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Topic: Aemilii

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  Aemilii Fine Furnishings and Gallery
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  Aemilius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Aemilii were a very old clan; they were supposed to have descended from Mamercus, a son of Pythagoras who was surnamed "Aemylos" or "Aimilios" because of his refinement and speaking ability.
The branches of the Aemilii were Barbula, Buca, Lepidus, Mamercus, Papus, Paullus, Regilus and Scaurus.
Of these, the Aemilii Lepidi had become the most notable, especially at the end of the Republic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aemilius   (326 words)

 Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, page 910 (v. 2)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The family professed to derive its name from Mamercus in the reign of Numa, to whom indeed all the Aemilii traced their origin.
The name Mamercus was very early used as a prae-nomen in the Aemilia gens, and continued to be so employed, especially by the Aemilii Lepidi, long after the family of this name had become extinct.
In the same way we find that Cossus, which was originally a family-name of the Cornelii, was re­vived as a praeribmen by the Cornelii Lentuli, after the family of the Cossi had sunk into oblivion.
www.ancientlibrary.com /smith-bio/2018.html   (894 words)

 Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, page 30 (v. 1)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Aemil.) Amulius is also mentioned as one of the ancestors of the Aemilii.
297.) It seems pretty clear that the Aemilii were of Sabine origin ; and Festus derives the name Ma­mercus from the Oscan, Mamers in that language being the same as Mars.
Since then the Aemilii were supposed to have come to Rome in the time of Numa, and Numa was said to have been intimate with Pytha­goras, we can see the origin of the legend which makes the ancestor of the house the son of Pvtha-
www.ancientlibrary.com /smith-bio/0039.html   (825 words)

 Alley...Ooops!: Part Six
House Aemilii has failed to pay Blood Money for the unlawful and unnecessary execution of Julius XXII nor have they admitted to their mistake in taking this action.
All other members of the House of Aemilii will be forgiven the crime of their birth in return for their support, one half of all their assets and their first-born child.
The House of Aemilii has been the ruling House of Wolfram and Hart for the longest unbroken time period in the history of the company.
www33.brinkster.com /reddwarfette/Fiction/MyfeetshowitSIW-AOVI.htm   (933 words)

 Ancient Roman Politics - Crystalinks
The was Rome's governing body during the republic voted into office once a year by an Assembly of citizens), and the equites, or men of property.
All the social and most political power was in the hands of a few ancient families, such as Cornelii, the Julii (the family of the Caesars) and the Aemilii.
The Senate lost most of its power under the emperors, but the patrician families still led public opinion.
www.crystalinks.com /romepolitics.html   (479 words)

 P. Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus Africanus Minor (185/4-129 B.C.)
Scipio and his brother persuaded the authorities to allow Polybius to remain in Rome, where he became a close friend and mentor of the two young men.
No doubt Scipio was oppressed by the thought of the responsibility that he would have on becoming the head of the great house of the Scipios (it is uncertain when his adoptive father, Publius Scipio, died) as well as in representing the Aemilii.
Under Polybius' guidance, he was determined to prove a worthy representative and to pursue the normal aims of a Roman noble: honour, glory, and military success.
www.thelatinlibrary.com /imperialism/notes/scipioaemilianus.html   (2020 words)

 Lake County News-Chronicle - Two Harbors, Minnesota
They were there to see a media presentation done by some of their fellow students, students who had traveled all the way to Costa Rica to get their materials.
The four--Ben Harris, Sonja Smerud, Guthrie Cunningham and Aemilii Melby--stood on stage, scripts in their hands, smiles on their faces, awaiting their cues.
Then the wide, white screen began reflecting the images of a trip that was three years in the making.
www.twoharborsmn.com /placed/index.php?sect_rank=3&story_id=198815   (619 words)

 More Bywords by Charlotte Mary Yonge eBook by BookRags
The feast was served in the old proconsular house, with the Roman paraphernalia, arranged with the amount of correct imitation that is to be found at an English dinner-party in the abode of an Indian Rajah.
It began with Roman etiquette, but ended in a Gothic revel, which the sober and refined AEmilii could hardly endure.
They were to set off on their return early on the morrow, Meinhard and Odo with them; but when they at length escaped from the barbarian orgies, they had little expectation that their companions would join them in the morning.
www.bookrags.com /ebooks/12095/19.html   (338 words)

 NEPOS, Cornelius., Probi Aemilii de exceletibus imperatoribus,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Probi Aemilii de exceletibus imperatoribus, (Milan, per Gotardum de Ponte, 8 May 1511)
Title within a woodcut border and with Gotardo da Ponte's circular device, 5 woodcut Maltese crosses on last page, rather severely cropped by the binder affecting top border on title-page, a few headlines and a few sidenotes, very minor worming in lower inner corners occasionally touching a letter of text, in modern vellum.
This item is listed on Bibliopoly by Hesketh and Ward Ltd. ; click here for further details.
www.polybiblio.com /hesketh/22.html   (180 words)

 Detail Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Aemilia was one of three Vestal Virgins charged with violating the vow of chastity in 114
A daughter of the clan of the Aemilii, she was one of the six virgins dedicated for a period of 30 years to protect the sacred flame of Rome in the temple of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, and one of the oldest temples in the Forum.
Aemilia had an affair with L. Veturius, a Roman equestrian, and induced two of her sister Vestals, Licinia (4) and Marcia (1), similarly to engage Veturius's companions.
www.fofweb.com /Onfiles/Ancient/AncientDetail.asp?iPin=AGRW0005   (245 words)

 The Old Roman World - The Grandeur and Failure of its Civilization By John Lord, LL.D.- Chapter 7 from Nalanda Digital ...
The stability of the Roman aristocracy is seen in the fact, that, from the year 388 to 581, when the consulate was held by one patrician and one plebeian, one hundred and forty of the consuls, out of the three hundred and eighty-six, belonged to sixteen great houses.
The Cornelii furnished thirty consuls in one hundred and ninety-three years, the Valerii eighteen, the Claudii twelve, the Aemilii fifteen, the Fabii twelve, the Manlii ten, the Postumii eight, the Servilii seven, the Sulpicii eight, the Papirii four, to say nothing of other curule offices.
And as the House of Lords has accessions occasionally from the ranks of the people, in consequence of great wealth, or political interest, or eminent genius, or signal success in war, so the Roman nobility was increased, as old families died out, by the successful generals who gained the great offices of state.
www.nalanda.nitc.ac.in /resources/english/etext-project/history/oldroman/chapter7.html   (9803 words)

 Detail Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Aemilia Lepida and her younger brother, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, were the last descendants of the great republican family of the Aemilii Lepidi.
She did not try to defend herself and committed suicide in 36
Her brother, the last of the Aemilii, died four years later, in 39, after having been accused of participation in a somewhat mysterious conspiracy led by Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Gaetulicus.
www.fofweb.com /Onfiles/Ancient/AncientDetail.asp?iPin=AGRW0010   (202 words)

 Amazon.ca: Corpus Iuris Canonici: Editio Lipsiensis Secunda, Post Aemilii Lidouici Richteri, Curas Ad Librorum Manu ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Amazon.ca: Corpus Iuris Canonici: Editio Lipsiensis Secunda, Post Aemilii Lidouici Richteri, Curas Ad Librorum Manu Scriptorum Et Editionis Romanae Fidem Recogniouit Et Adnotatione cri: Books
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 - Chapter 2
But even in victory, Antony knew that the people of Rome did not love him as they had loved Caesar.
My troops lined the Via Sacra as it passed through the Forum before the Basilica of the Aemilii and Caesar's senate house, guarding against a surge from the crowd.
My father was a centurion with Caesar in Spain, where I later joined the legions and fought with Sextus Pompey, the son of Pompey the Great.
www.baen.com /chapters/W200504/0743498976___2.htm   (7968 words)

 Alley...Ooops!: Part Two
From: Senior Partner-Legal and Trust, Aemilius VI, House of Aemilii
Wolfram and Hart pulled strings and got the Supreme Court to make a legal definition for FIND.
I haven't heard anything since we hired them.
www33.brinkster.com /reddwarfette/Fiction/MyfeetshowitSIW-AOII.htm   (498 words)

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