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Topic: Acoustics

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In the News (Fri 14 Jun 19)

  Acoustical Society of America - Acoustics and You
Musical acoustics deals with the way in which we hear and perceive musical sound, the instruments that produce it, and even the structure of melody and harmony.
The use of acoustic energy to "see" or detect objects underwater is analogous to the use of radar for detecting objects in air.
Acoustic signals are used to detect the presence and location of commercially valuable fish, to map the sea floor to determine the safest "avenues" for supertankers, and to explore the Earth's geological formations or search for oil deposits beneath the ocean floor.
asa.aip.org /acou_and_you.html   (1717 words)

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Proper acoustic treatment can transform a muddy sounding room, having poor midrange definition and erratic bass response, into one that sounds clear and tight, and is a pleasure to work and listen in.
These MiniTraps (commercial acoustic panels) were installed under the peaked ceiling in the author's home recording studio to avoid focusing sound in the room to the area under the peak.
Acoustic treatment as described in this article goes a long way toward eliminating response-skewing reflections, and with a properly treated room, equalization may not be worth the effort and expense.
www.ethanwiner.com /acoustics.html   (19242 words)

 Acoustics.com . : . Online Source for Architectural Acoustics Information
-- from research to specification -- with reliable third-party verification of manufacturers' acoustic data.
by recognizing the important relationship between acoustics and health and safety.
(it's easier than you might think) with a practical checklist of concerns and explanations of the role of acoustics in sustainability.
www.acoustics.com   (72 words)

  Disc Drive Acoustics
Acoustic sound power measurements and specifications are much more relevant to disc drives than acoustic sound pressure, and it is important for customers to understand which measurement system is being used and compared in any given situation because there is no conversion or other way to relate the two.
That is why a prominent tone at a particular acoustic level might be perceived as loud or annoying, while a different prominent tone at the same acoustic level may not present a problem.
The industry-standard laboratory practice for measuring the acoustics of disc drives is to suspend the drive in a special sound-absorbing chamber (called an anechoic or hemi-anechoic chamber).
www.seagate.com /support/kb/disc/tp/acoustics.html   (3379 words)

  Acoustics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Acoustics is a branch of physics and is the study of sound, mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids.
Biomedical acoustics is the study of the use of sound in medicine, for example the use of ultrasound for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
Physical acoustics is the study of the detailed interaction of sound with materials and fluids and includes, for example, sonoluminescence (the emission of light by bubbles in a liquid excited by sound) and thermoacoustics (the interaction of sound and heat).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Acoustics   (1220 words)

 Acoustics - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Aeroacoustics is the study of how sound and gas flow interact and has particular application to aeronautics, examples being the study of sound made by jets and the physics of shock waves (sonic booms).
Physiological acoustics is the study of the mechanical, electrical and biochemical function of hearing in living organisms.
Vibration acoustics Structural Acoustics and Vibration is the study of how sound and mechanical structures interact and includes the transmission of sound through walls and the radiation of sound from vehicle panels.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /acoustics.htm   (1185 words)

 Australian Acoustics FAQ
Acoustics includes the study of waves which range from infrasonic right through to ultrasonic waves - in fact any form of mechanical vibration in any media can be regarded as part of acoustics.
Acoustics is already playing a significant role in modern communities and there is tremendous scope for enthusiastic people to play an important role in continuing these developments by mastering and applying the principles of acoustics.
Acoustic specialists could well be involved with the design of a concert hall or shielding communities from traffic noise, but other areas might involve developing improved hearing aids for the deaf or speech aids for the dumb, creating new acoustic materials or studying the physics of sound propagation in the earths atmosphere.
www.acoustics.asn.au /faqacous.shtml   (2868 words)

 Acoustics FAQ
Structural acoustics is concerned with the coupled dynamic response of elastic structures in contact with non-flowing fluids.
Structural acoustics problems of interest involving water include the vibration of submerged structures, acoustic radiation from mechanically-excited, submerged, elastic structures; acoustic scattering from submerged, elastic structures (e.g., sonar echoes); acoustic cavity analysis; and dynamics of fluid-filled elastic piping systems.
Structural acoustics problems of interest involving air include determining and reducing noise levels in automobile and airplane cabins.
www.faqs.org /faqs/physics-faq/acoustics   (6493 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions in Acoustics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In acoustics the decibel is most often used to compare sound pressure, in air, with a reference pressure.
Structural acoustics is concerned with the coupled dynamic response of elastic structures in contact with non-flowing fluids.
Structural acoustics problems of interest involving water include the vibration of submerged structures, acoustic radiation from mechanically-excited, submerged, elastic structures; acoustic scattering from submerged, elastic structures (e.g., sonar echoes); acoustic cavity analysis; and dynamics of fluid-filled elastic piping systems.
ear.berkeley.edu /acoustics.html   (5989 words)

 acoustics. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Various branches of acoustics that deal with different aspects of sound and hearing include bioacoustics, physical acoustics, ultrasonics, and architectural acoustics.
Depending on the location of the listener and the frequency of the sound, varying degrees of interference between the primary sound and its reflections will be produced.
Reflection can be reduced by the use of sound-absorbent materials, which are usually soft and porous, such as draperies, upholstery, carpets, acoustic tile, or plaster.
www.bartleby.com /65/ac/acoustic.html   (285 words)

 Acoustics 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An important impetus to research in acoustics has been the increasing concern for the natural environment at government level.
These have had a direct bearing on planning and operation of large scale sites such as factories, roads and airports, down to acoustic insulation, materials and the intricacies of vehicle design for cars, railway carriages, aircraft and their component parts.
ACOUSTICS 2003 will provide an important function in bringing together the many researchers involved in this broadening field, as well as for the presentation and discussion of their work.
www.wessex.ac.uk /conferences/2003/acoustics   (479 words)

 Materials To Control Sound And Eliminate Noise
In the late 1970's, Alpha Audio Acoustics introduced Sonex anechoic wedge foam to the professional audio community as an instant solution to a common acoustical problem.
Acoustics First Corporation was formed in 1997 by one of the founders of Alpha Audio to continue to bring such innovative products to an even broader market.
Products supplied by Acoustics First include traditional polyurethane foams, Class 1 Melamine foams, high density fiberglass panels covered in Guilford of Maine's FR701 fabric, high NRC wall fabrics, dense mass barrier materials, diffusers of wood and metal or formed plastic, prefabricated low frequency bass traps, sculptured ceiling tiles, decoupling devices, and other specialty items.
www.acousticsfirst.com   (300 words)

 Volpe Center: Acoustics Featured Projects - Section 3
Volpe Acoustics has performed testing and analysis to support this research in several areas, including perceptibility of warning signals inside vehicles, annoyance of residents near grade-crossings due to audible warning signals, and effectiveness of Automated Horn Systems (AHS).
Consequently, the FAA in cooperation with the NPS, and in consultation with the many parties that have a vested interest in GCNP, e.g., the resident Native Americans, is examining alternatives to the current airspace and air scheduling procedures.
As part of this effort Volpe Acoustics is providing INM noise modeling in support of preparation of an Environmental Assessment, which amongst other things, will examine the noise impact associated with these alternatives.
www.volpe.dot.gov /acoustics/proj3.html   (542 words)

 acoustics on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ACOUSTICS [acoustics] [Gr.,=the facts about hearing], the science of sound, including its production, propagation, and effects.
Various branches of acoustics that deal with different aspects of sound and hearing include bioacoustics, physical acoustics, ultrasonics, and architectural acoustics.
Acoustic Quartet : Louis SCLAVIS (saxos, clarinettes), Dominique PIFARELY (violon), Marc DUCRET (guitares) et Bruno CHEVILLON (contrebasse).
www.encyclopedia.com /html/a1/acoustic.asp   (1166 words)

 Georgia Tech Acoustics, Vibrations, and Dynamics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Shallow water acoustics, sound propagation and reverberation, acoustic interactions with internal waves, seafloor acoustics, and acoustic remote-sensing.
Integrated Acoustics Laboratory The program is currently in the process of constructing and instrumenting a 24'X24'X20' anechoic chamber on campus.
The facility is being used for radiation and scattering studies, transducer development, and research in nonlinear acoustics, structural acoustics, thermoacoustics, and marine bio-acoustics.
www.me.gatech.edu /me/research/acoustics.dynamics.html   (1189 words)

 NPL Acoustics: Acoustics Home Page
The Institute of Acoustics is holding a one-day workshop on the measurement of underwater radiated noise hosted by NPL on 23 May 2007.
The outcome of this meeting was agreement on an interim set of RET values for air- and bone-conduction click and tone pip, an outline procedure for the calibration of ABR equipment and an agreement on the format and content of calibration reports to be used in the UK.
The Acoustical Metrology Programme covers the provision and development of measurement standards for sound - in air, water and water-like media - and the development of standardised methods of measurement for sound, noise and ultrasound to meet identified UK private and public sector needs.
www.npl.co.uk /acoustics   (573 words)

 The educational encyclopedia, acoustics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Basic acoustics to understand the relationship of noise to sound; the physical properties of sound; the terms used to describe sound waves; the relationship between sound pressure, sound intensity and sound power; the way sound waves propagate
Musical acoustics strings and harmonics, pipes and harmonics, waves in strings, reflections, standing waves and harmonics, bows and strings, what is a decibel,...,
Music acoustics This site presents an introduction to some aspects of musical acoustics and the science of music, musical acoustics, acoustics, flute, didjeridu, didgeridoo, violin, guitar, wind, instruments, decibel, physics, science, music, acoustic impedance, science of music
users.telenet.be /educypedia/electronics/acoustics.htm   (369 words)

 AC Acoustics @ CanEHdian
Glasgow band ac acoustics is one such example of the breadth of talent that exists in the land of Scots.
Mellow, in the purest example of the word, ac acoustics live up to their moniker in haunting, exquisite terms.
Despite a lack of widespread publicity, ac acoustics have played together since 1990, when the band dabbled "with noisy experimentalism and film soundtracks".
canehdian.com /non/artists/a/acacoustics/biography.html   (323 words)

 acoustics: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
Acoustics have been on my mind recently, and not just because of (as some might suggest) the echoing empty space between my ears.
First came the CFL Western semi-final game at Mosaic Stadium, where noise, reflected and focused by the stands, played at least some role in the Riders’ victory—and utterly failed to carry from the halftime stage in the end zone to our seats near mid-field.
Technologically advanced acoustics minimize noise and cool drive operation and enhanced reliability features help protect the drive and the data stored on it.
www.technorati.com /tag/acoustics   (510 words)

 [No title]
Auto Acoustics have been working with the car audio industry for over 19 years, gaining unparalleled expertise in the after sales installation market.
During this time, constant investment in the very latest technology has allowed us to research and develop our own innovative solutions to the problems associated with car audio speaker and equipment installation work.
If you have any queries concerning vehicle or product knowledge, installation help or after sales support, you can do so by leaving a brief question in our comments box by clicking 'email' button on any page and we will be more than happy to reply.
www.autoacoustics.com   (173 words)

 Acoustics Monitoring Program
The following is a very brief overview of the basic principles of underwater acoustics.
The tutorial is presented in twelve topics beginning with "What is Sound?".
The figure above compares human vocalizations with the sounds baleen whales are known to produce.
www.pmel.noaa.gov /vents/acoustics/tutorial/tutorial.html   (398 words)

 LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics Overview
LMS Virtual.Lab Boundary Element Acoustics is an entry-level, easy-to-use acoustic simulation tool to predict and improve the sound and noise performance of a broad range of systems.
LMS Virtual.Lab Numerical Engine Acoustics is an efficient tool for predicting the noise radiated throughout a full engine run-up, and for gaining insight into the causes of noise problems.
For example, the high acoustical excitations induced by a powerful jet or rocket flow, are random by nature and induce random vibrations into the aircraft fuselage, spacecraft launcher...
www.lmsintl.com /?sitenavid=F0DB179B-FA4E-48E9-B352-AF99B8D380B9   (597 words)

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