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Topic: Acropolis, Athens

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  Acropolis, Athens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Acropolis of Athens, seen from the hill of the Pnyx to the west.
At the center of the acropolis is the Parthenon or Temple of Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin).
Acropolis of Athens — AcropolisofAthens.gr — one monument, one heritage
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Acropolis,_Athens   (1615 words)

 Acropolis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word "Acropolis", though Greek in origin and associated primarily with Greek cities (Athens, Argos, Thebes, and Corinth with its Acrocorinth), may be applied generically to all such citadels (Rome, Jerusalem, Celtic Bratislava, many in Asia Minor, or even Castle Hill at Edinburgh).
The most famous example of the kind is the Acropolis of Athens, which, by reason of its historical associations and the famous buildings erected upon it, is generally known without qualification as simply "The Acropolis".
Acropolis in Athens from the south-west with the Propylea and the Temple of Nike (left centre) and the theatre of Herodes Atticus (below left).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Acropolis   (299 words)

 The Acropolis of Athens   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
After the liberation of Athens from the Turks, the protection, restoration and conservation of the monuments was one of the first tasks of the newly-founded Greek state.
The metopes depict the Gigantomachy on the east side, the Amazonomachy on the west, the Centauromachy on the south, and scenes from the Trojan War on the north.
The monumental gateway of the Acropolis was designed by the architect Mnesikles and constructed in 437-432 B.C. It comprises a central building and two lateral wings.
www.culture.gr /2/21/211/21101a/e211aa01.html   (906 words)

 Athens City Guide - What you need to know about Athens !
The Acropolis is chosen as the seat of the Archbishop of Athens.
In 1387, the Propylea became the residence of the duke of Athens Nerio Acciaioli.
In the ×ÉVthe century, the duke of Athens, Nerio Acciaioi had the unfortunate idea to erect on the Propylea which had become his residence, a high square tower (improperly called “Frankish tower”) which was pulled down in 1875, at the expense of the archaeologist Henry Schliemann.
www.athensguide.gr /pop/acropolis.html   (4666 words)

 Kids.net.au - Encyclopedia Athens -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Athens was home to one of the earliest recorded formal democracies, and is the site of the Acropolis and its Parthenon.
As of the 1991 census, Athens had a population of 3,072,866, making it by far Greece's largest city, with nearly a third of the country's total population.
Athens was the host of the 1896 Olympics, the 1906 Intermediary Olympics and will be the host of the 2004 Summer Olympics.
www.kidsseek.com /encyclopedia-wiki/at/Athens   (181 words)

 Athens Travel Guide: Hotel Reservations, Restaurants, Nightlife, Maps, Transportation, Articles, and Things To Do in ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Athens, the cradle of ancient civilization and the heart of Greece.
In 480 B.C. the Acropolis as well as the rest of Athens was burned and reduced to ruins by the Persian army.
Near the Erechtheion is the entrance (or perhaps the exit) of the passage to the Cave of Aglauron.
www.greece101.com /destFullArticle.display-lid1-slid20-did4-cid63.html   (1910 words)

 Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis (akro + polis) literally means edge or point of the city, and throughout the centuries in has embodied a much more significant position not in relation to a city, but in relation to an entire civilization.
The temples of the Acropolis of Athens were destroyed or burned several times in ancient times, and the monuments as we see them today were the result of a terrific public project the Athenians undertook during "The Golden Age of Perikles" circa 450 BC.
In the monuments of the Acropolis the ideals which forged western thought and culture are embodied in artistic expression and formal stylization of the highest degree.
www.greeklandscapes.com /greece/acropolis.html   (939 words)

 The Acropolis, Athens, Greece - April 2000
This is set at the base of the Acropolis and is one of the first things you'll see after you enter the main gates.
The Acropolis is one of several hills in Athens but it is not the highest.
Athens also sits in a horseshoe shaped valley, surrounded by much higher mountains, though they were hard to see for the most part through the smog.
www.mrfs.net /trips/2000/Greece/Acropolis/Acropolis.html   (1094 words)

 The Acropolis of Athens
The Parthenon and other main buildings on the Acropolis were built by Pericles in the fifth century BC as a monument to the cultural and political achievements of the inhabitants of Athens.
Athena was declared the victor and the great city of Athens was named for her while Poseidon was given a small village in Syros after it was discovered he had merely ruptured a water main.
The cost of entrance to the Acropolis is about 12 euros and is good for the other sites in the area including the ancient agora, theatre of Dionysos, Kerameikos, Roman Agora, Tower of the Winds and the Temple of Olympian Zeus and is supposedly good for a week.
www.athensguide.com /acropolis.html   (2534 words)

Most of the monuments still visible on the Acropolis (which means the highest point of the city), were built in the 2nd half of the fifth century BC It was the most important religious center for Athens for centuries.
It was the language of Athens and the surrounding district of Attica and differed from the other Ionic forms chiefly in its contraction of vowels.
Athens is the capital of Greece and the country’s largest city, Athens is dominated by the flat-topped hill of the Acropolis, site of the 2400-year-old Parthenon, one of the most famous classical monuments in the world.
www.wdbydana.com /athens.htm   (1920 words)

 Athens Greece: A guide to Athens city, Greece
Athens is a beautiful city named after the goddess of wisdom Athena.
The Acropolis and its central temple, the Parthenon, are situated in the center of Athens and are standing proudly over the newly built and busy megalopolis.
The Acropolis was a sacred place of Greece and many people believe that it is one of the most important monuments of Europe and built by one of the most important and "modern" civilizations...
www.athens-360.com   (519 words)

 Athens Greece Guide travel and tourist information about Athens,Greece
Athens hosted successfully the Olympic games 2004 The city of Athens was Great during the Olympics and it looks great today.An updated guide of Athens the capital of Greece was the intension for this particular page.
Athens is noteworthy for its fine archaeological collections, especially those contained in the National Archeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum.
To the south of the Acropolis are the Theater of Dionysus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, and to the west, the Areopagus (council chamber) in which St. Paul spoke.
www.athensguide.org   (491 words)

 ----- Acropolis of Athens -----
On the sacred rock of the Acropolis the monuments date from the prehistoric period to the end of antiquity.
This is the glorious entrance to the Acropolis and its monuments constructed as part of the Pericles program.
Built in 420-406 BC on that part of the Acropolis held to be the most sacred; the place where the goddess Athena had caused her most sacred emblem, the olive tree, to sprout.
www.dilos.com /region/attica/acropolis_rock.html   (1048 words)

 Map of the Acropolis of Athens
This sanctuary, built in a crack of the cliff on the northern side of the Acropolis, was dedicated to Aglaurus, one of the daughters of Cecrops, the first king of Athens (see Herodotus' Histories, VIII, 53).
The propyla of the Acropolis were built by Pericles as part of his plans to enhance the site and constituted the doorway to the flat top of the sacred rock.
This street leading from the agora to the theater of Dionysus by the eastern side of the Acropolis, owed its name to the fact that monuments and tripods erected in memory of their victories at the theater by wealthy citizens selected as choirmasters (chorègoi) were lining up on its sides.
plato-dialogues.org /tools/acropol.htm   (1105 words)

 The Acropolis, Athens
The term 'acropolis' means upper city and many of the city states of ancient Greece are built around an acropolis where the inhabitants can go as a place of refuge in times of invasion.
Athena was declared the victor and the great city of Athens was named for her while Poseidon was given a small village in Syros after it was discovered he had merely ruptured a water main (not really).
Below the Acropolis is the theatre of Herod Atticus built by the Romans in 161 AD and still used today for classical concerts, ballet, performances of high cultural value and Yanni.
www.magicaljourneys.com /Athens/athens-discover-acropolis.html   (1180 words)

 Acropolis | Athens Sights & Activities | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
Conceived by Pericles, the Propylaea was the masterwork of the architect Mnesicles.
At the loftiest point of the Acropolis is the Parthenon, the architectural masterpiece conceived by Pericles and executed between 447 and 438 BC by the brilliant sculptor Pheidias, who supervised the architects Iktinos and Kallikrates in its construction.
Such is the beauty of the Acropolis and the grandeur of the setting that a visit in all weathers and at all hours is rewarding.
www.fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=athens@14&cur_section=sig&property_id=27453   (2317 words)

 The Acropolis Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Many of the unique works of art that ornamented the Acropolis have been stolen and transferred abroad.
In the 1950's it was extended towards the east and the exhibition was rearranged by the archaeologist I. Meliades.
Since the beginning of the excavations, the vases and the bronzes have been kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, while the inscriptions are housed in the Epigraphical Museum.
www.culture.gr /2/21/211/21101m/e211am01.html   (530 words)

 HELLAS:NET - Acropolis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Just the sight of the Acropolis is already breathtaking for the average tourist, but once you have read the previous chapters you might discover things which remain hidden for the untrained viewer.
Whatever its function was, the Acropolis has always been the heart of Athens and is seen by many as the crown on the Greek civilisation.
The Acropolis from the SW - The Acropolis from the SE
monolith.dnsalias.org /~marsares/acro   (501 words)

 Acropolis, Athens
At first it served both as the stronghold of the kings of Athens and as the site of the city's oldest shrines; later it was reserved for the service of the divinities of Athens alone.
This religious center of ancient Athens, which received its classical form in the time of Pericles, thus reflected the humane values of Greek culture and thoughts which have retained their power down to our own day.
The Acropolis crag measures 320m/350yd from east to west and 156m/170yd from north to south and rises to 156.2m/512ft at its highest point.
www.planetware.com /athens/acropolis-gr-ath-acrop.htm   (689 words)

 Athens 2004, Athens Airport, Acropolis Of Athens, History Of Athens, Athens Marathon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
If you are stuck in the Athens airport because of a delay or a missed flight or because it is easier to hang out in the airport than do anything else you will be happy to know that the food at the airport concessions is great and there are plenty of choices.
Athens was spared the fate of many of Georgia’s cities, however, remaining virtually intact after hostilities had ended: Sherman’s infamous army did not march through the area.
The citizens of Athens value the stunning architectural heritage of the city, and irreplaceable treasures of the past continue to be restored to their original glory.
www.lookathens.com   (3577 words)

 Athen Greece-Acropolis Parthenon - Akropolis in fullscreen QTVR
Athen Greece-Acropolis Parthenon - Akropolis in fullscreen QTVR
The Acropolis in Athens is one of the worlds most important architectural, historic and cultural treasures.
After the Turks took over Athens in 1456, it became a mosque, and the Erechtheion was used as a harem for the governor.
www.panoramas.dk /fullscreen3/f42_acropolis.html   (410 words)

 Acropolis of Athens - Akropolis of Athens
Acropolis or Akropolis (Greek: Akros, top; Polis, city) - quite literally the upper part of a town - is a bastion or citadel in which the ancient Greeks took refuge during battle.
Acropolis of Athens is certainly the most representative of the Greek acropolises, situated on a flat and precipitous hill 160 metres or 512 feet above sea level.
During the 11th century BCE the citadel became a centre of worship and in the 5th century BCE the acropolis gained its final shape.
www.sailingissues.com /yachting-guide/acropolis.html   (222 words)

 Carmen & Jim's Greece Trip - Athens   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Acropolis means "high city" and is really the ancient fortified section of ancient Greek cities that were built on hills for added protection.
Many Greek cities had their own acropolis but the one in Athens (built in the 5th century BC) is the most well known.
In the Athens' Acropolis you will of course find the Parthenon ("Virgin's Apartments") which was a temple for the goddess Athena.
www.personal.psu.edu /staff/j/x/jxf17/page3.html   (492 words)

 Acropolis, Athens, Greece
The Acropolis is pretty much situated in the middle of the city and is hard to miss.
Until the 17th century the temple was relatively unharmed, but in 1687 the Venetians bombarded the Acropolis, and a projectile hit the Parthenon, which the Turks used as a storage room for gunpowder.
Despite all that the Acropolis has been through, it is really the pollution in modern Athens that is its worst enemy.
www.in2greece.com /english/places/historical/mainland/acropolis.htm   (925 words)

 Athens Greece Hotels – Athens travel Guide, athens city map, vacation & honeymoon packages for Athens and Greek ...
Athens Greece Hotels – Athens travel Guide, athens city map, vacation and honeymoon packages for Athens and Greek islands, street map of Athens, Athens airport, Athens sightseeing, cheap flights to Athens, travel and tourist information, Athens pictures.
Inhabited for more than 7000 years, Athens is considered to be the birthplace (cradle) of modern civilization.
One cannot but marvel at the sight of the sheer volume of the ubiquitous antiquities sprawling the attic landscape.
www.athens-greece.us   (137 words)

 Acropolis Athens Greece | Athens National Museum | Schinias Beach Athens
Acropolis in Athens is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Greece.
The construction of the museum is dated back to 1866 and completed in 1889 with the gradual addition of the west wing in 1874, of the north in 1881, of the south in 1885 and finally, of the east wing.
Athens Olympic Stadium is located in the outskirt of Maroussi, which is a popular tourist attraction in Greece.
www.stayresgreece.com /bestplaces.html   (694 words)

 ----- Athens, Capital of Greece - Modern Athens -----
Miraculously after 2,500 years, the Periclean Acropolis is still standing despite the ravages of modern pollution which have sent the remaining statues and frescoes inside the Acropolis Museum.
Athens has over 44 museums in which to while away an hour or two.
In or near Athens, one may play golf, swim and sunbathe at the numerous beaches which line the Athens coast, some as near as half an hour's drive from the city centre.
www.dilos.com /region/attica/ath_mod.html   (1272 words)

 The Acropolis of Athens, Attractions of Ancient Greece
It seems that the Acropolis might have been spared of the violent destruction of other Mycenaean palaces, as there are no signs of fire or other large-scale destruction in what few artefacts of that time survive.
The Theatre of Dionysus was a major amphitheatre in ancient Greece, built at the foot of the Athenian Acropolis.
Acropolis literally translates to the upper part of a town.
www.magicaljourneys.com /Greece/greece-interest-athens-acropolis.html   (1713 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Acropolis, Athens
To the north-west a small gate and a stair lead to the spring known as the "Clepsydra".
For that purpose, damaged portions of the wall were replaced by a wooden fence, but this did not stop the Persian king Xerxes' invading troops from conquering the Acropolis and sacking and burning the major temples.
To the left of the Propylaea is the Erechtheum with columns known as caryatids scultped as figures of women.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Acropolis,_Athens   (989 words)

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