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Topic: Adulthood

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Middle Adulthood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
One of the major aspects of middle adulthood are the physical and biological changes that occur in the body.
The main health problems of middle adulthood are cardiovascular disease, cancer, and menopause.
Regardless, intimacy, marriage, and family concerns are a priority during middle adulthood.
www.mc.maricopa.edu /dept/d46/psy/dev/mid_adult   (630 words)

 The Network on Transitions to Adulthood
The Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood was established in 2000 to examine the changing nature of early adulthood, a phase of life that has been largely neglected by social and behavioral scientists and policy makers.
In the last quarter of the 20th Century, a set of economic, cultural, and social changes altered the relatively seamless transition to adulthood that existed in the Post-World War II period when most young people swiftly moved from adolescence to adulthood.
As we hypothesized in our initial proposal, the institutions that would typically support young people as they made the transition to adulthood (schools, workplaces, families) have not adapted to the changing conditions of life at the turn of the 21st century.
www.transad.pop.upenn.edu   (154 words)

 K-Adulthood & Its Discontents
Beyond the local narrative of adulthood there is a more universal, species narrative; paradoxically, a careful reading of this species text can help us to better understand our own local narrative of adulthood, and our own troubles with this crucial stage.
A central meaning of adulthood is that - as a condition built on restraints, deep attachments, and successive renunciations of narcissism - this state protects children from the potential selfishness, rivalry and ferocity of their own parents.
If a major function of adulthood is to protect children during their season of protracted vulnerability, then current events force us to recognize that we North Americans are in a drawn out and worsening adulthood drought.
www.americanvalues.org /html/adulthooddiscontents.html   (5551 words)

 Unit Seven: Adulthood
In early adulthood physical growth continues.  Shoulder width, height and chest size increase, and people continue to develop their athletic abilities.  By their mid-thirties, nearly everyone shows some hearing impairment, but for most people, the years of early adulthood are the prime of life.
Most people are well into late adulthood before their bodily functions show noticeable impairment.  However, inside the body, bone mass is dwindling, the risk of heart disease is increasing, and fertility is declining.  In their late forties or early fifties, women generally experience menopause, the shutdown of reproductive capability.
Adulthood is a time when changes occur in social relationships and positions.  These changes do not come in neat, predictable stages but, instead, follow various paths depending on individual experiences.  Changes can include being abandoned by a spouse, getting fired from a job, going back to school, remarrying or suffering the death of a spouse. 
www.sasked.gov.sk.ca /docs/social/psych30/unit_seven.htm   (7694 words)

 Adult - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Coming of age is the event; passing a series of tests to demonstrate the child is prepared for adulthood; or reaching a specified age, sometimes in conjunction with demonstrating preparation.
According to Jewish tradition, adulthood is reached at age 13 for boys and 12 for girls (although this was originally not automatic; Jewish boys, for example, were expected to demonstrate preparation for adulthood by learning the Torah and other Jewish practices).
"The Myth of the Adulthood Fairy" is a modern allegory examining the concept of determining adulthood based solely on age.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Adult   (870 words)

 Setting an age for adulthood
This is when an individual finds regular employment which utilises all the skills they personally have acquired through the competitive education system and where, upon achieving a good wage, they can prove this independence from their parents, move away from home, adopt a life style and fulfil their own destiny.
This is a social identity which is reflected in the idea of the "individual" and its opposite "society." Individuals must achieve full responsibility and independence and not be too tied to place, to community or other social attachments if they are to achieve their full worth.
For young people undergoing the transition to adulthood, the world of young adulthood which lies ahead is a major focus of their lives.
www.vuw.ac.nz /yfp/papers/age.html   (2201 words)

 How often Does ADHD Persist into Adulthood?
These results imply that the vast majority of children with ADHD outgrow the diagnosis by early adulthood, and have led some to speculate that the adverse impact of ADHD becomes increasingly benign with advancing age.
This number would be lower for adults than for children, but adults showing this reduced number of symptoms would still be as deviant relative to their same-age peers as are children displaying a greater number of symptoms.
This was especially true when the diagnostic threshold for ADHD in adulthood was adjusted to reflect the fact that ADHD symptoms tend to diminish with age.
www.add.org /articles/HowoftenDoesADHDPersistintoAdulthood.html   (2157 words)

That developmental period, recently identified as a separate life stage labeled “emerging adulthood,” is characterized by a variety of unique life changes and choices that occur roughly between the ages of 18 and 25.
While previously the late teens and early twenties was a period of intensive preparation for imminent entry into adult roles, the new norm is for these emerging adulthood years to be set aside for experimentation and exploration of life possibilities and decisions.
Moreover, a salient feature of emerging adulthood for many young people is the continued economic dependence on parents, which generally has some social, psychological and perhaps later economic cost attached.
grants.nih.gov /grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-DA-04-013.html   (4650 words)

 Transition to adulthood delayed, marriage and family postponed, study finds
To examine the experiences of youth as they move toward adulthood, Elizabeth Fussell, a demographer at Tulane University, and Furstenberg of Penn used 1900-1990 U.S. Census data on youth aged 16-30 along with sample data from the Census Bureau's 2000 Current Population Survey.
Fussell and Furstenberg's report "The Transition to Adulthood During the 20th Century: Race, Nativity and Gender" includes findings on the shifting path to adulthood for native-born, foreign-born, white and fl men and women.
The study finds that young people in the second half of the 20th century are traveling more pathways after finishing high school, combining more roles, exploring more options and gaining more education to prepare for an increasingly demanding labor force than did adolescents in the earlier half of the century.
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/2004-01/uop-tta011204.php   (677 words)

 CNN.com - Who exactly is a grown-up? - Nov. 3, 2003
Gone is the notion that adulthood officially started at 18, when one typically graduated from high school -- or even 21, the modern-day age limit for drinking alcohol.
For Powell, reaching true adulthood would be as simple as getting a job that allowed her to move out of her parents' home in Clinton Township, a large suburban area a few miles northeast of Detroit.
Whatever the factors that are causing it, much of society seems to be embracing the notion of delayed adulthood.
www.cnn.com /2003/HEALTH/parenting/11/02/grown.up.ap/index.html   (1485 words)

 Amazon.ca: Journey of Adulthood, The: Books: Helen L. Bee,Barbara R. Bjorklund   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This best-selling book discusses the aspects of “successful aging,” covering growth and development from young adulthood to old age, and the impact that culture, gender, and individual differences have on these processes.
The Journey of Adulthood is now in its fifth edition and it continues to capture the dynamic process of adult development, from young adulthood to old, old age.
Some myths of adulthood are adeptly smashed making the thought of aging not such a frightful one.
www.amazon.ca /Journey-Adulthood-Helen-L-Bee/dp/0130970417   (1870 words)

 Reality of Asperger Diagnosis In Adulthood
The reality of being diagnosed with AS in adulthood is that it is a very valuable opportunity to further discover who you are and why you are as you are.
The reality of AS in adulthood is that those of us with it are different in many ways from those who do not have AS.
When one is an adult the degree to which one could, is expected not to, or even would want to rely upon parents of family is a limited and stressful dilemma.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/adult_aspergers/117324   (406 words)

 Welcome to the homepage for Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Ph.D.
Arnett’s main area of scholarship is emerging adulthood, the age period from the late teens to the mid-twenties.
Arnett coined the term and presented a theory of emerging adulthood in a widely-cited article in American Psychologist in 2000.
Emerging adulthood: A theory of development from the late teens through the twenties.
www.jeffreyarnett.com /articles.htm   (385 words)

 Young Adulthood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Early adulthood is the period between adolesence and adulthood where we live in limbo.
From the ages of eleven to seventeen, we are in the transition from the fantasy stage of childhood to the realistic view of young adulthood.
Young adulthood, also known as youth, is a bridge between adolescence and adulthood.
www.mc.maricopa.edu /dept/d46/psy/dev/Spring99/youth   (3307 words)

 UVic Course: PSYC 582 Psychopathology: Adulthood
Discussion of conceptual models used to understand psychopathology; presentation of various mental disorders from multiple theoretical perspectives; discussion of diagnostic issues emphasizing the impact of gender and culture in the expression of "abnormal" behaviour.
Emphasis is on disorders that emerge during adulthood.
Graduate course in the Psychology program administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
web.uvic.ca /calendar2005/CDs/PSYC/582.html   (93 words)

 Alibris: Adulthood
A noted Jungian analyst, professor, therapist and author explains the developmental and psychological tasks people face in the second half of life, showing that the mid-life crisis is a "summons of the soul" to really, finally, grow up.
This comprehensive, multidisciplinary book presents an empowering view of adulthood through an examination of the influences of age, gender, cohort, race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, and culture.
Readers of all ages will find this engaging, accessible introduction to the challenges and opportunities of adult life to be relevant to both their...
www.alibris.com /search/books/subject/Adulthood   (1228 words)

 News - The Effects of Adolescent Mental Disorders Last Into Adulthood
Coping with a mental disorder during the teen years can negatively affect a person's overall quality of life in adulthood, say researchers from Columbia University in New York City.
In 2001 to 2004, the study participants (now about 33 years of age) answered questions about their quality of life, including their physical health, their psychological well-being, their social relationships, and their functioning at home and at work.
Compared with people who didn't have any illness or disorder during the teen years, study participants who'd had physical illnesses had poorer physical health in adulthood.
kidshealth.org /research/effects_mental.html   (420 words)

 St. Andrew's Youth Web Pages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Journey to Adulthood is divided into three separate classes, Rite-13 for kids in 6th and 7th grade, J2A for kids in 8th and 9th grade, and Young Adults in the Church for kids in 10th through 12th grade.
The Rite-13 Liturgy recognizes that the participants are moving out of childhood and moving towards adulthood.
It also recognizes that adulthood is not 'given', but earned.
www.zianet.com /standrewlc/Youth/Journey_to_Adulthood.html   (372 words)

 Weight Gain in the First Week of Life and Overweight in Adulthood: A Cohort Study of European American Subjects Fed ...
infants with adulthood overweight status was clinically significant.
Exposure to soy-based formula in infancy and endocrinological and reproductive outcomes in young adulthood.
Predicting obesity in young adulthood from childhood and parental obesity.
circ.ahajournals.org /cgi/content/full/111/15/1897   (4970 words)

 Adolescence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Adolescence (Latin adolescentia, from adolescere, to grow up) is the period of psychological and social transition between childhood and adulthood (gender-specific, manhood or womanhood).
Arnett (2000) calls this stage "emerging adulthood," and argues that it is characterized by "relative independence from social roles and from normative expectations.
Emerging adulthood is a time of life when many different directions remain possible, when the scope of independent exploration of life's possibilities is greater for most people than it will be at any other period of the life course." (p.469).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Adolescence   (2551 words)

 Population Council | Transitions to Adulthood | Schooling
In recent years, the Population Council’s program of research on transitions to adulthood has given special attention to schooling.
In addition, the school is the most important institution outside the family involved in socializing young people into all dimensions of adult roles and responsibilities.
Council research has also explored which aspects of schooling, including the implementation and quality of life-skills programs, may be associated with later sexual initiation and more responsible sexual behavior.
www.popcouncil.org /ta/schooling.html   (275 words)

 The Association Between Childhood Depression and Adulthood Body Mass Index -- Pine et al. 107 (5): 1049 -- Pediatrics
Lissau-Lund-Sorensen I, Sorensen TIQ Prospective study of the influence of social factors in childhood on risk of overweight in young adulthood.
Fergusson DM, Horwood LJ, Lynskey MT Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorder in young adulthood: psychiatric outcomes of childhood sexual abuse.
Pine D, Cohen P, Brook J, Coplan J Psychiatric symptoms in adolescence as predictors of obesity in early adulthood: a longitudinal study.
pediatrics.aappublications.org /cgi/content/full/107/5/1049   (5080 words)

 Emerging Adulthood
From the perspective of Erikson's lifespan theory, it would be like going back and inserting Emerging Adulthood in between Stages 5 and 6 on this chart.
"Having left the dependency of childhood and adolescence, and having not yet entered the enduring responsibilities that are normative in adulthood, emerging adults often explore a variety of possible life directions in love, work, and worldviews" (p.
Risk behavior may be linked to identity exploration, as "one reflection of the desire to obtain a wide range of experiences before settling down into the roles and responsibilities of adult life" (Arnett, 2000, p.
www.hs.ttu.edu /hd3317/emerging.htm   (1236 words)

It functions well through adulthood if an individual is not extremely stressed by exercise; then it can’t deliver enough oxygen.
Cardiovascular problems are exacerbated by hypertension and atherosclerosis, plaque deposits in arteries which seem to be produced by high-fat diet in sexually mature adults.
By middle adulthood, 40-60, more negative changes occur, though there are some compensating gains.
ccollege.hccs.cc.tx.us /instru/psyco/BOYDWEB/AdultPhy.html   (3179 words)

 Emerging Adulthood in the van Dulmen lab
The lab is interested in investigating the scientific evidence that supports the concept of emerging adulthood and enhancing the measurement of salient aspects of emerging adulthood (see also area IV).
From a scientific perspective, evidence for a distinct developmental stage is not only derived based on identifying distinct features of an age-period, quantitative and qualitative changes in for example core behavioral and relationship processes, but also how the relations among core behavioral and relationship constructs changes from one developmental period to the next.
Successful Transitions into Emerging Adulthood Study This study is directly aimed to identify how interpersonal relationships serve as ‘turning points’ for successful transitions.
www.personal.kent.edu /~mvandul/EmergingAdulthood.htm   (563 words)

 Society for Research on Adolescence
This website contains visual descriptions of 6 topics relevant to the early adulthood: cognitive stages of development, life contour of work, Sternberg's triangle of love, single-parent families with children under 18, death rates, and the proportion of women 20-40 who have not yet given birth.
The research group focuses on the transition to adulthood, family formation, and the demography of life course.
The main approach is to describe and explain the dynamics of family and household formation in European countries through empirical studies.
www.s-r-a.org /easigrelatedwebsites.html   (972 words)

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