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Topic: Adjudication

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

 [No title]
Adjudication generally refers to processes of decision making that involve a neutral third party with the authority to determine a binding resolution through some form of judgment or award.[1] Adjudication is carried out in various forms, but most commonly occurs in the court system.
Court-based adjudication is prohibitively expensive in terms of monetary cost making it impossible for some parties to take their complaints to a court of law.
Adjudication results in win-lose outcomes, leaving little chance the parties will develop a collaborative or integrative solution to the problem, unless the case is settled out of court before the trial.
www.beyondintractability.org /m/adjudication.jsp   (1720 words)

 The Adjudication Panel for England
The Adjudication Panel for England is an independent judicial Tribunal which was established by Part III, Chapter IV of the Local Government Act 2000 to hear and adjudicate on matters concerning the conduct of local authority members.
Pursuant to section 59(4)(d) the Adjudication Panel for England considers references made to it by an Ethical Standards Officer of the Standards Board for England.
The Adjudication Panel for England consists of a President and members who were appointed by the Lord Chancellor after consultation with the Secretary of State.
www.adjudicationpanel.co.uk   (110 words)

  Washington Adjudication Proceeding Instructions
The purpose of most probate proceedings, such as an Adjudication Proceeding, is to obtain a Court Order that you may deliver to a transfer agent to transfer the Decedent's assets to his/her heirs or beneficiaries.
As long as Decedent died a resident of Washington and you will file for your adjudication proceeding to be heard in the Superior Court in the county in which Decedent resided at death: Go to 3 below.
Petition for Adjudication of Intestacy and Heirship form.
www.wa-probate.com /Adjudication-Proceeding/Adjudication-Proceeding.htm   (1064 words)

  Adjudication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Adjudication is the legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews evidence and argumentation including legal reasoning set forth by opposing parties or litigants to come to a decision which determines rights and obligations between the parties involved.
Adjudication can also be the process (in television game shows and the like) by which a winner is found.
Adjudication is a relatively new process introduced by the Government of Victoria in Australia, to allow for the rapid determination of progress claims under building contracts or sub-contracts and contracts for the supply of goods or services in the building industry.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Adjudication   (427 words)

 UT System-Deferred Adjudication
If you violate the "deferred adjudication probation" and the probation is revoked, the judge may sentence you to any term provided by law at the time of the revocation.
Although there is a common misconception that deferred adjudication records are removed from a defendant's crminial history upon successful conclusion of the community supervision (probation) period, the law does not provide for automatic expunction of deferred adjudication records.
Class C deferred adjudications - By filing an expunction under Article 45.051(e), Code of Criminal Procedure (if the Class C deferred adjudication was imposed in justice court or municipal court); or by filing an expunction under Article 55.01(a)(2), Code of Criminal Procedure (if the Class C deferred adjudication was imposed in county or district court).
www.utsystem.edu /TMDSAS/FreqAskedQs/17-DeferredAdjudication.htm   (1000 words)

Adjudication on this server is considered a last resort when all other means of completing the game have been exhausted.
To be eligible for adjudication you must attempt to contact your opponent for at least one week after the date of the adjournment.
Adjudication of regular chess games (blitz,lightning, and standard time control games) is handled by an automated system called adjbot.
www.uschesslive.org /help4/Adjudication.htm   (730 words)

 Adjudication - LoveToKnow 1911
In a more technical sense, in English and American law, an adjudication is an order of the bankruptcy courts by which a debtor is adjudged bankrupt and his property vested in a trustee.
It usually proceeds from a resolution of the creditors or where no composition or scheme of arrangement has been proposed by the debtor.
In Scots law the term "adjudication" has quite a different meaning, being the name of that action by which a creditor attaches the heritable, i.e.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Adjudication   (261 words)

 "Adjudication" Defined
The debtor must deliver to the creditor a valid right to the lands to be adjudged, or transumpts thereof, renounce the possession in his favor, and ratify the decree of adjudication: and the law considers the rent of the lands as precisely commensurate to the interest of the debt.
In this, which is called a special adjudication, the time allowed the debtor to redeem the lands adjudged, (called the legal reversion or the legal,) is declared to be five years.
Where the debtor does not produce a sufficient right to the lands, or is not willing to renounce the possession and ratify the decree, the statute makes it lawful for the creditor to adjudge all right belonging to the debtor, in the same manner, and under the same reversion of ten years.
www.lectlaw.com /def/a156.htm   (301 words)

 ACDFA 2004 - Adjudication Guidelines - Central Region American College Dance Festival 2004
Adjudicated works that are not accepted for the Gala Concert in one festival year may be reworked for adjudication in subsequent festival years.
No attempt is made either during the adjudication process or in the selection of works for the adjudicated concert to classify or equate college dance programs.
Students performing in the adjudicated concert must be officially registered at the festival and are expected to participate fully in festival events.
www.colorado.edu /Conferences/acdf/adjudication/guidelines.html   (769 words)

 Adjudication - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta
Adjudication, a way of resolving disputes or controversies, usually through action in a court of law.
In an increasing number of areas, tribunals have been established in preference to courts.
A permanent injunction is granted only after full hearing and adjudication of the case, and it is usually so...
au.encarta.msn.com /Adjudication.html   (108 words)

 Getting a Juvenile Adjudication Removed Self Help
Setting aside an adjudication removes a juvenile adjudication from the public record of the Michigan State Police, and is sometimes referred to as an expungement.
If the adjudication was for an offense that if committed by an adult would be an assaultive crime or a serious misdemeanor, and the victim of that crime attends the hearing and/or provides an oral or a wirtten statement, the court will consider that statement before making its decision.
If the judge determines that your circumstances and behavior from the date of your adjudication to the filing of the application warrant setting aside the adjudication, and that setting aside the adjudication is consistent with the public welfare, the court may enter an order setting aside your adjudication.
courts.michigan.gov /scao/selfhelp/family/setaside_help.htm   (1362 words)

 DC Auditor, Parking Ticket Adjudication Process
The Traffic Adjudication Act of 1978 decriminalized parking and minor moving violations, provided for the administrative adjudication of parking and certain moving violations, and the civilian enforcement of parking laws and regulations in the District of Columbia.
Delays in entering mail adjudication requests, and corresponding delays in suspending such tickets from delinquent collection activity until adjudicated, may have resulted in a mistaken determination that these tickets were eligible for delinquent collection activity by Lockheed, the District's delinquent parking ticket collection contractor.
Generally speaking, an administrative adjudication will be sustained on appeal so long as it is not arbitrary or capricious, contrary to the Constitution, in excess of the agency's jurisdiction, made contrary to statutory or regulatory procedures, or unsupported by substantial evidence on the record.
www.dcwatch.com /auditor/audit023.htm   (10175 words)

 Adjudication - Common Queries
Adjudication is a statutory procedure by which any party to a construction contract has a right to have a dispute decided by an adjudicator
If the contract does not comply with Section 108 then any adjudication provisions in the Contract (with the exception of the naming of an adjudicator or adjudicator nominating body) are ignored and the Scheme applies.
The Adjudicator's Decision is binding on the parties until the dispute is finally decided by arbitration (if provided for in the contract or agreed to), litigation or agreement.
www.adjudication.co.uk /faq.htm   (689 words)

 When is Deferred Adjudication Probation Off the Record?
Regretably in the state of Texas, a Deferred Adjudication is a conviction dispite the law saying it is not.
Adjudication: A decision or sentence imposed by a judge.
Search for Deferred Adjudication and open up the law offices' homepages and it is as clear as day that they are misleading the public.
www.expertlaw.com /forums/showthread.php?t=4370   (1559 words)

 American College Dance Festival Association - Department of Dance - The University of Iowa
Once a work has been adjudicated, it cannot be submitted for adjudication at any other conference during the same conference year.
Adjudicated works that are not accepted for the Gala Concert in one conference year may be reworked for adjudication in subsequent conference years.
Students performing in the adjudicated concert must be officially registered at the conference and are expected to participate fully in conference events.
www.uiowa.edu /~dance/acdfa/adjudication.htm   (715 words)

 GovSchool: Adjudication
Visual and Performing Arts applicants must participate in the state-sponsored adjudication process to be eligible for selection as a nominee at the division/private school region level.
Here is where you can go to post questions about the adjudication process or the program itself, as well as read answers to questions you may not have even thought of.
Once adjudication appointments have been scheduled, if you find that you need to make a change or a withdrawal from the process, you may submit such information via this online form.
www.richmond.edu /govschool/students/application/adjudication.html   (519 words)

 Reporting Deferred Adjudication - Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The fact is that a deferred adjudication stays on your record and EMS rules require that you report it.
Deferred adjudication is a legal proceeding where the judge may, after receiving a plea of guilt or plea of nolo contendre (where a defendant neither admits nor denies guilt), hearing the evidence, and finding that the evidence substantiates the defendant's guilt, defer further proceedings without entering an adjudication of guilt.
Generally speaking, the fact that someone committed a crime, got arrested, and/or received a deferred adjudication or a criminal conviction is not a reason, in and of itself, to automatically deny someone's application for certification or licensure, or to suspend or revoke one's EMS certificate or license.
www.tdh.state.tx.us /hcqs/ems/Deferredweb.htm   (1551 words)

 What is Adjudication?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Adjudication is a generic term for a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a decision, binding at least in the short term, is made by an expert appointed by the parties (hence the alternative term "expert determination").
In recent years, Adjudication has come to mean a more specific form of statutory dispute resolution, beginning with the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (England and Wales), which created a default scheme of adjudication to be incorporated into most construction contracts.
While in theory anyone can be an adjudicator, in practice the parties are unlikely to appoint anyone who does not possess high levels of skills and experience, both in his/her original profession or trade, and in the specialised skills of adjudication.
www.alankchuck.org /adjudication.htm   (260 words)

 2005 ACDF Adjudication Policies
Adjudicated works that are not accepted for the Gala Concert in one festival year may be reworked for adjudication in subsequent festival years.
No attempt is made either during the adjudication process or in the selection of works for the adjudicated concert to classify or equate college dance programs.
Students performing in the adjudicated concert must be officially registered at the festival and are expected to participate fully in festival events.
wings.buffalo.edu /cas/acdf/AdjudicationPolicies.html   (755 words)

 American Bar Association
Informal adjudication is the name used to denote various procedures for issuing orders when formal adjudication is not required.
Informal adjudication comprises a wide variety of agency procedures, some resembling what is traditionally thought of as adjudication and others not resembling adjudication at all.
The draftsman of the report and recommendation on formal adjudication recommends that Section 554 be amended to provide that in all cases involving adjudication -- as distinct from rulemaking -- there is a presumption that the APA is applicable.
www.abanet.org /adminlaw/apa/informaladjudication.html   (2687 words)

 20CFR725.352 - Disqualification of adjudication officer.
(a) No adjudication officer shall conduct any proceedings in a claim in which he or she is prejudiced or partial, or where he or she has any interest in the matter pending for decision.
If that adjudication officer withdraws, another officer shall be designated by the Director or the Chief Administrative Law Judge, as the case may be, to complete the adjudication of the claim.
No adjudication officer shall be permitted at any time to appear or act as a representative in connection with any case or claim in which he or she was personally involved.
www.dol.gov /dol/allcfr/Title_20/Part_725/20CFR725.352.htm   (292 words)

 Decided Cases
An adjudicator should give the parties the chance to comment upon any material, from whatever source, including the knowledge or experience of the adjudicator himself, to which the adjudicator is minded to attribute significance in reaching his decision.
The adjudication was the second adjudication brought by ERDC against Skanska, who claimed it centred on a dispute, which was “the same or substantially the same” as the first dispute.
ERJV claimed that the adjudication rules meant that all disputes were to be postponed (and this included enforcement of any adjudicator's decision) until after conclusion of the contract, such that they could all be raised at one time.
www.adjudication.co.uk /cases.htm   (8340 words)

 Claims adjudication and edit resolution services
LASON’s approach to claims adjudication is straightforward - utilize a skilled group of offshore professional claims adjudicators, a US-based operations group and a team of experienced IT professionals to deliver extraordinary service to Healthcare payers.
Our adjudicators are highly educated people with knowledge of medical terminology and who are proven analytical problem solvers.
New adjudicators are trainded in an intensive 5 week program covering the U.S. healthcare industry and claims adjudication.
healthcare.lason.com /payer/adjudication.asp   (241 words)

 Adjudication by Mail
Adjudication by Mail will only be available to citizens who request a mitigation hearing.
After a mitigation hearing is requested the Court will send out an Adjudication by Mail form for the citizen to submit his or her written explanation.
Along with the written explanation any supporting documents are welcome for submittal, such as a copy of proof of insurance (for insurance violation), valid license (for no driver's license), parking permit (for restricted parking violations), or pictures.
www.seattle.gov /courts/comjust/admail.htm   (411 words)

 Adjudication Society
For those who could not attend Conference Packs are available for sale for £10.00 from our online shop.
Look for professionals in the field of adjudication from the 332 members of the Society who have agreed for their contact data to be public.
By using this facility you are you agreeing that the Adjudication Society cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions contained within the information provided by individual members of the Society.
www.adjudication.org   (445 words)

 Communications-ADR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Where the adjudicator requests further information he / she must give full reasons for doing so, and the parties may challenge the request if they feel the additional information contains commercially sensitive information that is not relevant to the dispute.
If the parties fail to notify the administrator of their choice of adjudicator within five working days of the date that the list is supplied by the administrator, the administrator will appoint an adjudicator from the relevant panel within 3 working days thereafter.
13.2 The adjudicator shall not be liable for anything done or omitted in the discharge or purported discharge of the functions of adjudicator (whether in negligence or otherwise) unless the act or omission is in bad faith and any employee or agent of the adjudicator shall be similarly protected from liability.
www.arbitrators.org /com-ADR/Adjudication.asp   (2046 words)

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