id2.htm   (1122 words)

 The Avalon Project : Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol. 2 - Ninth Day
Ausland Abwehr-that is of Canaris-and in the main I pointed out, first of all, the most unfavorable effect of such measures on the troops, namely on the front troops, that they would never understand such orders, particularly not the simple soldier.
Offices of the Abwehr Division III were active in these camps, and in this way, that is, through the normal service channels, we were informed by reports and oral presentation of all these measures and of their effects.
Each one of these military Abwehr units was asked again and again to combine our purely military tasks which were determined by the needs of the Wehrmacht leadership with political or terroristic measures, as is clearly shown by the memorandum on our files concerning preparation of the campaign against Poland.
www.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/imt/proc/11-30-45.htm   (20162 words)

 German Espionage and Sabotage Against the U.S. in World War II
These requests the Abwehr endeavored to meet, at the same time being engaged in the task of collecting on a world-wide scale all manner of information which could be of interest to the High Command or the individual services subordinate thereto.
This was successful in the spring of 1944 when the Abwehr was finally taken over by the R.S.H.A. Some of its functions were handed over to Amt VI and Amt IV (the Gestapo) but the majority, as well as most of the personnel, were retained in a new section known as the Militaerisches Amt.
The Abwehr was further handicapped by bureaucracy, lack of initiative, and corruption on the part of many of its officers, who were lukewarm Nazis at best and regarded a berth in the Abwehr as an opportunity to avoid service on the Russian front.
www.history.navy.mil /faqs/faq114-1.htm   (5121 words)

 Delta Green - Campaign - Order of Battle - Die Brandenburger, Abwehr II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Abwehr Abteilung II/Ausland, the department responsible for foreign intelligence and sabotage, created the Baulehr-Kompanie zur besonderen Verwendung 800 (construction/training company for special applications no. 800) shortly after the start of the war, incorporating men from the earlier units as well as other suitable volunteers.
While Admiral Canaris and other leaders of the Abwehr are believed to have created the Brandenburger as a means of getting at an efficient private army, this idea soon failed - most members of this unit, while not necessarily fanatical loyal to Hitler and his Nazi ideology, were extremely patriotic and nationalistic.
These men were not loyal to the head of the Abwehr, but to their immediate commanders and their country only.
home.comcast.net /~furrylogic/brandenburg.html   (1594 words)

 Abwehr Part 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In January 1935 Admiral Wilhelm Canaris became the new head of Abwehr.
In 1943 several members of Abwehr became active in the anti-Nazi movement in Germany.
The branch of the navy that was called the Abwehr was headed by admiral Wilhelm Canaris.
www.joematlock.com /Abwehr2.htm   (683 words)

 Admiral Wilheim Canaris
The man behind the Nazi Abwehr spy network, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, was a shrewd, brilliant spymaster who not only managed to keep control of the Abwehr.
Wilhelm Canaris, born January 1, 1887, in Aplerbeck, Germany, was celebrated as a war hero during the First World War for his exploits as a submarine captain, and he later became a top military spy for Germany.
Canaris was appointed to head the Abwehr Military Intelligence in 1935.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Holocaust/canaris.html   (1734 words)

 Abwehr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term Abwehr (German for defence) was used as a concession to Allied demands that Germany's post-World War I intelligence activities be for "defensive" purposes only.
In friendly countries of interest, occupied countries, or in Germany itself, the intelligence service would normally organise "Abwehr sub-stations" ("Abwehrleitstellen" in German or "Alsts" in German), or "Abwehr adjoining posts" ("Abwehrnebenstellen"' in German').
The "Alsts" would fall under the jurisdiction of the geographically appropriate Ast, which in turn would be supervised by the Central division in Berlin.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Abwehr   (2593 words)

 Spy Book Fact of the Day: Garbo
He told the Abwehr that he had 14 agents and 11 well-placed contacts.
Garbo said the Wren was sent to headquarters for the Southeast Asia theater in Ceylon, where she passed information to him for the Abwehr.
The Abwehr responded that "your last reports are all magnificent but we are sorry they arrived late, especially those relating to the Anglo-Yankee disembarkation in Africa.
www.randomhouse.com /features/spybook/spy/961204.html   (539 words)

 Exordio - Segunda Guerra Mundial - La Abwehr
La nueva "Amt Auslands und Abwehr" fue puesta bajo la dirección del coronel del ejército Erich Fritz Gempp, un diminuto espía muy experimentado que inmediatamente se puso a trabajar recabando información secreta sobre los aviones aliados.
Sin embargo, la Abwehr resultó exitosa abriendo oficinas en países latinoamericanos desde donde se retransmitía información, por medio de radios clandestinas, para evitar la interceptación por parte de los servicios de espionaje británicos.
La Abwehr tuvo demasiada burocracia, estaba excesivamente organizada, tenía una evidente falta de iniciativa y estaba infiltrada en lo alto del poder militar, por opositores al régimen, el mismísimo Canaris y Oster.
exordio.com /1939-1945/militaris/espionaje/abwehr.html   (2305 words)

 Brandenberg Commandos
The Brandenburg commandos were the warrior spies of the Abwehr, Germany's intelligence agency.
The Abwehr got its name from the compound of ab-, meaning away or off, and -wehr, which implies defense.
The Abwehr evolved over the years, first under Captain Konrad Patzig and then under Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, to become an espionage agency that worked for the German military.
www.thirdreich.net /Brandenberg_Commandos.html   (2005 words)

 hitler 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Wehrmacht officers, Abwehr intelligence agents, diplomats of the foreign ministry, civil servants, anti-nazi politicians, and clergymen who joined the conspiracy knew that they were risking their careers, their families, and above all their lives in scheming against Hitler.
Deputy Abwehr Chief Colonel Hans Oster had nothing but contempt for Nazism and harbored a burning hatred for Hitler.
As Canaris's second in command, he labored furiously to stop Himmler's SS intelligence, commanded by Reinhard Heydrich, from encroaching on the Abwehr while Canaris passed on state secrets to London and coordinated coup planning against Hitler.
www.govsux.com /hitler_2.htm   (1650 words)

 IRA Abwehr WW2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Intelligence gathering is not an exact science and the Abwehr was not a particularly professional organisation after it was reorganised in 1938.
The Abwehr had German agents in Ireland at this point- Joseph 'Jupp' Hoven was an anthropology student who spent much of 1938 and 1939 in Northern Ireland and the area of Connacht.
In preparation for his mission Pfaus was to later meet with the officer in charge of Office 1 West, Abwehr II HQ- Hauptmann Friedrich Carl Marwede, codenamed "Dr.Pfalzgraf".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/IRA_Abwehr_WW2   (2559 words)

 Lone Sentry: Operation Easter Egg, German Plan For Sabotage Depots (WWII U.S. Intelligence Bulletin, March 1946)
A report on German Abwehr sabotage depots buried in France and Western Europe during 1944-45, from the Intelligence Bulletin, March 1946.
These folders also contained data giving routes to the site, and were distributed as follows: to the Abwehr Kommando (battalion or group) charged with execution of the specific depot; to the Leitstelle II West (regional headquarters at Paris, later moved to Bad Ems and Bad Orb); and to the Abwehr II in Berlin.
The rapidity of the Allied thrusts on the continent complicated training and operational activities of the units engaged in Operation Easter Egg, so that, ultimately, the undertaking failed to accomplish more than the burying of now-forgotten sabotage dumps somewhere beneath the soil of northern France.
www.lonesentry.com /articles/easteregg   (1752 words)

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