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Topic: Aedile

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  Aedile - WCD (Wiki Classical Dictionary)
The discrepancy may be superficial, however, as the Roman tradition states that the first aediles were the assistants of the plebeian tribunes.
In this law, a second couple of aediles was introduced, the curule aediles, so named because they possessed imperium and were therefore permitted to sit in curule chairs at meetings of the Senate.
The plebeian and curulian aediles were elected by the Comitia tributa, an assembly of the people that was divided into voting districts.
www.ancientlibrary.com /wcd/Aedile   (452 words)

  Aedile - LoveToKnow 1911
The plebeians accepted the offer, and accordingly two " curule "aediles were appointed - at first from the patricians alone, then from patricians and plebeians in turn, lastly, from either - at the Comitia Tributa under the presidency of the consul.
But although the curule aediles always ranked higher than the plebeian, their functions gradually approximated and became practically identical.
Under Augustus the office lost much of its importance, its juridical functions and the care of the games being transferred to the praetor, while its city responsibilities were limited by the appointment of a praefectus urbi.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Aedile   (468 words)

During the Roman Republic, the aedile was a position on the cursus honorum.
Each year, two were required to be elected from the plebeian class, and two usually came from the patrician class (called the curule aediles).
Although it was not required to become aedile to achieve the rank of praetor, it was highly beneficial for a patrician to so.
dante.udallas.edu /hutchison/republic/others/aedile.htm   (113 words)

Aedile (Latin Aedilis, from aedes, aedis "temple," "building") was an office of the Roman Republic.
Based in Rome, the aediles were responsible for maintenance of public buildings and regulation of public festivals.
Half of the aediles were from the ranks of plebeians and half were patricians.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Aedile   (589 words)

 aedile - OneLook Dictionary Search
aedile : The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]
AEDILE : 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica [home, info]
AEDILE : Lake and Water Word Glossary [home, info]
www.onelook.com /?w=aedile   (189 words)

 The Avalon Project : Law of Caesar on Municipalities, 44 B.C.
The aforesaid aedile, at his discretion, shall provide that each owner of property fronting on the street shall keep in repair that portion of the street which by this law it is proper for him to maintain and he shall provide that no water shall stand there to prevent the public from convenient passage.
Whatever part of the city becomes the responsibility of any aedile by this law, the said aedile shall have the oversight of repairing and maintaining the streets which are in that part as is proper1 by this law.
The urban quaestor or whoever is in charge of the treasury shall provide that the amount of the contract, for which each street is so leased, shall be awarded and assigned to the contractor or to his heir, to whom it properly should be awarded in accordance with the terms of the contract.
www.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/medieval/law_of_caesar.htm   (1714 words)

The Curule Aediles, by virtue of the potestas invested in the office, may act to investigate and punish violations of the laws they are charged to administer.
In such cases, the investigating Curule Aedile or a designated representative will prosecute the case before a jury of citizens, the majority of whom are of the same order - patrician or plebian - as the accused.
In the case of serious offenses which, in the Curule Aedile's judgement, fall outside the range of minor offenses for which nonjudicial penalties would be appropriate and sufficient, the Curule Aedile will remand the case to the Praetors for their disposition.
novaroma.org /tabularium/edicts/aedile-2002-06-03-ii.htm   (565 words)

 The Avalon Project : Charter of Urso, 44 B.C.
In respect to the aediles in the said colony: each aedile shall have the right and the power to employ a clerk, four public slaves in girded aprons,la a crier, a soothsayer, and a flutist.
The said duumvirs and the said aediles, so long as they hold their magistracy, shall have the right and the power to use the toga praetexta, wax torches, and tapers.
If any duumvir or aedile desires in the public interest to make, to dig, to alter, to build, or to pave any roads, dikes, or sewers within the boundaries belonging to the colony Julia, it shall be lawful for the said persons to do the same, provided that no injury is done to private persons.
www.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/medieval/charter_of_urso.htm   (2619 words)

However this may be, the aediles were recognized by the Senate as official magistrates after the reforms of the 360's, which found their expression in the Lex Furia de aedilibus.
In this law, a second couple of aediles was introduced, the curulian aediles ('curulian' means 'patrician' or 'aristocratic').
Someone who had served as aedile, was electable for the praetorship.
www.livius.org /ad-af/aedile/aedile.html   (444 words)

 Election To The Offices Of The Magistrates, The Entry To The Senate
After 444 BCE the roll of the Senate was revised by the Censors and then from the middle of the 4th century BCE the usual entrance to the Senate was through the magistracies of the city.
In 447 BCE, the office of Quaestor, previously filled by nomination by the Consuls, became an office elected by the community and in 421 BCE was opened to plebeians who cared to and could afford to stand for election.
As the name implies, the Curule Aedile was allowed to occupy a curule seat but he did not have imperium.
www.roman-empire.net /articles/article-008.html   (2093 words)

 Roman Aedile
The Aedile must sponsor and preside over two events in Rome's name, i.e., battle, games, races, feast, quest, or a sacred hunt.
This is an important responsibility, as Rome relies on its Aedile for recognition and public relations.
Aedile candidates must present their ideas for events when announcing their candidacy.
www.romanempire.net /romepage/PolCht/aedile.htm   (134 words)

 EDICTUM Aedilicium XIV
As Curule magistrates of Nova Roma, the Curule Aediles may be approached by any person with a complaint or charge of wrongdoing by a citizen or associate or guest of Nova Roma, on matters falling within the purview of the Curule Aediles.
If an offense is obvious, the Curule Aedile to whom charges are brought may elect to conduct a quick investigation and then deal with the matter.
Investigators appointed by a Curule Aedile to investigate charges and complaints brought before the Curule Aedile shall be considered commissioned representatives of their magistrate, and given full cooperation in their investigations by all plaintiffs, witnesses, and other citizens and associates of Nova Roma.
novaroma.org /tabularium/edicts/aedile-2002-06-03-iii.htm   (581 words)

 AncientRome.StudyPast.com: Cursus Honorum Archives
It was not necessary to become aedile in order to advance to the next step, yet Julius Caesar thought it advisable to run for the office.
The person of the curule aedile was sacrosanct and he had other perks that made the financial burden well worth it.
According to the William Smith dictionary, the name aedile may come from the word for temple or shrine, aedes.
ancientrome.studypast.com /cursus_honorum   (545 words)

 Roman Magistrates: Consuls, Tribunes, Praetors, Censors and Aediles in Rome
Magistrates- Consuls, Tribunes, Praetors, Censors and Aediles in Rome
The primary duties of the Aedile were related to the care of public buildings.
By about 270BC two further Aediles, called Aediles Curules, were elected for the precise task of inspecting public games and circuses as well as taking care of the building and maintenance of temples, theatres and baths.
www.mariamilani.com /ancient_rome/rome_social_structure_class_magistrates.htm   (1671 words)

 Tombs of the Scipios   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Lucius Cornelius Scipio Barbatus, son of Gnaeus, a brave gentleman (fortis) and wise (sapientia), whose fine form matched his bravery (virtus) surpassing well; was aedile, consul and censor among you; he took Taurasia and Cisauna, in fact Samnium; he overcame all the Lucanian land and brought hostages from them.
A son of Barbatus, he was aedile, consul and censor among you; he it was who captured Corsica and the city of Aleria.
Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Hispanus, son of Gnaeus, praetor, curule aedile, quaestor, military tribune (twice); member of the Board of Ten for Judging Law-Suits; member of the Board of Ten for Making Sacrifices.
www.personal.kent.edu /~bkharvey/roman/texts/scipios.htm   (448 words)

 The Aedile's Office - Alleria
It was the doing of the new Aedile of Diana who thought that just one room isn't enough for all the changes she meant to make.
The hardest part of it all, was the fact the her assistant Aedile had resigned his job when he had found out about the new Aedile's intention of giving him extra work...
He hadn't really come to the aedile's office for that, though, so being met with a pleasing elven figure was more of a bonus than a reason.
www.alleria.com /forums/showthread.php?p=1049739   (3718 words)

 Roman History, Scipio, Fall 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The tomb of the consul of 298 BC Cornelius Scipio son of Gnaeus [.......] Lucius Cornelius Scipio Barbatus, offspring of his father Gnaeus, a brave and wise man whose appearance was fully equal to his virtue: he was consul censor and aedile among you.
The son of Barbatus, he was consul, censor and aedile among you.
Tomb of the son of Scipio Hispallus, consul of 176 BC Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Hispanus, son of Gnaeus, praetor, curule aedile, quaestor, tribune of the soldiers twice, member of the Board of Ten for judging law suits, member of the Board of Ten for making sacrifices.
faculty.vassar.edu /jolott/clas217/readings/scipio_elogia.html   (383 words)

 Erastus: City Treasurer of Corinth and Associate of the Apostle Paul
The Latin word Aedile denotes an official who, among other duties, is in charge of the financial affairs of the city.
The Greek word that Paul uses to denote "treasurer" (Oikonomos) is not the equivalent of the Latin word Aedile, which refers to a somewhat higher office in ancient municipal government.
The weight of historical evidence suggests that the office of Aedile was held only by men of social standing, while those who occupied the socially lower office of Oikonomos were usually not promoted to the rank of Aedile.
www.parsagard.com /erastus&paul.htm   (458 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Wizard's Heir at Epinions.com
Liam Rhenford goes to the Aedile (the Duke's Man) to report the theft at his home but the Aedile is too caught up with the temple robbery to help him so, Liam is on his own..
The Aedile - Duke's Man - the law herabouts, Mopsa - the street urchin Liam takes under his wing, Werewolf - Master of the Thieves' Guild, Boult - the man of the guard who can keep a secret, Mother Japh - The Ghost Witch, Fanuilh - the Familiar.
The Aedile is not just another captain of the guard in another fantasy novel but a truly unique character that you remember as well as you do our hero Liam.
www.epinions.com /content_66363100804   (696 words)

 Re: Cybernations - Off Topic - Game Informer Forums
The Aedile’s main concern is the upkeep of the Congress of Nations website, including setting up votes for the other member nations to vote on.
The Aedile is also responsible for managing data regarding the member nations of The Coalition.
The Aedile's only other power is the ability to select the member of the Congress of Nations who writes amendments; see the section on the amendment process.
forums.gameinformer.com /gi/board/message?board.id=off_topic&message.id=499393   (2148 words)

A game for 2 to 6 players, plus aedile (moderator) and iudex (referee in case of disputes), if desired.
The aedile asks the player a question keyed to the Roman number where he has landed.
One fancy napkin, scarf, or handkerchief for the aedile to drop at the start of the game with the words, 'Incipite ludos!' (begin the games!) or 'Incipiant ludi!' (may the games begin).
www.dl.ket.org /latin3/things/games/chariot   (420 words)

 AEDILE (Lat. aedilis) - Online Information article about AEDILE (Lat. aedilis)
AEDUI j number, called " plebeian " aediles.
curule " aediles were appointed—at first from the patricians alone, then from patricians and plebeians in turn, lastly, from either—at the Comitia Tributa under the See also:
Caesar added two patrician aediles, called Cereales, whose See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /ADA_AIZ/AEDILE_Lat_aedilis_.html   (819 words)

 The Daniel Hood Bookshelf
In large part the disapproval was based on the fear that the decision was the result of muddled thinking, the product of a deep but mostly unexpressed grief on the part of the new Areopage - for, in addition to being Saffian's successor, she was also his widow.
The widow stoutly refused, buried her husband in a single day and took up his work the next, arranging the complicated details of the court so quickly that it was able to depart only a day behind schedule.
From working with Aedile Coeccias he had a vague idea of what was expected of a quaestor, but he was completely in the dark as to the specifics; he did not even know what crimes he would be investigating.
www.sff.net /people/Dan.Hood/scaleschapt.htm   (5024 words)

 The Ventrue Clan Structure FAQ
Sometimes they are Aedile based upon either number of Ventrue within the city or age.
A: It should always be a rule of thumb that the Praetor or Aedile (i.e.
If for instance a Praetor or Aedile needed a lot of Industry influences from I.C.E. in their area for a new project or what have you because they couldn't get it from anyone else.
ops.tamu.edu /kilroy/Camarilla/VentrueInfo/structure-faq.html   (3074 words)

 The Daniel Hood Bookshelf
Liam thought on his friend's position in Southwark, impressed anew by the range of responsibilities entrusted to the rough-seeming man. As Aedile, he was like the captain of a ship, entrusted with the helm of the city - but he had little of the autocratic power normal at sea.
The Aedile lived in a small house on the fringes of the Point, the rich section of the city.
But he had not corrected the Aedile, as he had not corrected him on the day they looked at Tarquin's corpse, when the officer assumed he had never seen a dead body before.
www.sff.net /people/Dan.Hood/heirchapt.htm   (5493 words)

 Cohors Aedilis M. Iulius Perusianus   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Curule Aedile wishes to thank Senator et Tribunis F. Apulus Caesar and Flamen Cerealis F. Galerius Tiberius Aurelianus for their help in answering some of these questions while the Aedile was vacationing during the summer.
V. Propraetor Italia Manius Constantinus Serapio, et Curule Aedile Marcus Iulius Perusianus were privileged to hold a presentation of Nova Roma and the Magna Mater Project at a rather prominent Roman Reenactment and Archaeological Festival in Italia Provincia, known as "Mercato Della Centuriazione", held in Villadose, Italy.
The Curule Aedile wishes to thank Senator et Tribunis F. Apulus Caesar and Flamen Cerealis F. Galerius Tiberius Aurelianus for their help in answering some of these questions while the Aedile was vacationing.
www.insulaumbra.com /aediles/perusianus/magnamater5.html   (8014 words)

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