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Topic: Advanced Photo System

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  KODAK: About the Advanced Photo System
This venture resulted in the Advanced Photo System, which was announced to the photofinishing trade at Photo and Imaging Expo in London, in October 1995, and to the industry as a whole at the Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas in February 1996.
Advanced Photo System film features an environmentally advantaged polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) base, which is a thinner, stronger material than bases used with 35 mm films.
Although the Advanced Photo System incorporates a negative format that is smaller than the 35 mm negative format, the print quality possible from the new system meets consumers' expectations.
www.kodak.com /global/en/consumer/APS/redBook/aboutSystem.shtml   (1799 words)

 Advanced Photo System (APS) versus 35 mm Film Format
APS (IX240) means Advanced Photo System and refers to a new camera format and film size which was introduced to the marketplace a few years ago (the IX240 refers to Information Exchange and film size).
The Advanced Photo System is supported by a large consortium of companies including Kodak, Fuji, Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax, Konica and many others.
APS systems allow for photographs to be printed in one of three formats: "H" (full negative in a 9:16 HDTV aspect ratio), "C" in the same 2:3 aspect ratio as a 35-mm negative, and "P" or Panorama.
hubcap.clemson.edu /~jwfoltz/Courses/WFB493PH/subjects/aps/apsvs35.htm   (1310 words)

 @Photo E-Zine - Photocourses.com - New York Institute of Photography
The system was then known as APS but that's a term that can no longer be used legally, as I'll explain in a moment.
The photo industry is technically barred from using the three letters APS or the logo they had developed that incorporate those letters, because some other company in a different industry already had "APS" under some sort of trademark or other legal protection.
Here are a few of the photos I was able to take above the water using the camera, and there's also one very abstract sunset panoramic that was taken by my daughter who was just shy of her fourth birthday at that time.
www.photocourses.com /atphoto/htmlsrc/ap-travel0101.html   (1719 words)

 Canon U.S.A -
A Hybrid AF system incorporates both active and passive autofocusing modes, automatically switching from one to the other as image conditions mandate.
Therefore, a 50mm focal length in Advanced Photo Systems film format, using the C-type print mode is equivalent to a focal length of 63mm in 35mm film format.
Advanced Photo System offers three print formats to choose from.
www.usa.canon.com /html/support/apsfaq.html   (434 words)

 Light Reading Online: Advanced Photo System Revealed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This all-new system consists of a leaderless cassette containing a new silver halide emulsion film, with a smaller width, just 24mm, and available in lengths of 15, 25 and 40 images per roll.
In addition to the new emulsion, which Fuji Photo has gone as far as to say is actually sharper than conventional 35mm, a transparent magnetic layer is deposited across the entire surface of the film.
The new system allows for greater ease of use of film in a digital or home computer environment, but at the same time it retains silver halide's enormous cost effective resolution advantages over digital origination.
www.nikonclub.com.au /lightreading/features/aps/index.html   (2625 words)

 APS - The Advanced Photo System film .
At the centre of the Advanced Photo System is the new film cartridge, which constitutes the central link in the information chain between the consumer and the photofinisher.
Unlike the 35mm format, where the tongue of the film has to be correctly positioned in the camera, the cartridge does not open until the camera back is closed; the film is then automatically inserted correctly, so that the possibility of any mistakes in inserting the film is ruled out.
With this system feature, called "information exchange (IX)", photofinishers are given data that can be used to improve the picture quality, identify the print format and with automatic formats, print the required information on the back.
www.sapiensman.com /photo-APS   (1135 words)

 APS - Active Pixel Sensor, Advanced Photo System, Advanced Printing Service, Analog Protection System, Asynchronous ...
Developed together by five companies, this film system is distinguished by simple operation, a new picture format (16 x 30 mm) as well as a choice of three picture formats.
Auxiliary Propulsion System (S-IVB) or Ascent Propulsion System (LM)
Bolt-On Transitions can be used with the system to provide fixed inputs to the device while the probe measures the variable output points.
www.auditmypc.com /acronym/APS.asp   (726 words)

 Olympus Digital Photo Studio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Digital Photo Studio combines the Olympus Centurion S Advanced Photo System camera with the Advanced Photo System ready ES-10 film scanner for the photographic quality of film photography combined with the versatility of digital imaging.
A Centurion S photo converted to a digital image by the ES-10 scanner retains all of the attributes of the film-based original with all the conveniences and potential benefits of digital imaging.
The Advanced Photo System ready ES-10 film scanner scans color or fl and white Advanced Photo System film and allows the user to view the scanning process on the screen.
www.thebestthings.com /filmcameras/photostudio.htm   (710 words)

 The Advanced Photo System
The Advanced Photo System was designed by a consortium of the major film and camera manufacturers to provide a simpler way for amateur photographers to take pictures.
Advanced Photo System cameras allow you to select and change the dimensions of your print format while you shoot.
The Advanced Photo System is a good choice if the camera is going to be used by a child or a person who's "all thumbs" with anything technical.
www.dalelabs.com /aps.html   (1698 words)

 Advanced Photo System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Advanced Photo System (APS) is a film format for still photography.
Most cameras with magnetic IX automatically recorded the exposure date and time on the magnetic layer, with more advanced models allowing the user to specify a predetermined caption to be printed on the photo or record the exposure settings, as well as determine print aspect ratio.
Magnetic IX caused some problems for photo processors, who found their magnetic reading heads had to be cleaned frequently, or that their equipment's ability to print this information was limited.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Advanced_Photo_System   (1294 words)

 The Advanced Photo System (aps) for Film : Porter's Camera Store
Now with the introduction of the Advanced Photo System, we have the choice of a new film format, as well as the traditional 35mm format.
The APS system was created by five giants in the photo industry.
APS film has a transparent magnetic coating plus machine- and human-readable number codes along the film edges to improve print quality, increase the amount of information that is printed on the back of photos and automatically tell the printer which print proportion is desired.
www.porters.com /resources/advanced_photo_system.shtml   (821 words)

 Advantix Training 2
The Advanced Photo System is a major step in allowing consumers to do more with their pictures than ever before.
The Advanced Photo System includes a number of individual components that together provide the advancements that picture-takers are seeking.
Kodak is convinced that this new system will make fundamental changes in the way consumers take, use and enjoy their pictures.
www.excellenc.com /phillips.htm   (1196 words)

 Picture this: digital technology advances photo category - Advanced Photo System; includes article about Eastman ...
The "bridge" analog/digital system, introduced in early February by a consortium of leading film and camera manufacturers, delivers a laundry list of consumer benefits at prices expected to exceed today's technology by only 10% or so in most product segments.
The essence of the system is a new film cassette that contains both a new, tougher formulation of color film (24 mm) and a magnetic layer that records information digitally, allowing film, camera and photofinisher to communicate directly with each other.
With better photos and easier storage, that figure could be increased sharply, and coupled with a better mix of more advanced reprint options, could easily double the reprint market.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3092/is_n4_v35/ai_18033298   (864 words)

 ADVANCED PHOTO SYSTEM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Prior to the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Convention and Trade Show, held in New Orleans in February 1997, the five collaborators in the development of the Advanced Photo System were honored with a special prize by the show's organizer, the Photographic Manufacturers & Distributors Association (PMDA).
As well as this, the Advanced Photo System was selected as the European Photo Innovation of the Year 1996-1997 by the European Imaging Sound Association (EISA).
These include the Photo Player AP-1, which makes it possible to display images from a processed Advanced Photo System film cartridge on a television screen, and the Image Scanner AS-1, which converts optical images on film to digital data that can be manipulated on a PC screen.
home.fujifilm.com /info/share/1997/f03.html   (383 words)

 Advanced Photo System
The Fujifilm Advanced Photo System is the response to that need and goes way beyond meeting existing demands in its potential for future development.
Best of all, the Fujifilm Advanced Photo System forms a bridge to the digital future, where consumers can view their photographs on electronic media, including computers and television.
While enhancing the efficiency of your conventional film processing service the new machines enable you to offer all the benefits of the "Advanced" system while retaining the user-friendly features and automatic operation that has made Fujifilm a world leader in Minilabs.
www.fujiprofessional.com /advanced.htm   (885 words)

 KODAK:FAQ:Kodak Advanced Photo System Cameras
However, Advanced Photo System film can ONLY be used in Advanced Photo System cameras; it is not compatible with other camera formats (e.g., 35 mm, 126, 110, and so on).
With the Advanced Photo System the industry had the opportunity to develop a total solution that improves the photographic experience for consumers and provides opportunities for future growth.
No. The Advanced Photo System is a totally new generation of films and cameras, with a combination of features not available in any other products.
www.kodak.com /global/en/service/faqs/faq0399.shtml   (970 words)

 Dale Laboratories Advanced Photo System Order Form
Please use this order form if you have exposed Advanced Photo System film and would like to send it to us for processing.
If you have 35mm film (rather than Advanced Photo System film) please click here for an order form.
Film developing charges include processing, your camera-selected choice of any of the 3 Advanced Photo System print formats, a photo index print of each roll, and postage/handling in the U.S. For orders to Florida, 6% sales tax will be added.
www.dalelabs.com /orderaps.html   (320 words)

 Advanced Photo System
I think two things have driven my perception of digital from a technical toy to everyday, and those are the improvement in cameras so that they are equivalent to film for most everyday purposes and the ready availability of digital to print facilities.
The principal advance over previous film formats is the addition of a magnetic layer for recording digital information, which supplements the conventional silver-halide image layer.
Development of the system was a joint effort by five companies: Canon, Eastman Kodak, Fuji Photo Film, Minolta and Nikon.
dspace.dial.pipex.com /town/square/gd86/aps.shtml   (2202 words)

 APS - Features
* Advanced Photo System cameras let you choose from three different picture sizes while you shoot: (C) for 4" X 6" Classic Prints, (H) for 4" X7" HDTV/Group prints, and (P) for 4" X 10" or 4" X 11" Panoramic prints.
No matter what size you originally chose for your photo, you can reprint it in any of the three sizes.
Your potential with the Advanced Photo System is almost limitless.
www.warehousephoto.com /aps-.htm   (647 words)

 APS - the Advanced Photo System (Chip Shop 11/95)
The APS system is due to be launched in Spring 1996 but, to ensure that processing laboratories are ready from the outset, the photofinishing equipment is being launched now, in the hope that everything will be in place for the roll out of the entire system.
is a hybrid system which owes a lot to electronic technology which is being used to bring innovation, without hassle, to film-based photography.
One day someone will introduce an inexpensive consumer digital imaging system which does not need processing, can be viewed on a tv set and automates the production of full colour A4 prints on plain paper.
www.epi-centre.com /reports/9511cs.html   (1904 words)

 Kodak Advanced Photo System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Printed on the back of each photo is the ID number of the roll, the picture number, the time of exposure (optional), as well as camera-specific printing.
My thought is that this system should would have had more luck catching on if it where invented a few years before digital cameras became better priced (if you are going to buy a new type camera, digital is the easier choice for consumer shooters).
Tim Thompson, July 08, 2000; 02:13 A.M. When the APS system was first introduced to retailers it was spouted as the new and wonderful film format of the future.
www.photo.net /photo/aps   (19438 words)

 Become.com - Shop results for advanced photo system
Brilliant Photo Lab Quality Performance with Advanced Paper HandlingThe PIXMA iP4300 Photo Inkjet Printer from Canon is a fast, versatile photo...
Advanced Photo System Cameras Low Prices on hard to find gear.
Photo albums and accessories for advanced photo systems sizes.
www.become.com /shop?q=advanced+photo+system   (248 words)

 Compact Film Cameras - Sure Shot - ELPH - Camera Basics - Canon USA Consumer Products
Advanced Photo System cameras are smaller than 35mm cameras.
As you shoot, Advanced Photo System cameras let you select from Panoramic, Wide Angle, or Classic print sizes.
Advanced Photo System cameras give you the option of printing individual titles or dates on each picture.
www.usa.canon.com /consumer/controller?act=StandardDisplayAct&fcategoryid=112&keycode=1514   (655 words)

 Marketing challenges face digital cameras, APS - advanced photo system Brandweek - Find Articles
Digital convergence, already exerting a decisive influence within the consumer electronics industry, now is moving rapidly up the learning curve in the photo industry.
It was apparent at this year's Photo Marketing Association trade show in New Orleans, where film and camera makers scrambled to position their products and services within this evolving realm.
The expected corridor talk about new consumer films and single-use cameras was balanced by discussion of the evolving market for digital products and Internet-based consumer photo services, both at retail and via the home PC, and of how to market the slow-out-of-the-gate Advanced Photo System (APS).
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0BDW/is_n8_v39/ai_20332426   (795 words)

 Advanced Photo System - APS - product news from PMA '99
Advanced Photo System - APS - product news from PMA '99
Though it looks just like the original titanium-bodied 1000ix MRC Tiara, it uses a reinforced plastic body.
Available in spring 1999 with a suggested retail of $269.99.
www.photoimagenews.com /pma99aps.htm   (307 words)

 Advanced Photo System | KONICA MINOLTA
This system not only gives you better picturees, it gives you more choices and easier film handling.
VECTIS cameras are designed exclusively for use with Advanced Photo System filmÑ 35 mm film cannot be used.
Look for this Advanced Photo System Certification logo at your photofinisher.
ca.konicaminolta.com /products/consumer/camera-pus/aps/aps.html   (80 words)

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