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Topic: Aerial Service Corporation

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Aerial Photographs and Remote Sensing Images -- Library of Congress Geography and Maps: An Illustrated Guide
Aerial photographs, or printed versions known as photomaps, are found in many portions of the collections such as the Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys Collection and the Nirenstein National Reality Company Collection.
Aerial photography is such an important scientific tool that astronauts in virtually all of America's space programs have devoted time to taking hand-held photographs of the Earth.
Access to conventional fl and white aerial photography is provided by microfiche copies of photomosaic indexes, such as this 1980 coverage of Carver County, Minnesota by the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service.
www.loc.gov /rr/geogmap/guide/gmillapa.html   (790 words)

 Aerial Media Services – Aerial Advertising – About Us
Aerial Media ServicesAerial Advertising – About Us Aerial Media Services, Inc. (AMS) is the premiere company in the expanding market for aerial advertising.
The company was founded in 2002, with management's combined experience of 15+ years in broadcast media, sports marketing, and aerial advertising, they are pioneering a more professional and marketing driven service to increase aerial advertising’s overall awareness and effectiveness.
Aerial Media Services, Inc. is a privately held Corporation.
www.aerial-media.com /about/about.html   (181 words)

 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - MSN Encarta
Powered by electric motors energized by solar-electric cells, Helios was designed to stay airborne for months at a time and to serve as a platform for communications or scientific research.
To use a mobile phone, a mobile-phone user must be within range of a radio antenna, which is usually mounted on a tower.
These aircraft are sometimes known as unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs).
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_701610394_2/Unmanned_Aerial_Vehicle.html#s5   (399 words)

 Aerial Communications Inks Contracts for Mitsubishi and Nokia Handsets
Service features offered by the G100 include voice mail indicator, short messaging capabilities, multi-party calling, call forwarding, call waiting, call barring and last-number automatic dial, among many others.
Aerial Communications, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, has licenses to provide PCS in areas covering 27.6 million of the U.S. population.
Aerial is a majority- owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. (AMEX: TDS).
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/6-25-97/264387&EDATE=   (730 words)

 Aerial Photography NJ PA NY CT Aerial Photos NJ PA NY CT HD SD PAL Aerial Video
Directed by CBS - Arnie Itzkowitz shot all the aerial footage for the 2006 update "9/11" to be broadcast September 10, 2006.
Aerial Exposures is a result of my passion for photography and flying.
I was greatly impressed with both the level of service and the quality of the footage.
www.aerialexposures.com   (783 words)

 North Dakota Aeronautics Commission: Registration and Licenses: Procedures For Becoming An Aerial Applicator In North ...
Every person, partnership, company, corporation, association, or organization desiring to become engaged in, and every person engaged in the activity of business of aerial spraying, dusting, fertilizing, or insect control of crops or areas by aircraft or helicopter shall make application for and obtain an aerial applicator's license from the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission.
All aircraft or helicopters operated in aerial spraying, dusting, fertilizing and insecticiding requiring a North Dakota aerial applicators license shall be registered with the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission prior to actual use of the aircraft in this state and prior to the issuance of an aerial applicator's license.
The chief pilot of every aerial spraying, dusting and fertilizing operation licensed by the Aeronautics Commission must be located within North Dakota during the time of actual aerial spraying, dusting, fertilizing or insecticiding operations and the chief pilot shall be responsible for the actions of all pilots under the chief pilot's supervision.
www.nd.gov /ndaero/regulatory/spray.html   (928 words)

 Aerial Lift Equipment - Wholesale Prices on Aerial Lift, Boom Lift and Scissor Lift Units
We rent aerial lift equipment, boom lifts, scissor lifts, reach forklifts, construction equipment, light plants and more to our friends and associates all over Northern Illinois and Indiana.
If you are planning a construction job and require an aerial lift or other piece of machinery, contact Alexander Equipment Rental today and experience the difference.
We provide both new aerial lift equipment and used aerial lift equipment at fantastic prices, and we always carry an exceptional range of machinery to meet almost any customer requirement.
www.aerialliftequipment.com /about_us.htm   (311 words)

 UCLA Today: Archive offers aerial view of history
The Aero Service Corporation had recently acquired an aerial photography business, Fairchild Aerial Surveys, for its map-making technology; it had no use, however, for Fairchild's stock of 40,000-plus old aerial photographs and negatives.
The collection that the company gave to UCLA comprises an invaluable visual record of the growth of America, a fl-and-white history documented by aerial photographers who crisscrossed the country from 1921 to 1965, flying at low altitude over countless towns, cities and geographic landmarks from California across 30 states to New York.
Aerial photos taken at an oblique, rather than vertical, angle have the singular advantage of capturing a scene in superb detail.
www.today.ucla.edu /2002/020123aerialarchive.html   (1223 words)

 BASE Jumping and Skydiving | Aerial Extreme
Aerial Extreme LLC is an Emmy award-winning company specializing in extreme sports video, still photography, cinematography, stunts, demonstration BASE jumps, parachute jumps and a host of other extreme activities.
Aerial Extreme also organizes both demonstration skydives and BASE jumps for promotional purposes anywhere in the world.
Aerial Extreme uses nothing but the best skydivers and BASE jumpers available, ready to handle a jump into any city, coliseum, ball park or venue.
www.aerialextreme.com /about_us   (360 words)

 High Resolution Aerial View
To help make aerial, satellite, and map images available as quickly, easily and affordably as possible, we've joined forces with a world-class group of application, technology and content partners.
AirPhotoUSA provides high quality, seamless, digital aerial photography of every major city in the United States packaged with PhotoMapper, AirPhoto's user-friendly interface that handles large file sizes, is compatible to existing GIS, and is fast and easy to use.
Earth Satellite Corporation specializes in the application and development of remote sensing and geographic information technologies (GIS) to the exploration, development, monitoring and management of the Earth's resources.
www.globexplorer.com /company/partnerships.shtml   (1113 words)

 Nationwide - Aerial Photography
National Aerial Resources is America's leading provider of historical aerial photography, and of aerial photo interpretation and litigation support services.
From image acquisition with our aerial photography with airborne GPS, to scanning, compilation, digital orthophotography to the final phases of creating a GIS and data conversion, Surdex has the professional competency and qualifications to give you the accuracy you need at a competitive price.
Aero-Data Corporation is a remote sensing consulting firm that offers high quality current and historical aerial photographs, custom aerial photomissions, photo interpretation, mapping, and expert witness testimony.
www.cloudhopper.com /aerial_nation.html   (846 words)

 Aerial Service Corporation manta ray Aerial Service Corporation
Aerial Service Corporation manta ray Aerial Service Corporation
Nationwide Aerial Advertising.Get all of the Airplane Advertising Facts.
This corporation or company article is a stub.
www.find-ask.com /Encyclopedia/Aerial_Service_Corporation/Aerial_Service_Corporation.html   (221 words)

 National Fire News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
On May 10th, 2004, the Forest Service and the Department of the Interior terminated the contracts for 33 large airtankers to be used in firefighting missions due to concerns over the airworthiness of the aircraft, and firefighter and public safety.
Aerial resources are one of the many tools that assist firefighters in meeting their goal of successfully suppressing nearly 99 percent of all fires on initial attack.
BOISE, IDAHO, MAY 10, 2004 – The U.S.D.A. Forest Service and the Department of the Interior announced today that they are terminating the contract for 33 large airtankers due to concerns over the airworthiness of the aircraft and public safety.
www.nifc.gov /nr_airtanker-contracts.html   (2549 words)

 Crane Sales and Service, Crane Rentals, Boom Trucks, Hoist Equipment
Elliott manufactures a line of truck mounted aerial equipment and a full range of hydraulic aerial work platforms and cranes.
Terex Corporation is a global manufacturer of a broad range of lifting, earthmoving and light construction equipment for industry.
Aichi Corporation founded in 1962, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high quality aerial lifts and crawler booms.
www.cranesalesandservice.com /manufacturers.html   (214 words)

 Press Releases
FABTEK was a major supplier of aerial work platforms beginning in the mid-1970's, producing multiple versions of vertical lifts and boom lifts.
Hyster Corporation manufactured its own line aerial work platforms until the late 1980's when it ceased its aerial work platform production operations.
Aerial Specialists Inc-USA maintains the "Largest Listing" aerial work platform support database in the US, supporting over 75 brands of US manufactured aerial work platform equipment.
www.aerialspecialists.com /id16-2.html   (156 words)

 TALBERT "TED" ABRAMS - FATHER OF AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
He was scheduled to regularly fly missions throughout the Caribbean, and served with the Corp. until 1919, taking aerial photographs from the cockpit.
Ted was never satisfied with modifying conventional planes to accommodate the aerial cameras, so in 1937 he designed a revolutionary plane with a huge glass nose, twin tail booms, a pusher engine, and a tricycle landing gear.
Ted also conducted a complete training center, The Abrams School Of Aerial Surveying and Photo Interpretation for the U.S. Marine Corp. He was acknowledged as an advisor to the military.
b-29s-over-korea.com /ted_abrams/ted_abrams01.html   (965 words)

 BASE Jumping & Skydiving Photography, Video, Stunts| Aerial Extreme
The Base jumping and skydiving specialists at Aerial Extreme have over twelve years of experience providing BASE jumping photography and skydiving photography, video, cinematography, stunts, demonstration BASE jumps and skydives, and a host of other extreme activities.
As founder and president of Aerial Extreme, much of his time is spent traveling the world leading BASE expeditions with cameras rolling, capturing some of the most dynamic sports footage ever shot, all of which ends up in Aerial Extreme’s impressive stock library.
Aerial Extreme also organizes and performs BASE jumping and skydiving stunts.
www.aerialextreme.com   (514 words)

 Northrop Grumman - News Releases
Aerial targets are the U.S. Navy's most realistic means of training sailors and airmen against airborne threats and testing an array of weapon systems, and the avionics upgrade supports the service's aerial-targets transformation plan.
The BQM-34 Firebee is also in service with the U.S. Air Force and international military services.
In addition to serving as an aerial target, the Firebee can also support a variety of operational scenarios including unique payload delivery missions.
www.irconnect.com /noc/press/pages/news_releases.mhtml?d=84076   (496 words)

 N5000E with Aero Service Corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
I worked for Aero Service from Sept 1961, when I joined them in Australia [also with another old R4D], then through Philadelphia between field assignments and then heading the equipment development through it's time in Houston until the remnants were sold off in August of 1990.
The company was actually founded in 1919, and got involved in aerial photography and photogrammetry in the 30's and then immediately after WWII in geophysical work with the magnetometer developed by Gulf Oil.
Aerial photography was the dominant business until the late 50's, when geophysics became dominant.
www.ruudleeuw.com /dc3-n5000e.htm   (1584 words)

 Aerial Photos of New Jersey > Learn More about Aerial Photography
The aerial photography business has its own set of technical terms and phrases.
Someone using one of our New York City aerial photographs as a screensaver is going to pay substantially less than a corporation using that same image on the cover of their annual report.
Term used to describe the size of a CCD in a digital camera.
www.aerialphotosofnj.com /learn.html   (461 words)

 Alabama Aerials Home Page
We devote ourselves to providing you with the best service available, our equipment is of the latest technology using, quiet and efficient aerial platforms, high resolution digital camera systems, the latest digital enhancement software to achieve that "captured" look, and the professional team to get it done.
Alabama Aerials is different from conventional aerial photography, our unmanned remote control vehicles allow us to take photographs from areas traditional full scale aircraft cannot.
We are adding new services all the time to provide better support of our customer.
alabamaaerials.com   (289 words)

 Northrop Grumman - News Releases
First introduced in 1966, the BQM-74 series is the mainstay of the Navy's sub-sonic, sub-scale aerial target fleet.
The BQM-74E, first fielded by the Navy in 1993, is used to replicate enemy cruise missiles and aircraft for fleet training and to test and evaluate anti-ship and anti-aircraft weapon systems.
Northrop Grumman is also under contract with the Navy to develop the BQM-74F, its newest aerial target.
www.irconnect.com /noc/press/pages/news_releases.mhtml?d=76773   (347 words)

 Atkins - planning, designing, enabling
Be part of a proactive HR team providing a operational service to a highly successful and expanding Design Solutions business.
Be part of a proactive recruitment community delivering outstanding service at all levels from Directors to Hiring Managers.
Assessment of current status of flares and platform, recommendations on increasing service life and presentation of risk-based inspection plan for all structures
www.atkinsglobal.com   (351 words)

Designed and built by the Aerial Service Corporation of Hammondsport, New York, the Mercury was a 3-place commercial biplane that was available with either a Wright radial or Curtiss liquid-cooled engine.
There is no history of its use or serviceability, but it remained in NAT service for nearly 2 1/2 years.
Many CAM contractors were forced to use the DH-4 for their service until better aircraft became available.
www.mindspring.com /~jdreed/airline1.htm   (515 words)

 Aerial Lifts - List of Aerial Lifts Equipment Rentals Providers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eastern Lift Truck Co., a family owned and operated business, has been a material handling equipment rental distributor since 1974.We currently employ over 300 employees in nine locations to provide our customers with the rental equipment you need.
Specializing in rental and sales of scissor lifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and aerial platforms of all sizes.
Competitive rates and service to our customers are our strong points.
www.rentalsite.com /RentalSite/rentalList.php3/channelID_23/MSA_242/state_YU   (164 words)

 Mercury Corporation - Company History
The purpose of this Corporation was to sell surplus World War I JN-4 (Jenny) airplane parts to the early pilots who were barn-storming the country at the that time.
Early in 1929, the name of the Corporation was changed from Aerial Service Corporation to Mercury Aircraft, Inc. The adverse business conditions of the early 1930's resulted in the sale of the Company by Wentworth and Schroder to J.F. Meade Sr.
Mercury has emerged just as strong as ever, and is poised for the future with targets and goals to be the best.
www.mercurycorp.com /history.html   (1600 words)

 Corporation for National and Community Service
In the wake of the recent hurricanes, the Corporation is coordinating volunteers to assist with repair and relief efforts in areas affected by this devastating storm.
A significant portion of both Louisiana and Mississippi’s transit services are operational, with 13 bus routes and two streetcar routes restored in New Orleans.
The generous financial support from around the world allowed more than 225,000 Red Cross disaster relief workers—95 percent of them volunteers—to ensure that survivors had a safe place to stay, food and comfort and the means to provide essential items for themselves and their families.
www.nationalservice.gov /about/newsroom/releases_detail.asp?tbl_pr_id=255   (7073 words)

 (Analar Corporation - Princeton, NJ) Helicopter and Jet Services - Charter, Aerial Survey & Photography, Management, ...
With access to all sizes of business aircraft, ANALAR Corporation provides services ranging from local and regional travel to global trips.
For more information on our services, please feel free to call or e-mail us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.
Your satisfaction is very important to us, so don't hesitate to tell us exactly what you want.
verizonsupersite.com /analarnet/services   (118 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
As Director of Flight Operations he is the Contract Administrator for the US Forest Service aerial firefighting contract.
Bob's primary responsibilities are to identify business opportunities for the Corporation building on the strengths and capabilities we enjoy today.
He is also responsible for all sales and customer support activities where he focuses on providing a high level of responsiveness and service our customers deserve.
www.aerounion.com /article.asp?article=managementTeam.asp&nav=main   (452 words)

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