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Topic: Actiniaria

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This conclusion bears on discussions of the relationships among Scleractinia, Corallimorpharia, and Actiniaria, and has been interpreted as support for the hypothesis that scleractinians are derived from corallimorpharians or actiniarians.
Buddemeier and Fautin (1996) estimated from this analysis that actiniarian and scleractinian/corallimorpharian lineages diverged 75 mya, and the corallimorpharian lineage diverged from the scleractinian lineage 55 mya.
Scleractinia and Actiniaria is each monophyletic; Corallimorpharia is not monophyletic and, although it is most closely related to Scleractinia, its relative placement - basal to or within Scleractinia -- is unresolved.
ag.arizona.edu /ENTO/tree/eukaryotes/animals/cnidaria/anthozoa/Zoantharia.nex   (5051 words)

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Stephenson TA (1922) On the classification of Actiniaria.
England KW (1991) Nematocysts of sea anemones (Actiniaria, Ceriantharia and Corallimorpharia: Cnidaria): nomenclature.
Williams RB (1996) Measurements of cnidae from sea anemones (Cnidaria: Actiniaria): statistical parameters and taxonomic relevance.
www.anthozoa.com /Start.htm   (543 words)

Density, dispersion and autoecology of Phymactis clematis Dana, 1849 (Anthozoa: Actiniaria).
Averincev VG (1967) Actiniaria of the Possjet Bay of the Sea of Japan.
Actiniaria from New Zealand and its Subantarctic Islands.
www.anthozoa.com /seaanemonelit.htm   (7311 words)

 Actiniaria (family list) Information
Color plate of "Actiniae" (an old term for Actinaria) from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (1904).
The Actiniaria is the order of animals in the class Anthozoa that includes sea anemones.
View a list of authors or edit this article.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Actiniaria_(family_list)   (40 words)

 Sea Anemones (Actiniaria) picture - Fiji
By region - Fiji - Sea Anemones (Actiniaria)
Sea Anemones (Actiniaria) Length: up to 120 cm, The sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima (Brandt) forms clonal aggregations in the field by binary longitudinal fission.
The fission process leaves a noticeable scar which develops body, Photo taken in Fiji.
www.gooddive.com /diving-photos/show.php?sel=&start=0&id=876   (65 words)

 Hexacorallians of the World
Archival copies of previous versions can be obtained upon request.
As of 31 January 2003, the inventory of genera and species was virtually complete for Actiniaria, Antipatharia Ceriantharia, Corallimorpharia, and Ptychodactiaria (now considered a component of Actiniaria), although not all associated data are available for every species.
As bibliographic details for higher taxonomic levels are assembled, the hierarchical placement of each taxon will be specified.
hercules.kgs.ku.edu /hexacoral/anemone2/index.cfm   (354 words)

 actiniaria - OneLook Dictionary Search
We found 5 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word actiniaria:
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Words similar to actiniaria: actinaria, order actinaria, order actiniaria, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=actiniaria   (78 words)

 Actiniaria - French-English Dictionary WordReference.com
We found no French translation for 'Actiniaria' in our English to French Dictionary.
Or did you want to translate 'Actiniaria' from French to English?
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www.wordreference.com /enfr/Actiniaria   (79 words)

 IngentaConnect The genera Urticina and Cribrinopsis (Anthozoa: Actiniaria) from ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
IngentaConnect The genera Urticina and Cribrinopsis (Anthozoa: Actiniaria) from...
The genera Urticina and Cribrinopsis (Anthozoa: Actiniaria) from the north‐western Pacific
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www.ingentaconnect.com /content/tandf/tnah/2006/00000040/F0020007/art00001   (193 words)

 The Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger Zoology 15 Report on the Actiniaria
The Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger Zoology 15 Report on the Actiniaria
ZOOLOGY Volume XV Report on the Actiniaria collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the Years 1873-76.
This Report is bound in the H.M.S. Challenger Reports, Volume 6, 1882.
www.19thcenturyscience.org /HMSC/HMSC-Reports/Zool-15/htm/doc.html   (209 words)

 Sea Anemones: Actiniaria.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
If you would like to use photographs from this website, you should contact with authors:
Most photographs on Actiniaria website are made by D. Shories and H. Krumbeck.
N. Sanamyan is author of photos of Kamchatha sea anemones.
www.actiniaria.com /authors.php   (63 words)

 Search Results for actiniaria -¬†Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
any member of the invertebrate order Actiniaria (class Anthozoa, phylum Cnidaria), primarily sedentary marine animals resembling flowers.
Any of more than 1,000 cnidarian species in the order Actiniaria,...
Expand your search on actiniaria with these databases:
www.britannica.com /search?query=actiniaria&submit=Find&source=MWTEXT   (131 words)

 Macrobenthos of the North Sea - Anthozoa > Species: Order Actiniaria
The order Actiniaria contains the true sea-anemones; these are solitary Hexacorallia which never possess a calcareous skeleton.
Base rounded or forming an adherent disc, with or without basilar muscles.
You can search using vernacular or scientific name.
nlbif.eti.uva.nl /bis/anthozoa.php?selected=beschrijving&menuentry=soorten&id=3   (1856 words)

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