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Topic: Actinolite

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Actinolite is an intermediate member in a series between tremolite[?] (Mg-rich) and ferro-actinolite[?] (Fe-rich).
Actinolite is commonly found in metamorphic rocks, such as contact aureoles[?] surrounding cooled intrusive igneous rocks.
Another form of actinolite, known as nephrite, is one of the two common constituents of jade (the other being jadeite[?]).
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ac/Actinolite.html   (113 words)

Actinolite is a common member of the amphibole family.
The rocks are usually relatively fine-grained, consisting of a mixture of actinolite, magnetite, quartz specular hematite, chlorite, almandine, and graphite.
Actinolite occurs as "sprays of fine acicular crystals in pockets in quartz-epidote-pyrite rich veins" at the Tork and Haessley Quarries, Wisconsin Rapids.
www.uwrf.edu /~wc01/actinolite.htm   (751 words)

 Apex Precision Analytical Services
Tremolite and actinolite may occur as contaminants in fillers, or as sand and gravel components of plasters or roofing materials.
The division between tremolite and actinolite is defined by the relative amounts of magnesium and iron.
Actinolite (10-50% Fe/[Fe + Mg]) is higher in iron content and is pale green to dark green in the hand sample.
www.apasi.net /actinolite.htm   (230 words)

 Jade, Jadeite, Actinolite, Nephrite
Actinolite is a relatively common mineral in some metamorphic rocks.
A variety of actinolite is composed of microscopically fibrous crystals (asbestos) and is called byssolite.
A variety of actinolite, nephrite, is one of the two minerals called jade.
www.antiquesndynasties.com /jade_gemstone.htm   (651 words)

Actinolite is a metamorphic mineral that has many unique properties, formulas, and appearances.
Actinolite has a unique relationship with tremolite, another mineral which is chemically similar, except higher amounts of magnesium.
Actinolite once was used as an asbestos, especially in lesser developed countries such as South Africa.
www.und.nodak.edu /instruct/mineral/geol318/webpage/bremer   (407 words)

 Actinolite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This light green specimen of Actinolite from Chester Vermont has green blades of crystal in talc.
Moat Mt., North Conway, N.H. In different regions of metamorphic environments the actinolite can be found with albite and Muscovite in hornfels.
Actinolite Chester.VT This is a gray green sample in talc.
www.capecodrocks.com /actinolite.htm   (113 words)

 The mineral actinolite
Actinolite should never be brought near the mouth.
The finely fibrous variety of Actinolite is used for industrial asbestos.
Because it is not affected by fire and is a poor heat conductor, it is used in fire retardant devices and for heat protection.
www.minerals.net /mineral/silicate/ino/amphibol/actinoli/actinoli.htm   (509 words)

 California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5208.1. Non Asbestiform Tremolite, Anthophyllite, and Actinolite.
Such employee shall be rotated to an equivalent job whose duties he is able to perform, with the same employer, in the same geographical area and with the same seniority, status, and rate of pay, if such a position is available.
Caution signs shall be provided and displayed at each location where airborne concentrations of non-asbestiform tremolite, anthophyllite, and actinolite fibers may be in excess of the exposure limits prescribed in section 5208.1(a).
Any employee found to have been exposed to non-asbestiform tremolite, anthophyllite, and actinolite fibers in excess of either the permissible limits prescribed by subsection (a) shall be notified in writing of the exposure within 5 days of the finding.
www.dir.ca.gov /title8/5208_1.html   (2061 words)

 informationsphere.com: Actinolite
Actinolite is a non-hazardous relative of asbestos and is a common mineral in metamorphic rocks.
Actinolite is not a relative of "asbestos" it is "asbestos"!
Fibrous Actinolite is part of the 5 crystalline form, with many related forms, solid state asbestiform solution known as Actinolite - Tremolite, or commonly referred to as Tremolite asbestos or Actinolite asbestos.
www.informationsphere.com /html/1505.htm   (371 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Actinolite is a hydrous Calcium-Magnesium-Iron silicate that is not one mineral, but a mineral series.
What we know, as Actinolite is center of the series: at the ends are Tremolite, with a high proportion of Magnesium, and today's subject, Ferro-Actinolite, with a high proportion of Iron.
From the better known relatie Actinolite, Ferro-Actinolite gers the ablilty to both equalize the workings of the physical body, and to bring the needs of the physical and emotional bodies into harmonic balance.
www.crystalmaster.com /actinferro.html   (217 words)

 Actinolite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Actinolite is a silicate with composition Ca (Mg,Fe)
This actinolite sample shows a formation pattern somewhat similar to the above, but very different from the fibrous form below.
This sample of actinolite has a very different appearance, forming in a fibrous mass.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/minerals/actinolite.html   (108 words)

 Actinolite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Actinolite is an inosilicate mineral with the chemical formula
Actinolite is an intermediate member in a solid-solution series between tremolite (Mg-rich) and ferro-actinolite (Fe-rich) amphiboles.
The metamorphosed gabbro or diabase rock bodies, referred to as epidiorite, contain a considerable amount of this uralitic alteration.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Actinolite   (234 words)

 Actinolite, rock, crystal, mineral, gem stone, birth stones - mineralgallery
is an arbitrary on, tremolite being the low-iron end and actinolite the iron-rich member.
is common in low and medium-grade metamorphic rocks, actinolite generally occurring in schists produced by low- to medium grade metamorphism of basalt and dolerite or pelitic rocks.
Nephrite a dark green variety of 'jade' is usually an actinolite amphibole, and is carved into ornaments; asbestiform varieties of Tremolite worked to some extent; but are less valuable industrially than serpentine asbestos.
www.mineralgallery.co.za /actinolite.htm   (121 words)

 Quartz 'N' All - High Quality Crystals, Minerals and Fossils Learn about Actinolite
For examples of Actinolite that you can view and purchase safely on-line click here to navigate to our A - B page.
Actinolite was used in prehistoric times (in the form of nephrite Jade) for tools, weapons and utensils.
It is the iron content in actinolite that gives it its distinctive green hue.
www.quartznall.co.uk /learnactinolite.htm   (189 words)

 Mineral Description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The large grain in the centre of the image displays two cleavages which intersect at 56 - 124°.
Low to medium grade amphibolite, notet the range of interference colurs displayed by the actinolite in the image.
actinolite closely resembles hornblende, however the latter usually has a smaller 2V angle and may have a higher extinction angle.
www.brocku.ca /earthsciences/people/gfinn/minerals/actinol.htm   (170 words)

 TREMOLITE (Calcium Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide)
Actinolite is the intermediate member and the most common followed by tremolite.
Tremolite's formula is often written as the same as actinolite (with iron and magnesium), but specimens of tremolite can be found quite pure (that is, free of iron) and so here the formula reflects the pure end of the series.
Although nephrite is considered to be actinolite, the lighter shades of nephrite probably contain significant amounts of tremolite.
mineral.galleries.com /minerals/silicate/tremolit/tremolit.htm   (586 words)

 actinolite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Actinolite crystals form as long, bladed specimens, commonly twinned.
Actinolite may be in lamellar and columnar aggregates, often radiating, and in massive, fibrous, or granular habits.
Actinolite is transparent to nearly opaque, and has a vitreous lustre.
www.francesjane.com /actinolite.html   (70 words)

 Fund for a Better Waterfront - Actinolite asbestos, a potent carcinogen, identified in serpentine rock from Stevens ...
Actinolite is a rarer form of asbestos with sharp, needle-like fibers that make it a potent carcinogen.
Actinolite and other forms of asbestos in the amphobile group are considered especially dangerous because the fibers are more difficult for the lungs to expel.
The report from Faria was written before the rock testing by the NJMC identified the 10% actinolite levels in the two samples.
www.betterwaterfront.com /news/00552002.shtml   (982 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Tremolite and actinolite occur in both contact and regional metamorphic rocks.
Tremolite and the more magnesium-rich actinolites are pale or lack colour, and can be distinguished from hornblende.
However, the optical properties of the more iron-rich actinolites are commonly transitional to those of the common hornblendes.
www.odp.usyd.edu.au /Clarke04/Hyperpetmet/Datafile/Minpages/actin.htm   (288 words)

 Actinolite at Wrightwood
During the winter, the ground is covered with snow much of the time, and it is unlikely much gem material can be found.
Actinolite is an amphibole, and is colored a beautiful green due to the presence of lead in its chemical composition.
The actinolite is found scattered around the entire area on both sides of the road from the parking area.
www.highdesertinsider.com /html/actinolw.htm   (478 words)

 Mineral description : Actinolite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Actinolite crystals in talc from Altemark talc mine, Norway.
Dark green actinolite crystals in talc and magnesite Altemark talc mine, Norway.
If you have some questions, suggestions or comments you are welcome to write me a line or two.
www.geology.neab.net /minerals/actinoli.htm   (84 words)

 ACTINOLITE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Green actinolite works on heart chakra and the fl works on the root chakra.
Actinolite can effect the color vibration of other stones.
This is particularly true of the fl actinolite.
www.accessnewage.com /articles/stones/stones8a.htm   (240 words)

 Alan Guisewite's Mineral Collection Images: Systematic Inosilicates Page
A thumbnail of dark blue actinolite (an iron calcium magnesium hydroxysilicate) bundled fibers in matrix from the Del Puerto Canyon, near Patterson, Stanislaus County, California.
Actinolite is usually considered to be the midmember of the tremolite-ferroactinolite series.
Very fine fibers of actinolite (or tremolite) are called byssolite - this miniature from (probably the Keystone Trap Rock) Quarry, Cornog, Pennsylvania also has micro pyrites and some adularia.
www.cs.cmu.edu /People/adg/adg-pssiimages.html   (5654 words)

 Actinolite - Tremolite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Diagnostic Features and Trivia : Actinolite and tremolite are members of the amphibole group.
Tremolite is commonly found in aggregates of almost bladed crystals, and is easily identified by its prefect cleavage, and whtie color.
Actinolite is less likely to fom long crystals, but its perfect cleacage and deep green color help identification.
www.uky.edu /AS/Geology/webdogs/rocks/actitrem.htm   (73 words)

 Actinolite Mineral Specimens and Crystals
This specimen is a mass of intergrown actinolite crystals measuring up to about 2 inches long.
This specimen is a mass of intergrown deep green actinolite crystals.
This attractive specimen is an aggregate of deep green actinolite crystals with a small amount of white talc.
www.mineralminers.com /html/actmins.stm   (295 words)

 Actinolite, Ontario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Actinolite is a community on the Skootamatta River in eastern Ontario.
When Actinolite was first founded in 1853, it was called Troy.
In 1895, it was renamed Actinolite after the mineral actinolite that was being extracted from open-pit mines near the town.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Actinolite,_Ontario   (114 words)

 Actinolite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
A prismatic mass of Actinolite crystals displaying their typical greenish color.
CRYSTAL GROWTH AND HABITS Crystals are often bladed or columnar, actinolite is also found as radiating fibers or acicular crystals and massive to granular.
OCCURRENCE Actinolite forms through the processes of low grade regional metamorphism of dolomitic sediments or ultramafic igneous rocks.
www.gc.maricopa.edu /earthsci/imagearchive/actinolite.htm   (114 words)

 Actinolite-Tremolite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Actinolite is a very common amphibole in medium-grade metamorphic rocks.
It is pleochroic in shades of light green, with moderate relief.
It is like actinolite in properties but colorless (B).
www.uwgb.edu /dutchs/PETROLGY/act-trem.htm   (133 words)

 Wrightwood Actinolite
There is an obvious barren scarp that was caused by the huge mud flow that roared down from that spot in 1941.
The bedrock in this section of the San Gabriels is pre-cambrian pelona schist, consisting of a large variety of metamorphic rocks, among them actinolite.
It is possible to comb the debris in Heath Canyon and Sheep Creek for pieces of actinolite, but we are going to go up to that ridge and hopefully find some specimens in a bit better condition!
www.dzrtgrls.com /wrightwood_actinolite/wrightwood_actinolite.htm   (616 words)

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