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Topic: Address

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  Address Munging FAQ: Spam-Blocking Your Email Address
Address munging is the act of modifying one's email address so that email sent to that address will not be delivered to the person doing the modifications.
Trying to hide your identity by faking your email address simply does not work; even an amateur detective can quickly identify the source of a message if the From: line is the only thing that's been tampered with.
Most address harvesting software used by junk emailers does not discriminate; anything with an '@' sign is considered an address.
members.aol.com /emailfaq/mungfaq.html   (1488 words)

 ADDRESS - Contact Information
ADDRESS may include the names of the document's maintainers, links to the maintainers' Web pages, e-mail addresses for feedback, postal addresses, phone numbers, and so on.
ADDRESS element is not appropriate for all postal and e-mail addresses; it should be reserved for providing such information about the contact people for the document.
ADDRESS can also be used to provide contact information for a portion of a document, typically a form.
www.htmlhelp.com /reference/html40/block/address.html   (134 words)

 Apple - Mac OS X - Address Book   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Because Address Book is built on the industry standard vCard format for storing contact information, your friends can send you cards, or even beam them from their Palm to your PowerBook.
Click on an email address to send a message — if it happens to be a mac.com address, you can also open that person’s.Mac iDisk public folder or send an instant message via iChat.
And if you’ve got a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone, Address Book automatically syncs with it, alerts you when you’ve got an incoming call and displays the Caller ID information.
www.apple.com /macosx/features/addressbook   (835 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Domain Name Servers Work"
When you type a URL into your browser, the browser's first step is to convert the domain name and host name into an IP address so that the browser can go request a Web page from the machine at that IP address (see How Web Servers Work for details on the whole process).
That would be the case if another request to resolve www.howstuffworks.com came in recently (name servers cache IP addresses to speed things up).
It does, so it returns the IP address to your name server, which returns it to the browser, which can then contact the server for www.howstuffworks.com to get a Web page.
computer.howstuffworks.com /dns2.htm   (1223 words)

 spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses, spam blocker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
If you give your email address to everyone, you are bound to receive spam emails, and you won't know where they came from.
Spamgourmet will forward to this address all the emails sent to your spamgourmet disposable addresses -- that way you don't have to tell anyone else what it is -- this is why it's called the protected address.
This disposable email address will be created here the first time BigCorp uses it (you don't have to do anything to create it), and you'll receive at most 3 messages, forwarded to your protected address.
www.spamgourmet.com   (384 words)

 What is address? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
By specifying a memory address, programmers can access a particular byte of data.
Usually, you do not need to worry about addresses unless you are a programmer.
Addressing Machines: Neopost - Neopost offers a full line of address printing machines to fit your office needs.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/U/address.html   (320 words)

 Definition of address - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
2 a : to direct the efforts or attention of (oneself) address himself to the problem> b : to deal with :
4 a : to communicate directly his thanks to his host> b : to speak or write directly to; especially : to deliver a formal speech to
5 a : to mark directions for delivery on a letter> b : to consign to the care of another (as an agent or factor)
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=address   (185 words)

 The National Address Server   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Given a valid U.S. postal address, this server attempts to rewrite the address in the proper format along with the ZIP+4 code.
If it is successful, you can retrieve a Postscript or a GIF file of the address for printing, with a barcode!
IP addresses which conduct a large number of queries will be banned without warning.
www.cedar.buffalo.edu /adserv.html   (118 words)

 What is address? - a definition from Whatis.com
You can ask someone for the address of their server, or for their home page on the Web, or where to send e-mail.
So an "address" can mean the unique location of either (1) an Internet server, (2) a specific file (for example, a Web page), or (3) an e-mail user.
1) An Internet address or IP address is a unique computer (host) location on the Internet (expressed either as a unique string of numbers or as its associated domain name).
searchnetworking.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci211528,00.html   (415 words)

 Address (JavaMail API documentation)
This abstract class models the addresses in a message.
Subclasses will typically be serializable so that (for example) the use of Address objects in search terms can be serialized along with the search terms.
Subclasses should provide an implementation of this method that supports value equality (do the two Address objects represent the same destination?), not object reference equality.
java.sun.com /products/javamail/javadocs/javax/mail/Address.html   (123 words)

 Free Anti-Spam Solutions
Our spam protection tool helps avoid email address harvesting from your website, while preserving the ease of use and flexibility of standard e-mail links.
Subscribe to our update notification service by email or RSS to be informed when the encoder is updated for security reasons.
The code generated above is written in JavaScript, and it performs several non-trivial computational tasks to encode addresses, not a simple replacement of each character by its entity code or a string concatenation, as done by most anti-spam encoders.
w2.syronex.com /jmr/safemailto   (775 words)

 Moving Soon? Let the IRS Know
While the IRS uses the Postal Service’s change of address files to update taxpayer addresses, notifying the IRS directly is still a good idea.
In order to process your address change, you will need to provide your full name, old and new addresses, your social security number or employer identification number, and signatures.
If you change your address after filing your return, don't forget to notify the post office at your old address so your mail can be forwarded.
www.irs.gov /newsroom/article/0,,id=107477,00.html   (408 words)

 ADDRESS Element | address Object   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Specifies information, such as address, signature, and authorship, of the current document.
Click a tab on the left to choose the type of member you want to view.
This example uses the address element to italicize text.
msdn.microsoft.com /workshop/author/dhtml/reference/objects/address.asp   (3773 words)

 <address> Address - Encoded Archival Description Tag Library - Version 2002 (EAD Official Site, Library of ...
A generic element for information about the place where someone or something is located and may be reached.
Examples include a postal address for a repository, or the electronic mail address and phone number of the party granting publication permission.
Consider using an entity reference to store address information that occurs in many finding aids, as it is easier to update the information when located in a single, shared file.
www.loc.gov /ead/tglib/elements/address.html   (176 words)

 What is MAC address? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
Short for Media Access Control address, a hardware address that uniquely identifies each node of a network.
In IEEE 802 networks, the Data Link Control (DLC) layer of the OSI Reference Model is divided into two sublayers: the Logical Link Control (LLC) layer and the Media Access Control (MAC) layer.
Information on how a company applies for a MAC address as well as a database of existing MAC address for many companies.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/M/MAC_address.html   (163 words)

 AddressLabels.com - 225 Return Address Labels Only $3.99
I have ordered address labels from you before and tell EVERYONE about you.
I rec'ved my address labels so quickly I was astonished.
You may have received our return address labels as a thoughtful thank you from an apartment manager or purchased college logo address labels through one of the many college alumni associations we work with.
www.addresslabels.com   (293 words)

 USPS - Address Quality
Addressing Standards for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Address Management provides value-added product and service offerings that enable United States Postal ServiceĀ® business customers to better manage the quality of their mailing lists while maximizing our ability to efficiently deliver mail as addressed.
Address Management Publications - Publications related to Address Management products and services.
www.usps.com /ncsc   (189 words)

address — A real-world address, generally a postal address
An address is generally a postal address, although it does contain elements for
An example of a postal mail address in the United States:
www.docbook.org /tdg/en/html/address.html   (279 words)

 Free Address search - Find addresses and phone numbers | Address.com
We make it easy to perform a phone and address search.
Use the reverse address search to find a person or business by using only address information.
Address.com specializes in address lookups, but we also provide many other services including phone numbers, reverse phone numbers, and area codes.
www.address.com   (93 words)

 Geolocation IP Address to Country City Region Latitude Longitude ZIP Code ISP Domain Name Database for Developers | ...
IP Address to Country, Region, City, Latitude, Longitude, ZIP Code, Time Zone, Connection Speed, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Domain Name
Determine country, region or state, city, latitude, longitude, US zip code and Timezone of any IP address in a few simple steps.
Determine country, region or state, city, latitude, longitude, Timezone and Netspeed of any IP address in a few simple steps.
www.ip2location.com   (293 words)

 Quarella Limited - Spam-Proof email address generator
The link you have used was created via our spam-proof email generator, which can be found here.
This generator allows the user to put an email address onto their website in such a way as to mask it from 'email spiders', these spider trawl the Internet collecting email address from websites and then they are sold/given away to 'spammers'.
However, despite the advantages of this system there is a drawback to this method of spam-proofing - and you have just found it.
www.quarella.co.uk /email/spamproof-noscript.html   (361 words)

 Find People using Reverse Address Lookup on WhitePages.com
Perform a reverse address lookup by entering as much information as possible to find the listing associated with an address.
A reverse address search will find a person or business name and phone number from your provided address.
Privacy Policy,Legal Notice and Terms under which this service is provided to you.
www.whitepages.com /reverse_address   (84 words)

tag defines the start of an address.
You should use it to define addresses, signatures, or authorships of documents.
Most browsers will add a line break before and after the address element, but line breaks inside the text you have to insert yourself.
www.w3schools.com /tags/tag_address.asp   (422 words)

 The global structure of an HTML document
Authors may also choose to use a system identifier that refers to a specific (dated) version of an HTML 4 DTD when validation to that particular DTD is required.
W3C will make every effort to make archival documents indefinitely available at their original address in their original form.
Suppose, for example, that we wanted to generate an HTML document based on a database of client information.
www.w3.org /TR/html401/struct/global.html   (3566 words)

 President Delivers State of the Union Address
And I join the American people in applauding your unity and resolve.
(Applause.) Now Americans deserve to have this same spirit directed toward addressing problems here at home.
I'm a proud member of my party -- yet as we act to win the war, protect our people, and create jobs in America, we must act, first and foremost, not as Republicans, not as Democrats, but as Americans.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2002/01/20020129-11.html   (3736 words)

 USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Search By Address
Find a ZIP Code by entering an address.
Standardize your address database or find detailed address information.
Access online tools to verify addresses, calculate postage, and more.
zip4.usps.com /zip4/welcome.jsp   (84 words)

 Free Email Address Directory : Guide to free email and other services
Free Email Address Directory : Guide to free email and other services
You'll find reviews of hundreds of free email services and for-fee email services, info on how to search for the email addresses of friends and family, advice on using email and more.
All material on this site is protected by international copyright law and may not be reproduced.
www.emailaddresses.com   (124 words)

 return address lable Best Offers Online
= = Stanford return address lable University = =
Arizona cardinal ticket recalled her slender, delicate neck, her lovely grey eyes.
= = Yahoo return address lable directory = =
return-address-lable.ffind.eu.com   (1227 words)

 ADDRESS address, signature, or byline HTML 4.01 Strict
ADDRESS address, signature, or byline HTML 4.01 Strict

An address to give a location with linebreaks:

An address to give a location with linebreaks:
december.com /html/4/element/address.html   (119 words)

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