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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Sennen joyû (2001)
The story begins with an elderly actress who recounts her life and career to a Quixotically worshipful producer and his Sancho Panza-like cameraman.
They met just briefly, he gave her the key to "the most important thing in the world," and Chiyoko and the film characters she plays spend the next 1,000 years and the rest of her film career and the rest of her life trying to return it.
But "Millennium Actress" is never neurotic, never smug, and always invites the audience to join in the fun of mixing up film, memory, history, and desire, in surprising ways.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0291350   (785 words)

November 8, 2006 -- A 19-year-old construction worker flipped out, hitting and strangling indie actress Adrienne Shelly with a bed sheet because she dared to call him a "son of a bitch," police sources said yesterday.
Ecuadorian illegal immigrant Diego Pillco told cops he took that insult literally and became enraged during a confrontation with the pint-sized actress last week over noise he was making in the apartment below her Greenwich Village office, sources said.
Police also revealed that Shelly, 40, desperately tried to fight off the baby-faced worker during the attack, leaving scratch marks on his face.
www.nypost.com /seven/11082006/news/regionalnews/actress_set_off_illegals_killer_rage_by_calling_him_s_o_b__regionalnews_larry_celona__murray_weiss_and_dan_mangan.htm   (448 words)

 Actress Pictures - Celebrity Pictures, Actress Galleries, Actress Stills
We are constantly adding and updating actresses to our website to bring you the best actress pictures.
We have partnered with other quality websites so that you don't have to search the world wide web over looking for your favorite actress - let us be your one stop resource for the actress pictures you want.
Okay, we have to admit, that there are some beautiful female celebrities out there that are not actresses, but still deserve attention.
www.actress-pictures.com   (190 words)

     Actress Actor :: Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment Portal
Why is one actor and actress more popular than another or an actor or actress for that matter.
Most celebrity fakes are so poorly done that it is easy to tell that the actor and actress pictured is not a naked celebrity but merely a celebrity head on someone elses body.
But to each their own if a celebrity nudity is your cup of tea and celebrity is what you are after you will surely find it on todays movie reviews internet.
www.actressactor.com   (659 words)

 Actress Portal
Cox was signed to the Ford Modeling Agency in New...
Johansson co-starred with super-star Bill Murray in the 2003 comedy Lost in Translation, which was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Scarlett’s nod for Best Actress.
Her dramatic role in the film adaptation of the novel Girl With a Pearl Earring earned her a second chance at the Award for Best Actress.
www.yuddy.com /portals/actress.html   (132 words)

  CBC.ca Arts - Kidman knocks America's Sweetheart Roberts from top-paid actress spot
Hollywood has a new queen, as actress Nicole Kidman knocked peer Julia Roberts off the top of a list of the industry's highest-paid actresses.
Actress Nicole Kidman was named the Hollywood Reporter's top-earning actress in Hollywood, unseating four-time champion and America's Sweetheart, Julia Roberts.
Rounding out the top 10 highest-earning Hollywood actresses for 2006 were three more Oscar-winners — Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie — along with Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Aniston.
www.cbc.ca /arts/film/story/2006/11/30/actress-earning-list.html   (1443 words)

"Unless you had their bio right in front of you, you'd never peg impressive four-piece Actress as being from anywhere other than the U.K. And you'd have to be cheating to guess they're from Tennessee(Chattanooga, to be exact).
Of course, there're plenty of groups riffing on the Mancunian sound (Radiohead chief among them), and Actress wouldn't be worth mentioning unless they added something to the mix.
In lighter moments (of which there are few), Actress brings to mind the synth-heavy, Notorious-era style of Duran Duran; at darker times, the nihilistic, acerbic rock of New Order.
www.myspace.com /actress   (963 words)

  Midnight Eye review: Millennium Actress (2002)
In a comment on the continuing disintegration of the old studio system in Japan, the film studios Chiyoko Fujiwara worked for are being demolished, and the men have been hired to interview the star and document her life.
The viewer has more of a hand in her story, as he's the one who carries the camera and the key to unlock doors to the past and view these private memories from the outside.
Millennium Actress is Kon's second shot at the feminisuto genre, and like so many of his predecessors he still misses the target.
www.midnighteye.com /reviews/millactr.shtml   (903 words)

 Chiyoko, Millennium Actress
But Millennium Actress is not confusing at all; in fact, the lack of distinction between fact and blurry memories gives the movie a poetic quality that helps to propel the story of this love that persists beyond time, beyond memory.
Genya chooses as a subject the legendary actress Chiyoko Fujiwara, a superstar actress who 30 years earlier chose to end her career and disappear from public life.
The actress’ recollections soon metamorphosize into a great adventure where cinema confronts her history and an incredible love is unveiled, that conflicted with her rather uncommon lifestyle...
www.dan42.com /millennium.actress   (741 words)

 Actor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A female actor may be known as an actress, although some prefer the term "actor", using it as a gender-neutral term.
In the case of a true story (or a fictional story that portrays real people) an actor may play a real person (or a fictional version of the same).
Linda Hunt won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Year of Living Dangerously, in which she played the part of a man.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Actor   (968 words)

 Laura Jury - Actress - +447855 090589
Terror Alert, actress in the role of a nuclear attack victim in a docu-drama film by Scream Films, Screened on Sky1 televsison during August 2004.
Actress in the role of heroine's housemate April 2004,
Actress in the role of demonstrator voice over researching, producing.
www.angelfire.com /film/actressdevon   (576 words)

 Lisa Mac, Actress, Photo Model, and Vocalist, Offical Website. Free Pictures."   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As an actress, Lisa Mac, is drawn to the musical stage as if it was a beacon calling to her.
Her talents as an actress are based in the intense personality of the person behind the lovely face.
Lisa, in addition to her work as a commercial model, stage actress, and vocalist and song stylist, Lisa Mac is also an accomplished and very talented maker of hand crafted jewelry.
www.angelfire.com /nm2/lisamac   (350 words)

 AnimeNfo.Com : Anime : Millennium Actress
The key was once given to her by a painter when she was still an aspiring young actress.
At the time of their encounter, Japan was at war, and the government sought and punished dissidents who opposed war, and the painter was on a run from the military police.
Her story is told as the producer interviews her on the films and her roles in them, and the memories unlocked by the key reveals the secrets behind her aspiration to become an actress, and the passion that has survived for decades.
www.animenfo.com /animetitle,1185,kqzxhd,millennium_actr.html   (161 words)

 Indian Actresses | Bollywood Heroines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is the official site of film actress Rambha with photo gallery, filmography, quotes, and her favourites.
This is a website of Reema Sen, which will give information about actress Reema Sen, her biography, film details, good photo and wallpapers.
This outstanding young actress from Calcutta has made a niche for herself in the world of Indian cinema.
indiafocus.indiainfo.com /entertainment/actresses/index.html   (469 words)

 AllRefer.com - Rachel, French actress (Theater, Biography) - Encyclopedia
Exploited by her father in her childhood, she sang in the streets with her sister Sarah.
Rachel appeared in the United States with fair success in 1855 (she knew little English) and on this visit aggravated the tuberculosis that led to her death three years later.
Regarded as the greatest actress of her day, her clear diction, rhythmic speech, and economy of gesture contrasted with the exaggerated style of the time.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/R/Rachel2.html   (272 words)

 Academy Awards Best Actress
The Best Actress award should actually be titled "the best performance by an actress in a leading role." The same rules that govern the Best Actor category apply to the Best Actress category.
Another group of actresses have won awards for portraying characters that were actresses (stars), handicapped with disabilities (or other physical afflictions), or nuns, for example:
Colombian-born actress Catalina Sandino Moreno was nominated for Best Actress as Maria, a pregnant 17-year-old Colombian girl who agrees to be a 'drug mule' in director Joshua Marston's Maria Full of Grace.
www.filmsite.org /bestactress.html   (3453 words)

 Why Is Jennifer Connelly a Supporting Actress? By Chris Suellentrop   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If an actress gets enough votes to qualify in both the supporting and leading categories, she is nominated in the category for which she got more votes.
That may be because Connelly believed she had a better shot at winning a supporting actress nomination than a best actress nod.
The supporting actress category, especially, has evolved into a useful device for Hollywood to announce that young actresses have "arrived".
slate.msn.com /?id=2061982   (839 words)

 Tippi Hedren
The former New York fashion model was making her debut as an actress in a starring role in The Birds, and such high praise from the enigmatic master of cinema shock and suspense was rare indeed.
In 1999, Tippi was honored as "Woman of Vision" by Women of Film and Video in Washington, D.C., and received the Presidential Medal for her work in film from Hofstra University.
And in 2000, Tippi was honored as "Best Actress in a Comedy Short" in the film "Mulligans!" at the Method Fest, Independent Film Festival, and in 2002, Tippi won "best Actress" for the short film "Tea With Grandma" from the New York International Independent Film Festival.
www.shambala.org /tippi.htm   (1093 words)

 village voice > film > My Wife Is an Actress; "New French Connection" by Jessica Winter
The leading lady, whose most famous turn remains her pubescent duet with dad Serge on the 1984 family-values standby "Lemon Incest," is no stranger to queasy collisions of art and home life.
The subject of My Wife Is an Actress is neither marriage nor performance, but rather the easily pricked self-confidence of Attal's Parisian sportswriter schmo.
My Wife Is an Actress is allegedly a comedy, the evidence including a grossly belabored set piece unveiling a butt-naked film crew and an utterly pointless circumcision subplot (the latter facilitating more Allen-ish angst with paranoid-Jew jokes).
www.villagevoice.com /issues/0228/winter.php   (588 words)

 Academy Award for Best Actress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Academy Award for Best Actress is one of the awards given to people working in the motion picture industry by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; nominations are made by Academy members who are actors and actresses.
The winners are chosen by the Academy membership as a whole.
Following the Academy's practice, the films below are listed by release year: for example, the Oscar for "Best Actress in 1999" was announced during the award ceremony held in 2000.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Academy_Award_for_Best_Actress   (573 words)

 Helena Bonham Carter - Cranky Critic® StarTalk - Movie Star Interviews
Yet simply attired in a short fl dress, dangling a cigarette in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, Bonham Carter was not all that reticent about playing a chimp in Tim Burton's revisionist interpretation of Planet of the Apes.
Having made her screen debut in Lady Jane, the actress became personified with quaint period dramas of the likes of Room with a View, Howard's End and Wings of the Dove.
As for Miss Bonham Carter's plans to do an Apes sequel, all she will say is "let's see what happens with this one." This is one actress who at present is content to monkey around until the right part comes her way.
www.crankycritic.com /qa/pf_articles/hbcarter.html   (679 words)

She has also done many superb movies such as Playing By Heart, The Mighty, The Turning, Hellcab, and the her new one, coming to the US at the NY Film Festival, House of Mirth.
Besides being such a tremendous actress, she is a terrifically generous person.
To sum everything up, Gillian Anderson is the best actress, most wonderful person, and an awesome role model for anyone.
agentscully5.tripod.com /GillianWorld/index.html   (161 words)

 Denny Jackson's Greta Garbo Page
Greta Lovisa Gustafsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden on September 18, 1905.
It was a silent film where she didn't have to speak a word of English.
Later that year she filmed ROMANCE which was somewhat of a letdown, but bounced back as lead role in SUSAN LENOX: HER RISE AND FALL with Clark Gable.
www.geocities.com /Hollywood/Hills/2440/garbo.html   (509 words)

 Bette Davis -- Actress --
Not beautiful in a conventional sense, she was able to transform herself and make audiences believe she was beautiful.
Bette Davis -- Actress -- features in-depth plot synopses of some of my favorite BD flicks, rare BD photos and sound files, BD bio and facts, FREE BD downloads, a listing of her film and TV appearances and more.
Michael Merrill, and Miss Davis' personal assistant and dear friend, Kathryn Sermak, are now the executors of her estate and have created The Bette Davis Foundation whereby they raise money to give a scholarship to an actor/actress, writer; it must be a student of the arts.
www.meredy.com /bettedavis   (372 words)

 Kajol - Actress -
Yesteryears' actress Tanuja may not have reached Mumbai's stellar skyline, as far as her popularity was concerned, but she had elegance, style and piquancy that very few actresses of her times possessed.
Therefore, the actress was fortunate to never having to compromise on the kind of films she wanted to do for the sake of money.
She was probably the only star after Hema Malini who could carry an entire film on her shoulders, the only actress in the recent crop on whom distributors and producers could bank on for returns.
www.apunkachoice.com /people/act2   (633 words)

 My Wife is an Actress Multimedia: Trailers, Clips and Other Downloadables - Rotten Tomatoes
My Wife is an Actress is a delightful, snappy romantic comedy.
MY WIFE IS AN ACTRESS is a clever French comedy from Yvan Attal, who directs, produces, and stars in the film.
Living with an Actress is a Very Crazy Thing
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/my_wife_is_an_actress/trailers.php   (319 words)

 Actress Movies
The indian actress Ramya Krishna taking a bath in the river.
This is a short clip of Salma behind the scenes for the movie "From Dusk till Dawn".
I know most are going to post comments asking why I uploaded this, I will tell you why cause I think she is hot even if it is a short clip and...
www.metacafe.com /tags/actress   (222 words)

 actress: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
actress: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
Blog posts tagged actress per day for the past 30 days.
Share it with your friends so they can read it and vote on it!
www.technorati.com /tags/actress   (357 words)

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