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Topic: Actin-binding protein

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

 The actin-binding protein UNC-115 is an effector of Rac signaling during axon pathfinding in C. elegans -- Struckhoff and Lundquist 130 (4): 693 -- Development
The actin-binding protein UNC-115 is an effector of Rac signaling during axon pathfinding in C.
in vitro, indicating that UNC-115 is an actin-binding protein.
UNC-115 is a molecule similar to the human actin-binding protein abLIM/limatin /cgi/content/full/130/4/693

 binding protein
general term for class of proteins whose most important function appears to be binding of some ligand for soluability, transport, bioactivity regulation, or other nonenzymatic process; prefer NTs whenever possible. /Thesaurus/00000905.htm

 Espin Contains an Additional Actin-binding Site in Its N Terminus and Is a Major Actin-bundling Protein of the Sertoli Cell-Spermatid Ectoplasmic Specialization Junctional Plaque -- Chen et al. 10 (12): 4327 -- Molecular Biology of the Cell
Actin binding by recombinant espin(339-720), a fragment from the N terminus of espin that is missing the C-terminal actin-bundling module, and the mapping of its actin-binding site by deletion mutagenesis.
Petruszak, J.A.M., Nehme, C.L., and Bartles, J.R. Endoproteolytic cleavage in the extracellular domain of the integral plasma membrane protein CE9 precedes its redistribution from the posterior to the anterior tail of the rat spermatozoon during epididymal maturation.
Oko, R., Hermo, L., and Hecht, N.B. Distribution of actin isoforms within cells of the seminiferous epithelium of the rat testis: evidence for a muscle form of actin in spermatids. /cgi/content/full/10/12/4327

 A High-affinity Interaction with ADP-Actin Monomers Underlies the Mechanism and In Vivo Function of Srv2/cyclase-associated Protein -- Mattila et al. 15 (11): 5158 -- Molecular Biology of the Cell
proteins defective in actin binding, were measured by fluorescence-monitored urea denaturation assay.
Gieselmann, R., and Mann, K. ASP-56, a new actin sequestering protein from pig platelets with homology to CAP, an adenylate cyclase-associated protein from yeast.
WH2 domains for actin-binding interactions have not been examined. /cgi/content/full/15/11/5158

 HRIHFB2122 - TRIO and F-actin binding protein
HRIHFB2122 is a homologue of Triobp (TRIO and F-actin binding protein) from Mus musculus.
Herein we characterize a novel Trio-binding protein, Tara, that is comprised of an N-terminal pleckstrin homology domain and a C-terminal coiled-coil region.
We propose that Tara regulates actin cytoskeletal organization by directly binding and stabilizing F-actin, and that the localized formation of Tara and Trio complexes functions to coordinate actin remodeling. /UniPub/iHOP/gg/96098.html

 OMIM Entry 300017
Human actin-binding protein is a 280-kD protein that crosslinks actin filaments into orthogonal networks in cortical cytoplasm and participates in the anchoring of membrane proteins for the actin cytoskeleton.
When sequences from CpG islands in the Xq28 region (Maestrini et al., 1990) were compared to sequences in databases, the gene for the actin binding protein 280 (ABP-280) was found.
demonstrated that ABP, also called filamin, is a 2,647-amino acid protein with 3 functional domains: an N-terminal filamentous actin-binding domain, a C-terminal self-association domain, and a membrane glycoprotein-binding domain. /cgi-bin/wrapomim?300017

 Calcium-Calmodulin Suppresses the Filamentous Actin-Binding Activity of a 135-Kilodalton Actin-Bundling Protein Isolated from Lily Pollen Tubes -- Yokota et al. 123 (2): 645 -- PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
Bretscher A, Weber K (1980) Villin is a major protein of the microvillus cytoskeleton which binds both G and F actin in a calcium-dependent manner.
Identification and Characterization of a Ca2+-Dependent Actin Filament-Severing Protein from Lily Pollen
that actin filaments are fragmented by the elevation of the intracellular /cgi/content/full/123/2/645

 All Actin Binding Proteins
IHC, WB dJ1187J4.5, Dystrophin associated protein A1 59kD acidic component, Pro TGF alp...
WB dJ1187J4.5, Dystrophin associated protein A1 59kD acidic component, Pro TGF alp...
Expected to cross-react with Cow (90% identity with immunogen), Mouse (100% identity with immunogen) and Rat (100% identity with immunogen) due to sequence homology. /?c=815

 Structure Finder - Quick Proteins Plus Search
The following form can be used to make selections of structures found in the Protein Data Bank.
Select or enter as many options as desired, and then click on "Execute Selection" to be presented with a list of structures that meet these constraints.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact /NDB/structure-finder/protein/quick-query.html

 OUTPUT from blastx for SM1-0169
coronin, actin-binding protein, 1A; coronin, actin-binding, 1A [Homo sapiens] refXP_008114.2
coronin, actin-binding protein, 2A [Homo sapiens] spQ92828CO2A_HUMAN CORONIN 2A (WD-REPEAT PROTEIN 2) (IR10) gbAAB47807.1
coronin, actin binding protein 1B [Rattus norvegicus] spO89046CO1B_RAT CORONIN 1B (CORONIN 2) embCAA06836.1 /reith/salmon/macrophage/SM1-0169.html

(D31883) similar to an actin bundling protein, dematn.
Highly similar protein sequences were given the same rank (IE user: click "+" to expand/contract).
receptor-associated protein of the synapse, 43kD [Homo sapiens] /mnhn/bpy/2DMS/2d/prof112k/07_112k.html

 CDC42 - cell division cycle 42 (GTP binding protein, 25kDa)
Cdc42, a member of the Rho family of GTP binding proteins, functions in the formation of polarized actin structures, in elongation of cell shape, and in cell signaling.
Tyrosine phosphorylation of the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein by Lyn and Btk is regulated by CDC42.
Taken together, the data suggest that Msb3p and Msb4p may function redundantly downstream of Cdc42p, specifically in a pathway leading to actin organization. /UniPub/iHOP/gg/87076.html   (5583 words)

Anne J. Ridley, Alan Hall, "The Small GTP-Binding Protein Rho Regulates the Assembly of Focal Adhesions and Actin Stress Fibers in Response to Growth Factors," Cell 70(1992):389-399.
A.J. Ridley, H.F. Paterson, C.L. Johnston, D. Diekmann, A. Hall, "The small GTP-binding protein rac regulates growth factor-induced membrane ruffling," Cell 70(7 August 1992):401-410.
Kozma, S. Ahmed, A. Best, L. Lim, "The Ras-related protein Cdc42Hs and bradykinin promote formation of peripheral actin microspikes and filopodia in Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts," Mol. /NMI/Refs1500-1599.htm   (1886 words)

 Regulation of Hepatic Vitamin A Storage in a Rat Model of Controlled Vitamin A Status during Aging -- Dawson et al. 130 (5): 1280 -- Journal of Nutrition
RBP or ß-actin mRNA was quantified by densitometry (NIH
Ross A. Retinol esterification by mammary gland microsomes from the lactating rat.
The molar ratio of plasma retinol to RBP is known to be correlated /cgi/content/full/130/5/1280   (1886 words)

 The GTP-binding Protein RhoA Mediates Na,K-ATPase Exocytosis in Alveolar Epithelial Cells -- Lecuona et al. 14 (9): 3888 -- Molecular Biology of the Cell
Ridley, A.J., and Hall, A. The small GTP-binding protein regulates the assembly of focal adhesions and actin stress fibers in response to growth factors.
Protein was quantified by Bradford assay (Bradford, 1976
Lecuona, E., Garcia, A., and Sznajder, J.I. A novel role for protein phosphatase 2A in the dopaminergic regulation of Na, K-ATPase. /cgi/content/full/14/9/3888   (5022 words)

 c-Myc gene single-strand binding protein-1, MSSP-1, suppresses transcription of alpha-smooth muscle actin gene in chicken visceral smooth muscle cells -- Kimura et al. 26 (10): 2420 -- Nucleic Acids Research
In this study, we identified a novel negative element (-238 to -219) in the chicken [alpha]-SM actin promoter region, which is different from the TEF-1 binding site.
cDNA cloning and gel shift analysis using anti-MSSP-1 antibodies revealed that this protein factor is a chicken homolog of human MSSP-1 (c- myc gene single-strand binding protein-1).
Molecular cloning by Southwestern screening revealed that one of the protein factors bound to the novel negative element is a chicken homolog of human c- myc gene single-strand binding protein-1 (MSSP-1). /cgi/content/full/26/10/2420   (5022 words)

[Source:RefSeq;Acc:NM_018739] 1 M18 M200000175 Irebf1-pending interferon response element binding factor 1 1 M20 M200000176 Mybl1 MYB-RELATED PROTEIN A (A-MYB).
[Source:RefSeq;Acc:NM_009344]" 4 I19 M200001197 Actr1a ARP1 actin-related protein 1 homolog A (yeast) 4 I21 M200001198 Ltbr lymphotoxin B receptor 4 I23 M200001199 Cnil CORNICHON-LIKE PROTEIN.
[Source:SWISSPROT;Acc:P53810] 4 K07 M200001203 Stxbp1 SYNTAXIN BINDING PROTEIN 1 (UNC-18 HOMOLOG) (UNC-18A) (UNC-18-1). /news_events/2004userconf/MouseV2_GeneNames.txt   (5022 words)

 Talin contains three actin-binding sites each of which is adjacent to a vinculin-binding site -- Hemmings et al. 109 (11): 2715 -- Journal of Cell Science
from a binding site for vinculin, a protein which also binds actin.
Talin contains three actin-binding sites each of which is adjacent to a vinculin-binding site -- Hemmings et al.
destroy the capacity of this region of the protein to bind actin or /cgi/content/abstract/109/11/2715   (1147 words)

 Effects of Arp2 and Arp3 nucleotide-binding pocket mutations on Arp2/3 complex function -- Martin et al. 168 (2): 315 -- The Journal of Cell Biology
Contributions of actin-related proteins (Arp) 2 and 3 nucleotide
Abbreviations used in this paper: Arp, actin-related protein;
Effects of Arp2 and Arp3 nucleotide-binding pocket mutations on Arp2/3 complex function -- Martin et al. /cgi/content/abstract/168/2/315   (266 words)

 Protein Molecule Visualization
Actin and tubulin are both protein molecules that polymerize into fibrous structures, known as the cytoskeleton, inside cells.
The "actin" and "tubulin-1 & -2" figures contain a tubular representation of the chain of amino acid subunits that make up the protein, inside two representations of the type of 3-D data that is used to determine the structure.
The structure of the protein was actually determined from a similar experimental map that had much higher resolution. /Vignettes/Downing1998   (266 words)

 SH3P7 Is a Cytoskeleton Adapter Protein and Is Coupled to Signal Transduction from Lymphocyte Antigen Receptors -- Larbolette et al. 19 (2): 1539 -- Molecular and Cellular Biology
Homology of a yeast actin-binding protein to signal transduction proteins and myosin-1.
Coactosin, a 17 kDa F-actin binding protein from Dictyostelium discoideum.
SH3P7 Is a Cytoskeleton Adapter Protein and Is Coupled to Signal Transduction from Lymphocyte Antigen Receptors -- Larbolette et al. /cgi/content/full/19/2/1539   (266 words)

 Muscle Biochemistry
The biochemical basis of muscle activity is related to the enzymatic and physical properties of actin, myosin, and the accessory proteins that constitute the thin and thick filaments.
The molecular event underlying muscle contraction is the regulated binding of the myosin headpieces to actin thin filaments, followed by rapid myosin conformational changes about its hinge points with the bound actin being translocated toward the M line.
Consequently, fast-acting skeletal muscles are composed of dominantly glycolytic white fibers while slow-acting muscles such as those that maintain tone are generally red and oxidative. /thcme/mwking/muscle.html   (266 words)

The recruitment and subsequent depolymerization of actin at the phagosome membrane is co-ordinated by actin-binding proteins (2).
Gp70 is one of two proteins found concentrated in crystalline bodies (3) that are associated with the detergent-insoluble cytoskeleton (1).
Project 3: the food particle, now in a vesicle called a phagosome, is digested and how the phagosomal membrane proteins are presumably recycled. /faculty/chia   (677 words)

 Characterization of a Eukaryotic-Like Tyrosine Protein Kinase Expressed by the Shiga Toxin-Encoding Bacteriophage 933W -- Tyler and Friedman 186 (11): 3472 -- The Journal of Bacteriology
A distinctive role for the Yersinia protein kinase: actin binding, kinase activation, and cytoskeleton disruption.
On the binding of ATP to the autophosphorylating protein, Ptk, of the bacterium Acinetobacter johnsonii.
Expression, purification, and physicochemical characterization of a recombinant Yersinia protein tyrosine phosphatase. /cgi/content/full/186/11/3472   (5139 words)

 The Ark1/Prk1 family of protein kinases: Regulators of endocytosis and the actin cytoskeleton -- Smythe and Ayscough 4 (3): 246 -- EMBO Reports
AAK, adaptor-associated kinase; Abp1, actin-binding protein 1; GAK, cyclin-G-associated kinase; WASP, Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome protein.
actin and clathrin-coated vesicles is the F-actin binding protein
allowing other proteins such as Sla2 to interact with actin /cgi/content/full/4/3/246   (5139 words)

 A Novel Neural Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein (N-WASP) Binding Protein, WISH, Induces Arp2/3 Complex Activation Independent of Cdc42 -- Fukuoka et al. 152 (3): 471 -- The Journal of Cell Biology
Ridley, A.J., and Hall, A. The small GTP-binding protein rho regulates the assembly of focal adhesions and actin stress fibers in response to growth factors.
Wu, Y., Spencer, S.D., and Lasky, L.A. Tyrosine phosphorylation regulates the SH3-mediated binding of the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein to PSTPIP, a cytoskeletal-associated protein.
GST fusion proteins of full-length Ash/Grb2 (GST-Ash), the NH -terminal SH3 domain of Ash/Grb2 (GST-AshN), and the COOH-terminal SH3 of Ash/Grb2 (GST-AshC) were immobilized on glutathione-agarose beads and incubated with (right) or without (left) His-Pro. /cgi/content/full/152/3/471   (6241 words)

 The Dictyostelium CARMIL Protein Links Capping Protein and the Arp2/3 Complex to Type I Myosins through Their SH3 Domains -- Jung et al. 153 (7): 1479 -- The Journal of Cell Biology
The binding of G-actin is inferred from the sequence of CARMIL and the activation data.
proteins correspond to the Dictyostelium homologues of the Arp2/3
The fact that we obtained complexes from the SH3 column in which both capping protein and the Arp2/3 complex appear to be approximately stoichiometric with CARMIL makes it very unlikely that their interaction with CARMIL is mutually exclusive. /cgi/content/full/153/7/1479   (9760 words)

 Actin filament disassembling activity of Caenorhabditis elegans actin-interacting protein 1 (UNC-78) is dependent on filament binding by a specific ADF/cofilin isoform -- Mohri and Ono 116 (20): 4107 -- Journal of Cell Science
Percentages of actin in the pellets were quantified and plotted as a function of the concentration of ADF/cofilin proteins.
Cofilin phosphorylation and actin reorganization activities of testicular protein kinase 2 and its predominant expression in testicular Sertoli cells.
the striation of UNC-78 was not as sharp as that of actin, it /cgi/content/full/116/20/4107   (6906 words)

 A crucial role for profilin-actin in the intracellular motility of Listeria monocytogenes -- Grenklo et al. 4 (5): 523 -- EMBO Reports
Lu, J. and Pollard, T.D. (2001) Profilin binding to poly-L-proline and actin monomers along with ability to catalyze actin nucleotide exchange is required for viability of fission yeast.
Sechi, A.S. and Wehland, J. (2000) The actin cytoskeleton and plasma membrane connection: PtdIns(4,5)P(2) influences cytoskeletal protein activity at the plasma membrane.
on the nucleation and inefficient elongation of actin filaments /cgi/content/full/4/5/523   (3965 words)

 Protein cellular locations
plasma membrane YFL005w SEC4 GTP-binding protein of the ras superfamily golgi-plasma membrane transport vesicles
weak similarity to hypothetical protein YLR324w cytoplasm YBR169c SSE2 heat shock protein of the HSP70 family nucleus YBR170c NPL4 nuclear protein localization factor and ER translocation component ER membrane YBR171w SEC66 ER protein-translocation complex subunit actin cytoskeleton YBR172c SMY2 kinesin-related protein nuclear envelope YBR173c UMP1 proteasome maturation factor ER membrane
ER YGL226c-a OST5 subunit of N-oligosaccharyltransferase, zeta subunit golgi membrane YGL225w GOG5 GDP-mannose transporter into the lumen of the Golgi tubulin cytoskeleton YGL216w KIP3 kinesin-related protein required for nuclear migration nucleus /img/gims/Location.html   (2539 words)

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