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Topic: Adrian IV

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Pope Adrian IV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Adrian crowned the emperor at Saint_Peter's on 18 June, 1155, a ceremony which so incensed the Romans that the pope had to leave the city, not returning until November 1156.
At the diet of Besançon in October 1157, the legates presented to Barbarossa a letter from Adrian which alluded to the beneficia or "benefits" conferred upon the emperor, and the German chancellor translated this beneficia in the feudal sense of the presentation of property from a lord to a vassal (benefice).
Barbarossa was infuriated by the suggestion that he was dependent on the pope, and in the storm which ensued the legates were glad to escape with their lives, and the incident at length closed with a letter from the pope, declaring that by beneficium he meant merely bonum factum or "a good deed," the coronation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pope_Adrian_IV   (539 words)

 Adrian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Adrian I - Pope from 772 to 705
Adrian IV - Pope from 1154 to 1159
Adrian VI - Pope from 1522 to 1523
www.yotor.com /wiki/en/ad/Adrian.htm   (83 words)

 Probert Encyclopaedia: People and Peoples (Ad-Ak)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Adrian I was pope from 772 to 794.
Adrian IV was the only ever English born pope.
Adrian Willaert was a Venetian composer and the founder of the Venetian school of musical composers.
www.probertencyclopaedia.com /C12.HTM   (2049 words)

 Pope Adrian IV -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Adrian IV is the only (A man who is a native or inhabitant of England) Englishman who has occupied the papal chair.
Adrian crowned the emperor at (Disciple of Jesus and leader of the apostles; regarded by Catholics as the vicar of Christ on earth and first Pope) Saint_Peter's on 18 June, 1155, a ceremony which so incensed the Romans that the pope had to leave the city, not returning until November 1156.
The breach subsequently became wider, and Adrian was about to (Click link for more info and facts about excommunicate) excommunicate the emperor when he died at (Click link for more info and facts about Anagni) Anagni on 1 September, 1159.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/p/po/pope_adrian_iv1.htm   (662 words)

The former wrote a life of Adrian, which is included in the collection of Nicolas Roselli, made Cardinal of Aragon in 1356 during the pontificate of Innocent VI.
In 1152 Adrian was sent on a delicate and important mission to Scandinavia, as papal legate, in which he acquitted himself to the satisfaction of everybody.
The Donation of Adrian was subsequently recognized in many official writings, and the Pope for more than four centuries claimed the overlordship of Ireland In 1318 (1317?) Domhnall O'Neill and other kings and chieftains, and the whole laity of Ireland, forwarded to Pope John XXII a letter of appeal and protest.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/01156c.htm   (3235 words)

 AllRefer.com - Adrian IV, pope (Roman Catholic Popes And Antipopes) - Encyclopedia
Adrian IV, pope, Roman Catholic Popes And Antipopes
After his election to the papacy, Adrian defeated (1155) opposition of Arnold of Brescia.
The historicity of Adrian's donation of Ireland, as a papal fief, to Henry II of England is the subject of scholarly dispute.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/A/Adrian4.html   (329 words)

 Adrian IV (c. 1100-1159)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Adrian crowned Friedrich I. Barbarossa (1123-1190) as Holy Roman Emperor in 1155, after Friedrich had captured and handed over to him Arnold of Brescia, who had led a revolt in Rome.
Thereafter, the relations between Adrian and Friedrich laid the groundwork for the struggle to come between Pope Alexander II.
Adrian then marched to Benevento, during which time he received John of Salisbury, secretary to the archbishop of Canterbury, and granted him the Donation of Ireland (known as the bull Laudabiliter), which supposedly gave Ireland to Henry II.
www.hfac.uh.edu /gbrown/philosophers/leibniz/BritannicaPages/PopeAdrian-IV/PopeAdrian-IV.html   (278 words)

 Adoration of the Sacrament
How far Adrian's consciousness of his own importance had grown is evident from the fact that while in the beginning of his reign he had dated his public documents by the years of the Greek emperors, from the end of 781 he dated them by the years of his own pontificate.
Adrian, who was the sworn foe of the Roman republic and its Impending liberties, joined hands with the Lom Conflict bard communes who were struggling Stopped by for their own.
Adrian was already taking counsel with the cardinals as to the advisa bility of pronouncing a sentence of excommunica tion against Frederick when death overtook him at Anagni Sept. 1, 1159.
www.ccel.org /s/schaff/encyc/encyc01/htm/iii.ii.htm   (17544 words)

 November 18: HISTORY (nov18his.htm)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Nevertheless, Adrian, a staunch defender of the faith, was not one to shy away from controversy as we shall see in...
Adrian was upset that Frederick did not seek justice when the Archbishop of Lund, to whom Adrian had appealed and won over as a papal legate in Scandinavia, was murdered by a robber baron.
While Adrian’s papacy was often embroiled in heated controversy with Frederick and trying to convince the curia that alignment with Sicily was a good thing, Adrian was a generous and forgiving pontiff.
www.dailycatholic.org /issue/nov18his.htm   (1073 words)

 Encyclopedia: Pope Adrian IV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A primate in the Western Church is an archbishop or bishop who has authority not just over the bishops of his own province, as a Metropolitan does, but over a number of provinces, such as a national church.
Frederick in a 13th century Chronicle Frederick I Hohenstaufen (1122 – June 10, 1190), also known as Frederick Barbarossa (Frederick Redbeard) was elected king of Germany on March 4, 1152 and was crowned Holy Roman Emperor on June 18, 1155.
Anagni, (Latin Anagnia) is an ancient town in Latium, Italy, in the hills east-southeast of Rome, famous for its connections with the papacy and for the picturesque monuments of its unspoiled historical center.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Pope-Adrian-IV   (2217 words)

Though this relationship was on the maternal side, Cardella states that Boso as well as Adrian IV bore the surname of Breakspear.
Adrian sent Boso on a mission to Portugal; for what precise purpose does not transpire, but the fact is attested by the registers of Pope Innocent III.
When Adrian IV died in 1159, dissensions arose in the conclave as to the choice of his successor, the result of which was the creation of a schism lasting seventeen years.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02697b.htm   (441 words)

 Cathedral & Abbey Church of St Alban - The Fraternity of The Friends of Saint Albans Abbey - Nicholas Breakspear
This article does not pretend to any novelty of research, but simply aims to present a connected narrative of the life and main events in the history of Nicholas Breakspear, Pope Adrian IV Unfortunately very little is known about his early life and historians argue about the facts.
As soon as Adrian's election become known in England, it is reported that Henry II who himself had recently gainer the throne, sent a congratulatory delegation to Rome headed by the Abbot of St Albans, Robert de Gorham.
Adrian steered the papacy safely though a very difficult period; his pontificate begins the steep ascent of the papacy to the heights of Innocent III.
www.stalbanscathedral.org.uk /societies/adrian-iv.htm   (2201 words)

 Popes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Adrian crowned Frederick I Barbarossa as Holy Roman emperor in 1155, after Frederick had captured and handed over to him Arnold of Brescia, who had led a revolt in Rome.
Thereafter, the relations between Adrian and Frederick laid the groundwork for the struggle to come between Pope Alexander III and Frederick.
Adrian then marched to Benevento, during which time he received John of Salisbury, secretary to the archbishop of Canterbury, and granted him the Donation of Ireland (known as the bull Laudabiliter), which supposedly gave Ireland to Henry II of England.
gallery.euroweb.hu /database/glossary/popes/adrian4.html   (297 words)

 Pope_Adrian_IV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The following is an unaltered paragraph from the Encyclopædia Britannica, 1911 edition, but the state of research on this is unknown.
In view of prevailing English attitudes towards Ireland at this time, the article may not be unbiased.
(Papst) fr:Adrien IV it:Papa Adriano IV fi:Hadrianus IV no:Hadrian IV nn:Pave Hadrian IV
www.tuxedo-shop.com /search.php?title=Pope_Adrian_IV   (679 words)

 The Avalon Project : The Bull of Pope Adrian IV Empowering Henry II to Conquer Ireland. A.D. 1155
The Bull of Pope Adrian IV Empowering Henry II to Conquer Ireland.
Bishop Adrian, servant of the servants of God, sends to his dearest son in Christ, the illustrious king of the English, greeting and apostolic benediction.
It is interesting to note that the claim of Adrian IV., here advanced, to jurisdiction over all islands was founded, as we learn from John of Salisbury, on the forged donation of Constantine (v.
elsinore.cis.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/medieval/bullad.htm   (533 words)

In either case the implication was offensive to the Germans, and they chose to interpret it as a claim that the emperor held his empire as a fief of the apostolic see.
Adrian again gave offence by denying the emperor’s right to levy a tax for military purposes, fodrum, on estates claimed by the papacy and demanded that he should recognize the papal claim of feudal rights over the Matilda grant, Sardinia, Corsica, Ferrara, and the duchy of Spoleto.
Adrian was intending to punish his imperial foe with excommunication when he was struck down by death at Anagni.
www.graciouscall.org /books/history/5_ch04.htm   (14151 words)

 History of the Christian Church, Schaff, 1910 edition with power search.
(1) The Regesta of the popes from Anastasius IV.
Roland was consecrated at Ninfa, Octavian in the convent of Farfa.
Adrian’s letter, Mirbt, Quellen, 119 sq., speaks of the treatment of the archbishop as "that fearful and execrable deed and sacrilegious crime,"illud horrendum et execrabile facinus et piaculare flagitium.
www.bible.ca /history/philip-schaff/5_ch04.htm   (15730 words)

 Patron Saints Index: Pope Adrian IV
Adrian defeated Arnold of Brescia in 1155, and suppressed his supporters in Rome.
He crowned Frederick I as Holy Roman Emperor in 1155, but fell out with him when the emperor, disregarding the Concordat of Worms, placed imperial favorites in the archbishoprics of Cologne and Ravenna.
Adrian was ready to excommunicate Frederick for his expressed intent to assume the government of Rome, but died before he could pronounce sentence.
www.catholic-forum.com /saints/pope0169.htm   (156 words)

 December 4: Adrian IV the English pope
Adrian was the only Englishman to become pope and he said he wished he'd stayed in England.
Frederick Barbarossa desired that Adrian crown him emperor but Adrian insisted that the red-beard (that is what "Barbarossa" means) honor him by holding his stirrup while he mounted his horse.
Adrian's most controversial act was a bull that allowed Henry II of England to annex Ireland to his kingdom.
chi.gospelcom.net /DAILYF/2001/12/daily-12-04-2001.shtml   (739 words)

 HI01 Web Reader Document
Bishop Adrian, servant of the servants of God, to his beloved son Frederick, illustrious emperor of the Romans, greeting and apostolic benediction.
He ought not, as ye know, to have entered upon so arduous a path without your advice; whence we believe that, hearing your warnings, like a discreet man and catholic emperor, he may most easily be recalled to the enjoyment of a more healthful pursuit.
Letter of the German Bishops to Adrian IV Although we know and are sure that neither the winds nor the waves of tempests can cast down the church of God which is founded on a firm rock; we nevertheless being very weak and timid are shaken and tremble whenever such attacks occur.
www.anselm.edu /academic/history/hdubrulle/WesternCiv1/text/generalinfo/documents/document09.htm   (1474 words)

 Coins Of The Medieval Papal State
Under the empire, coins that were struck in the provinces bore the name of some local magistrate, and those coins of Gregory and of Zacharias are simply imperial Byzantine pieces, bearing the name of the first civil magistrate of the City of Rome.
There is no pontifical money of a date between the last-named year and 1305; this is explained, in part, by the fact that the Senate of Rome, which sought to replace the papacy in the temporal government of the city, took over the mint in 1143.
The only instance of a cardinal camerlengo stamping his coat of arms on the coins during the lifetime of the pope is that of Cardinal Armellini, under Adrian VI, in the case of four grossi.
medievalcoins.ancients.info /Papal_State.htm   (1927 words)

 Pope's Photo Gallery (151-200)
Since he was not recognised by the German court, Henry IV supported Honorins II in opposition to him, thereby bhnging about tumults.
169 - ADRIAN IV Born in Langley (England), he was elected on the 5th December 1154 and died on the 1st November 1159.
182 - URBAN IV Born in Tryes (France), he was elected on the 4th September 1261 in a surprise election at the conclave of Viterbo to which he had come in order to pay homage to the future pope.
members.tripod.com /~cckswong/pope151_200.htm#183   (2763 words)

 Adrian IV --  Encyclopædia Britannica
The English conductor Sir Adrian Boult led the symphony of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other major orchestras during a career that spanned six decades.
As grand duke of Lithuania from 1440 to 1492 and king of Poland from 1447 to 1492, Casimir IV was neither a man of great ambition nor a great warrior.
Pope Gregory VII's 11th-century removal of Henry IV from the throne of Germany, one of the episodes of the Investiture Controversy.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9003793?tocId=9003793   (650 words)

 Church History: Adrian IV, The English Pope (1154-1159): Studies and Texts.(Book Review)@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Adrian IV, The English Pope (1154-1159): Studies and Texts.
Pope Adrian IV is largely remembered as the answer to a trivia question (who was the only English pope?) or as a footnote in Anglo-Irish history.
In fact, Adrian and his pontificate are worthy of more serious attention, if only as illustrations of significant trends in religious, social, and political life in medieval Europe.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:115036344&refid=holomed_1   (217 words)

 Adrian IV on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Adrian IV, The English Pope (1154-1159): Studies and Texts.(Book Review)
Election of Pope Adrian IV: December 4th, 1154.(This Month In History)
Reply: the institutional dimension of statutory and constitutional interpretation.(response to Cass R. Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule, Michigan Law Review, vol.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/a/adrian4.asp   (497 words)

 An imaginary place in a reactionary time: ponty mython and the wholly pail
Hertford was the birthplace of England's only Pope, Adrian IV, who may or may not have written a Bull deeding Ireland to England
The effect on the Irish church was much more immediate and severe, as intended by Adrian (who had no particular love for Henry.) John of Salisbury, who obtained the donation, was more concerned about the church than about the politics.
Posted by: Great Satan at January 6, 2005 06:39 PM The (one and only) English Pope, Adrian IV, is purported to have issued a bull 'Laudabiliter', charging the English King with the reform of the Irish church.
www.ffej.org /archives/001406.html   (4356 words)

 Catholic Online
Adrian IV Adrian IV, Nicholas Breakspear was the only Englishman elected to the bishopric of Rome.
Adrian did not remain on good terms with the new emperor, and the two were close to war when Adrian died in 1159.
Adrian is said to have given Henry II of England dominion over Ireland in the bull Laudabiliter.
www.catholic.org /saints/saint.php?saint_id=849   (265 words)

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