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Topic: Addition reaction

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  Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Addition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Addition (or summation) is one of the basic operations of arithmetic.
Another generalization of addition is a linear combination, where each term in the sum has a multiplier from some given set, usually either the set of real numbers or the set of complex numbers.
Thus in addition to being part of the interval-4 family, C-E is also a part of the sum-2 family (with G♯ equal to 0).
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Addition   (1267 words)

 addition, additions- WordWeb dictionary definition
"the addition of a bathroom was a major improvement"; "the addition of cinnamon improved the flavour"
"the addition of flowers created a pleasing effect"; "the addition of a leap day every four years"
"he was a new addition to the staff"
www.wordwebonline.com /en/ADDITION   (111 words)

 SPI: About the Industry: Definitions of Resins
In the presence of a blowing agent, this reaction will produce a foamed material having excellent thermal insulating properties, and, in fact, polyurethane foam is widely used in building insulation.
The addition of a volatile diluent or a solvent to the plastisol produces an organosol.
The structures of the acids and glycols used and their proportions, especially the ratio of the unsaturated versus the saturated acid, and the type and amount of monomer used, are all tailored for each resin to balance economy, processing characteristics, and performance properties.
www.socplas.org /industry/defs.htm   (4802 words)

 ETH - Laboratory of Organic Chemistry - Publications 2000-Present
-mediated stereoselective addition of terminal alkynes to D-(+)-mannofuranosyl nitrones.
107) Aschwanden P.A.; Carreira, E. Addition of Terminal Acetylides to C=O and C=N electrophiles.
an additive in lr(I)-catalyzed addition of silylacetylenes to imines: Expeditious synthesis of propargylic amines.
www.carreira.ethz.ch /docs/publ2   (1882 words)

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