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Topic: Admission to an event or establishment

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

 1928 and 1930 Comintern Resolutions
It is advisable for the Communist Party in the North to abstain from the establishment of any special Negro organisations, and in place of this to bring the black and white workers together in common organisations of struggle and joint action.
The stated two-fold task of the Congress was to agitate for the admission of Black workers into heretofore White unions and to struggle against the Garvey-inspired Black ambivalence toward the American trade union movement.
This action on the part of the C.P.U.S.A. coincides with the betrayal of the Socialist revolution in Russia by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (which, despite the Comintern's dissolution in 1943, the American Party continues to tail behind) and the establishment of a not-too-thinly veiled form of State Capitalism in that country. /comintern/ciresolutions_1928_1930.html

 Theater News - Theater News: Hirschfeld Theatre Dedication Ceremony Set for June 23 -
The event is free and open to the public; doors will open at 6:30pm.
The Martin Beck Theatre is soon to be renamed the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in honor of the late illustrator whose drawings depicted the stars and personalities of Broadway for most of the 20th century.
In addition to the renaming, the theater will undergo renovations including the installation of a new marquee and the establishment of a permanent gallery featuring 22 of Hirschfeld's drawings, each representing a show that played at the Martin Beck. /content/news.cfm?int_news_id=3564

 san diego magazine archives
San Diego’s main mushroom establishment, the Mycological Society, hosts the event, and admission is free.
And here’s the real irony: According to LiMandri, San Diego’s minute Little Italy is the only one in the country in a growth mode.
Opera Classes: Thanks to the San Diego Opera and its supporters, the halls of eight local elementary schools are alive with music. /issues/jan99/eyeon.shtml

 Saudi Arabia as a Potential Rogue State
The Saudi monarchy was recognized by France as early as 1927, and the Saudi history with the U.S. began in the early 1930s with the admission of oil-drilling Americans into the kingdom and was consummated with the 1945 visit between King Abdul Aziz and President Roosevelt.
The section on Saudi military capabilities established the fact that the Saudis have a sufficient military establishment and artillery of modern weaponry to live up to the military role of a rogue state in the event that a coup occurs to push the state through the transition from U.S. friend to foe.
Many Saudi subjects vehemently opposed Saudi collaboration with the U.S. against a brother Muslim nation, and hold the regime to blame for the subversion of Islamic values to the U.S.’ "corrupting Western influences" because it was the regime who invited the Western "infidels" into the region (8). /~rtanter/S97PS472_Papers/BUCHOLZ.JENNIFER.SAUDI.HTML   (7555 words)

 Title 14 - §1403. Admission of evidence
Notwithstanding any court rule to the contrary, when, after an event, measures are taken that, if taken previously, would have made the event less likely to occur, evidence of the subsequent measures is not admissible to prove negligence or culpable conduct in connection with the event.
The Revisor's Office cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of Maine law to the public.
This section does not require the exclusion of evidence of subsequent measures when offered for another purpose, such as proving ownership, control or feasibility of precautionary measures, if controverted, or impeachment. /legis/statutes/14/title14sec1403.html   (7555 words)

 NYPL, Public Programs at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library
Box office opens 2 hours before the event and doors open 1 hour before the event.
All LIVE from the NYPL events are general admission.
THE BATTLE OVER BOOKS: Authors & Publishers Take on the Google Print Library Project /research/chss/pep/pepdesc.cfm?id=1661   (546 words)

 Establishment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Establishment is a slang term (chiefly British) for a traditional conservative ruling class and its institutions.
The Establishment is a clique of former members of the College Republicans who control the organization.
The Establishment of religion refers to investing political power in a particular religious faith or body. /wiki/Establishment   (130 words)

 RFC 2753 (rfc2753) - A Framework for Policy-based Admission Control
The request for policy control from a PEP to the PDP may contain one or more policy elements (encapsulated into one or more policy objects) in addition to the admission control information (such as a flowspec or amount of bandwidth requested) in the original message or event that triggered the policy decision request.
The same applies to the case when policy processing is successful but admission control (at the resource management level due to unavailable capacity) fails; again the PDP has to be informed of the failure.
In the policy based admission control framework such a scheme could be achieved by having the sender generate appropriate policy objects, carried in a PATH message, which install state in routers on the path to receivers. /rfcs/rfc2753.html   (130 words)

 Third Annual Willamette Delta Showcase - 2002 -
This is also an all ages event, children's (15 and under with valid student ID) tickets purchased with a paid adult admission will be half-price at the door, the day of the show only.
It seems a natural fit for this event, allowing attendees the luxury of being able to sit back and listen to the entertainment offered, or to get up and dance to their heart's content.
That first year a handful of Board Members pieced together a show, despite the fact that nobody on the committee had really done anything of this nature before, and sat back hoping that it would amount to something fruitful. /Specials/WillametteDelta/2002-WDS.htm   (1540 words)

 Mary Robinson Reynolds The MasterMinding Maven™ - Non-Profit Association Fund Raiser
If chosen, my plan would be to visit with you and several of your board members to learn their perspective and issues, prior to the event.
Free 7 day minicourse for all your members and guests prior to the event which gets them excited about the topic.
Publish a significant write-up about the event in at least one chapter newsletter that reaches it's readership at least one week BEFORE the event. /assoc_joint-venture.htm   (1724 words)

 Establishment Clause of the First Amendment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was only a violation of the establishment clause to erect a religious monument on government property; Moore was free to maintain that monument on private land.
Schempp (1963), the case involving the reading of the Lord's Prayer in class, the Supreme Court introduced the "secular purpose" and "primary effect" tests, which were to be used to determine compatibility with the establishment clause.
In the words of Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect "a wall of separation between church and State." /wiki/Establishment_Clause_of_the_First_Amendment   (1771 words)

 The Kentucky Post
The price included admission to all musical events, which were greatly increased in number from past festivals to try to attract young people, and included such nationally known entertainers as Emmylou Harris, B.B. King, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Bo Diddley.
The commission now has made arrangements to pay the city of Cincinnati $300,000 for police and fire department overtime that was expended during the event and has paid all other creditors, Gomsak said.
Instead of selling $5 daily tickets as was done in 1999, an admission pin good for all five days was sold for $12 in advance and $15 at the gate. /2004/07/08/music070804.html   (389 words)

 Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Arkansas
Upon receipt of a petition seeking readmission to the bar after disbarment, or surrender of license, the Board shall cause a public notice of the pendency of the petition for readmission to be placed in a newspaper of general circulation in the State and at least one newspaper of local circulation.
Admission to practice is based upon the grade made on the examination, moral qualifications, and mental and emotional stability.
In the event the Board determines that the applicant has failed to comply with the terms and requirements of the deferral agreement he or she shall be referred to the full Board for disposition in accord with the provisions of the next section of this rule. /rules/barrule.html   (7759 words) Establishment Article
The "establishment" is often said to be holding a lock on wealth and societal organization.
Establishment is a generalized, mostly negatively used term used by activists and social critics of western societies, which refers to the controlling structures of modern society.
An establishment can also mean a place of business or residence, the founding of such a place, or the founding of a business. /establishment.html   (164 words)

 UCSB Featured News Archive 2003-04
The theory, recently published in the journal Science, explains that this extinction event occurred approximately 251 million years ago—long before the demise of the dinosaurs, estimated at some 65 million years ago and also thought to have been caused by a large meteor impact.
UCSB Offers Admission to 19,325 for Fall UC Santa Barbara has offered a place in its fall 2004 entering class to a total of 19,325 high school students.
Three UCSB Scholars Study Abroad with Fulbright Grants Two UC Santa Barbara faculty members and one administrator are among the approximately 800 American academics and professionals recently announced as recipients of Fulbright Scholar Awards to conduct research at foreign universities during the 2003-2004 academic year. /pa/features-03-04.aspx   (4608 words)

 If hippies were anti-establishment, what did they mean by 'establishment'?
The establishment, as the hippies portrayed it, mainly referred to those insiders who, by virtue of their position, are able to influence government decisions and thus were yielding extraordinary (extraneous) power.
Despite their rhetoric to the contrary, the core of the establishment would like nothing better than if all markets were monopolized.
The ‘establishment’, in the context of referring to the ‘ruling’ authorities, should be explained because I don’t think the younger generations have the same grasp as we did during the 1960’s. /establishment.htm   (2265 words)

 Establishment Registration
Foreign establishments that manufacture, prepare, propagate, compound, or process a device that is imported, or offered for import, into the U.S. are required to register their establishments on form FDA 2891.
If the foreign establishment is registering for the first time, the official correspondent should register the establishment using form FDA 2891 and complete item 10 to identify its United States agent.
If a foreign establishment has previously notified FDA of the name of their U.S.D.A., this does NOT mean they have complied with the requirement to notify FDA of the name of their United States agent. /cdrh/devadvice/341.html   (3854 words)

 AMPP: Establishment Organization
In fact, if the moniker of establishment collaborator is constrained to those with some explicit knowledge of and participation in plans to subvert the law in pursuit of the goal of tyrannical world government, then only a small proportion of those in each of the power structure categories qualifies.
This is a signature tenet of the second hander, of the establishment, and of the Vorlon and Z'ha'dum empires at once pitifully and belligerantly pleading to the younger races for validation.
In short, establishment politicians, clergy, lawyers, medical practitioners, bureaucrats, and LEO's, are little more than lackeys who wolf down the scraps tossed to them by the real power elite (though of course, those who are not aligned with the establishment are, in some cases, just good people doing a good job!). /ampp/shadow_overview.html   (19692 words) Religious Liberty in Public Life - Establishment clause Index
ACLU and known as the “coercion test.” Under this test the government does not violate the establishment clause unless it (1) provides direct aid to religion in a way that would tend to establish a state church, or (2) coerces people to support or participate in religion against their will.
Although the Court’s interpretation of the establishment clause is in flux, it is likely that for the foreseeable future a majority of the justices will continue to view government neutrality toward religion as the guiding principle.
It is also noteworthy that the clause forbids more than the establishment of religion by the government. /rel_liberty/establishment/index.aspx   (1625 words)

 Forage Establishment
Recommended seeding rate for dryland alfalfa established with a companion crop is 6 to 10 lb/acre with slightly higher rates in eastern than western North Dakota (Table 1).
A firm seedbed (Figure 1) is essential for grass and legume establishment.
These grasses are poor competitors in forage stands and will tend to disappear with time, especially under grazing conditions. /extpubs/plantsci/hay/r563w.htm   (4496 words)

 FDA/CFSAN 1999 Food Code - Annex 4: Food Establishment Inspection
Pertinent parts of the plan and the establishment's monitoring procedure may need to be copied and taken on the inspection to confirm that the plan is being followed.
The establishment should be in jeopardy of losing its permit if it has a history of noncompliance at a level predetermined by the jurisdiction or if the number of critical items violated warrants a regulatory action based on the jurisdiction's enforcement protocol (refer to item 13.
Establishment scoring provides an indication of how well an establishment is complying with the food safety rules of the agency. /docs/es/Federal/fc99-a4.htm   (14519 words)

 Alfalfa Establishment Guide
The decision to use a nurse crop during alfalfa establishment should be based on site-specific conditions including erosion potential, weed populations, and the individual producer’s forage needs during the establishment year.
Preparation for alfalfa establishment should begin at least 1 year in advance; but ideally as much as 2 years prior to the actual seeding, especially for no-till seedings.
Fertilizer N application at establishment increases yields when soils are low in N (less than 15 ppm soil nitrate) or organic matter is less than 1.5%. /pub/fg/management/2004/alfalfa   (5197 words)

 Establishment hotel in Sydney
Establishment is an intimate, 33 room luxury hotel located in the very heart of Sydney’s Central Business District and only minutes from major attractions such as the Opera House and Sydney Harbour.
Establishment also offers a wide variety of dining experiences including Est, a multi-award winning “3 Chef Hats” restaurant in a stylish space recently voted "One of the world’s best fine dining restaurants".
Within 6 months of its opening, Establishment was nominated "One of the 25 Hot New Places to Stay in the World" by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. /index.cfm?PropID=100   (167 words) Religious Liberty in Public Life - Establishment clause Topic
The Court analyzed each display separately and determined 5 to 4 that the crèche violated the establishment clause but 6 to 3 that the menorah display was not unconstitutional.
Because the establishment clause requires government “neutrality” in all things religious, numerous lawsuits have challenged the common practice of public holiday displays like crèches and menorahs, arguing that such displays are essentially government imprimaturs on a particular religion.
Weisman: “[A]t a minimum, the Constitution guarantees that government may not coerce anyone to support or participate in religion or its exercise, or otherwise act in a way which establishes a state religion or religious faith, or tends to do so.” /rel_liberty/establishment/topic.aspx?topic=public_displays   (5542 words)

 Establishment of the Court
Following the war, in the Act of June 4, 1920, Congress required the Army to establish Boards of Review, consisting of three lawyers, to consider cases involving death, dismissal of an officer, an unsuspended dishonorable discharge, or confinement in a penitentiary, with limited exceptions.
The Report of the House Armed Services Committee accompanying the legislation emphasized that the new Court would be “completely removed from all military influence of persuasion.” The legislation became effective on May 31, 1951.
The absence of formal review received critical attention during World War I, and the Army created an internal legal review process for a limited number of cases. /Establis.htm   (897 words)

 CBER Blood Establishment Registration and Product Listing (BER) Instructions
In the upper portion of the screen you may enter the registration number of the establishment with which you wish to be associated (either an FEI or a CFN) and the most recent 'Validated Date' for this establishment.
Establishments that perform certain manufacturing steps are considered to be Hospital Blood Banks, which are required to register.
If your establishment's ownership type is not listed, you may choose 'Not Listed' from the 'Other' pull down menu at the bottom of the selections, and type in your ownership type in the text box to the right of the pull down. /cber/blood/bldreginstr.htm   (4646 words)

 Meaning of "Establishment of Religion" in the First Amendment
Moreover, constitutional historian C. Herman Pritchett states: "The phrase ‘establishment of religion’ must be given the meaning that it had in the United States in 1791, rather than its European connotation.
As for the First Amendment’s prohibition on laws "respecting an establishment of religion," they say it prevents only the establishment of a national church - such as exists in some European countries.
Pritchett's view is supported by the fact that in the six states that still retained establishments in 1791, none had an establishment of a single church. /meaning_of_establishment.htm   (764 words)

The union of Church and State setting up a definite and distinctive relation between the two is frequently expressed in English by the use of the word "establishment", applied to such union in both Catholic and Protestant States, in spite of the fundamental differences of principle which characterize them.
The term "established" was applied to the prescribing and settling by law of the liturgical formularies of the English Church in the Act of Uniformity, 1558 (1 Eliz., c.
The pre-Reformation Church of England was the religion of the people and its establishment was the spontaneous act of the people; the distinctive feature of the post-Reformation Church is that it was imposed upon the people by legal enactment, and based upon the principle of royal supremacy. /cathen/05548a.htm   (420 words)

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