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Topic: Accounts payable

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  Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable Office is responsible for safeguarding university assets by ensuring that goods and services, purchased by university departments, are paid timely and in accordance with the State of Texas and UHD policy and procedural guidelines.
Accounts Payable or the department discovers that a local check was recently issued in error and sent to the payee.
Since some accounts are used to identify state-controlled or capitalized assets, which are assigned a property management tag number, failure to assign the correct account may result in items not being tageed that should be tagged or tagging items that should not be tagged.
www.uhd.edu /facultyandstaff/busaff/AccountsPayable.htm   (2426 words)

  Accounts payable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Accounts payable is one of a series of accounting transactions covering payments to suppliers owed money for goods and services.
Accounts payable is classified as a liability account and as such normally has a credit balance.
Accounts payable is classified as a Current Liability because the obligation is generally due within 12 months from the initial transaction date.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Accounts_payable   (1018 words)

 Accounts receivable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Accounts receivable is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the billing of customers which owe money to a person, company or organization for goods and services that have been provided to the customer.
On a company's balance sheet, accounts receivable is the amount that customers owe a business.
The ending balance on the trial balance sheet for accounts receivable is always debit.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Accounts_receivable   (288 words)

 CCH Business Owner's Toolkit | Accounts Payable
Accounts payable are the unpaid bills of the business; the money you owe to your suppliers and other creditors.
The control account is the total accounts payable balance from your general ledger.
An accounts payable aging report is a good cash management tool that should be prepared periodically.
www.toolkit.cch.com /text/p06_1440.asp   (462 words)

 Princeton University - Treasurer's Office - Accounts Payable & Travel Accounting - Accounts Payable - Policies
The Accounts Payable System has been loaded with employee and student address information, and these are the addresses to be used for checks.
Accounts Payable must report their annual cumulative payments to the Internal Revenue on Form 1099.
Accounts Payable must also provide an address on all returns; this address will be used for tax reporting.
web.princeton.edu /sites/TreasurersOffice/CapitalFinance/AccountsPayableTravel/accountspayablepolicies.html   (1503 words)

 Accounts Payable
Internal and external payables must be reported in separate object codes.
Accounts payable--arise when an account receives goods, supplies, or services in a given month and does not pay for them at the time of purchase.
Accounts payable are usually recorded at their face value since the lat time between purchase and payment is usually short.
www.fms.indiana.edu /auxiliary/accounts_payable.asp   (647 words)

 Pacifica Research- Accounts Payable   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
All accounting is double-entry, and is consistent with GAAP and FASB rules.
Accounting stats are interesting to your accountant, but you need to know how Pacifica can make you more productive.
Reports such as aged accounts payable, cash requirements, vendor activity and statement of cash flows can be printed at any time, based on up-to-the-second detail.
www.pacificaresearch.com /Accounts_Payable.html   (1169 words)

 Accounts Payable Software For Law Firms - Legal Software Systems, Inc.
Accounts payable is fully integrated with time and billing, trust, general ledger, and check reconciliation.
Accounts payable can also be used to issue credit balance refund checks, trust disbursement checks and more.
There are even control reports that reconcile information in accounts payable to client balances in time accounting and account balances in general ledger.
www.legalsoftwaresystems.com /software_ap.html   (372 words)

 The Accounts Payable Network
Accounts Payable: the amounts a business owes to suppliers for goods or services purchased on credit; a type of short-term debt.
As an accounts payable finance professional, you’ve dealt with more changes in the last five years than in the previous 20—and the pace shows no signs of slowing!
Gain instant access to all the accounts payable best practices and benchmarking data you need to measure and improve your company's AP processes.
www.theaccountspayablenetwork.com   (342 words)

 Accounts Payable
The mission of the Accounts Payable Department is to serve as a support function to the University’s goals and objectives.
The primary goal of Accounts Payable is to provide for timely and accurate recording of University expenditures and to ensure that vendors, faculty, staff, and students are paid in a timely, accurate and efficient manner consistent with the overall guidelines and regulations.
The mission of the Accounts Payable department is to serve the California State University, Fullerton campus community by processing payments to vendors, students, faculty and staff in a timely, accurate and efficient manner in order to facilitate and support the University's goals and objectives.
finance.fullerton.edu /Controller/Accounts_Payable   (106 words)

 Chapter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Accounts Payable Module is a comprehensive system that allows your company to track and control information about money that your company owes.
Accounts payable is also credited with the amount of the check.
It is left up to the user to debit accounts payable and credit the appropriate distribution accounts.
www.stormplus.com /docs/ap.htm   (2081 words)

 Accounts Payable
With the Accounts Payable Department now issuing checks on multiple bank accounts around the world, it is imperative that check processing be accurate and efficient.
Accounts Payable check request forms are for transactions with a company for less than $500.00 for goods or services.
The completed expense accounts, with supporting documentation attached, should be forwarded through the appropriate chain of command for approval, and then to the Controller's Department in Adams Administration Building Room 159.
www.troy.edu /financialaffairs/accounting.html   (654 words)

 Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions
An Accounts Payable Check Request is completed for Non-Duke Reimbursement; however, all of the detail regarding the travel is required.
GAP 200.136, Accounts Payable Check Request, section V details what types of payments can be made with terms of less than net 30.
All payments are made with net 30 terms unless the payment qualifies for different terms per GAP 200.136, Accounts Payable Check Request and this is noted on line 7.
www.finsvc.duke.edu /acctops/ap/faqs.html   (1111 words)

 IUS Accounting Services: Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable is responsible for scheduling payment for Electronic Purchase Orders (APO’S) that are placed by IU Southeast’s departments and for scheduling payment for invoices after a department processes a purchase requisition and purchasing issues an IU Southeast purchase order number.
Accounts Payable‘s role is to schedule checks for payment to vendors, but Accounts Payable does not issue checks to vendors.
Accounts Payable enters the information into the IU TOPS system and schedules the payment to be made, but the actual checks are printed at and mailed to the vendor by Financial Management Services (FMS) at IU Bloomington.
www.ius.edu /Bursar/AccountingSVCS/AcctsPay.cfm   (293 words)

 Accounts Payable
When you are ready to prepare checks, you may select for payment specific payables, payables due by a certain date, payables with a certain discount date, or payables for a specific vendor.
Purchase and accounts payable transactions automatically create general ledger transactions, which may be posted to the general ledger at any time with just a few key strokes.
Accounts Payable Invoices may be entered individually, or linked to a specific purchase order.
www.superinfoinc.com /Assured_AP.asp   (355 words)

 ACUMEN Book Accounts Payable/Checking
The ACUMEN Accounts Payable function is a complete system for maintaining close control over disbursements and money due and payable.
A receipt for which there is no open invoice (a deposit) can be allocated to "on account" and reallocated to an invoice at a later time.
Accounts Payable Screenshots: See some of the actual screens used in ACUMEN.
www.acumenbook.com /Productinfo/coresystem/accountspayable/accountspayable.cfm   (395 words)

 accounts payable
Accounts payable is responsible for processing invoices created for the liabilities of the College.
The accounts payable function of Florida Community College is decentralized, and each campus business office has staff that is responsible for processing invoices related to their specific campus.
Vendor accounts specifically required for payment by a disbursement request are handled within the accounts payable department.
www.fccj.org /campuses/mccs/admservices/financial/acctspayable.html   (126 words)

 Sage Accpac Purchasing
The Accounts Payable module provides robust accounting features to streamline your entire cash flow process and help you save money.
Accounts Payable has a powerful library of accounting and reporting features that facilitate rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement and full check reconciliation using Bank Services.
Set up and schedule recurring payables for invoices paid on a regular basis and automatically remind staff to process recurring payables.
www.sageaccpac.com /products/accounting/ap/default.aspx   (376 words)

 Accounts Payable - AP
The accounts payable entry is found on a balance sheet under the heading current liabilities.
Accounts payable are often referred to as "payables".
Accounts payable are debts that must be paid off within a given period of time in order to avoid default.
www.investopedia.com /terms/a/accountspayable.asp   (416 words)

 U of M Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable is responsible for approving all payments or reimbursements for all non-payroll expenditures.
Accounts Payable can make payments against a Purchase Order (PO) or through a Non-PO voucher.
An advance may be obtained to pay for travel and hosting activities where the UM employee does not have a PCard.
www.umich.edu /~purch/AP   (301 words)

 Account Payable and Management Software Solutions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Accounts Payable integrates seamlessly with VISUAL Enterprise, allowing you to create payable vouchers using purchase order/receipts matching.
The recurring vouchers feature of the accounts payable management module helps you maintain a good credit rating while saving you time and trouble with the automated generation of vouchers within user-defined templates.
Accounts payable also allows you to print vendor checks for invoices scheduled for payment.
www.lillysoftware.com /software_solution/back_office/accounts_payable_management.asp   (203 words)

 » Strategies for Writing Accounts Payable Procedures
And so, now, Accounts Payable is the final process within the Cash to Cash Cycle - and also the final $250,000.
So let’s tie this back to accounts payable - the event that pays for the liability incurred by purchasing, which is for inventory required by manufacturing to meet demand.
But in accounts payable our focus is on increasing the size of the asset, while maintaining a solid credit rating - and increasing the velocity of the process.
www.bizmanualz.com /information/2005/01/25/strategies-for-writing-accounts-payable-procedures.html   (1106 words)

 Elements Of The Accounting System: Accounts Payable   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The accounts payable subledger is similar to that used to track accounts receivable.
The difference is that accounts payable occur when you purchase inventory or other assets on credit from a supplier.
It is important to track accounts payable in a timely manner to ensure that you know how much you owe each supplier and when payment is due.
www.entrepreneur.com /article/0,4621,265215,00.html   (180 words)

 Accounts Payable Outsourcing Case Studies
We were able to dramatically improve the quality in Accounts Payable processing, resulting in the elimination of errors including payment of duplicate invoices worth millions of dollars annually.
But in their just-in-time manufacturing facility, few support activities were as critical as Accounts Payable, due to the importance of paying vendors on a timely basis to keep deliveries flowing to the plant.
Now the client can focus on growing their business, content in the knowledge that their Accounts Payable process, a critical part of their business, is being managed to world-class standards at a substantially lower cost.
www.iqbackoffice.com /accounts_payable_outsourcing_case_study.htm   (1162 words)

 Service Dispatch Systems Command Post 3000: Accounts Payable
The complete status of each individual vendor, and the default General Ledger distribution accounts for the vendor's invoices, are easy to review and act upon.
Distribution of amended invoice amounts to various applicable General Ledger account numbers is handled here, as are any other required adjustments to the invoice.
The proper bank and checking account are identified so that the transactions are reflected in the correct place and the Cash GL accounts updated properly.
www.sds3000.com /acctspay.htm   (591 words)

 Datafaction - Specialized Accounting Solutions - Accounts Payable Software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
As with all of Datafaction's products, the Accounts Payable module is a completely on-line, integrated accounting package.
The Accounts Payable system may be configured with ease to operate in a multi-company, multi-user environment.
You have the flexibility to treat each client differently in terms of cash vs. accrual basis of accounting, custom or standard vendors, and the integration to associated modules.
www.df.com /acct_payable.htm   (214 words)

 SouthWare Excellence Series
Managing the payables to your vendors is a routine, yet important part of any business.
SouthWare’s Accounts Payable is a great way to get better control over payables...with less time and effort.
SouthWare’s Accounts Payable is a complete system for recording vendor transactions, writing checks, and tracking vendor activity.
www.southware.com /Excelassist/Briefs/ap_brief.html   (319 words)

 Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable area will process the change order for the following reasons when the department notifies them by an email message addressed to r-anthrop@indstate.edu (Bob Anthrop).
With the type of accounting information that is on the invoice, the scroll bar will display all accounting distribution records one at a time.
If the substitution is not known until the invoice is received in Accounts Payable, we will contact the department notifying them of the substitution.
web.indstate.edu /controller/finance/accounts_payable/acc_pay_indx.htm   (1854 words)

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