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Topic: Adirondack Mountains

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 Adirondack Mountains - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Adirondack mountain range is a group of mountains in the northeastern part of New York that runs through Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Herkimer, Lewis, and Warren counties.
There are many fans of the Adirondack Mountains who make an effort to climb all of the original 46 mountains (and most go on to climb MacNaughton as well), and there is a Forty Sixers club for those who have successfully reached each of these peaks.
The mountains are sometimes known as the Adirondaks, without a "c." Some of the place names in the vicinity of Lake Placid have peculiar phonetic spellings attributed to Melville Dewey, who was a principal influence in developing that town and the Lake Placid Club.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Adirondack_Mountains   (2103 words)

 Enjoy the Adirondacks at The Summit! Adirondack Lodging in the Mountains of North Creek
The Adirondack Mountains are in your backyard when you enjoy the Adirondack lodging facilities at The Summit at Gore Mountain.
Maps and guidebooks to Adirondack hiking trails throughout the Adirondack Mountains are prevalent throughout sporting good stores in the North Creek NY and Upstate NY area, or you can purchase them directly from the Adirondack Mountain Club.
Adirondack biking opportunities are plentiful and varied, from leisurely bike rides on designated pathways that are perfect for the whole family, to extreme downhill mountain biking at Gore Mountain during the summer months.
www.goremountainskiresorts.com /adirondacks.html   (1559 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Adirondack Mountains
The Adirondack mountain range are a group of mountains in north-eastern New York, USA, which extend into Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Herkimer, Lewis, and Warren counties.
The mountains are bordered on the west by the Tug Hill Plateau, separated by the Black River.
The Adirondack Loj, a popular hostel and trailhead run by the Adirondack Mountain Club in the high peaks region is one example.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Adirondack_Mountains   (1276 words)

 Adirondack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Adirondack (Mars), the nickname for Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's first target rock for investigation after landing on Mars in 2004
Adirondack guideboat, a lightweight boat, a rowed skiff, carried between bodies of water, originally designed for hunting now used by professional guides
Adirondack State Park (United States) (also known as "Adirondack Park"), the largest state park in the United States, containing a large portion of the Adirondack Mountains
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Adirondack   (213 words)

 Adirondack Mountains at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Adirondack (or Adirondak) mountain range are a group of mountains in north-eastern New York, U.S.A., in Clinton, Essex, Franklin and Hamilton counties, often included by geographers in the Appalachian system, but pertaining geologically to the Laurentian highlands of Canada.
A large portion of the Adirondack range is encompassed within the constitutionally protected 6 million acres of Adirondack State Park, which includes a forest preserve of approximately 2.3 million acres.
The latter is a majestic cliff rising vertically from the pass to a height of 1300 ft. Keene Valley, in the centre of Essex county, is another picturesque region, presenting a pleasing combination of peaceful valley and rugged hills.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Adirondack_Mountains.html   (1175 words)

 The Adirondack Forest Preserve
The Adirondack Mountains of northeastern New York are home to the six-million-acre Adirondack Park, a patchwork of public and private lands protected under state law.
Adirondack furbearers such as beaver, fisher, and river otter are sought by trappers.
Once as high as the Himalayas, the Adirondack Mountains of today are the products of millions of years of repeated uplifting and erosion that has left a pattern of ridges and valleys oriented northeast to southwest.
www.dec.state.ny.us /website/dlf/publands/adk   (2925 words)

 Adirondack Mountains Pathfinder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The diverse geography of the Adirondacks is evidenced by the gentle hills, lakes and wetlands of the southern and western Adirondacks, to the High Peaks region in the northeast where forty-three peaks rise above 4,000 feet.
Adirondack Life is a magazine dedicated to the region's wildlife, natural history, recreational opportunities, unique characters, special places and rural towns.
Adirondack Sports and Fitness is a monthly outdoor recreation and fitness magazine covering the Adirondack and Capital-Saratoga regions of New York State.
home.rochester.rr.com /bradlong/adk_pathfinder.htm   (854 words)

 Adirondacks Mountains Region - Official Guide to the Adirondacks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Adirondack Region of Northern New York includes the 6 million-acre Adirondack Park, surrounding countryside and the entire western shore of Lake Champlain.
Contrary to popular belief, these mountains are not old, "worn down" peaks, but relatively young mountains born as a result of orogeny, or uplift, followed by etching and carving by mile-high glaciers.
While the mountains themselves are young, the rock of which most are formed, anorthosite, is among the oldest of the various types found on earth.
adk.com /home/z-home.htm   (523 words)

 Adirondack Mountain Geology
The Adirondack deformation happened when the crust of the region was severely compressed during the Grenville Orogeny.
Sometime in the Tertiary, the Adirondack dome began to rise, possibly because of a hot spot near the base of the crust.
When we compare Adirondack rocks with experimental results, we conclude that rocks in the Central Highlands were formed under rather extreme conditions-at temperatures of 750-800'C and at pressures 7000 to 8000 times the pressure of air at sea level.
gretchen.geo.rpi.edu /roecker/nys/adir_txt.html   (6065 words)

 Adirondack Mountains:  NY Campsites in the Adirondack Park
The Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY are the second oldest mountains in the world.
The Adirondack Park comprises over 6,000,000 acres (larger than the entire state of Vermont) and is the largest state park in the entire United States.
The Adirondack Park hosts millions of vacationers each year who enjoy the simple pleasures of camping in NY: they camp on the shores of its waterways, enjoy NY campsites, or go in the woods to hike the Adirondack mountains and breathe the clean, fresh air.
www.adirondackcampgrounds.com /adirondack-mountains.htm   (324 words)

 The Adirondack Mountains
The Adirondack forest and mountain region, located in New York State, is the largest wild land preserve in the nation, outside of Alaska.
Contrary to popular belief, the Adirondack Mountains are not connected to the Appalachian range that sprawls across much of the eastern United States.
Today, the Adirondack Mountain region is a popular resort destination for the rich and famous, who enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Lake Placid and other fashionable locales.
www.thecedarsite.com /adirondack-mountains.html   (304 words)

 Bryan's Adirondack Mountains Page
The Adirondack Forest Preserve was created with these words from the New York State Legislature in 1885.
Less than a decade later, the Adirondacks became the first constitutionally protected wilderness land preserve in the United States when New York's voters approved the "forever wild" clause, into the state Constitution.
The Adirondack Park and Forest Preserve is the largest park in the United States outside of Alaska.
www.geocities.com /coverbridge2k/artsci/adirondacks.html   (348 words)

 Adirondack Mountains on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS [Adirondack Mountains], mountain mass, NE N.Y., between the St. Lawrence valley in the north and the Mohawk valley in the south; rising to 5,344 ft (1,629 m) at Mt. Marcy, the highest point in the state.
The Lake Champlain Basin is bounded by the Adirondack Mountains in New York, the Green Mountains in Vermont, and the province of Quebec.(Brief Article)(Letter to the Editor)
A boat is displayed at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, New York.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/a/adironda.asp   (1057 words)

 Adirondack Mountains --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Mixed evergreen and hardwood forest on the slopes of the Adirondack Mountains near Keene Valley, …
The mountains are only sparsely settled, and much of the area exists in a primitive natural state, protected by state law.
Rugged mountain scenery, good hunting and fishing, and a large variety of winter sports bring hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to the Adirondack Forest...
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9003739?tocId=9003739   (825 words)

 Adirondacks State Park, New York - Hiking and Travel | GORP
The Adirondacks was the first great preserved wilderness, and is still the one closest to home for New York's metropolitan hordes.
This is the territory of the "46ers"—a (very) loosely organized club of those who've climbed the 46 highest peaks in the Adirondacks.
The trail connects the picturesque southern Adirondack foothills and scenic High Peaks region to the north.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/statepark/ny_adiro.htm   (1063 words)

 Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation.
The purpose of this project is to build on previous Adirondack work to understand the behavior of mercury by applying a mass balance computer model.
The two year study involved intensive hydrologic and chemical monitoring of 13 small streams draining forested watersheds in the Adirondack Mountains and the Catskill Mountains of New York, and the Northern Appalachian Plateau of Pennsylvania.
The purpose of this project is to analyze all the data collected to date on the 52 LTM lakes and to disseminate information to the public and decision makers.
www.adirondacklakessurvey.org /research.html   (874 words)

 An Adirondack Vacation
The Adirondack Park is the largest park, federal or state, in the United States outside of Alaska.
Soon the whole area was referred to as the Adirondacks which was originally a term the Iroquois used to refer to the Algonquins who were forced to live on tree buds and bark during the severe winters.
The pristine lakes, evergreen forest, and nearby mountains that surround Saranac are enjoyable year-round.
visitnewyorkstate.net /adirondacksvacation   (854 words)

 Adirondacks online fishing camping hiking hunting boating
The Adirondack Park is 6 million acres of virtually uninterrupted wilderness.
White water rafting is everywhere in the Adirondacks, with outfitting companies and rafting guides eager to lead you down the river over rapids and through swift streams.
The lakes of the Adirondacks are home to all sorts of underwater creatures, not to mention the largest Northern Pike ever caught, right in Sacandaga Lake.
www.adirondacks-fishing.com   (437 words)

 Adirondack Vacation Rentals in the ADIRONDACK Mountains of upstate New York
An ideal vacation rental in the Adirondacks, the Miller Homestead is a two story stone house built by a Quaker family in 1822.
This lovely vacation rental is situated on 80 acres of forest land in the northeast corner of New York 's Adirondacks near Lake Champlain and the Ausable Chasm.
There are mountain views in the back of the house as well as flower, raspberry, grape, and herb gardens on the premises.
www.millerhomestead.com   (454 words)

 Adirondack: Of Indians and Mountains, 1535-1838 - Purple Mountain Press
It is generally accepted that the word Adirondack is derived from the Mohawk Indian word atirú:taks, literally meaning “tree eaters.” The acute accent indicates that the stress is on that syllable; the colon marks a preceding long vowel.
Steve Sulavik identifies and provides detailed information about the Adirondak Indians after whom these mountains are named as well as about the Indian groups who actually visited and hunted in these mountains in early historical times.
Stephen B. Sulavik, M.D., first visited the Adirondacks in 1955; an avid fisherman, he became intrigued with the Adirondack guideboat, eventually becoming an authority on its builders and evolution.
www.catskill.net /purple/sulavik.htm   (906 words)

 Adirondack Community College Home Page
Situated in the foothills of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, ACC is conveniently located in Queensbury, New York between Saratoga Springs and Lake George.
Situated at the foothills of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in Queensbury, New York, between Saratoga Springs and Lake George, Adirondack Community College is ideally located to satisfy an array of interests.
Adirondack Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other category protected by civil statute or regulation, in admissions, employment, education, or in any aspect of the business of the College.
www.sunyacc.edu   (374 words)

 Sara's Guide to Adirondack Vacations, NY
Sara's Guide to Adirondack Vacations, NY Sara's Guide to Adirondack Vacations, NY If you are looking for an Adirondack Vacation, you've come to the right place.
The Adirondacks is your spot for skiing, hiking, having fun and the great outdoors!
The name "Adirondack" may have been derived from the Iroquois word "ha-de-ron- dah", which means "bark-eater", a derisive term they gave to the Algonquins.
www.adirondackvacations.net   (2571 words)

 Welcome to the Adirondack Mountains, Old Forge, NY
Hop aboard the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, ride the train into the wilderness and ride your bike back to town.
The Mountain Bike Challenge takes place on the Old Forge trail system and is a NORBA sanctioned race.
Also, remember to sign in at all registration boxes, tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back, carry map and compass, stay in control of you bike, wear a helmet and plan your trip ahead.
www.adirondacktravel.com /O.F.MT.Biking.html   (487 words)

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