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Topic: AdBusters

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  AdBusters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Adbusters makes commentary on the social trends in developed nations, and their primary aim is to reduce the influence and prevalence of advertising and consumerism.
Adbusters groups their opposition to the hype, spin and misinformation which the magazine feels is common in mass media with the fight for mental space, believing that the mental environment is subject to the tragedy of the commons.
Adbusters is opposed to genetically modified food and related projects of agribusiness, holding the practice as being damaging to physical and mental health.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/AdBusters   (1596 words)

 AIGA - For Adbusters, Parody Pays Off   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
This Adbusters cover is a perfect replica with its a redish-brown faux leather cover, gold-leaf embossed typography, and gold de-bossed 3-dimensional central image—an American eagle holding an olive branch in its beak and grabbing a bomb in its talons, under which in slightly scratched-out type reads “Hope and Memory.
Adbusters is the reason I became interested in activism, and it is still a source of inspiration for me. However, lately their design has been disappointing.
Adbusters at seems to be targeted at the lower-level gut reaction, not the higher intelectual persuit which is most likely required for the change they desire.
designforum.aiga.org /content.cfm?ContentAlias=_getfullarticle&aid=346358   (1883 words)

 The Conversation + 01 - News and General Talk + adbusters
he listed lots of reasons that adbusters is unethical, etc, and said they should get 9-5 jobs to pay for their mag instead of making it all glossy and charging almost 10 bucks for it.
adbusters is good they way it is, but this makes me think of the weird burnout branch of the chicago greens.
Adbusters is prety damn slick for a magazine which preaches against slick.
www.lumpen.com /conversation/viewthread.php?tid=1382   (637 words)

 Adbusters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Adbusters believes a week without TV will make people more aware of themselves and in touch with the world around them.
Adbusters views the corporation as a soulless entity that cannot be remanded or rehabilitated into an ecologically aware organization.
Adbusters calls for a boycott of Philip-Morris food products to prevent consumers from supporting an organization that has caused so much harm to so many only for the sake of money.
www.utexas.edu /coc/journalism/SOURCE/j363/adbusters.html   (1204 words)

 Abstract Dynamics: On Adbusters - [grid::brand]
Adbusters is a lifestyle magazine for consumerist anorexics and bulimics.
adbusters is a magazine, not the bible, or a map to change the world.
Adbusters often elicits a breath-catching reaction because it reminds me of the illusion (working towards fulfillment through consumption) that i'm often swept up in and that i feel in my heart to be unhealthy...
www.abstractdynamics.org /archives/2003/11/30/on_adbusters_gridbrand_.html   (1764 words)

               &CULTURE JAM; ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Adbusters describes their magazine as, "An ad-free critique of consumer culture and the machine that drives it." The magazine is informative, eye-opening and creative.
I was always a huge fan of their culture jamming spoof ads before I finally got a subscription to the magazine and I have been endlessly impressed since.
If you're a fan of Adbusters, be sure to check out all of their amazing campaigns (1 2 3 7 5 6 7) and make a difference.
fans.papervixen.net /adbusters   (96 words)

 Visual and Textual Rhetoric on Adbusters
Adbusters is a nonprofit media foundation that describes itself as "a loose coalition of media reform activists who are devoted to nothing less than changing the world" (Lasn, 1999, p.
Except the Adbusters flag has 50 instantly recognizable corporate logos placed in the field where the stars would normally be (Adbuster.org, 2002).
In this sense, Adbusters provides participants with a philosophy to live by, a way to formulate an identity based on a higher purpose than individual self-interest.
www.cc.utah.edu /~bcf2/ad.html   (4199 words)

 Flickr: adbusters
While two-thirds of Adbusters' readers reside in the United States, the magazine has subscribers in 60 other countries, with one of the most diverse readerships of any publication.
Adbusters offers incisive philosophical articles as well as activist commentary from around the world addressing issues ranging from genetically modified foods to media concentration.
Ultimately, though, Adbusters is an ecological magazine, dedicated to examining the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment.
www.flickr.com /groups/adbusters   (494 words)

 Going After Nike
The magazine he co-founded, Adbusters, is devoted to satirizing, criticizing, and flat-out attacking big corporations such as Nike, Philip Morris, ExxonMobil, and McDonald's and their carefully crafted public images.
While the Adbusters Media Foundation has built enough of an audience to keep it out of the red -- the magazine sells for $7.95 an issue and has international circulation of 120,000, according to Lasn -- it has had little success getting its incendiary anti-ads into any mainstream venue.
The Adbusters Media Foundation has its headquarters in a five-story, 100-year-old house on a mostly residential block of Vancouver, B.C., and while there's a kind of college co-op atmosphere, the place bustled with activity on a recent visit.
www.inc.com /magazine/20041001/adbusters.html   (3598 words)

 How to Save the World
Founded in 1989, Adbusters is the flagship publication of the culture-jamming movement.
In 1999, Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn argued that culture jamming "will become to our era what civil rights was to the '60s, what feminism was to the '70s, what environmental activism was to the '80s." Five years later, he's using the Adbusters brand to flog his own trademark line of running shoes.
Adbusters did not sell out, because there was nothing to sell out in the first place.
blogs.salon.com /0002007/2004/11/19.html   (1812 words)

 Posts tagged with adbusters | MetaFilter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Adbusters latest campaign is against (surprise?) neoclassic economics.
Kalle Lasn and the gang at Adbusters are at it again.
Adbusters broke this story this month about a pair of teens sent to jail in Ohio in October for refusing to watch Channel One at school.
www.metafilter.com /tags/adbusters   (445 words)

 Amazon.com: Adbusters [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]: Magazines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
So Adbusters, in its very unique way, opens up discussion, which yes, tends to be liberal, but it opens it further than original beliefs.
Adbusters is merely trying to get a different word out in a culture that is saturated by trivial things that don't matter.
Adbusters is thought-provoking and a great conversation starter, wherever your political and societal views fall.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000DCXHP?v=glance   (2051 words)

 NOW: Adbusters' fat chance, Apr 14 - 20, 2005
Adbusters' 10-year battle to force this country's biggest television networks to air its anti-corporate commercials attacking everything from McDonald's to the evils of TV has suffered another setback.
Adbusters views the networks' refusal to air the ads as an infringement of freedom of expression, but may not have a legal leg to stand on once it gets to court.
Adbusters is relying on a 2002 Supreme Court ruling in a case involving a man who posted anti-commercial messages on his property.
www.nowtoronto.com /issues/2005-04-14/news_story.php   (1446 words)

 PEDABLOGUE - Adbusters: Game of Life
I was surprised to find a page, for example, called "John Taylor Gatto Speaks!" And in the usual Adbusters style, the magazine features personal testimony, rife with fascinating anecdotes from students and teachers about the vagaries of the educational system.
Adbusters' usual criticism of corporate culture and consumerism is central to their treatment of education.
Adbusters is a politically progressive -- if not radical -- magazine, but if you are open-minded to this material, you'll definitely want to get the whole magazine -- and consider making it a part of a class discusssion on the topic of education.
blogs.setonhill.edu /MikeArnzen/009791.html   (477 words)

 Ben Edwards's Brain Log - Adbusters suing networks for not airing its TV spots
Adbusters, the Vancouver-based alternative media organization, is suing Canada's major television networks for refusing to broadcast advertisements that criticize consumerism.
Adbusters is seeking a declaration from the courts under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that the broadcasters have infringed on its right to freedom of expression.
Ruby said Adbusters merely wants to present the other side of the argument on airwaves that are inundated with messages promoting consumerism.
www.gurtlush.org.uk /article.php?story=200409171004456   (768 words)

 Adbusters, poking back at advertisers
“The biggest project at Adbusters right now is to come up with a sort of noncommercial magazine language that is half graphic, half text, and really speaks to people and hits them in the guts and gives them epiphanies and changes minds,” he says.
Lasn says that Adbusters is preparing to launch a First Amendment legal action against the Big Three networks in the next couple of months.
Lasn says that Adbusters gained readers after last fall's terrorist attacks as people were turned off by the way many companies transparently attempted to capitalize on the surge of patriotism that followed.
www.medialifemagazine.com /news2002/jul02/jul08/2_tues/news4tuesday.html   (677 words)

 Stunned Art : Adbusters Spoof Ads
In conjunction with the Adbusters Media Foundation we are pleased to present a gallery of their celebrated spoof ad subversions of advertising iconography.
Adbusters is a non-profit Media Foundation whose mission is to redirect our existing commercial media culture towards ecological and social awareness.
Our goal is to galvanize resistance against those who would destroy the environment, pollute our minds and diminish our lives.We want to turn consumers back into citizens, take the "consumer" out of consumer culture, and shift the human experiment on Planet Earth back onto a sustainable path.
www.stunned.org /adbusters.htm   (104 words)

 WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Adbusters as Survivalist Romance
Adbusters’ tone has changed, and the writing is almost buoyant.
Reading this issue of Adbusters, I began to feel like it was a mirror-image version of all those fundamentalist christian "Left Behind" books.
They seem pretty certain that all those "fired-up anarchists" (and Adbusters staff & readers) won't be among the first to buy the farm in the S11.2 aftermath...
www.worldchanging.com /archives/001419.html   (1739 words)

 buynothingchristmas.org - Stories
Adbusters is collecting donations for a full-page ad in The Guardian newspaper.
Fortunately, we have an excellent working relationship with Adbusters -- it helps that I worked there for a couple of years, finishing in 2003 as managing editor.
This year, for example, Adbusters started their campaign to get ads for Buy Nothing Christmas into a major newspaper, The Guardian.
www.buynothingchristmas.org /stories/ab.html   (315 words)

 Technorati Tag: adbusters
Adbusters Items Shop eBay for anything and everything - from the very unique to brand new items.
Adbusters : The Magazine - #60 The Game of Life / The Art of Living:Modern consumer culture has trained us for dis-integration.
Busting Adbusters 0 Comments Published by AstralGlamBoy May 23rd, 2006 in rant, Adbusters, magazines My colleague over at the New Mexico Media...
www.technorati.com /tag/adbusters   (527 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Adbusters Magazine at Epinions.com
ADBUSTERS is a fantastic magazine of cultural satire.
Adbusters is one of the most interesting publications on newsstands, though probably not the best.
I've been following Adbusters since 1998, before anyone really knew or cared about it, when it was funny and satirical.
www.epinions.com /mags-Adbusters/display_~reviews   (292 words)

 Lovemarks | Adbusters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Adbusters is a magazine with no ads that challenges consumer culture.
Adbusters rides upon and manipulates consumer 'hippy' sentiment.
Adbusters is such a brilliant source of information, and against the pollution of our mental environment I can't imagine life without it, a beautiful publication which makes me think.
www.lovemarks.com /lm/read/2485   (221 words)

 Stupid Name Group: Adbusters 56: We're Back   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Visually, the magazine also pulls off a "post collapse" feel, with images of before and after the collapse; even the relatively utilitarian paper stock contributes to the impression, as does the plain "brown paper" cover.
And because Adbusters never includes any real adverts, there are no contemporary corporate sales pitches to shatter the illusion.
The subject matter is fascinating: between survival tips (how to conserve resources, or how to defend oneself from assault), we're asked to consider the reality of societal collapse, how Humans as a whole might react, and how we would personally deal (or fail to deal) with it.
stupidnamegroup.blogspot.com /2004/12/adbusters-56-were-back.html   (331 words)

 Is Buy Nothing Day about Fake Bombs, Naughty Santa & Felonious Sisters?
Adbusters’ Buy Nothing Day director Brian Highley counters, “One of the reasons that we find this campaign so interesting is that there are so many reasons for getting on board.” This strategy flies in the face of traditional branding.
Adbusters rarely promotes media for sale that doesn’t have their logo, and when they do their mentions often omit websites or ordering information.
Adbusters’ line extensions have become competition to, and jeopardized the finances of, the kinds of companies doing what Adbusters claims to champion, humane and ecologically respectful companies.
gnn.tv /articles/1908/Is_Buy_Nothing_Day_about_Fake_Bombs_Naughty_Sa...   (3776 words)

 Satya May 05: Interview with Kalle Lasn of Adbusters
Adbusters, a not-for-profit, reader-supported, 120,000-circulation magazine battles the attrition of physical and cultural environments.
Adbusters filed a lawsuit against six major Canadian television broadcasters for refusing to air Adbusters videos in the commercial spot we tried to purchase.
Well after President Bush got elected, there was a very powerful moment of truth for a lot of us, and many of us felt that all this whining and complaint-based activism we have been involved in for the past many years hasn’t really helped.
www.satyamag.com /may05/lasn.html   (2989 words)

 Irregular Times: Hitting the Blackspot
Adbusters pledged that any money made on sales of the Blackspot sneaker would be used to expand anti-brand production or fund other non-profit "culture jamming" projects.
Irregular Times: We enjoy reading Adbusters quite a bit, but at Irregular Times we're a bit more interested in material conditions of production and consumption than in culture jamming, and one of the things that really intrigued us about the Blackspot sneaker was the idea that it could be produced under conditions of fair labor.
People who read Adbusters will notice that in those pages there are a lot of statements, statements within statements, and statements about the meaning of statements.
irregulartimes.com /hittingtheblackspot.html   (3491 words)

 Kvetching Board - Adbusters "outs" Jews - Powered by XMB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
I've always liked Adbusters, but this article is a real punch in the gut.
He is frustrated by the mainstream media's "avoidance of the issue," he explains, and believes it is important to put the issue up for debate.
Many who have followed the magazine say the Jewish neo-con piece is indicative of much larger changes at Adbusters, as its anti-consumerism and culture jamming mandate gives way to a focus on anti-imperialism.
www.heebmagazine.com /forum/viewthread.php?tid=65   (3379 words)

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