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Topic: Activity (chemistry)

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 Shared Activities
Here you will find a sampling of activities in more than 150 categories.
All of the activities were created by instructors using Quia's tools and templates.
This area is continually being updated with new activities and new categories. /dir/chem

 Energy Citations Database (ECD) Document #4220934 - ACTIVITY CONCEPT IN RADIATION CHEMISTRY
Alteration of the molecular hydrogen yield was demonstrated by varying the scavenging solute concentration and the activity of the scavenging solute.
The linear dependence of the molecular yields on the cube root of the solute molarity applies very well for dilute solutions of strong electroytes, however, in more concentrated solutions considerable deviation is observed. /energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=4220934

 AllRefer - optical activity (Chemistry, General) - Encyclopedia
Optical activity is measured by two methods: optical rotation, which observes a sample's effect on the velocities of right and left circularly polarized light beams; and circular dichroism, which observes a sample's absorption of right and left polarized light.
Since each type of enantiomer affects polarized light differently, optical activity can be used to identify which enantiomer is present in a sample and its purity.
Certain molecular groups, known as chromophores, possess high optical activity due to mobile electrons that interact with light and are responsible for the color of certain objects (e.g. /encyclopedia/O/opticala.html

 Chemistry Help for High School Chemistry and College Chemistry Students
To provide high school and college students with the best chemistry help, physics help, and biology help available anywhere, at an affordable price, and in an easy-to-use, interactive software format that is designed and written by some of the top science educators in the United States.
Because chemistry educators and students throughout the United States and around the world have told us that ChemTutor® Excalibur is the best chemistry tutorial software that's available anywhere for high school and college chemistry help.
For chemistry help, every high school chemistry student and college chemistry student on the planet should have this awesome, interactive chemistry tutorial software.

 General Chemistry Online: FAQ: Redox reactions: What is an activity series, and how is it used?
Activity series can be devised for nonmetals as well.
An activity series is a list of substances ranked in order of relative reactivity.
The activity series is a very helpful tool for explaining and predicting the direction of redox reactions. /chem/senese/101/redox/faq/activity-series.shtml

 Activities at Delhi Public School, Numaligarh
It is an activity where our own imagination comes to the fore in creating captivating tapestries and handicrafts.
Computer activity in our school aims at imparting knowledge of computers so that they can cope up in the highly computerized world today.
The Science Club is divided into two clusters - Physics and Chemistry. /activities.htm

 Chemistry Definitions A
A listing of metals (and hydrogen) in order of decreasing activity
A dimensionless quantity whose magnitude is: equal to molar concentration in an ideal solution; equal to partial pressure in an ideal gas mixture; and defined as 1 for pure solids or liquids.
Amount of a specified pure product actually obtained from a given reaction. /~dbc/cic_hamilton/dictionary/a.html

 Fiona Bayrock, My Work
Mars in a Dish YES Mag Jan/Feb 2002 - Chemistry activity: recreating Mars surface
Mars in a Dish (reprint) Boys' Quest April/May 2004 - Chemistry activity: recreating Mars surface
From bugs to bridges, chemistry to cane toads, spacecraft to suckers, and acoustics to auroras...Fiona enjoys untangling complicated ideas and explaining them in simple terms anyone can understand. /mywork.htm

 X-ray Spectroscopy and the Chemistry of Supernova Remnants
Activity: Flame Test - A chemistry experiment that show how heated elements emit different colors of light.
X-ray Spectroscopy and the Chemistry of Supernova Remnants
Activity: Fusion Reactions - In this activity, each student is given a card with an element produced inside stars on it - the students then form fusion reactions that occur within stars. /docs/teachers/lessons/xray_spectra/spectra_unit.html

 Evening Telegraph: News
The organisations range from those whose main activity is chemistry or chemical science, to companies that use chemistry in less obvious ways.
The workshops allow pupils to experience some of the basic principles of chemistry as they are applied in industry, research and everyday life from people who actually practise chemistry in some form in their day-to-day jobs.
Events Manager Lesley Robertson said, “Chemistry is integral to all our lives, and plays an important role in society and the prosperity of the economy. /output/2004/11/09/story6514422t0.shtm

 Chemistry glossary
Focuses on designing new types of drug molecules utilizing cutting edge techniques such as combinatorial chemistry, computer- aided molecular design, and new types of highly sophisticated receptor-based and cell biological assays for drug activity.
Chemistry's role in the early phase of drug discovery continues to evolve, with many exciting new approaches providing enhanced opportunities in target, hit, and lead identification.
As medicinal chemistry teams evolve to become more interdisciplinary, project leaders are faced with the increasingly difficult task of coordinating research involving synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical chemistry. /content/chemistry.asp

 CHP - Analytical Chemistry Basics
Activity, activity coefficients, ionic strength, and the Debye-Hückel equation.
The topics are arranged in the order in which they are commonly presented in an undergraduate analytical chemistry course.
This index provides an introduction to some of the fundamental concepts and methods of analytical chemistry. /chem-ed/ac-basic.html

 Activity 26 Teacher Guide: Whole Body Ozone Chemistry
Activity 26 Teacher Guide: Whole Body Ozone Chemistry
In this activity, students will play the roles of various atoms and molecules to help them better understand the formation and destruction of ozone in the stratosphere.
When you're finished with the activity, click on Back to Activities List at the top of the page to return to the activity menu. /learn/1_6_2_26t.htm

 WARD'S Natural Science
Students learn about nutrition through actual experiences, chemistry, and experimentation using these hands-on materials.
You asked for it, so we created an activity based on WARD’S highly-acclaimed CSI Night, the workshop which was performed for hundreds of attendees at the 2003 NSTA National Convention.
We’re your single source for the highest quality Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physical Science, and Chemistry science teaching supplies.

 The Great PVC Controversy - CHF Chemistry WebQuest #5 - Teacher's Quide
The purpose of this activity is to bring students in contact with the sort of dilemma that arises from the downsides of an otherwise beneficial technology and to teach them how it can be difficult to find answers to some problems.
The activity is not meant to be a debate, but rather a cooperative search for viable solutions, with an ear to the viewpoints of many different voices.
The activity is designed to teach students to think critically and to develop the ability to use their own judgment to shape their own opinions when "right" and "wrong" answers are not apparent. /EducationalServices/webquest/tg/pvc.htm - Chemistry Web Site Directory
Try a user created chemistry activity or create one.
An NSF funded Rice University Digital Library project that hosts free reviewed online resources, linked to the content outline, for AP and Pre-AP teachers and students of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
Definitions in this glossary were initially generated by the students in a senior level class studying air quality and atmospheric chemistry at Sam Houston State University during the spring of 1995 /science/chemistry

 Computational Chemistry Lab Activity
You need to obtain a copy of a computational chemistry software package called "GAMESS: General and Atomic Molecular Electronic Structure System".
Then all of the students can display their visualizations, and the entire class can see how the orbitals are changing as the atoms get closer. /revitalise/lihchemistry.html

 OhioLINK ETD: Ptchelintsev, Dmitri
Based on the structure-activity model of antifungal allylamines, superior fungicidal activity against Candida albicans and Cryptococcus neoformans coupled with negligible hemolytic activity was discovered for p-dimethylaminostyryl β-naphthiazole
Structure-activity model was used to predict the teratogenicity and antifungal activity of SCH 39304 and ICI 156,066 and to optimize the structure and therapeutic index of the latter.
The structure of chemicals determines their activity in biological systems. /etdc/view?acc_num=case1060866168

 ISI Chemistry Help
From a full record in ISI Chemistry, the click of a button takes you to a record of the same article in the ISI Web of Science (if you are a subscriber).
If the information you need cannot be found in the Help system, or if you encounter problems with ISI Chemistry, contact ISI Product Support for additional assistance.
ISI Chemistry provides Web access to reports of new organic compounds and new synthetic methods published in leading journals and international patents. /help/fullhelp.htm

 C&EN 970224 - Combinatorial Chemistry
Chemistry professor George Barany of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, who specializes in solid-phase synthesis, says: "I still think for convenience that solid phase is going to be the way to go.
Chemistry professor Dennis P. Curran of the University of Pittsburgh has developed a strategy involving use of polyfluorinated tags to facilitate solution-phase purifications [ Science, 275, 823 (1997)].
Automated tools for combinatorial chemistry include Chiron's multiwash head system (far left), which generates large numbers of compounds simultaneously, and a flash chromatography purification workstation, used by chemistry associate Julie Stripes of Panlabs. /hotartcl/cenear/970224/comb.html

 Chemo-informatics Activity. Department of Chemistry
Chemistry and the World-Wide-Web, H. epa, chapter in "The Internet: A Guide for Chemists", Ed.
Most recently, our work in XML has been directed to illustrating how an XML-based chemistry journal could be used to create what we have termed the Chemical Semantic Web, in which both human perception and machine recognition and processing are used to create new forms of knowledge base.
A Molecular Hyperglossary: Organic Molecular information in Hypermedia Form, C. Leach, P. Murray-Rust and H. epa, Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry (ECTOC-1) ISBN 0 85404 899 5, Eds. /rzepa/informatics

 Comments for General Chemistry Online: FAQ: Redox reactions: What is an activity series, and how is it used?
Comments for General Chemistry Online: FAQ: Redox reactions: What is an activity series, and how is it used?
on General Chemistry Online: FAQ: Redox reactions: What is an activity series, and how is it used? /com/generalchemistryonline/redox/faq/activity-series.shtml

 AP Biology Calendar
Chap 7 - The Chemistry of Life Carbohydrates and Lipids
Chap 7 - The Chemistry of Life Proteins and Nucleic Acids /~renkwitz/10_biology_calendar.htm

 LABS -- Laboratory Assessment Builds Success
Historically, chemistry educators have often justified these investments by two related arguments: that “doing chemistry” is an integral part of learning chemistry, and that the acquisition of chemical knowledge, skills and attitudes somehow emerges from asking questions related to the activity in the laboratory.
They did, however, spread chronologically across most of a year’s general chemistry teaching at the secondary school level and they did feature various patterns of laboratory activity including computer interfacing, microscale techniques, and a variety of hands-on, minds-on efforts to make important concepts of chemistry very understandable to high school students.
Psychomotor outcomes include all the manipulative, “hands-on, minds-on” skills chemistry students are called upon to cultivate and use, ranging from reading a buret meniscus to suitable precision, to decanting the supernatant liquid from a precipitate, to adjusting a gas burner to a specified temperature range, to graphing data. /Chemistry/LABS/LABS00.html

 OhioLINK ETD: Li, Ju-Yun
The following systems have been studied succesfully: the in vitro anti-Mycobacterium avium activity of quinolones, the antibacterial activity of quinolones against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, cytotoxicity potential of quinolones in mammalian cells, and the Ca influx agonist activity of capsaicin analogues.
In the study of Ca influx activity of capsaicin analogues, molecular modeling and conformational analysis were also employed to elucidate the detailed conformational profile of the assumed pharma cophore
The MULTIple Computer Automated Structure Evaluation (MULTICASE) methodology has been used to study the possible causal relationships that may exist between the structures and their biological activity. /etdc/view?acc_num=case1062596938

 Growing Creature Activity Book Chemistry Physical Science
Includes 9 science activities and a fun science activity guide.
No reviews yet for the Growing Creature Activity Book.
Just add a scoop of Insta-Snow powder to water and create an eruption of fluffy snow. /product/1456

 Chemistry Homework, Activity Web of Naugatuck, Connecticut
Activity Web is a venture of, LLC offering Reading Entertainment, Long Distance Services, Site Design, Mountain Laurel Sudbury School, and Marketing
Activity Web is sponsored by, LLC offering Reading Material, Telecommunications Services, Bandwidth, Mountain Laurel Sudbury School, and Advertising
Science Is Golden - Learn basic chemistry principles with the Folding Table of Elements. /homework/chemistry.asp

 Chemistry Internet Activity Adopt an Element
You should use the Internet to research this project (see Chemistry Links at the Kid Zone).
For this project, you are required to research an element, create an advertisement, and complete an element fact sheet.
You may also use CD-ROM's, encyclopedias, science books, or other reference sources. /sparker/chemistry_internet_activity_adop.htm

 Institute of Chemistry: General Information: Scientific Activity
A large number of international chemistry and chemistry-related meetings and conferences were held in Israel during the years 1992-94.
Avnir is the editor of Heterogeneous Chemistry Review.
Members of the Institute have been involved in various scientific activities on the national and the international level. /general/gen4.html

 Cefic: chemical industry and chemistry - regulatory and legal activity
Cefic: chemical industry and chemistry - regulatory and legal activity
The Chemicals Policy Review is just one area in which Cefic is working hard to ensure that legislation provides effective protection for the environment, builds consumer confidence in chemical products and allows the industry to compete in a globalising economy.
Patents, for example, are crucial to the industry's ability to innovate and compete and Cefic seeks to ensure the effective protection of any data required by the registration process. /common/server/svrNavRedirect.asp?NID=8

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